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  • Female
  • Fairbanks, AK
  • United States
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Skye's Discussions

Unusual causes of severely increased insulin needs?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Skye Nov 10, 2013. 15 Replies

The immediate issue: in the last two months, my BG average has climbed from 160 to 204 (standard dev consistent around 50). Clearly, I need to add more insulin, BUT I ALREADY HAVE! My average total…Continue


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Latest Activity

Skye replied to drmom777's discussion 'Anyone use long acting insulin for basal while on pump?' in the group Pumping Our Insulin
"Indeed, I have very happily combined long-lasting insulin with a pump for what I think is the best of both worlds! Its not common, and it gives a lot of people pause when you try to explain it, but I thought it worked out very nicely! I suppose…"
Mar 24
Skye replied to shelby76's discussion 'Do your doctors/nurses/caregivers listen to you?'
"My doctor has a fabulous line something like: "Huh. I haven't seen that before, but you seem to know your stuff and it sounds like thats legit for you." I don't know why more physicians can't do that, or why such a phrase…"
Mar 11
Skye replied to lemiller2's discussion 'Questions about 4 year old with pre diabetes diagnosis'
"Like JMHNCY, I also stuck with a doofus of a doctor for years because I thought doctors were doctors and they all knew the same stuff.... A pediatrician, even a good friendly one, is a specialist in general kid stuff. Diabetes of any kind, at any…"
Mar 10
Skye replied to Marga's discussion 'Waterproof case for Dexcom G4???' in the group Dexcom Users
"Sea to Summit TPU Waterproof Guide case worked like a dream! I put my receiver inside, pinned it to the inside of my rash guard, and went snorkeling/swimming/beaching for a week in Honduras and had ZERO problems! Its not easy to open, but thats a…"
Mar 9
Skye updated their profile
Feb 16
Skye replied to mohe0001's discussion 'Pump question' in the group Pumping Our Insulin
"Oh oh, I know this one! I just recently (not quite due to choice) gave up my pump and am back on injections and ITS NOT THE SAME! A 5unit bolus of humalog doesn't behave identically when delivered via pump vs syringe, although my experience is…"
Feb 15
Skye replied to mohe0001's discussion 'Pump question' in the group Pumping Our Insulin
"No one can MAKE you use all the functions of a pump, but there's a steep learning curve however you do it and I would think that especially with a CGM and a dr/pump trainer you trusted to guide you right, you'd be a lot better off just…"
Feb 15
Skye replied to mohe0001's discussion 'Pump question' in the group Pumping Our Insulin
"Back 8-10 years ago I think there were two pump companies each claiming to have the better delivery system because one company (and I don't remember which two it was, probably Medtronic and Animas, but it was a while ago) "delivered a tiny…"
Feb 14
Skye replied to mohe0001's discussion 'Pump question' in the group Pumping Our Insulin
"There is only one kind of insulin an a pump, but its delivered for different purposes. The 24/7 "drip" of fast-acting insulin is defined as the "basal", and while it technically works differently than injected basal/Lantus…"
Feb 14
Skye replied to Richard157's discussion 'Treating Hypos'
"I'm not unprepared for dealing with rational lows, but I am regularly unprepared for dealing with my ever-changing tastes when low and thus have had to stand in line to buy food while low, or eat it before purchasing, or wander around in a daze…"
Feb 12
Skye replied to krystal parker's discussion 'Basal Testing' in the group Pumping Our Insulin
"I generally do informal basal testing whenever something is repeatedly "off". There's formal basal testing, which is the "don't eat for 6 hours leading up to, and not at all during and don't get any exercise and hold…"
Feb 10
Skye replied to Elena's discussion 'Considering a pump: Omnipod or t-slim?' in the group Pumping Our Insulin
"I used the T-slim for a couple years and my overall review would be that it seems to do its job (it delivers insulin, but they all do that), it looks "cooler" than any of the other pumps, but the tediously slow loading process drove me…"
Feb 10
Skye replied to Nick's discussion 'Healthy Type 1 with high A1c...sound familiar to anyone here?'
"Hi Nick! I've got 24 years of T1 under my belt now (dx'd at age 9), and have had only ONE A1C under 7, ever. I'm still alive, complication free, and the rest of my life is going well- even the rest of my health- but I am certain…"
Dec 27, 2014
Skye replied to Tamra's discussion 'Counting Tools'
"I'm drooling over your app description!"
Dec 27, 2014
Skye replied to sweetmom's discussion 'Teleconference Endocrinologist?'
"I politely but whole-heartedly disagree with this view! I was dx'd 23 years and have yet to see an endo! I'm sure if you can find a good one that they're worth visiting, but many MANY of us live far from an official endocrinologist…"
Dec 26, 2014
Skye replied to Karen's discussion 'Anyone else suffer from this?'
"Start with 10 deep breaths and a glass of water : )"
Dec 22, 2014

