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Guess I may as well get us started. How about we all tell a little about ourselves and where we're from?

I'm Kris. I've been a T1 since late 1988 (I was just over one year old). I guess that kinda helped me, since I didn't have to adjust or "get used to it." I take shots of Lantus and Novolog, and I'm in pretty good control. My A1C can use a little work though.

I've lived in Miami, FL all of my life, and both of my parents are from Cuba. I currently go to Florida International University, with no major just yet. Besides that, I play guitar, read, the usual.

Anyone else?

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I was diagnosed in June of 1985 at the age of 4. I am currenly on a pump (just celebrated my first year in May!) and love it! I live in Tennessee and currently work in social work, although I am a certified teacher. I have a crazy beta fish at work and my mom has 2 dogs that I like to claim as my own, even though I have now pets at my house. I love music, theater, reading and anything outside!
Hi De Ho Everybody! :0) I'm Melissa and I live in Lithia Springs, GA. I'm originally from California [lived there almost 34 years], but spent all my summers here in the Atlanta area visiting with my Grammie, from the day I turned 5, til the summer I turned 17 ['69-'81]. I moved back here to GA in June '98.I say that makes me a "transplanted" Georgia Peach! ;D

I'm a T2 who started out on oral meds, and has moved onto Insulin. I LOVE insulin!!! LOL :0) My life is SO less stress free [Diabetes wise] since Insulin entered my life!! :D

Looking forward to getting to know y'all!! I already see someone who's not 10 or so miles from me!! [*waves* at Melanie - how you likin these storms tonight??? GAH!] How awesome is that???
Hi Everyone, My name is Sande and I live near Dublin, Ga. I am half way between Savannah and Macon. I am a T-1 from age of 9 yrs old. I am very involved in the Singles Ministry at my church. I live out of town in the peace and quiet of the country among the trees and cows. I love to ride my bike and walk...the excercises that keeps us diabetics up and going. I have been on my minimed pump for nearly a year now and I'm still trying to adjust all the settings myself. I am totally Technology Impaired so it takes me awhile to understand all of this stuff. Happy New Year to all and a good 2009 is wished to all~~~Sande

I'm Paige. My husband, daughter, and I live in Chattanooga, TN. Olivia was diagnosed with T1 in February, just a couple of months before her second birthday.
I'm Heidi, diagnosed December 1998. I'm also part of that Virginia crowd and I third the motion to include it in the SE stats. Although, I'm engaged and will soon be moving to Maryland.My fiance has two cats-one of which(I hope) will have that weird sixth sense about detecting hypoglycemia. Because I'm not too good at it.

I've been on the pump(MM508,Deltec Cozmo) since April 2001, its been good(much better then shots), but what can I say, I've never been (and will never be) the a1c poster child. I continue to work at it.
HI, I just joined and wanted to say hello! I am Bethy mom to 4 year old twins. my little girl was diagnosed JUne 2006 at age 3. We are on injections (humalog/lantus). OUr family lives in Atlanta (east side, inside the perimeter). I look forward to talking to you all.
Hi I am James. I was diagnosed in May of about one year ago. I am a Type 2...I take oral medications and once in a while I inject a Novolog 70/30 mixture if I am getting out of control. Like most my A1C could be better and I can get it in that good range it just takes discipline on my part of what I am eating. I started an exercise program and I can't say how much impact the exercise has on my BG's a major impact for me. Um, I am a 3d artist and graphic designer currently in school and graduating next month. I was a US Marine (combat illustrator) from 98-03 and met my wife in the Marine Corps too, she was a Combat Correspondent. We have an 18 month old healthy son Logan....he's wonderful and very boisterous. I tried to reenter the Marine Corps after my diagnosis of diabetes, but was turned away. However I did find out that they can waive diabetics back into service and I even read a motivating story of a T1 Staff Sergeant serving in Baghdad with a pump on it can b done.
Hi, I'm Glenda. I live in Mississippi. My grandmother was type 1, I guess. She took 2 shots a day, if I remember correctly. She had 6 daughters and 3 son. Out of those, at least 4 of the daughters and 2 of the sons have developed type 2. My mother being one of them, was diagnosed in January of this year. She started out with her blood sugar levels over 400. I believe it was like 435, or something like that, but she is doing so good. She keeps a tight check on it and watches what she eats, and walks anywhere from 30 minutes - 90 minutes a day in 30 minute increments...Usually an hour a day. She's lost about 25 lbs and keeps her numbers anywhere from appr. 80-120 . Somewhere in there..She takes Actos.

I don't have diabetes, my blood sugar has always checked out wonderful, but I do have symptoms: I have neuropathy in both feet, I have excessive thirst at night. If I get up to go to the bathroom during the night, I am so dry, I have to have water..and when I wake up in the morning, I am so very thirsty. My wounds in recent years take longer than they used to , to heal and others.. I have been told that I am probably pre-diabetic.

I am trying to learn all that I can and make the appropriate changes.
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I am Sara and I live in Palm Beach County, FL. I work as an adminstrator at a college. I was blessed to be hired in a VERY diabetes-friendly environment. My boss is the mother of a teenage Type 1 pumping son. We have a department of about 30 people, and of that there are three others who are diabetic (Type 2) and another who has a diabetic daughter (CF complications).
I was diagnosed as Type 2 following a kidney infection in 2002, and correctly diagnosed as Type 1 in 2003 after a 4 day hospital stay with DKA and a blood sugar of 713 on admission.
I pump with a MiniMed 512 which is a few months away from being out of warranty and I will do anything to get an new (in warranty) pump.
My last A1C was 5.7 and I am due to get a new one drawn in about 2 weeks.
I'm Jayme, I live in Columbia, SC. I was diagnosed with type 1 in Sept. of '97 when I was 14. I had a tough time actually bothering with taking care of myself until recently, I mean I took the injections and all but I just wouldn't bother testing or going to the doctor. My first doctor appointment I had my a1c done and feared the worst but it came out to be 6.3% That was about a year and a half -two years ago and guess a1c is 6.3% as of this month. So, I guess even without the testing and dr. visits I did okay on my own. I am now on a pump...the minimed 722. I love it. I just wish I could get my BG's in better shape. I recently went on Symlin and am doing fine with that. I'm married to my high school sweetheart and we hope to have children in the near future. I'm a Secretary at a library so my job is not very stressful. I guess that's all about me.
HI~ Im Kaci and Im from South Arkansas. My son was Dxed just 4 weeks ago with Type 1. He is on shots of Lantus/NoVolog. We are still honeymooning. only 3 units of Lantus and 1 unit of NoVolog fo revery 40 carbs. We are a 2 hour drive from his Endo. I have learned so much from this site! thank you so much!
Hi I am Tara and I am Type 2.

I just found out in May and am in good control so far. My A1c is 6.4 now and I am on Met.
I live just outside of New Orleans and am married and have two kids.




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