Hi im Diana, im 14 years old... Three months ago on November 18 2009, i was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.... from there my life changed completely, sometimes I get angry with myself and I cry occasionally. I wonder sometimes what did i do to deserve this.

So im just done with the shots i dont want to do it anymore, im planning to change to a pump and the one that i like it the most is Omnipod thats why im writing this, because i want some help... i have this questions i hope that someone could answer them!!

1.- How much does the Omnipod System cost??

2.- How much the monthly supply (10 pods) cost??

3.- How much does the PDM cost (separately)?? 
Most of all i want to know how much this would cost for my parents....  i want to be sure about my decision before changing because this would be an investment for life.


Diana  =) 

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As Spooky said, the cost depends on your insurance. The "retail" (no insurance) cost of the "starter kit" which includes the PDM and a few pods, is $660-$800 I think. After that, the pods "retail" price is $276 for a box of 10 (they usually ship 3 or 4 boxes at a time). But again, these are the no-insurance costs - your actual cost will depend on what the insurance company agrees to cover. For example, mine covers 80% after a $300 deductible for the year.
By the way, I'm 36 yo now, but I was diagnosed when I was 14, like you. I got along with 3-4 shots a day for 20+ years, but going on the OmniPod changed my life! I wrote a little about the experience here: http://bewarethepenguin.blogspot.com/2009/08/my-experience-with-omn...

It's great to see you taking charge and recognizing that you aren't going to be a good patient with shots. I hope your insurance coverage is good enough that you and your parents can afford it.
Heyy!! Thanks Eric!! it helps me a lot the info you gave me... like i said to Spooky i dont know what to do right now i just want to stop shoting myself... Comparing the cost of other pumps i think that Omnipod is the priceless because one pump is like $5,000 i think. But i just have to talk to my parents and my insurance to make that big change to my life. And you blog is really awesome!!
Thanks a lot
Diana =)
Heyyy!! thank you.... i would tell my parents you know im in the same situation im really afraid and i dont know what to do right now. I just hope that the cost wont be more than an usual pump because if that was the case my parents wont allow me to buy it. Yeah me too i heard of the Omnipod because of Nick, he is like the sweetest, kindest, admirable person i have ever known, he give me the strength to keep fighting and you know if Nick dont let the diabetes slow him down i would do the same, and you are so LUCKY because to meet him is like a dream!! Thank you again is awesome to talk to people to know about this things you help me a lot. I cant wait because is just so annoying to have to shot yourself like 6 time daily.
Thank you i really appreciate.
Diana =)
P.S. Tell your husband that im a huge fan of the TV show is magnificent.....
Diana, I am so happy that you are wanting to try pumping. You do not deserve diabetes and always remember you did not do anything to have diabetes. You have to have insulin and until you can get on the pump you still need to have shots. Just hang in there. Everything will be all right and it will get better. Carolina my daughter was taking 6-8 shots a day and did not like it either. I have always used ice before injections or Pod changes so she does not feel the insertion at all. My daughter started on insulin Oct. 2009 and then started on the OmniPod, Jan. 2010. She loves the Pod.

