Hi There ;

I am Type 1 Diabetic since 27 years / female.

I am going to the gym since 9 months in hope to loose weight ( BMI 29 ! ). Since I am going to the gym my HBA1C increased to a shocking 8.5 ! I am desperate as I really dont know how to coop my BG with my exercise.

I am testing before workout and sometimes I am on 200 ; if I start workout it drops within only 20-30 min to 90 ; if I inject more to avoid the 200 ; I end up streight in Hypo or need to eat.

Does anyone know how to manage this ?

Currently I am injecting
Basal ( Levemir ) 10 units morning / 10 units evening
Humalog 1 Unit per 10 Carbs / or to correct 30

I wake up with +/- 120 since I am injecting Levemir ( with Lantus I always had high BG in the mornings 220-280 )
I am injecting Humalog for my food / correction but sometimes face high BG after food.

During gym ; I hardly can start a workout under 200 / or without eating when I am on 150 ... as I end up in hypo.

My food is mainly based on Vegetables / Salad / Protein like chicken breast etc ... not more than 110- 150 carbs per day with less than 1100 Kcals.

My current BMI is 29 ( 80 kg / 165 cm ) and 34 % Fat ! I am going 6 days per week to the gym for min. 2 hours ( 45 min cardio / rest light weights )

I dont know what might be the reason for not loosing weight. It is so frustrating!

Pls advise


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Hi Hayaa,

You gave great details. These are important to figure out what is going on. There are multiple questions, and I'll address just two.

What is your thyroid test (Thyroid stimulating hormone) result? If it is too low, losing weight is almost impossible.
Are you getting enough sleep (7+ hours)? As strange as this may sound, sleep helps reset fat releasing hormones.

The carbs you're eating: do you know if they spike your blood sugar? All the whites: rice, most breads, some pastas, potatos. Carbs are the first source of energy burned in cells. Then fat. These high blood sugar spiking carbs may lead to insulin resistance. If that is the case, then you will start to store excess blood glucose as fat.

I'm curious about the 35 carb idea. That is equivalent to 3 pieces of bread / day. Yikes. If you're exercising, no way.

Food: look at Harvard Public Health at http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/

Good luck. Take one step at a time. Diabetes management takes time.
Hi Eric ;

thanks for the advices .

I am checking my thyroid regular when I go for blood tests. Everything seems to be normal.

Regarding Carbs; I always noticed that whenever / whatever I eat related to carbs ( no matter if brown bread / brown rice or with high fiber content ) I always have high blood sugar spikes.

I started to read Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution ; and I must admit that it all makes a sense.
I tried to cut down my carbs to +/- 30 per day since the last 2 weeks ; and guess what happend...?
I start loosing weight & my bloodsugar varies between 90- 150 ... I am still trying to normalize it better.
Additionally to that ; I am going to the gym 5-6 days per week ; for 1 hour cardio + 1 hour weights. I am feeling ok ; actually I don't feel hungry at all. I must admit that I am still eating a bit too less during the daytime .. as I am very busy and sometimes forget to eat.. but I try to have atleast some nuts during the day and for dinner I have nice & colorful steamed vegetables or salad with filet / chicken breast / fish / etc...I still need to study the recepies in Dr. Bernstein's Book / or Atkins Diet ... to find some easy stuff to eat during the day... I always loved vegetables & salad ; so I dont feel that I really miss the bread / rice...

I can just advice you to give it a try :-)
Hi Eric ;

could you be so kind to copy paste this harvard article ; as unfortunately the side seems to be blocked from here...
Good morning Hayaa. I just read your Discussion Intro. I am 67 yrs old and have had similar problems.I would like to share with you some infor. and questions.I have been told by my personal trainer that the BMI is a poor indicator of body fat as it does not take into account muscle mass.It merely measures the ratio of weight to height. I am 5'5'' short. lol and weigh 205.This results in a disproportionally high BWI. You really need to have someone- maybe at your gym- measure you with calipiers(spelling?)If you are expending as much effort in the gym with cadio/light weights you have to have some increased your muscle tone and pssibly increased your muscle mass. I also learned that muscle weighs more than fat so be more concerned wiht loosins some inches than looking at the scale. I have gained 7 lbs but have gone from a size 44 to 40 pants and from a X-large to a large shirt. Please don't be discouraged. Stay with your training.Suggestion. Have you instructor add some core exercises to your routine. Hope this helps. Let me know.Pete
Dear Pete ;

yes I have been gyming since a while now ; and must say that increasing muscle mass will increase your metabolic rate which make you loose more fat ; and as consequence will make you drop some size eventhough that you dont notice a difference in kgs since muscles are more heavy than fat.

I am planning to switch to an insulin pump to fine tune my bloodsugar rates...
I am strugeling to have low blood sugars with the conventional intensified insuline therapy as I need to be 100% committed in testing every 2 hours; which sometimes just doestnt fit into my busy lifestyle.

The pumping will take alot of this by pumping automaticly & punctually the basis insulin rates into my body.

I am excited to test the pump and hope to adapt to being plugged to a cable...
Hope I wont freak out ..

Best Regards,
Hayaa,you are very welcome.Like you I have been gyming 6 days a week. Try not to overwork the same muscle groups. Alter you routine so muscles hve time to heal. When you exercise and do weights you tear muscle and it requires time to heal. If you have any questions let me know. Pete, a fellow gymer




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