Here is something that I have been noticing as of late (2 weeks now).


For the past two weeks, everyday when I get home I get really tired (after work).  For the last two to three weeks now it has been cold here, in the teens and single digits.  Anyway, I will turn on my electric blanket, let it warm up and within a half our of getting home I will go to bed.


During the summer months I was never this way, I couldn't wait to get home so I could go biking or some other activity.  In fact it was normal for me to only get about 4-5 hours sleep a day and I had no issues with this.  Now, forget about it, I get home and when I crawl into bed it is lights out for the rest of the day.  I can actually sleep from 7:30am-6pm no problem.  I get up, go to work and repeat the process all over again, tired when I get home and very tired if I wake up during the day to go to the bathroom or something like that.


I think I am eating the same, I am keeping my carbs to a low #, eat wheat breads, watch my sugar intake the best way I know how to.  I am back on the wagon from where I was last month (no more candy bars, not caring) I drink V8 when I remember to and am taking all of my meds at the same time everyday.


WTF? is going on here, Im just always tired.  Is it because of the fact that is freezing outside and the thought of going out after I get home usually requires a lot of thought?  Do I really want to go to the mall? I will have to get all dressed up, be cold for half the trip while the car warms up, Or should I stay home where it is warm.  Home usually wins 9 out of 10 times.


There have been a couple of times now where I get so freakin tired I will turn my pager off with the thought that the town can burn down I dont care, I am TIRED! and will again sleep all day long.


This cant be normal, what does everyone else do to combat this feeling and or do to get motivated to get out and get going?  Working out at a gym is not an issue for me, I have free access to at least two of them, it just getting there that is the problem and its only December.  I still have Jan & Feb to get through...OMG!


I cant seem to remember from last year but does cold weather generally make one feel this way, does cold weather make you feel tired all of the time?  I know I Have to exercise but never seem to have the energy anymore.

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Have you had your thyroid checked recently?

I think you need to see a doctor. As DWQ said, it could be thyroid. But it could also be adrenal gland problems, depression, or mononucleosis. I'm sure there are other things which could account for your tiredness, too (for me, it was the onset of diabetes, but I think we can rule that out for you, LOL!).

Wishing you the best,

Natalie ._c-

You sound like you are working nights.   This can be very hard on the body.   I agree you should get the tiredness checked out, when my thyroid was out of whack I felt so different to how I normally feel, best get yourself checked in case.

Could it be SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Before I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic, I felt tired all the time. A diabetic friend told me it was because my blood glucose was high. He also told me that often, undiagnosed diabetics (or someone not testing often enough) felt tired and felt if they ate something, they would feel better Of course it didn't work. All that happened was that they added more glucose to their blood stream and gained weight. He told me fat does not give you diabetes, diabetes often makes you fat. I've never forgotten that. Make sure you test often. Before meals and two hours after you start eating. It's not just the candy bars, you know. It's the rice, bread, pasta (anything made with flour), corn, corn bread, etc.

I agree, flour is not good for me, I gave up pasta spagetti for good, because they made such a problem to me. I am very careful witn carbohrydates, and eat only low carb.I don't eat bread nor patatoes, now sugar is easer to control.

I wish I had some kind of answer. I cant get enough sleep. it is getting ridiculous of late. combonation of meds, sugar high, low? depression ? its a wonder I can stay awake at work. I get home from work and just want to crash. weekends, alot of sleep, too much. keep the replies coming. thanks.

I am often very tired during the day. So tired that I can't keep walking or doing errands. I can recognize that with irritation and coming thought to get back home and get to bed. First I felt useless but that was silly. Now I listen to my body carefuly and get back home at first signs of tiredness,after relax I can get busy or even go out.

I'm just about the opposite. I was diagnosed with t2 in March and was doing fine on metformin until about June when my bg were spiking again. I upped the dose and since then the heat makes me extremely tired. Living in Va, the humidity made it worse. I spent most of my summer inside. And when I did go out, it took me time to recover. Fall is finally here, and I've been out more with less tiredness. I still have my days, but I understand the tiredness. I just got my labs back and my thyroid is good, they check it because I haven't been able to lose any weight. My motivation to exercise on days I wake up tired is nil, and when I do feel well, life with with 5 homeschool kids gets in the way. I'm looking for answers as well.

This is an old, old request. What exactly was the diagnosis two years ago?

For the rest of us reading this late, here's another possibility: low B 12 due to many years on metaformin, leading to anemia. The problem can be compounded by:
1) over age 65, stomach naturally decreases in ability to break away vitamin B12 from food for absorption
2) avoidance of meat/other iron & B12 rich foods
3) heavy periods/blood loss

Have you found out why you are tired all the time? If you have please share.

Hugs Thanks.

There are many reasons which accumulate to a big fatigue.
the main reason in my situation is heart, which after many years of diabetes is damaged and has many failures, too high,fast beat and not closing parts(don't know the names. Bad absorbtion of vitamins,etc..




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