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All in the family

Started this discussion. Last reply by Randy Sep 28, 2012. 3 Replies

So... In the last few weeks I have learned that my youngest daughter is hypoglycemic. I've been trying to explain to her what she is up against and to take it very seriously. Then a week ago my…Continue

Okay, so where is it?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Emily Coles Apr 27, 2012. 5 Replies

I'm sure it's right min front of me, but I have looked all over and can't find it. There is a friend request showing in the upper right area of my page. When I click it I go to my friends list, but I…Continue

Fat can be healthy

Started this discussion. Last reply by Zoe Apr 6, 2012. 1 Reply

Interesting article. Funny how sometimes the demon turns out to not be so bad after all.…Continue

Statins anyone?

Started this discussion. Last reply by palomino Apr 4, 2012. 7 Replies

Looking for a little schooling here. My doctor wants me to get my LDL down to 70 from 100. It has been at 100 at every lab. I really don't have a good understanding of the numbers or the med. I have…Continue


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Latest Activity

Randy replied to Emily Coles's discussion 'TuDiabetes site move update: features that will change'
"Personally changes like this are very challenging for me. However, this sounds like it is WELL worth the learning curve and I, for one, am very excited to see this roll out. GO TU (and GO SEAHAWKS!!!)"
Randy replied to Karen's discussion 'Gluten Free'
"I have not gone to the extent of an actual diagnosis, mainly due to cost, but I have found that eliminating all wheat/gluten has resolved a major issue for me. Every, EVERY time I have even a small amount of gluten I suffer stomach upset and…"
Dec 30, 2014
Randy commented on Sandy's blog post 'Proof Low Carb Works (for me)'
"Thanks Sandy. That is the website. www.alldayidreamaboutfood.com"
Dec 19, 2014
Randy commented on Sandy's blog post 'Proof Low Carb Works (for me)'
"Congrats Sandy! Works for me too, and I thought my 5.2 was good! I have always been dismayed by the info that the ADA and FDA put forth. It is so very damaging and makes it pretty much impossible to gain any real control. Let alone achieving an A1c…"
Dec 18, 2014
Randy liked Sandy's blog post Proof Low Carb Works (for me)
Dec 18, 2014
Randy replied to Atul's discussion 'Suffering from LADA on 45-15-20 units of insulin at 36 year'
"Atul, the amount of insulin you "need" is decided by your BG and diet for the most part. How you react to food and insulin is something that ONLY YOU can determine. For me, I have found that eating and being as active as I can (which is…"
Dec 18, 2014
Randy replied to Emily Coles's discussion 'Big changes are coming for TuDiabetes!!'
"Yay! Yipee and Yahoo! Upgrades like this are usually a cross between bull riding and calf roping. BUT, I have every confidence that it will make a great rodeo in the end. Tu is awsome and getting even better. Can't wait for the show."
Dec 1, 2014
Randy replied to Karen's discussion 'Neuropathy'
"Thanks Dave. After spending the last several months at something like 20:1200 due mostly to cataracts I finally had them removed this summer (end of Aug) and I'm back to something over 20:200. Still legally blind but much better funtionally. My…"
Nov 11, 2014
Randy replied to Karen's discussion 'Neuropathy'
"I agree on the rough ride. Navy seal is a good description. Mine was a "hair on fire" experience. From Oct to Feb I went from A1c @ 12.3 to 5.6. I had no idea what I was doing, but normalizing BG was the ONLY hope I was given to stop the…"
Nov 11, 2014
Randy replied to guitarnut's discussion 'Increased Carbohydrate Sensitivity with Low-Carb Diet'
"You might give hemp milk a try. I can't handle soy or almond either. My daughter got me some hemp milk and it works great. In fact, It tastes better than anything else I have ever tried, including cow."
Nov 11, 2014
Randy replied to Karen's discussion 'Neuropathy'
"You are pretty much right on Dave. I believe the report you reference is from Johns Hopkins and it actually states that it takes two years for the midochondria to migrate to your fingers and toes. Body hieght and age play aa big part in the timing.…"
Nov 11, 2014
Randy replied to Joe Dennis's discussion 'have to hang up my shoes !' in the group LADA Diabetics
"So sorry Joe. Truly I am sorry for your loss. No trite advice here, but I do know, from my own losses that you will need to reach deep inside to find your own answers. Just like the rest of this stuff, it's all up to you."
Oct 14, 2014
Randy replied to Tamra's discussion 'Multiple Types of Neuropathy' in the group Neuropathy
"There is something you need to understand about this healing process. This has been my experience and other have noted the same issues. If your BG has been mostly high for a period of time you WILL have more pain and feel like your symptoms are…"
Oct 5, 2014
Randy replied to Jerry's discussion 'I guess I am not a "Diabetic"'
"Yes, but ayt this time have 2 issues in this regard. First, after two cataract surgeries in the last three months, I am just beginning to come to grips with how and what I am able to see. No sense buying technology until II can determine what I…"
Oct 5, 2014
Randy replied to Tamra's discussion 'Multiple Types of Neuropathy' in the group Neuropathy
"I am onn MDI and I control highs and lows with diet and exercise (mostly just walking). My average insulin use is 30 units basal (Lantus) and 2 to 6 units fast acting (Humalog) per day. I have gone 1 to 2 weeks several different times and used no…"
Oct 4, 2014
Randy replied to Jerry's discussion 'I guess I am not a "Diabetic"'
"Jerry, Jerry, I belieeve we are on a forum discussing diebetes and diabetic questions. Four years ago right here I swa PWD for the first time in my life. As I recall, it took about 3 seconds to figure out the meaning. For a guy who doesn't like…"
Oct 4, 2014