Insulet Corp. (makers of OmniPod) will give you prices over the phone. I do not remember the cost exactly because insurance covers my daughters 100%. A person who does not have insurance or if insurance will only cover the PDM and not the Pods they have a special price. They will tell you their special prices over the telephone for people who only have partial insurance coverage or no coverage. Their telephone number is 1-800-591-3455 and there is someone there 24/7, but I don't know that the customer service reps. work those hours. I hope this helps you and I here for you if you need someone to talk to. You can also talk to my daughter if you'd like.
Heyy!! Thanks... Oh thats awesome that they give you special price this help me more... You know this have been all so quickly that i havent been used to it just three months normal girl and now completly different i just getting used to it... And of course i would love to talk to Carolina is amazing how people support you when you are needed.
Thanks again
Diana =)
OMG!! i have seen them she is so adorable and the boys too!! haha wow that is so amazing
Thanks a lot you have been really nice with me, tomorrow i have an appointment with my doctor
and i would ask all the questions i just cant wait but i have to say that im kinda nervous.
I have to go now because i have school tomorrow...
Thanks!! is the greatest thing ever to talk to people that is going through the same situation.
Thanks again
Diana =)
Hi Diana,
It's already been said, but bears repeating. You didn't do ANYTHING to deserve diabetes. No one does. It just happens. And, it definitely changes your life completely. My daughter was diagnosed almost exactly two years before you -- on 11/27/07 -- and she's been on the OmniPod since 4/1/08. (Yes, she started pumping on April Fool's day!) We've had two different insurance companies in that time, and haven't had any trouble with either paying for the pump. And, like you, my daughter actually did all of the research and figured if the OmniPod was good enough for Nick, it was good enough for her. She was lucky enough to get to meet him at one of the concerts, and even put a JB tattoo on her pod. =)

I know my daughter's much happier with the OmniPod than with shots. And, I'd also be willing to bet that if they can, your parents will do what they can to make managing your diabetes easier. My daughter's not on TuDiabetes, but if you'd like to chat in email, we could set something up. She's 15 and a freshman in high school.

And, Spooky -- good for you making the change after 22 years! My brother's a T1 too -- 30 years now -- and he asks me a lot of questions about her pump. Guess the idea of one shot every three days appeals to him too! But, his endo actually discouraged it because he does so well now. His A1Cs only 5.8!! How did you find the adjustment? I know my brother's a little leery of having the pod on all the time. I actually wonder how Nick J gets the pods to stay on so well with all that flipping on stage! I know my daughter's knocked quite a few off.
My daughter was the same way (and actually still is) about diabetes care in public, and I think it was after one night of standing in a restroom trying to draw the insulin out of the syringe, and just thinking how gross and unsanitary is this? that we ended up getting the pump. A new doc made all the difference to us as well. We started with the doc affiliated with a local hospital and he was so behind on what's out there (notice we were using an insulin vial rather than a pen?) Sorry to hear you've had a tough year, and the stress will definitely do a number of your A1C. And, yes, the Jonases do seem like a genuinely nice family. When we met them, they had their family friend come out and stand on the meet and greet line with us, which I thought was sweet.
Thanks to all that answer me!! Spooky, Eric, Daisycolors and Serena.... you have been really nice with me. Today an about 1 hour i would have my appointment with my doctor im so excited i cant wait it would be so amazing to change to the Omnipod. And well i hope that my insurance if i have one cover most of all it would be a great help because i dont have a lot of money lol! But anyway your support has been amazing, you are, all of you the strongest person ever...
And OMG also you are the luckiest it is my dream to meet Nick Jonas my hero, role model, inspiration.... i would die if i meet him but anyway that is just a dream, oh he is like the greatest of all time<3<3.... I have to go now wish me luck because today is the BIGGEST day of my life OMNIPOD here i go....
Thanks to all again!!!
Diana =)
P.S. OMG!!!!!! Omnipod is wow haha i have to put that to express my feeling ahhhhh!!! Thanks very much i really appreciate.
(after doctor's office i would tell you all with details)
How did your appointment go, Diana?
Pretty Good! my blood sugar is kind of normal... and about OMNIPOD!!! next week i would go to the appoinment of Omnipod with my doctor, parents and my insurance! im so excited... all depends in that appoinment it can be a yes or a not!! hopefully YES!!! omg im just thrilled i cant stop smiling =D lol...
Thanks <3
Oh i almost forgot i have a BIG question for you, kind people.... how many days i can wear one pod, do i have to change it every 3 days obligatory?? And maybe this is a fool question for all of you expert people but it doesnt matter if i drop some of my shampoo (Head and Shoulders) on my pod or soup whatever, i just want to know what happen when something fell on you pod??
Diana =)




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