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Fred Goldberg replied to Diabetes to Go's discussion 'Rate the Enlite Sensor- Pros and Cons' in the group Minimed Paradigm Insulin Pump Users
"I have had Medtronic CGMS sensors since they were first sold to the public, almost 8 years ago. I definitely recommend them to diabetics that want better control. They tell you the direction of your blood sugar all the time (going up, down or…"
Fred Goldberg replied to Stacy's discussion 'Stopped using MM CGM - left over supplies' in the group Minimed Paradigm Insulin Pump Users
"Thanks for the info about hearing loss, yes I had never heard of that either, but google returned lots of info. I switched from the MM original CGM soft sensor with large transmitter to the soft sensor & minilink transmitter to the Enlite…"
Mar 23
Fred Goldberg replied to Cocheze's discussion 'Itimacy with the Pump' in the group Minimed Paradigm Insulin Pump Users
"When I was younger and dating, I was quite conscious about having to take a blood test and insulin shot before eating. I would excuse myself and go into the bathroom. I had a therapist who asked specialized in diabetics, and he asked me why I would…"
Jan 19
Fred Goldberg replied to Brieanna's discussion 'express scripts is delisting contour glucose strips?' in the group Minimed Paradigm Insulin Pump Users
"I just got a letter from Horizon BC/BS of NJ (which is not a good insurance company) about this that made me laugh. They are going to limit the number of Blood Glucose tests their patients can do each day to 4 with Bayer Contour Next strips to make…"
Jan 19
Fred Goldberg replied to Brieanna's discussion 'express scripts is delisting contour glucose strips?' in the group Minimed Paradigm Insulin Pump Users
"Brunetta, on the Medtronic MiniMed Pumps you can manually enter BG readings. You have to enable the "Capture Event" mode. Then when you select "Capture Event" with "ACT" button, the first option is "Enter BG".…"
Jan 19
Fred Goldberg commented on Seth L's blog post 'days ruined by waking up high or low'
"I totally understand the low BS part of not being able to approach someone, they'll think your drunk! But high blood sugar, if you keep your eyes open no-one will be able to tell you're abnormal blood sugar reading unless they do a blood…"
Jan 5
Fred Goldberg replied to Alycat's discussion 'Worth it to switch?' in the group Minimed Paradigm Insulin Pump Users
"Allycat, ask Medtronic to let you try the new Enlite Sensor, it has an inserter that puts it straight into you. Shorter needle, so should hurt less. I've been using the Medtronic Soft Sensors since they first came out, always with their…"
Jan 5
Fred Goldberg commented on Seth L's blog post 'days ruined by waking up high or low'
"Not sure what you mean with "If I wake up with a high BS, that day is shot...". I assume you're Type 1 like me, otherwise you shouldn't wake up low. If I wake up with a high BS, I take a correction dose of insulin. I'm on a…"
Jan 5

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My Diabetes Story

First, I've been on a pump and combined CGM for 3 years and 3 months now. I use the CGM all the time, except when I have to replace the sensor and recharge the battery. I've been a type 1 since age 13, so that's a long time. Now if you have time here's the rest.

As a child I screamed whenever I got a yearly flew shot. At age 13 I decided I wanted to lose weight to be more attractive to girls. I found out dieting was easy to just eat slightly less, and I started losing a lot of weight. Well that losing weight was accompanied with excessive thirst and urination, and when I finally went to the doctor’s office he ran a urine test and said I was a diabetic and needed to go to the hospital. He also said I would need to take insulin shots by myself before they would let me out of the hospital. I asked what would happen if I didn’t take the insulin shots and the doctor replied, “Well I’d probably live for a couple of weeks.” I definitely wanted to live longer than that, so I started taking daily insulin shots.

It was many years of my diabetic specialist endocrinologists saying I needed better control before I took a shot before lunch. I had already started taking a shot with dinner, and mixing two different insulins in my morning shot. Eventually before starting on an Insulin Pump I was also on another set of injections to slow the absorption of food into my system before each of the 3 mail meals in the day, along with a separate shot using an insulin pen of quick acting insulin, plus 2 doses of long acting insulin (morning and night) for a total of 8 shots per day. Not to mention blood testing, I was feeling like I was full of pin pricks.

