Has anyone had to return a PDM and did you have any difficulty doing so?  I have had several issues come up with mine over the last few months with static knocking out the circuitry in the pod, battery connection issues, bum pods (wasted insulin-didn't know you could extract) and stuck keys.
All of these issues combined and reported to customer service did not seem to impress upon anyone that I may need a replacement.
I then spoke to my rep who said there was nothing that she could do on my behalf.  She let me in on a secret that when the system first came out, if there were any issues at all a replacement PDM would be sent to the consumer.  This apparently happened often enough that the company had to readdress their criteria for exchanges.  So much that now you have to sign in blood your first born child in order to impress upon them that you really do need it.  I was told that I would really have to "fight" for one with a letter writing campaign and document every date and time that something occurred.  This just days before my renal transplant in January.  I had so much going on and so many other things to do, I was not prepared for a "fight" so I hoped for the best even though it was the middle of winter with lots of static shock with every step but some how those issues stopped.  I started noticing a blank screen and learned to just remove the "fresh new" batteries and put them back in to resume function.  Little tricks I learned, like putting a dryer sheet in with my extra pods I travel with for the static.
Then two days ago,  the bg function of the pdm was not reading strips and/or taking an infinite amount of time to process a reading.  I wasted about 2-3 strips everytime I  tested.  Yesterday evening I got an error 2 and called the company.  I was series of questions to rule out me being an idiot and was then told that an error 2 is a function of the bg portion of the pdm and that I could still bolus and just use a different meter and manually enter the bg.  I was then told that they would "overnight" the new pdm and I should receive it on Tuesday.  Yesterday was Saturday.  Don't try to appease me by saying you're going to overnight something that's going to take three days to get there.  Just be honest and say, it'll be about three days.  Then I told her that when they get the old pdm they should not only look at the bg function but at the rest of the pdm as well because there were other problems with it as well.
Moral of the story is if I have any problem at all with future pdm's the key word to getting a new one and not having to "fight" for it is to say "error 2".....Unbelievable.

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Hmmm, I have never heard of anyone trying to turn off the PDM. Mine have always timed out on their own in other words they go into sleep mode until you hit a key again. What is it you are trying to do?

I think what you are trying to do is not necessary or possible without resetting the pod hence the need to replace the pod.

After testing my BG if I don't have to bolus I will turn off the PDM instead of letting it time out. If I had to bolus then I will let the PDM time out.

Ok, I understand your point, I think. I have to say I have never heard of anyone who was wanting to accelerate the "time out" function faster. Do you know you can manually set that time out on the PDM? I have mine set for 10 seconds. I realize we live in a fast paced world but 5-10 seconds is not an unreasonable time and it does not waste batteries. It can be set for as little as 5 seconds. It is possible that is faster than your ability to push buttons:).

I think Insulet was very accommodating in replacing you PDM. While I am no expert it does not sound to me like there was anything wrong with your last PDM so hopefully the new PDM will have no issues.

Good luck
I had just the opposite experience. Several times I got an error code which meant I had to change to Pod. I would call, report and move on. The last time I did, the Representative told me that was not normal and put me on hold for a couple of minutes. When she came back, she told me I would be receiving a new one in 4-5 days. It arrived via Fed Ex in 3 days. Customer Service has always been right on the mark with Insulet Corp.
I have already had to have a new PDM overnighted to me and I have only been on the pump since Jan. 2010. It just stopped and would not turn on. I changed the set of batteries 2 times with fresh sets and nothing. I called and they were really good about sending me one out the next day but, it was kind of scary. It made me very thankful I had keep a humalog pen and vial of lantus in my fridge unopened. Prior to the PDM failing, I had two times were it did not turn on so, I replaced the batteries and it came right on. I should have taken that as a warning and called but, did not. I was a little shocked that the PDM did not even last 5 months but, thankful they were good with replacing it along with the pod I lost.
After my conversation with insulet was nearing it's end, I was reminded that I would be billed $500.00 if I didn't return the old one. This was after inquiring if I had a "backup" PDM. I still am not aware of anyone being given a backup. I guess the backup is on you if you want to invest $500.00 that insurance won't cover.

The new PDM was easy enough to reprogram myself and is working fine. I would caution everyone with the recent heat to beware of errors caused by strips that have been exposed to more than 30c/86f. I had to start a new lot after suspecting an error in the strip and not the new PDM.
I think a lot of people bought the new PDM when it came out last year, so they have the first-generation PDM as a backup. That's what I did.
By the way, I often keep my test strips in the car, which in Florida means they get way over 86 degrees. Never had a problem with them; never even heard it was a potential problem. I'll have to ask my doc and CDE next time I'm in the office.
Thanks Eric,

Did you have to purchase (were you charged $500.00 for not returning the 1st gen?) the backup? Most CLIA waived tests (like blood glucose testing) have a low/high temp threshold. The one for Freestyle is 3c-30c I work in a laboratory and this is standard. When the temp is compromised, the results cannot be guranteed and usually have to be thrown away and a new batch or lot started.




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