It is my observation that while the Omnipod works for 72 hours, it appears that the insulin (Apidra) loses effectiveness during the last 24 hrs and I often run pretty high then. I haven't thoroughly documented this but intend to soon. It has come to my attention in researching this problem that both Apidra & Humalog indicate that the insulin in a pump reservoir should be discarded and replaced every 48 hours. This disconnect creates a problem with insurances and increases the cost of using Omnipod effectively by 1/3. Do you Omnipod users have some feedback about how long the insulin in your "reservoir" is effective? Which insulin seems to get the best overall results? I'm contemplating trying Novolog which appears to have a longer "life span", similar onset rate, peaks faster than Apidra but slower than Humalog. Expected duration for Novolog is 3-5 hours, Humalog 2-4 hours (max <5 hrs), Apidra 3-4 hours. What about "tails" on the three? Thanks for any insight you can give me.

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Really good question. I've been seriously thinking about switching to Apidra from Novolog. I haven't noticed any isssue with Novolog losing potency under any number of circumstances. It seems very stable.

Why are you thinking of switching?

I've read where people are having more success controlling post-meal BGs because of the faster action of Apidra.

I have been on the Pod since 12/1/11. I use the Apidra because it is totally free thru April, 2012. (Google 'free apidra' for the info) I was wondering about it's effectiveness in light of the hot showers I love. Does anyone know if the hot shower would affect the insulin? They say you can wear the pump in the shower or hot tub but what about the water temps? There isn't a way to take off a pod then put it back on is there? Thanks all.

Ellie, while Insulet says that showers and even baths are fine (the water is not hot enough or you're not in it long enough to affect the insulin) they do recommend staying out of hot tubs. If I'm going to be around a hot tub I generally wear the pod on my arm and make sure that my shoulders stay above the water most of the time. You can not take it off and put it back on. The insertion mechanism is a one time device, once it comes off there's no way to get the cannula back in. I do take fairly hot showers and have never noticed a problem with the insulin.

Thanks Rebecca. I have only used my stomach for my pods. I can't figure out how you'd see to put it on your arm or see if the cannula is in. I only have a dog no mate or kid to peek at it. LOL. Very reassuring about the showers.

I use a mirror any time I'm doing a pod switch. I can do it w/o one, but I much pref to see where I'm sticking it on my arm or my lower back/side. If the canula is pointing "up" (towards the shoulder) on my arm placement, I can usually see it thorugh the window. If it's anywhere else, I just take my own word for it being in there (if I feel it go in and see my BGs continue to be in line, then I'm good to go). But, I agree that w/o someone else there to verify it (as much as your dog probably wants to help you ;) it's hard to really know if you have an issue or if it's alright...

Yes she would help if she could. Be nice if she wasn't trying to bump them off cuddling on my lap.

I thought the pod had to be facing down. Gravity?

nope, up or down works fine! I was trained to just make sure that the canula goes with the muscle grain (as opposed to perpendicular to the muscle grain).

pods can face any way you want (although I'd agree w/ Kate that it works best if you go "w/ the grain" of the muscle in areas like the arms).

I've just printed out the info on all the analog insulins and they all say that the insulin should not be exposed to > 98.6 degrees or normal body temperatures. I've seen somewhere that the pod should not be in water >104 degrees.

I use Humalog and have had highs the night before pod changes and the day after. I have had to increase Temp. Basil the night before and the morning after pod changes, and give an extra unit after the pod change.
I do know that after back surgeries, I get great relief sitting in my hot tub. The only way I can do that is when my pod is placed on my arm and I keep it above the water. In those instances, I have no problem. It isn't the water that causes the problem, but the heat.That beats the "never" of the other pumps.




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