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  • Paducah, KY
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NatalieHodge's Discussions

Daughter 13 and refusing shots

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jacob's mom Jul 4, 2014. 11 Replies

Hi Would like to hear thoughts and advice, we are unable to afford pods anymore and we are going to have to go back to shots, unfortunately, our teen is not accepting this and refusing shots…Continue

Big Blue Test and lower blood sugars?

Started Dec 29, 2013 0 Replies

OK that link didn't work, I'll just copy and past the thing in here...It has been an interesting week of Christmas festivities, diabetes fiasco's and pedometer testing at our house this week. After a…Continue

Wrote a Post today about Big Blue Test and manny's cool experiment!

Started Dec 29, 2013 0 Replies

Wrote a post today including manny's Big Blue test and it's collective potential to help all of our blood sugars! What does everyone think?…Continue

Apidra Gift Cards and new fast acting insuin approvals?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Brian (bsc) Dec 17, 2013. 1 Reply

Ugg, we seem to have met a max on our apidra gift card, it will not fill over 15 vials, eeks and the price actually went up from 120 at walmart to 159$ eeks! Tried to activate a new card, but they…Continue


NatalieHodge's Page

Latest Activity

Manny Hernandez and NatalieHodge are now friends
Jul 17, 2014
Jacob's mom replied to NatalieHodge's discussion 'Daughter 13 and refusing shots'
"I agree dave absolutely she is a teen, if you were told you couldn't have the luxury and convenience of your pump ( if you use one) you would be very upset, albeit able to be a bit more mature about the situation being a grown up and all but…"
Jul 4, 2014
Dave replied to NatalieHodge's discussion 'Daughter 13 and refusing shots'
"Lighten up a bit, Stuart. she's a 13 year old adolescent. This is not some psychopathic situation -- pretty typical for a teenage kid. Do you have children? To be clear, everything you and everyone else has pointed out about the seriousness of…"
Jul 4, 2014
rick (aka: #blankieboy) replied to NatalieHodge's discussion 'Daughter 13 and refusing shots'
"First of all I am so sorry that you are dealing with this, it is such a tough place. I guess I have two bits of advice. First and foremost, therapy is a very appropriate course of action. Consult with a nearby medical center and ask if they have a…"
Jul 4, 2014
Jacob's mom replied to NatalieHodge's discussion 'Daughter 13 and refusing shots'
"hi again Natalie, you are sooo on my mind, I forgot to mention that when Jacob first considered the pod, my husbands company had a cap on durable medical supplies which is what they consider the pod to be so it was out of our reach, I wrote a heart…"
Jul 4, 2014
Brunetta replied to NatalieHodge's discussion 'Daughter 13 and refusing shots'
"Natalie, Stuart wroteWhat is her expectation of that action? What solution(s) does she desire. Anything you CAN achieve for her? All kinds of possible, if anybody can figure out what she actually wants, beyond the immediacy of the pods. can have a…"
Jul 4, 2014
Jacob's mom replied to NatalieHodge's discussion 'Daughter 13 and refusing shots'
"omg, Natalie, I haven't been on here in ages and just saw this. how are things going. honestly I think Jacob would have a very hard time with this as well. I hope you guys are able to swing something with insurance, or something. I know kids…"
Jul 4, 2014
Stuart replied to NatalieHodge's discussion 'Daughter 13 and refusing shots'
"And with good reason, no? You or I did that, we'd need a psych eval. To address the problem, sounds like better discussions need to be had… does she understand the consequence of no insulin by shot? What is her expectation of that…"
Jun 5, 2014
Rachel Scott replied to NatalieHodge's discussion 'Daughter 13 and refusing shots'
"I agree with Brian. Letting her in on the decision or explaining to her that you went through other even more undesirable options and this was the best choice. At first it will really not be fun but I think she will understand that she is a part of…"
Jun 3, 2014
acidrock23 replied to NatalieHodge's discussion 'Daughter 13 and refusing shots'
"At some point, no shots= ER. I dunno if the ER might consider "no shots" as a psych issue as much as a D issue. They might stabilize her with IV insulin but they might also want to look into what to do about what they might perceive as a…"
Jun 3, 2014
Brian (bsc) replied to NatalieHodge's discussion 'Daughter 13 and refusing shots'
"13 years old is a difficult age. Your daughter is starting to emerge as wanting to make her own decisions. Did you make this choice about what you can and cannot afford? Did you involve her? If you asked her whether she would rather you sold the car…"
Jun 3, 2014
NatalieHodge posted a discussion

Daughter 13 and refusing shots

Hi Would like to hear thoughts and advice, we are unable to afford pods anymore and we are going to have to go back to shots, unfortunately, our teen is not accepting this and refusing shots altogether. Any ideas or tips to get her to understand this? We are cash pay. Thanks! NatalieSee More
Jun 2, 2014
NatalieHodge posted a status
"Does 504 plan apply to school athletic tryouts?"
May 10, 2014
Mom of a Winner replied to NatalieHodge's discussion 'type one teen noncompliance' in the group parents of kids with Type 1
"My friend just shared her battle with her teenager with the same issues you share and she shared that I may go through this when my son begins his teen years. I guess sharing and showing our kids the dangers they put themselves through when they…"
Jan 26, 2014
NatalieHodge posted discussions
Dec 29, 2013
Brian (bsc) replied to NatalieHodge's discussion 'Apidra Gift Cards and new fast acting insuin approvals?'
"I have to tell you, the Apridra deal is not the norm. If you recall, in 2011, Sanofi experienced a manufacturing problem and there was a serious worldwide shortage of Apridra. In an effort to maintain their customer base, they gave out gift cards.…"
Dec 17, 2013

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NatalieHodge's Blog

Can you overfill a pod?

