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New insulin pump from Tandem, the T:Slim touch screen insulin pump.


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R insulin in t-slim

Started by duckatect. Last reply by Mario on Wednesday. 2 Replies

I have recently been diagnosed with gastroparesis and my endo thinks that switching to R insulin might help as its action is slower than humalog or novolog which are the only insulins approved for use in the t-slim. Anyone using R in the t-slim?

My T-Slim leaks insulin :(

Started by Katie I.. Last reply by Mario on Tuesday. 8 Replies

I got my T-slim a couple of months ago and was SO excited to have a smaller pump I could wear close to my body so I wouldn't have dilemmas with wearing different dresses and skirts! But now I am sorely disappointed and thinking about switching back…Continue

Missing Insulin when filling

Started by Krztina. Last reply by Cassie Kile Dec 9. 4 Replies

I know that the t:slim only shows a +240 vol when it is totally filled...however it feels like I am not getting all the insulin loaded. I fill it with 3cc and I know it takes about 20-25cc to fill....so at the MOST I should have a fill of…Continue

Changing Resume Insulin Alarm

Started by pixierun13. Last reply by GrumpyChick Nov 27. 4 Replies

So, does anyone know if it is possible, and if so how, to extend the Resume Insulin alarm? Fifteen minutes is awesome if you just had to disconect for a few minutes and forgot to push the button after reconecting. However, my showers last a good 30…Continue

Anyone successfully using Apidra with their T:slim?

Started by Lizbrei. Last reply by Cat Nov 8. 6 Replies

After having owned my T:slim for almost two months (love it love it love it), I was wondering if anyone is successfully using Apidra?In the beginning there was an issue with Apidra constantly causing occlusions, but it was also found that some of…Continue

Infusion set bent cannula

Started by duckatect. Last reply by Laura S. Oct 27. 10 Replies

So I spent 7 hours in ER today. Mild DKA. Changed my infusion first thing this morning and 2 hours later BG was almost 400. Changed the set again and notice the first set had a 90 degree bend at the end, so I thought that was the problem. My BG…Continue

Recent issues with my T-Slim

Started by wyandtr. Last reply by Leilani Oct 13. 2 Replies

I've had my pump for a year now, and the past couple of months I've noticed that once I get down to about 40-50 units remaining, my pump starts having some issues... It will give me at least a couple of occlusion alerts every time that I bolus, and…Continue


Started by LBREP. Last reply by kirin Oct 11. 5 Replies

I have had my T:Slim for about 3 weeks and love it. But in trying to use T:Connect all I can get is the Dashboard. If I click on Reports a lll I get is the tabs at the top of the page for Trends etc. I am using a Mac Desktop with the latest version…Continue

High Altitude Alarm

Started by Anthony. Last reply by Mario Oct 6. 5 Replies

Has anyone else run into this alarm on the t:slim?I received it not after a flight, but rather after a hot day of bike riding. I wear my t:slim against my hip when I ride and I have been doing this for 6 months. But this past weekend after coming…Continue

Preparing to get my T-Slim!!

Started by Katie I.. Last reply by Katie I. Sep 19. 13 Replies

Hello everyone, I am new here and have an appointment with my CDE on Thursday morning so I can try the T-slim. If all goes well, I will officially switch following the trial! I wanted to get your feedback on a conversation I had with a Medtronic…Continue

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Comment by Mario on Thursday

In total agreement with Niccolo on this. Seems not quite right that somehow the Tslim was incapable of dealing with things.
Infusion sets are generally similar between the manufacturers. If you got a bad batch, you should have called them as they would have been immediately replaced.

If the issue was so severe you wouldn't wait several months to contact the company and speak with your endo.
You would do it immediately and get their help in solving the problem. I am sure you did, just really unclear on how the pump was to blame. If you could be more specific, it would be of benefit to everyone. Making generalizations doesn't help anyone.

I have the same medtronic paradigm pump you list in your profile. It lives in my dresser drawer and is an absolute dinosaur compared to the Tslim and that has nothing to do with the screen.
It offers much higher dosing resolution, multiple profiles, extend capability, reminders for site change, lots of truly useful features that help me in my everyday life with Diabetes and affords me the best control I have ever had.

While on occasion I do have some sustained high BGs, they are usually my own fault for miscalculating my carbs, not the fault of the pump.

Looking forward to hearing more about your issues.
(Perhaps in another post so that this one doesn't get derailed further?)