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Good Kind Bad Kind: a different perspective

Posted on March 6, 2012 at 8:52am 5 Comments

As I was going to sleep last night a random memory passed through my mind. I do this often. Kind of like counting sheep. This memory was of a friend who I have not seen in years. Jim was an Olympic hopeful from my home town. An exceptional skier a few years older than me. He went to Vietnam and returned minus his legs, from just above the knees. He eventually put things back together and became a successful athlete again. He won the Boston Marathon in a wheelchair of his own design. This…


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At 9:58am on March 12, 2014, cdredbaron10 said…

Dear Randy, How is it going with you.

I am not doing to well as my neurooathy has progressed for no reason with new symptoms on my lower back, hips and on the sides of my stomach. Its like the stabilized r-alpha lipic acid is helping in some areas but none in other areas. I have 14 qeustions for you and I am doing my best to follow what you are doing since you have been able to reverse your neuropathy. i have started walking about 1 mile twice a day to help out with the circulation but i am more worried about the weight loss as well. the more i eat then the more pain i endure.

1-did you have any stiffness in your ankles and your wrist?

2-do you still have any burning sensations around your body?

3-did you loose any weight while taking the r-ala?

4-did your arms and legs get stiff and weak?

5-do you still have small fiber neuropathy?

6-how long did you have neuropathy before going to the doctor?

7-how long did you have diabetes before going to the doctor?

8-do you have kidney disease, (i have stage 1)?

9-has your walking returned to normal?

10-did you neuropathy on your thoat or your chest?

11-as you got your diabetes under control, did the burning sensations from neuropathy spread more throughout your body?

12-what brand r-ala are you using?

13-did you smoke cigarettes?

14-what kinds of starches did you eat for the first 12 months after you gained control, all starches just kill me, (sweet potatoes do me the best)?

a little about me. i have had an a1c of about 5.0 for the last 2 years but for the first 1.5 years of those 2 years i did not no that 140 or more is when nerve damage starts and i went over that number plenty of times with a 5.0 a1c by taking out white potatoes, cereal and bread out of my diet but for slightly over the past 6 months the highest i have been is 121. i went to my doctor the other day for my latest a1c with a 5.2 a1c. i quit drinking 3.5 years ago after drinking a 12 pack of beer every day for about 20 years and i quit smoking ultra light cigarettes about 13 months ago as i smoked about 30 cigs per day for 27 years. i mainly need to know which starches agreed with you the best since they highly aggravate my neuropathy and i need to mix starches with protein so that i can put some weight on as i am under weight. if posible can you be more specific about what foods has helped you with your neuropathy possibly what foods can help me gain weight but will not agravate the neuropathy. i know albcore white tuna and omega 3 eggs have helped me. i know you said you saw inmprovements at your 12 month of lowering your a1c and taking r-ala. all your help is greatly appreciated, thank you.
Channing Drew

At 7:27am on March 2, 2014, cdredbaron10 said…

I forget to tell you about also having spiders like syptoms of crawling on my face and i wake up every morning 2-3 am with a very dry mouth

