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I just got word form Insulet that my insurance approved the Omnipod and they're shipping tomorrow!! I'm excited, after 20 years of MDI...

I've been on Novolog pens and have a bunch left over; has anyone successfully "sucked out" the insulin from a pen and put it into the Omnipod? Or even shot directly into the pods from a pen? That would be great since I have so many Novolog pens I would hate to waste them.

Also, does anyone know if there's a difference between using Humalog and Novolog with the Omnipod? Thanks!

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hey Billy,

I'm about to do the same thing with my Humalog pens. I lost my insurance and can get my insulin free from Lilly. I asked for pens because I only have 2 more months of pods left and didn't want to go through changing my script with them. (they send a 4 month supply) My Dr just gave me a script for 1/2" pen needles. I.m sure I can use them to shoot insulin into my remaining pods. When my pods are gone it's back to pen needle shots for me. :o( ...I'm hoping I can go back on a pump after I get Medicare. Do you know if Medicare pays for any pumps?
P.S You can only use Fast acting insulin in the OmniPod system, is Novolog that type?
Matt, I'm not sure about Medicare but I have BCBS and I think they're similar in their payment structures (I read herehere on the forums that it's similar anyway).

As for Novolog, yes it is a fast acting insulin...
Mat...Unfortunately, Medicare will not pay for the Omni Pod pump. I believe they will pay for the other pumps.
I pay out of pocket for my pods. Yes, I use Novolog in my pods.
Thanks for info.
Hey Billy - congratulations! I was on MDIs for over 45 years and switch to pumping about 5 years ago. I just went on the Omnipod 3-4 months ago, so I can share my little experience with you about that.

First, I am going to bet you will like the pump much better than MDIs without a doubt.

Second, I have been on Novolog since I started pumping, before that it was a combination of types. I have never been on Humalog; however, I am going to the hospital for a diabetic research program. They are going to leave me on the Omnipod but I will be switched to Humalog for the 3 days preceding the tests through the day after. The doctors and diabetic educators don't seem to think there will be any problems.

The only thing that they told me was that Humalog doesn't last in heat as well as Novolog and that on very rare occasions people sometimes have an allergic reaction to Humalog. They said that the allergies were very rare and probably not worth worrying about.

They said they only start me a couple of days before the testing starts to make sure of that. They said I won't have to change my bolus/basal amounts at all.

Now onto the other thought. If you have insulin that has s valid date I would absolutely use it and not throw it away. I am sure the Omnipod people will advise you much differently but I reuse insulin that I have left over in the pods if it is time to change it. I just draw it out of one and put it in the other, without any issues. I did the same thing with the other 2 pumps I have used previously. You will have to figure out the mechanics of getting the insulin in since I haven't used pens in over 20 years and don't know if they operate the same as they did at that time.

Be warned, that is my experience and yours may vary.
Thanks Ron! Good luck with the research trials.. thank you for doing that; it's the people that participate in those that make it better for the rest of us!
I have used the humalog pen before. I just suck the insulin out of the pen as if it were a vial, using the syringe provided with the pod. There is no need to inject air into the pen prior to removing insulin. If you are going to try to continue to use the same pen as a pen, it gets a little tricky, doing "air" shots of the pen to get the plunger back down to the level the insulin is at.

Good luck!
I use to take Humalog years ago when I was first diagnosed and on MDI. I switched about 5 years ago to Novolog and it works better for me. I've only been on the Omnipod for about 6 months and still use the Novolog Penfills to load my Pod. Just use the syringe to pull the insulin out of the cartridges. I've been having pod failures so I keep getting my insulin in cartridges just in case I need them.
We have not tried it yet, but understand that you can pull the insulin from the pen cartridge with a regular syringe for use in the pod. We use Humalog in the pod. In my experience, many folks just use the same fast acting they used when they switched from MDI to the pod.
Hi, Billy, and welcome to the OmniPod family. I absolutely LOVE my OmniPod and hope you love yours, too. (I'm sure you will.)

I have used Novolog pens to fill my pods. I use the syringe thing that comes in the package with the pods and draw the insulin directly out of the Novolog pen and then put it in the pod. When I have done this in the past, the plunger/screw thing in the pen (that pushes against the insulin cartridge thing) disengages ... and looks to me like the pen can no longer be used as a pen, (but honestly I have not tried to use it as a pen after drawing insulin out.)
I used the needle that comes with the Pod and withdrew 150 U of Apidra last night from a pen. At first it took a little work to get the insulin started, but I was able to get it out and injected it into the pod.
The pen needle is too small a diameter to easily inject into the pod. The one that comes with each pod works much faster. As has been said, do not inject air into the cartridge, the rubber will draw up[as insulin is removed from the cartridge. use room temperature insulin when filling the pod, and easier to leave it in the plastic packaging while filling. I don't put the cartridge into the pen, since it takes too much to adjust the pen plunger when I would want to use it.




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