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Group for those that are pumping. Come and exchange tips on using your pump. Discuss the differences of the different types of pumps out on the market, infusion sets and pump accessories.

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Comment by Ivan yesterday


I have thought about getting an insulin for a couple of years now.

I'm a type 2 insulin dependent using roughly 125 - 150 units a day.

Depending on insurance (TriCare Prime for a retiree) I'm think about the Animas ping or the T-Slim.

I think insurance is 80/20. How much can I expect to pay in Quarterly expenses for the set's tubing reservoir's etc?

Thank you

Comment by Gerry on July 30, 2014 at 5:17pm

Welcome, Tim! Another "must read" is Pumping Insulin (5th edition) by John Walsh. It is an easy-to-read and understand "bible" of pumping. It includes detailed instructions for testing and adjusting all virtually all pump parameters. I recommend it highly!

Comment by Tim on July 30, 2014 at 3:25pm

Hello All! Thank you for allowing me to join this group. Recently, I was correctly diagnosed as a Type 1 instead of a Type 2. Currently I am taking insulin shots, however after the re-diagnoses, my Endo recommended me for the pump. Currently the paperwork for the Medtronics 530G pump is in the processing stage. Hopefully I have it on by mid or late August if all goes well. Since I am a very active person, I am excited about going on the pump for better BG control. In the meantime I am reading "Thank Like a Pancreas," for a better understanding on using insulin with and without a pump. Also I have been reading all the post in this group which has giving me real-life incite of the advantages and disadvantages of living with a pump.


Comment by Jamie Williams on July 28, 2014 at 1:19pm

Hello everyone! I just joined this group and wanted to introduce myself. Nice to met you all. I currently use the minimed revel from medtronic but I'm the process of getting the 530g with a continuous glucose monitor (my first one) I'm really excited about it.


Comment by jesikabeth on July 28, 2014 at 1:37am

Hello everyone! I'm dropping off my paperwork this morning with my diabetes center (Diabetes America) to have their rep contact companies regarding a pump. I'm actually excited, and I had previously been very hesitant about getting on a pump. Here we go! (BTW, 34 years old type 2)

Comment by Adrien on May 29, 2014 at 2:57pm

Even though the Animas Vibe can do basal rates in 0.025U increments, it won't do a bolus that fine, only in 0.05U increments. We find we are often giving 0.15U corrections and wish it would allow us even smaller doses, so actually we'd be good candidates for dilute insulin like U50 or so. We've had suggestions we should just mix our own dilute u with saline, and it's indeed tempting!

Comment by Ingřid Glass on May 29, 2014 at 12:34pm
Ah that makes sense, especially as his ISF is so high! I occasionally think back to the old strengths of insulin before the 100U/ml days when we used to have 40 or 80 options, it was changed to 100 to have a global standard and also meant less room for error if pharmacy or hospital dispensed the wrong one. But, it was very useful to have 40 for those with high ISF. Thank goodness these days with pumps you can give tiny doses!
Comment by Adrien on May 28, 2014 at 6:53pm

with the contact detach, or your Rapid D sites, you have a tail off the site. This holds (for my son anyway) a significant amount of insulin, probably a couple of units. If we think the insulin has gone off, and want to change it out, we can't just clip new insulin onto the existing site, because there is still 2units or so of the old dud insulin in that tail, and we can't flush that through either (without pulling out the site). With the micro orbits, since there was only 0.2U in the cannula, you could ignore that and swap out the insulin, reprime the line and re-attach with only 0.2U of the old stuff left in there. My son's ISF is 33 (max the pump will allow) and so even 0.2U will drop him 6 mmol/l but 2 units is unthinkable. We could do with food, but then it's unreliable. So whenever we want to change insulin, we swap the site as well. It's only an issue if we think the insulin is bad on a fairly new site. And then it's normally psychosomatic anyway :)

Comment by Ingřid Glass on May 28, 2014 at 5:33pm
Hi Adrien, keep coming back to your last bit - having to change site when swapping insulin out - can't get my head around it; do you mean if you fill & put in a new cartridge, you also have to change cannula at the same time? I'm trying to picture the set..can't you detach tubing at the dangly end, detach at the other cartridge end, replace cartridge and attach tubing back on, load in & prime thru to its end, then just reattach to the dangly end that's still in the same place? I might be misremembering something? It is annoying to have to do the whole set change if you don't need to...
Comment by Ingřid Glass on May 28, 2014 at 5:25pm
Oh, shame they didn't work out for you (& your little 'un) either!

I wasn't clear enough when I said hanging off, I meant it was still all in one piece but was unstuck and hanging half out my flesh rather than the top bit unclipping. The needle was slightly bent but this could have happened as it came out rather than bending in situ or as it had gone in, though I did think there must be a limit to how fine the needles can be before they become too fragile or prone to occlusion. I agree they needn't be quite so fine.

Biggest prob is the height of the dome and that sharp edge where they clip together - your poor son!! I'm glad that didn't happen to me but that was the bit in particular which kept catching on anything in the vicinity. Isn't it a shame? They could be great little sets for a few design alterations.

I'm also on Vibe but now back with Roche Rapid Ds which I much much prefer over Contact Detach - mid length tubing, the clip I find better to detach/reattach, prefer the clarity of the tubing, the freedom to stick the dangly end down with tape wherever you like (don't like that round adhesive patch on Contacts) etc. I have a long list of why I prefer Rapid Ds. BUT they have these little plastic wings on luer lock end of tubing which only just tightly squeeze into the cartridge end cap..it's not ideal. I've analysed it and am convinced it doesn't affect the functioning of the pump in any way, doesn't even put pressure on casing, but it's annoying when changing the cartridge/tubing as it has to be pushed through with a little force. I'm not keen to go back to the Animas Contact Detach though!

It matters that you feel comfortable with your infusion set, I do wish they'd put some more thought into it and offer more variety!

Apologies for assuming you were from US!!!!! I needn't have 'translated' ;-) lol

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