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The recent inspiring discussion by Matt, Mitchell and Gil about taking matters into their own hands has prompted me to create this post.  Perhpas Gil can help provide insight on this as a former Insulet engineer.


There are a lot of good ideas floating around from pod users about how to improve the OmniPod and I would like to formally collect some of those suggestions and send to Insulet.  I've tried to engage Insulet marketing a couple of times about doing more to leverage this community (via social networking and product management) but with no success.  I have a marketing background and worked ten years at a medical device manufacturer, and in my view the TUDiabetes OmniPod group is a great resource that can provide some useful customer input--taken in context of course.  So I have a three step plan: 

1) online brainstorming for ideas on improving the OmniPod 

2) Do an on-line poll of this group to help rank order the suggestions

3) Send the top 10 to Insulet.  I'm sure they have input from a lot of sources, it would be great to add our voice.


Brainstorming ideas:

Since Insulet is already releasing a smaller pod and is working hard on CGM integration, I am leaving them off the list. [updated]


OmniPod New Features

1.     Smaller PDM

2.     Daily/Weekly calendar to allow entry of Weekend basals

3.     IOB calc option that includes food bolus (similar to other pumps)

4.     Ability to enter carbs for a low to record history

5.     Make canula more visible

6.     Vibrate option for alarms on PDM (instead of audible)

7.     Slightly curved/cushioned (or flexible) bottom of pod for better fit on body

8.     Better adhesion, more contact points

9.     In history, display actual bolus instead of suggested

10.  Formal method for removing unused insulin from failed pods or removable reservoir

11.  Improved data reporting/mining

12.  Smart phone version of PDM (iPhone, Andoid, etc).

13. Customizable food library that can create a meal number and link to bolus

14. Sunlight readable screen

15. Skins for pods

16. Larger reservoir

17. Waterproof/shockproof PDM

18. Better form-factor for PDM (smaller, more modern style & features)

19. Quick shut-off for alarms

20. More visible serial numbers

21. Alarm if canula has dislodged

22. Longer distance for PDM to pod sync

23. More accurate calculation for insulin level in reservoir

24. Expand preset options to be user definable (i.e. alarm volume, alarm frequency, extended bolus interval, temp basals, etc)

25. Go right to check BG after BG reminder (remove "ok" step)

26. Upload food counts from a computer

27. Expand data input to include items such as A1C, Doctor appt, and other medical info

28. Integrated lancet

29. Rechargeable PDM (like cell phone)




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Replies to This Discussion

It's in the works! Just not soon enough for most of us, can't remember what the timing of this is but I think and hope it's by the end of 2010. New pod design is suppose to be 40% +/- not sure of the exact number but definately smaller! Cant' wait to put one of those smaller pods on !!
I believe they actually say about 30% smaller (and 30% less cost to them). If you go to their website in the Investor Relations section you can download a financial analyst presentation they made a while back and see a picture. Right now I think their plan is to submit for FDA approval by the end of the year and then have it ready for availability early next year.
I would be very (pleasantly) surprised if the cost also goes down by 30%.
Just to be clear, they expect their cost of goods to go down--not the price we pay. They are trying to impove gross margin--something they certainly need to increase from where they are currently.
I would be really surprised if they made it smaller and reduced the price. I'd be really pleased to get it smaller for the same price. Making things smaller is REALLY expensive.
I listened to an Insulet financial presentation today (webcast on their site) and the CFO said they were hoping to have the new smaller pods ready for launch in June 2011. That would be a good six months longer than we all hoped for. Something to look forward to now....
I really wish it had a vibrate option, between my pager (I work in a hospital), my cell phone, my Dexcom, and my omnipod I enought things that beep and vibrate all day long. Everything but the omnipod can be set to vibrate. It isnt a huge deal but going into an important meeting it would be nice if I knew I wasnt going to interupt by having it beep- or having someone say "go ahead" thinking it was my pager and I need to call someone back and then having to explain.... While I work with understanding doctors and nurses it is sometimes just nice to know that not everyone has to know your business. In terms of IOB issue everyone has been talking about, I guess I remember the days when my pump didnt have that feature (Minimed 508) and we calculated that stuff (and carb boluses, correction factors, etc) in our heads...
Hi Victoria,

Insulet had a small vibrating mechanism in its first prototype PDM (never marketed, 2002-2004), but the marketing department decided it wasn't needed. I personally thought they should have kept it, but I was partial because I had written the software drivers for it. :)

It's definitely a good feature to have, for privacy. And for when you're at the movies... :)

Having been on the Omnipod system for almost a week. I absolutely love it over being tethered to my old Cozmo. At this point the only other thing that I would like to see them address, is increasing the pod / PDM communication distance. I'm 6'6" and have found that if I leave the PDM on my bathroom counter, and I have the pod on the back of either arm, it won't communicate. I have to pick the PDM up or lean down to get closer. It's not by much, maybe 8"-12". Other than that, like I posted previously, I think that integrating the PDM, a lancing device, and a drum of strips would make for an awesome system. That way I don't have to carry a case full of supplies & accessories. Thanks guys & gals. Y'all are a great bunch!

Hi, I'm new here, so I hope I'm doing this right!;) My daughter(age 10) has been using the Omnipod for the last 2 &1/2 years. We used the Cozmo before that(which I loved). We love that Omnipod is tubeless, but right now, that's it's only advantage. We have had soooo many errors lately. We've always had errors off and on, but lately it's been ridiculous! I called in 2 this week, 3 last week, 3 replacements came in the mail this week from a call I made a couple weeks ago...
In addition to the other great suggestions, here's my suggestions(sorry if these are duplicates)
1. pods and syringes should be in separate containers.- I've bent syringe needles or had other issues with them and it's such a waste to open a new pod package just to get a new syringe.

2. Pod should be able to detach from the site. Errors wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to stick my daughter more than necessary. If her numbers are great I know the canula's fine. I'd rather just replace the pod itself.
- The new similar pump "the Solo" does this. For that reason alone, if the Solo was available now we would change over.

Thank you,
Hello Amber, and welcome to the site! I will spare you the usual welcome jargon, and get ritght to your issues. When I need a new syringe (if the one in the pod package is bent, or whatever) I just use one from whien I was on MDI"s. I imagine if your daughter was on a pump before, you probably dont have old syringes hanging I guess you can just keep doing what you are doing, with regard to your second suggestion, that has been suggested before, and also there is a new pump in the works called the "solo" pump, which is exactly what you are suggesting. There are many drawbacks on the solo pump (the first being it is not on the market yet) can find a few discussions here on TU regarding it, FYI you can see it and get on the mailing list at A last comment, I have tremendous respect for folks (like you) who are taking such good care of the young (undeserving) T1's out there....we need more people like you! I say this especially b/c in my case, (and I was diagnosed at the age of 19, hardly naive to the way things are) and my mother just told me I was diabetic b/c I must have " sinned and angered God. "
Wow! What a sad thing for your mom to say to you! So sorry. I wonder what she would say about my daughter being diagnosed at age 1.....

Good idea about other syringes. We have some, but they only hold 50 units. Guess I could use multiple.

Yes in my original post I commented on the Solo, which is where I got the idea of a detachable pod. I probably would have never come up with it on my own,haha!
Thank you for your kind words and warm welcome!:)




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