Posted on December 8, 2013 at 10:37am 1 Comment

Kennedy has a skin infection from a pod and we changed her out this morning,

bizzarely while filling the pod with 200 u, some insulin came out the fill port, in a little pool. So I said to myself crap, I really need this 200 units in here cause of puberty and she uses every bit of it,

i tried to put a guesstimate more in there from how much was in the pool,

it calibrated fine, and when she inserted she felt it go in, but then we saw a big pool of insulin in and around…


Anybody have photos of a NORMAL person's data with dexcom?

Posted on August 14, 2013 at 11:21am 4 Comments

Kennedy a new website for fundraising for walk next month and I am curious if we can get a photo of this, to contrast with HER dex data for a week.

I'll bet they would look impressive against one another?

Our doctor wore dex for a while ( not diabetic) and I am trying to get some screen shots from vandy, but if anyone else has done this experiement I'd love to have a photo.

See the link to see the dex screen shot I'm talking about…


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At 3:20pm on February 11, 2013, Linda G said…

BRAVA on being a featured member Natalie!!

At 1:30pm on December 28, 2012, Chas said…

Hi Natalie. I've been IDD since 1970 - was about 12 too. I'm really pleased with the G4, had it for 6 weeks and would not send it back. In the UK we have to fund CGM's ourselves, we don't have insurance cover and our NHS won't pay for it. I'm not a Pod user, we don't get much of a choice - I'm on a Roche Combo pump for about 10 months now.

At 8:52pm on November 1, 2012, Manny Hernandez said…

We need your help...

Please share this post here on TuDiabetes and on your Facebook and tag 20 close friends on it. We need your support to reach 20,000 entries for the Big Blue Test!

Please do Big Blue Test every day until November 14 (World Diabetes Day). For each entry, the Diabetes Hands Foundation (that's the nonprofit behind TuDiabetes) receives a $5 donation from Roche Diabetes Care, to help people with diabetes in need.

You can enter your exercise numbers on the web site ( or using the iPhone app:

Thanks for your help!!

At 5:52am on June 24, 2012, Jacob's mom said…

Hi natalie! i could go on and on but i will sumarize! he is doing alright, he did not go on the field trip to six flag he was too nervous his pod would come off at the water park and 10 hours all on his own ... we were both happy with that decision he really doesnt like rides anyways and i took him out for lunch. he has done well handling himself in a few social situations bolusing on the sly. he will be chilling for the summer, no camp, not a big joiner. he is starting to train for the x country team. his morning bs have been awful i think i will call his endo this week, clearly puberty kicking in!! but other than that we are all happy they are out for the summer at least i can tweek things and i am on vaca this week just home big vaca early august. sometimes my husbands cooking does not help jacobs bs's either so this week will be better hopefully! ok that wasnt so short! how are you and kennedy? i hope well. enjoy the good weather! amy

At 9:51am on June 23, 2012, Jack's Mom said…

Hi Natalie - nice to meet you - we will see you around the site.

At 1:05pm on April 12, 2012, sweet livy loo's mom said…

Hi Natalie

Thanks for the friend request. Your sweet girl looks beautiful! How is she handling d? My little gal just turned 9. We started pumping in February. For the most part we have been battling the high BGs. Guess that is much easier than dealing with lows. I feel awful when she is low...she is so out of it. ):

At 3:55pm on January 9, 2012, Jacob's mom said…

Natalie, I am so sorry to hear about your husbands attitude toward Kennedy's diabetes, no wonder why you are hurting! anytime you want someone to vent i will be here for you this is hard enough to take, nevermind the hard ass approach from your husband. men need a litlle more estrogen as far as i can see, thank goodness for girlfriends, i think you need to be involved with every step of this for now but kennedy needs to know you are confident even when you are not and that everything will always be ok, deep breaths help alot in times of stress or stepping away for a bit, a quick walk outside, you have the tools to handles this leaving your medical training aside you are a mom and mom's can handle anything but one day and a time, hang in there! amy

At 5:45pm on January 4, 2012, Jacob's mom said…

Hello again, jacob was 95 pre bed time snack! so my husband ended the day good managing jacob while i messed up with the morning ( the gym thing) aaahhh a day in the life, wishing you and kennedy well! amy

At 5:03pm on January 4, 2012, Jacob's mom said…

Hi Natalie, jacob is wearing his pod on his belly in one of my pics on my "homepage" it is his favorite spot but he has been doing arms again pretty successfully. our next two pod changes have gone better i tend to temp basal increase with a small bolus, my husband is averse to temp basal changes for some reason but he gave him a good bolus at pod change today bs around 200 he gave him 3 units then he went out to play 104 for super i'm hoping for the best at bedtime test! yes the frustrating thing is there isnt always an exact science to this. intention and experience seems to help me more than trying to peg it down to exact science. i'm not sure if the old pod site emits to much insulin but yet another variable. now we are dealing with adjusting for gym i think i overshooted with doing basal reduction 30% one hour pre and during PE and also a juice box 15 carbs he hasPE inbetween his morning and he was over 300 pre lunch!! he hates to do extra testing at school the nurse is willing to do what ever i recommend so now we will try a 15% basal reduction and no juice, he is relatively fit so i dont think PE is really going to knock him down to much, one day at a time, hang in there! amy

At 11:59am on December 29, 2011, Linda G said…

You are a featured member!!!! BRAVO!!




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