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Hey everyone!!! :)


I am SO excited to have found this site.  Seems like I post a lot on raw food forums but no-one every really gets what I'm on about because they don't really understand type 1.


So...I've been type 1 nearly three years and have never really found a way of eating that suits both me AND the diabetes :S.


I ate vegan before I was diagnosed, with a lot of whole food starchy carbs.  But I found pretty quickly that big portions of starchy carbs and good blood sugars don't mix!


I love the idea of eating at least high raw, but can't get settled with it.  I ate v low fruit and high fat for a while, and got a great A1c with it, along with really stable sugars all day long, which was great.  I felt good, but I am just soooo sick of avo/nut salads :(  Plus I have started to totally binge on the nuts, probably to get more calories, and I'm feeling really sluggish and nauseous all the time.


So the only other option is high friut.  It sounds good, I understand the science behind it and I would at least get more caloroes.  BUT I am scared of eating a lot of fruit in one sitting :(((  My blood sugar always spikes when I eat a lot of fruit.  It comes down around 3 hours after eating, but for those 3 hours I feel sleepy, foggy, and I'm in the toilet the whole time (like a lot of diabetics I have a big candida issue which is not helping things).  When I was eating high fat those symptoms went away.


Just don't know what to do.  Tried the high fruit thing today and felt rubbish all day.  Came home and have totally binged on nuts again (and olives) and feel really sick :(((  So it's like - either high fat and feel nauseous and binge on nuts, or high fruit and spike my sugars all day long.  I'm so confused and fed up thinking about the whole thing.  But somehow there's no way I can go back to cooked vegan either.


What are other type 1's experiences with raw?  Did other people also feel awful on high fruit at first?  Does it simply take a while for all the fat to get out of your system and then your sugars stop spiking? Or is a low glycaemic route, like the Cousens approach (There is a cure for Diabetes book) better???


Please help me out!!!!  Thanks so much....

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I'm not type 1, so take what I say for whatever it's worth to you.

If you decide to try high fruit, give your body at least three days to clear out the fats first. Fat plus fruit is a guarantee of high blood sugar, even for the non-diabetic, and it takes a few days for your body to process the fats out.

Speaking from my own experiences, I (a type 2) can't do high fat, even with no fruit, because it spikes my blood sugar terribly and keeps it high for days. So I'm wondering if some people can do high fat and some people can do high fruit but few people (especially diabetics) can do both. Your experience on high fruit may turn out to be like my experience on high fat.

I do believe that there is one, species-specific, optimal diet for humans but when we are ill (as with diabetes) we can't always go straight to our optimal diet because our body may not process certain foods in a normal, healthy manner.

Best wishes to you in your experiment. I hope it is informative to you and not damaging. (I started to say I hoped it was fruitful but realized the awful pun and stopped. Then felt sad because I didn't use the awful pun, so here it is anyway.)

Are you eating any greens? You didn't say. Gabriel Cousens treatment in his book is mostly greens at the beginning. And yes, his idea is to clear out fat out of your cells. Victoria Buentko follows this idea as well. Second link below she explains her studies and how she believes that you need to "clean" the fat off your cells first:

Too many nuts and avocadoes = too much fat. Do you have the Cure for Diabetes book by Cousens? If not, it has a nice summary of pretty much what he does with the treatment program at Tree of LIfe. It is a alot of greens (juices and smoothies) and low fat. Fruits are mostly some berries. As the treatment goes on you can eat other fruits but I think too many bananas are frowned upon.

I know there are few members on here who are on the 811 and which first spiked their numbers but after a while it is working for them. Check under the discusssions for this group - I know I read this.

I am new and a Type 2 (genetic) but been a veg for 15 years and a vegan for 5 and just diagnosed - this thing definately through my vegan diet for a loop. But in a way it is good because gone is the bread and pasta and in comes more veggies. I am not all raw - maybe about 50%. Since I am just getting the hang of this, I will be trying to be more raw. I was 100% raw many years ago.

That is a common mistake to eat too many nuts at the beginning of doing raw to feel full.

Glad to see another vegan raw foodie person on here. There are very few of us. :)
You have to do the green drinks/smoothies for at least a week and the still no fat when you come off the fast. For some people it takes even longer at his treatment esp. Type1's on insulin.

If you read the Victoria Buentoko links, she explains why you must have no fat for a while. The meals in the back are for afterwords when it is OK to have fat again.

Compared to the fat amounts that some people have been telling me to have on a low carb diet. The Cousens fat amount is very low!
I can't say I experience this on my food plan...I do eat a lot of fruit in a day (at least I believe I do).

I've found that when I combine banana's in my smoothies that my sugars just stay fairly even, which is a bit odd since no insulin is needed.

Usually I eat about 2-3 banana's a day, an apple, mango, berries and sometimes an orange/grapefruit/watermelon/pineapple. As long as I take my insulin roughly 10-15 mins prior to eating the fruit, I don't have any spikes.

Are you combining your fruits with anything else? I try to just eat my fruits as nothing 45 mins before or after a meal. Same thing with nuts...I try to eat them alone for easement on my digestion.

As for feeling sluggish, I really can't say I had those symptoms. I felt amazing once we let go of cooked food. I still feel amazing and can actually say I have too much energy most days. I would go the low glycemic route as much as possible. Are you drinking a lot of water in a day? Like 2L's a day? Are you taking a B12 supplement? What about a vit D? Make sure you're getting some dark greens in too, like Kale, Chard, Spinach etc.... Maybe see the doctor and have your blood's a thought.




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