i really thought this might be a safe place. just talking D on a d site.

but no. i just read the phrase "mr. brokeback mountain".........in relation to tsa agents patting down passengers.


and the racism in that thread was nauseating.

idk....sick of people. lets talk d:lol

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Would any "Ms brokeback moutain" have been more pleasurable? LOL
well, to me it would have been....


maybe i should lighten up. thanks
its amazing the way bigotry shows itself.....

just shocking to read that thread and post after post of the most ridiculous racist homophobic crap.

glad i found this little group <3

although, i did say my piece out there.
I am glad too that I have found this group!
Hi boedica:

I'll agree that posting the photo of the alleged TSA agent searching the alleged nun was insensitive, as were the accompanying remarks.

Just for grins, I looked at the source code for the page and found the link the photo was taken from. It was posted on flickr, a web domain for publishing jpgs; I could not find a date for the image other than the date it was posted to flickr. Regardless, I'm willing to bet money that the photo was staged. The point is, we are all guilty of kneejerk reactions.

Still, I'm much more saddened by the commentary associated with that image:

"They should target all males... because all the hijackers were males.
They should also target all muslims... because 100% of the hijackers, terrorists, and bombers were all muslims."

These comments were uttered by broadcast journalists on the afternoon of September 11, 2001, ringing eerily similar to those made on December 7, 1941, which led to the imprisonment of more than 100,000 Japanese and Japanese Americans on US soil for the duration of World War II.

Unfortunately, guilt by association will always be the rule in this so-called democracy.
Dear Muragaki,
you expressed eloquently what I was thinking after reading all the threads (and there is a long one now)
I was surprised at the Mr. Brokeback Mountain comment as well. The ugly ignorance of our fellow countrymen once more on public display. There are no safe havens. Pond scum is universal.
The nun being frisked photo was originally taken back in '06 or '04. I was researching online for a friend (she was wondering just how the new pat downs were effecting people in wheelchairs since our crotches are, for the most part, inaccessible). I saw that photo on a website and clicking on it led me to a flicker page where it was uploaded in either '06 or '04. I can't remember which it was.

But, yeah, I am hearing more and more gay comments about the pat downs. As if gays and lesbian TSA agents are so thrilled right now because they get to touch sweaty crotches and butts all shift.
Thanks everyone for your excellent response on this, and it looks like Duck deleted his stupid post (at Gerri's request, go Gerri!). For the most part, I think TuD is safe. Yes, there are some really ignorant comments made at times, but let's just band together and combat them and look to the TuD admins to shut them down. Vicki (Muragaki) and I originally "met" here on TuD because of responding to some prejudiced comments, so good things happen from strange circumstances!
Personally I keep hoping for a good patting down at the airport. People are making too much of all of this. Unfortunatly this is the state of the world right now. If we want to stay safe, we make the tsa's job easier and move on with our lives. They are looking for explosive devices, not how large or small your body parts are. The machines show xrays, not porn, get over it. When did the world suddenly become so vain that they think people want to grope them publicly in the airport. If we say, ignore the elderly or invalid, then a loophole for terrorism is created.
So, what have we learned?
1) Pat downs can be fun, relax and enjoy it.
2)Terrorists are only a small part of the world, the rest of us should get along...no matter what race, sex or anything else we are.
3)Brokeback Mountain is just a love story, albiet a sad one, and just a movie.
4)Being gay I grew up knowing what racism is and I will die fighting for all people to get over it.
5)Don't ever mistake Gay for Weak. You will be surprised.
The images, we've found, can be saved and transmitted. Given human proclivities, this will be abused. Having to submit to someone touching my crotch for the privilege of riding on an airplane is beyond the pale. Has anyone else realized that we're always closing the barn door after the horse gets out? I don't care how the TSA employees feel about having to feel me up. That's not my concern in the least. My concern is that someone is treating me like a criminal with no warrant and no probable cause. The constitution wasn't repealed last night was it? We still have a 4th Amendment, yes?

It's not a question of vanity. Ordinarily, I wouldn't mind the familiar touch from someone I just met. But I object to having my crotch felt up by someone in a uniform representing my government. It's not about the size of my junk. It's about faulty calibration of a source of radiation. How many times do you think you can run that puppy without it getting warm. I can guarantee you that those machines will not be calibrated routinely. Why should we add another 3 minutes of cumulative radiation (at the very least)? These machines have been put into wide spread use without any historical safety data. Mike Chertoff's "consulting" firm represents the Rapidscan people so he's doing pretty well. And they are making enough money to pay him handsomely. So really I think this "security" business is crap.

It is unworthy of you to tell people who are upset about this major invasion of their person to "get over it" -- obviously you are lucky enough to never have been sexually assaulted or molested. Because I wear an OmniPod is reason enough to violate my person because some bastard from the Middle East was heard chattering about how to fill prostheses with explosives? We are being manipulated by the enemy and we're losing many of those "freedoms" that Mr. Bush claimed the Al Quaeda hated us for.
Mike I have to give it to you that pat downs can be fun. But these new ones go pass the point of being fun and where you can relax and enjoy it. I had the oppitunity to be with a young girl that was abused in evey way you could think of and more. She had to go through the new pat downs and she told me that the feeling that she got from that was worse than the abuse.

This is sicking to me to think that my personal space has to be invaded. It is not a easy feeling to deal with TSA all up in your grill. I am all down for security and everything but the new pat downs are a load of bs. How am I suppose to feel safe after beeing felt up. The TSA person that did my pat down actully winked at me and smiled while she was doing it I mean wtf. We all have rights. But it seems to me that our rights as americians are just words on paper now. We may win the battle but we have already lost the war. This is just my opinion.




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