Comment by niccolo on Thursday

Type 1 Diabetes Lounge (that's your username?), I'm curious, aren't many/most of the infusion sets the same? Is the implication that the t:slim somehow wasn't capable of infusing insulin into your particular tissues? Or did you find that the pump itself seemed to send varying amounts of insulin into you, inconsistent with what you'd asked for? That would be a severe defect, all the more so given the very fine-grained control it purportedly offers. Did you work with Tandem to try to discover the source of the apparent errors? I'm a relatively new t:slim owner, extremely happy so far, and curious to understand just what you think the problem with yours was.

Comment by Type 1 Diabetes Lounge on Wednesday

After struggling with my tslim for several months, I had to abandon it. Too many unexplained highs resulting in the roller coaster ride all day and night. Tried all the infusion sets to no avail. I'm back to my old MedT and relieved to know I can trust it to deliver my insulin. So disappointing!

Comment by Mario on November 11, 2014 at 3:33pm

Djinn, I am glad that you at least took a look at it.
It works very well for me, though yes, it does tend to ride up a bit. I should add though that the only time it rides up on me is when I go to sleep. During normal daily use, it seems to stay put quite well.
You can also get them in different sizes, so a more snug fit should solve that issue pretty smartly.
For reference, I am 5'11" 218lbs with a 38" waist. So, I have some love handles and a bit of a belly.
I got the Large size and it works well enough for my current build.
As I have been losing weight gradually, I plan to get the next size down(med) once I hit 200lbs.
The material is spandex, so it isn't scratchy at all, no edges or plastic to irritate your skin from friction or to get sticky and sweaty. It breathes very well also.

I did sew small button holes in a couple pairs of my pants as well, and that works pretty decently if you don't typically carry things in your pants pockets.
I tend to have my keys and a pocket knife on one side and my Dexcom in the other, so things get crowded quickly.
So the belt option works best for me.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what you choose as long as it is what works out best for YOU. :)

I should add that another reason I chose the way I did is that in my opinion, the majority of the "Diabetic Specific" products to carry a pump or CGM area combination of being horribly outdated looking, seem cobbled together, have poor construction, use velcro, have plastic windows, etc.

To me these are all things that make them either uncomfortable, not worth the premium price tag, and call attention to themselves. I am good with having my various "bionic man" stuff with me and being able to care for myself on the go without having to break out the gear, but part of me being able to do so relies on whatever I am keeping it in being unobtrusive as well as comfortable enough for all day use.

Sorry for the novel, I just felt that I should more clearly explain my recommendation since it is something I use daily that has made my life with Diabetes a little bit simpler.

- Mario

Comment by kirin on November 11, 2014 at 9:02am

I use a T:Slim with Inset 32" tubing. I usually just run the tubing from my pocket UNDER my belt to lessen the catching risk and then back down inside my clothing to the site. While this did work quite well, I did have a pair of jeans modified by a tailor for $5.00. She cut and hemmed a 1" buttonhole on the front seam of each front pocket. I run the tubing and connector through the holes and to the site. It is a much better solution, at least for someone who wears pants. I am in the process of having all of my pants modified. The bonuses of this approach is that it takes less tubing and the risk of catching loose tubing are eliminated.

Comment by kirin on November 11, 2014 at 8:56am

Comment by Djinn on November 11, 2014 at 8:44am

Thanks, people - Mario, that thing looks great but maybe not so good for women! I have an hourglass figure and I see comments that it tends to ride up. I might experiment anyway, though. Natalie, I think I'll be wearing clothes with pockets in future.

Comment by Natalie ._c- on November 11, 2014 at 3:52am

I always wear clothes with pockets, put the pump in the pocket, and then go through the waistband to the site. If it's a one-piece dress, I cut a little hole in the pocket inseam near the top, and thread the tubing through that. Occasionally I put the pump in front of my arm in my bra, and thread it through my bra for stability. So I get along without any gadgets. The trick is to have the tubing well-tucked in, so there's nothing hanging out to catch onto anything. In 15 1/2 years of pumping I have NEVER caught the tubing on a door or cabinet handle. And when I go to the bathroom, I just hold it in my hand -- I use 43 inch tubing so I have some play room. I've tried the shorter tubing, and it seems like it OUGHT to be more convenient, but I haven't found it so. Anyway, with some experimentation, you ought to be able to figure out your own tricks. Good luck!

Comment by 2hobbit1 on November 11, 2014 at 1:56am

Checkout tallygear. I use the tummietote 2 with a window for my dexcom receiver. Can stick id/cards, keys, pump, and a gel/skittles etc with no problem.can wear either under or on top of clothing depending on level of dress up.

Comment by Mario on November 10, 2014 at 10:07pm

I wear it all day every day. I wash it once a week unless I have a day where I get too sweaty.

Hope that helps.


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