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So I've had some interesting things happen in my first two days using the OmniPod.

First, I'm feeling a little sore around the site of the pod, more where the cannula is inserted, and I look through the window and see that its a little tiny bit red around it. I have it on my right on my belly about 3 inches away from my bellybutton. I think its because its in an area where its getting moved around, and the little bit of fat I have in the are makes it especially pliable. Is this something anyone else experienced?

Also, I had a little bit of an...encounter at Red Robin yesterday.

I went in to Red Robin with my friend to get lunch. The waiter came up, greeted us, blah blah. I literally had my OmniPod clutch sitting right there on the table next to me. He could clearly see it. I asked for the nutritional menu. (BTW, I've been here before with the same waiter and he did something similar to this but not to this extreme) He brought it back and then kept glancing at my PDM/clutch and looked at me and said "If you're looking to cut calories, [blah blah blah]..." He went on an on about it. I gave him that eyebrow raise face. You know, then one `:|

Anyway, I said, "No, I'm not but thanks." Then he says, "Oh, okay so are you on like weight watchers? Cause if you are looking to cut fat, then you should [blah blah blah]."

This is at the point where I am like ARE YOU SERIOUS? IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! TAKE A HINT!

By the way, I'm fairly small, 5'10" 140lb. Do you seriously think I was trying to cut fat? NO.

Me: "No, I am not on a diet I just need to know the carb count."

My friend pipes in, "She's diabetic dude, get it? She just needs to know the carbs so she can count them, but thank you."

Me (embarrassed as crap for myself and the guy standing there yet not really feeling bad because he just dug himself into a hole): "Yeah, thank you."

Him: "OHHH....okay!" (No joke, this actually happened...) "High five!" :-| (I high fived him with little enthusiasm, I'm not that rude!)

Him *keeps going*: "So, how long have you...been like that?"

Me: *thinking: is this guy serious? Am I being punk'd?* "8 months."

Him: "Cool!" (Yeah, he said that.) "So if you want to cut carbs, the red robin seasoning won't take away the flavor if you don't have it but it will cut the carbs if you want me to ask them not to add it. Or I can do a lettuce wrap instead of a bun...or [blah blah blah]."

Me: *thinking: I said I wanted the menu to COUNT carbs, no? I did. *"Um, no thanks. I'll just have that nutritional info."

Him: *keeps adding some more ideas of his on what he thinks will cut carbs and finally sees I'm not with him in this little convo and says* "Okay, I'll be right back with that. Do you want me not to add that sauce to your burger? That will cut some carbs."

*thinking: OKAY YOU ARE A GRADE-A IDIOT if you think the best way to cut carbs is via seasoning (I checked, 0 carbs) and sauce on a burger. And it's not anyof your buisness anyway!!*

Me: "No. Thank you." (That was forced out of my mouth by habit from being raised to be a lady.)

We got switched to a different waiter because his shift was over that was it with him. But isn't that just totally insane? I would never have butted into anyone's business like that!

Okay, sorry, end of my weird/long story!

Thanks for reading!

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I have a CGM as well and no, there is no tubing and it is pretty small. BTW, I have blood in the window of my omnipod, so something new to worry about...just need to keep checking my numbers to make sure the insulin is still going in. I am glad you got new numbers and I hope you have a better night ; )

Oh no! I hope everything is ok. I will freak out if I see blood in the window.

What brand of cgm do you have? I'll look in to it.

I have the Dexcom and so far I like it for trends. I at least know when I am going up and down even though it is not always accurate.

Well my number is still good after my dinner bolus, so the site is still good even though it is bloody...

I have the Dexcom also and I just got a saline trial of the Omnipod yesterday. As a new Dexcom user and just having the saline Omnipod put on, they are actually very similar in shape. The Omnipod is a little bigger than the Dexcom but they are both comfortable to me. No tubes on either. The tubes are what kept me from a pump for years so I was anxious to try the Omnipod.

I received some info about Dexcom in the mail but threw it away by mistake so now I'm going to have to send off for another packet. I'm seriously considering a cgm and want to make sure I make the best informed choice I can make

This weekend was a little hard because I didn't have an appetite and because I didn't suspend my basal during that time, I often went low. I also forgot to suspend it when I went dancing which always causes me to go low (urban ballroom dancing is a good workout!). It all amounts to me still adjusting to using the pod. I've changed it twice with no problem and still love it. I know the few little issues are a part of the adjustment period and I'll be fine

Urban ballroom dancing sounds great! I am also loving the pod. I am still figuring out the exercise part as I still go low after my hour long workouts even when I do a temp basal at %50 for 3 hours. I have had it on my abdomen, arm, and now my low side back. Where have you won yours?

Yes I love dancing! I have worn my pods on the back of my arms, my abdomen, the lower part of my back. I want to try my thigh but then my pants won't fit right lol

Make sure you lower your basal half an hour BEFORE you start exercising...that's how I get rid of my exercise lows! I wouldn't suspend completely, just lower my basal and have a small snack, that way you don't have to deal with post-exercise highs from having NO insulin in your system...
Another excellent spot to wear your pod is on your thigh. I like to place it on the front of my thigh (so when I lay on my side I'm lon laying on it)

Good luck, Ladies, and let us know if we can help you with anything else!

I once asked at a restaurant for their nutritional information, and explained that I had diabetes and need to know how many carbs were in things to determine how much insulin to give myself. The lady told me that their items were gluten free!!!! Seriously?!?

I'm just going to be starting the Omnipod in a week. How's it going? I'm also going to first try it on my arm.




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