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So I've had some interesting things happen in my first two days using the OmniPod.

First, I'm feeling a little sore around the site of the pod, more where the cannula is inserted, and I look through the window and see that its a little tiny bit red around it. I have it on my right on my belly about 3 inches away from my bellybutton. I think its because its in an area where its getting moved around, and the little bit of fat I have in the are makes it especially pliable. Is this something anyone else experienced?

Also, I had a little bit of an...encounter at Red Robin yesterday.

I went in to Red Robin with my friend to get lunch. The waiter came up, greeted us, blah blah. I literally had my OmniPod clutch sitting right there on the table next to me. He could clearly see it. I asked for the nutritional menu. (BTW, I've been here before with the same waiter and he did something similar to this but not to this extreme) He brought it back and then kept glancing at my PDM/clutch and looked at me and said "If you're looking to cut calories, [blah blah blah]..." He went on an on about it. I gave him that eyebrow raise face. You know, then one `:|

Anyway, I said, "No, I'm not but thanks." Then he says, "Oh, okay so are you on like weight watchers? Cause if you are looking to cut fat, then you should [blah blah blah]."

This is at the point where I am like ARE YOU SERIOUS? IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! TAKE A HINT!

By the way, I'm fairly small, 5'10" 140lb. Do you seriously think I was trying to cut fat? NO.

Me: "No, I am not on a diet I just need to know the carb count."

My friend pipes in, "She's diabetic dude, get it? She just needs to know the carbs so she can count them, but thank you."

Me (embarrassed as crap for myself and the guy standing there yet not really feeling bad because he just dug himself into a hole): "Yeah, thank you."

Him: "OHHH....okay!" (No joke, this actually happened...) "High five!" :-| (I high fived him with little enthusiasm, I'm not that rude!)

Him *keeps going*: "So, how long have you...been like that?"

Me: *thinking: is this guy serious? Am I being punk'd?* "8 months."

Him: "Cool!" (Yeah, he said that.) "So if you want to cut carbs, the red robin seasoning won't take away the flavor if you don't have it but it will cut the carbs if you want me to ask them not to add it. Or I can do a lettuce wrap instead of a bun...or [blah blah blah]."

Me: *thinking: I said I wanted the menu to COUNT carbs, no? I did. *"Um, no thanks. I'll just have that nutritional info."

Him: *keeps adding some more ideas of his on what he thinks will cut carbs and finally sees I'm not with him in this little convo and says* "Okay, I'll be right back with that. Do you want me not to add that sauce to your burger? That will cut some carbs."

*thinking: OKAY YOU ARE A GRADE-A IDIOT if you think the best way to cut carbs is via seasoning (I checked, 0 carbs) and sauce on a burger. And it's not anyof your buisness anyway!!*

Me: "No. Thank you." (That was forced out of my mouth by habit from being raised to be a lady.)

We got switched to a different waiter because his shift was over that was it with him. But isn't that just totally insane? I would never have butted into anyone's business like that!

Okay, sorry, end of my weird/long story!

Thanks for reading!

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My son uses a camera bag.... got it stolen once at school cuz a kid thought he was taking my son's camera since he is in photography class.... they got it back though in the same class period.

I found a cute, clear make up bag in the clearance bin at the drug store the other day I think will work. Waitng for my 1st POD (1st pump ever) to come. ♥ Oh it was also full of bath products I'll put in my daughter's Xmas sock. :)

Wow! OMG.... I would almost want to either pull him aside and talk to him or talk to his manager... no waiter should be getting into your business like that! We have had people look at him strangely....cuz he will flat out test in front of the waiter or waitress...but he is so fast at it now they hardly know what's up. We have also had a waiter bring him regular coke....instead of Diet...but he can tell and that was an easy fix.

I do remember his sites being red in the beginning..... not sure why he never complains anymore about that..... I will ask him today when he gets home.... I do know that the more relaxed you are when it goes in the better.....but I would totally jump out of my skin if it was me... he wants to do a saline one on me sometime! (Ahhh lol)

The worst he has had is relatives asking him like he was a little kid "Are you sure you can have that... go ask your mom" HE IS 17 he knows what he can and can't have and what the food consequences are....
in response to your site question, i hardly ever (maybe once every 6 months) wear a pod on my stomach. i have plenty of fat there, but i seem to be the most tender in my belly and really dislike having something so bulky there. i use my thighs, hips, rear, arms, and back mainly. and yes, you'll notice a red spot... i've even experienced bloody cannulas and bruising.

in response to your red robin "friend," face palm. i agree with your assessment... Grade-A Idiot haha!

LMAO! "COOL"? He was just being 'overperkified' I think. Part of his job. Prob also hitting on you too. At least you educated him somewhat. I always have to get a kid's meal at RR as those burgers are so humungous. Love that stack of rings they sell. Wonder how amny carbs in that dude?

HAHA Maybe....Idk!! Just glad I haven't had an experience like that again. Except at Olive Garden the guy looked at me weird when I asked for the Nutritional Info and then came back and said they won't have it until 4 at dinner...WTF?

how's it going since you got your pod?
I got mine the friday before last and my sugars have been very bad. im frustrated and want to go back to shots (though my sugar wasnt the best then either)

its going amazing!! keep upwith it, it will get so much easier. my ratios went a little off wheni went on the pump that might be it. but once i figured that out i was golden. feel free to email me anytime if you need help, need advice, or anything inbetween!

good luck!!

Hey Tom, how is it going? I got my pod 6 days ago; BS's were high the first few days and I understand that they start out lower on the insulin so that we shift into this program slowly. I don't like dealing with high BS's or toying with my body; but I think there is some wisdom in this idea. Now, my struggle is low BS's at night....42 at11:30 p.m. Changing my basal at night. It is all an experiment! Sending everyone light, perseverance and joy!

The trials of it, especially the lows are a monster.

We'll get there!

I must say that even with all the changes that have to go on to reach a stable place it's still better than MDI to me!

ugh, I just started my pod last night and I have high bgs numbers! I have removed two pods, the first one bled (so maybe in a blood vessel?) and the second I took off because high bgs again, but site seemed fine. The pdm wasn't calibrated correctly either, so omni is sending a new one. Could my ratios be that far off??? My DE doesn't think so, but I find it odd that it happened to two pods in a row! It seemed so much smoother on shots, but I am trying to stay positive as I know there is a learning curve with pumps. Sorry, just had to vent.




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