At 7:09am on March 2, 2014, cdredbaron10 said…

Hey Randy, I will be more than happy to share my experience with you and to here more of yours as well. I have read about 17 pages of your comments in yiur profile so i have a very good idea what you have gone through and when I read you could not tie your shoes, well i was pretty close to that here lately until I switched from the cheap version of alpha lipoic acid to the r-ala and now I am on the stabilized alpha lipoic acid by drs. best and there is a very big difference between this and the r-ala. About me, I am 43 male, was 122.5# a few weeks ago and 5-10 tall. I am underweight because of the pain that I have endured from eating just non starchy veggies and fruit. It did not take much and I was in pain but If I did not eat then I was in very little pain. Even a lyrica and neurotin combo was not good enough. A few weeks ago while taking the r-ala 1800mg per day, I had too try something else and found the stabilized alpha lipioc acid by drs. best. It has helped a lot with the circulation and the burning pain to where I can eat starchy sweet potatoes with protein and I weighed 126.5# this morning. I am taking 800mg per day and still feel the stiffness in my ankles, legs and wrist as well as the throat and neck . I only feel bad in the early morning hours and the burning comes on late in the afternoon. I have improved some but still painfull. I have not gone back to try coffee yet, the caffeine about killed me so I have not drank coffee in about 2 years. Even kidney beans or any kind of beans caused pain, i assume it was the starch in the beans as well as homeade microwave popcorn with olive oil about killed me. natures own whole grain wheat bread as well, For some reason the starch from bread and fiber one wheat cereal conctricted the blood vessels in my nose and would cause my nose to run in the morning after rising. So Since the first of september I have been on a veggie and fruit diet and not many symptoms improved but only got worse. Here is a list of all my symptoms from head to toe.

Feet, burning, tingling, numbess, deformd toes with deformd toe nails, toe nails grow slow, electric stabbing pain, cramps, lots of stiffness, loss of hair

ankles, loss of hair, burning, numbness, lots of stiffness

Upper legs and thighs, burning, weakness, cramps, stiffness

hands and fingers, burning, weakness, cramps, tingling and etc, my handwriting is horrible

upper and lower arms, burning, loss of hair, stifness and cramps, change of skin with a lot of wrinkles.

chest, neck and throat, burning and stiffness

Face and head, tingling, pins and needles in the eyes and around them, trouble talking with slurred speech, sometimes trouble chewing,drooling and slobbering. running nose from starches. hearing fades in and out, etc.

since taking the stabilzed alpha lipoic acid, my fingernails have grown normal like they used too and my skin is a little bit smoother on my hands. some things have improved but i do believe that if I was not trying to gain weight then i would be a whole lot better. I do not know if i have autonomic neuropathy, i do not have diareha nor am i constipated nor do i have gastroparesis since i can take the flushing niacin and my body will be flushing all over in 15 minutes. I do not have retinopathy as of september of 2013 with an eye exam thanks to me taking benfotiamine and good blood sugars.

2008 I had a 9.4 a1c. i then went to a 6.2 a1c for a few years. 2 years ago i went to a 5.0 a1c only to find out 6 months ago that 140 is when nerve damage starts, thats when i cut out the grains and rarely go over 105-110. even with a 5.0 a1c i was going over and up to 160. so since september has been 6 months for very well controlled and tight blood sugar. I only drink water by the way and I am sure that has helped for the past 2 years. Do you think I have a chance of reversing my symptoms and how much longer, please let me know, thanks Randy

Channing Drew

At 6:38pm on September 28, 2013, Ali said…

Yeah - I'm just going to come out with - I Love You, Randy.
Now - can you do this for me every day?
I'll be checking...
(OMGOSH - did that come off as stalk-ish?)

At 2:03am on May 11, 2012, LaGuitariste said…

Hi, thanks Randy. Things have been more than a little rough lately, but I'm hanging in there.

At 2:12pm on April 16, 2012, Maleri said…

Thanks Randy. =) I truly appreciate it. I am so thankful for all the support and concern. Hope you are doing well. =)

At 5:40pm on March 19, 2012, JaninaWalker said…

Is a well put together 46 minutes.... to save to give the link to others as well...it's amusing too. But still, the part we all do is our own experiments on ourselves and if we get repeatable results and draw conclusions, even if we may not know what the real cause is, we might as well continue doing what works.

At 11:29am on February 27, 2012, FHS said…

Thank you Randy. It's contribution from people like yourself that make this community what it is.

Love the Seattle area and it's been a long time since I've visited.

Take care.

At 6:37am on February 14, 2012, Jacob's mom said…

Hi Randy, thanks for sharing, everyone's story is different just hadn't heard one like yours! This site has been really benificial in helping me cope with Jacob's diabetes, I find the non D community just does not understand what is involved emotionally and physically for type 1's and their families, I work for a cardiology group and still do not feel heard or understood. One of the docs I work with thought the pump regulated bs's on its own, a physician!! So being heard, listening to others, offering support has helped me on my path with diabetes. My saving grace is that my son is such a good sport with all of this, he is responsible and resilient. I don't think he realizes behind the facade of me being in control how much concern I have for him. But he is my inspiration and so are all of you walking the walk day in and day out, wishing you all the best amy

At 3:32pm on February 13, 2012, Jacob's mom said…

hi randy i just read one of your other posts, and i am confused you said you were diag. with type 1 and had complications right off the bat, my understanding is that type 1 escalates to DKA and death before complications could set it? just wondering, sorry if this comes off as asking for to much information, we are all here to learn, in any case so glad you turned things around and are living a healthier lifestyle, keep up the good fight! amy




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