I have been taken by ambulance to a hospital 3 times for losing consciousness due to low blood sugar. (Before I was on a pump and CGMS.) Not a fun or cheap experience. I was on the first trials for home blood glucose testing many years ago, and have used home blood glucose testing since then. I did not want to start an insulin pump until there was some kind of closed loop testing of blood sugar, because with pumps you need to test blood sugar more often than with shots. I had gone from the original 1 shot per day to 8 shots per day, just before going on an insulin pump. My doctor suggested going on the pump and Continuous Glucose Monitor System (CGMS) as soon as it came out to the public in June 2006. I did, but was told only the pump would be covered by my insurance. Fine, I spent $1,500 of my own money for the CGMS, but the really expensive part over time is replacing the disposable sensors at $35 each. My sensors are supposed to last for 3 days, but I found out they can be used for 6-7 days. So that’s a minimum of $5/day instead of $11.66/day as the manufacturer sells them. I have had to spend many hours fighting, and writing many letters with different insurance companies trying to get them to pay for my CGMS sensors. This is even after I was told as a new employee that, “Yes we pay for CGMS sensors” because they didn’t say that only sometimes do they pay. A doctor’s letter and payment receipts are not enough. I also had to send copies of research proving CGMS provides better care for Type 1 diabetics than only using blood glucose testing. Even after getting approval, I had to fight for full payment of my sensor claims. Each time I switch insurance carriers due to a new job, I have to start that fight again. I’m about to start that process again, and hoping it’s easier now that there is so much research showing the benefits of CGMS.

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At 9:10am on October 20, 2013, Carol said…

Thanks for contacting me re using Patterns, the same as I do, on the MM site. As I talked about in my answer to Don's posting, I was frustrated with my health care people not liking the use of Patterns it seemed, because they could not see them in their readout. I will make note to ask if they use the "Professional". They did ask why I did not use the Contour Meter, which comes free with the new pump. The results from it are downloaded on the same graph. So maybe that's part of their/my problem. I use the One Touch and especially like the new Verio Meter. I did try the Contour but didn't like it as well for a couple of reasons. One being size. So if you use a Contour Meter they love you! Where I go is part of a large hospital, and is a Diabetes Education Centre, so I wonder if all the nurses/dieticians are trained to do things a certain way, and so many of them, that their flexibility is therefore loss....I might be a number, rather then a individual, kind of idea. If I get the same nurse next time I might tell her all diabetics are not the same, ha, ha. Anyway, thanks for "friending" me. I was glad to hear you seem to be handling diabetes the same as I do. Different Patterns for what is happening on a given day, really works well for me, rather than bothering with T.B.'s a lot. I do use them too, but on more of a ...sudden situation has arisen, kind of way. I'm in the city where Best & Banting worked on insulin at the University of Western Ontario. Banting had an office here which they made into a museum. The Queen Mother lit a torch which is suppose to stay lit until a discovery is found...and it has been flickering constantly for quite a few years now!

At 6:52pm on March 13, 2012, shoshana27 said…

i've had diabetes 75 you feel better now?
i just joined this group.all the groups are great.i learn something from each.

At 3:23pm on February 8, 2008, Allie Beatty said…
Hey Fred -- thanks for your kind words. Every time I meet somebody who spends **any** time listening to me rant ;) it makes every word worthwhile! Thank you so much for the support!
At 11:30am on January 11, 2008, Manny Hernandez said…
Welcome to the TuDiabetes family, Fred.

When you can, please consider adding a photo to your profile page.
At 6:30pm on January 10, 2008, Allie Beatty said…
Hey Fred, Welcoe to TuDiabetes!! It looks like with the pump and CGM you've got the whole "kit and caboodle" in diabetes management ;) How long have you been diabetic?



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