Profile Information

The PRIMARY person in my life who has diabetes is
The PRIMARY person in my life who has diabetes has
Type 1 or type 1.5 (LADA) diabetes
How do you hope to benefit from TuDiabetes?
Date diagnosed
February 20, 1991
Most recent HbA1C %, date of result (optional)
Type of treatment/devices you use
Shots, CGM
What pump model do you use, if any?
Tandem t-slim
Tell us more about you (optional)
I love nectarines but not peaches, I sleep best in my sleeping bag, I am easily frustrated by things that are inefficient, and I hate lima beans.

I'm happily living in Fairbanks, Alaska, and cringe at the thought of leaving, except that anytime we go "outside" I remember how much better and cheaper the fruit is everywhere else. I work by day as a psuedo-accountant (I do accounting, basic HR, budgeting, reporting, editing... all things administrative) at the local University, and by night I'm learning how to fix/build/repair a house. My favorite chore is splitting wood, my least favorite power tool is the chain saw. Luckily, I live with an Awesome Person who is more than happy to do my share of chain-sawing, and to teach me how to do all of that fix/build/repair stuff.

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At 8:42pm on December 11, 2014, Jen said…

Hey! So glad to know that you've found a solution that's working for you. :) I am on the verge of going the same route. I'm seeing my endocrinologist tomorrow and am going to see if he has any ideas, but although the metal sets were working well at first, I'm finding I have the same problems as I was having with plastic sets (not even lasting two days, lots of unexpected highs, lots of irritation around the sites that lasts for days after removal). The pump has helped me SO much that even if I give it up I would give it another chance and only take a few months off to see if it had any positive impact on my control.

The only real connection I've found between my allergies (in general) and my site reactions is that I go through periods where my allergies overall just seem worse and I seem like I react to everything (food, environment, contact), and other periods where my allergies are much calmer. Not sure what triggers it, but maybe a combination of food and environment and accidentally missing medications sometimes. I find most of my reactions to foods pretty obvious (rashes, throat tightness/irritation, coughing, anaphylaxis), but I still break out in random rashes nad such sometimes and think I'm probably still eating something I'm allergic to. I have yet to find an allergist who is actually good, unfortunately... It seems all of the adult allergiests know about seasonal allergies and that's about it. If you're not the standard adult with a few seasonal allergies it's almost like they don't quite know what to do with you.

At 7:43pm on March 9, 2014, Jen said…

I probably discovered blogs in about 2004, I think, maybe Six Until Me or one of the other early ones. In 2005 I was going through a major diabetes burnout phase and a friend suggested I search for a diabetes forum to talk to others, so I did. It was the first contact I'd had with other Type 1s since I was a kid, and actually I never would have gone on the pump if it hadn't been for interacting with pumpers online.

I've heard that stress can cause rashes and such, so it wouldn't surprise me if they're somehow related. Actually, I'm slaving away on my thesis this weekend and freaking out because I should have had it sent to my supervisor yesterday, and my allergies have been terrible! I've been taking an extra-strength oral antihistamine and antihistamine eye drops and I am still miserable. I assumed it was spring just beginning to start, but maybe it's from stress. I think mild food allergies play a part in mine, too. I was recently diagnosed with this allergic-inflammatory throat condition which is apparently linked to food allergies, so I'm off for testing in a month. In a way I actually hope they find something, if it would help with my allergies overall. I already have one severe food allergy so am already used to reading labels, and I'm getting desperate enough (medications don't really help much anymore) that I'm willing to try almost anything.

At 8:37am on March 9, 2014, Jen said…

I've only been pumping for 7 years, so not quite as long as you. I also seriously think my pump allergy issues negatively affect my control. Can't count the number of times I've had high readings and had to remove a site because it's so itchy! It's much better now since switching to metal sets, but I still find the metal a bit itchy. Do you have problems with allergies overall? I have a ton of allergy problems (food, seasonal, environmental, asthma, eosinophilic esophagitis) and I think they are all related. I use mmol/L for my readings since I'm in Canada, but I've hung around on online forums enough that I can pretty much convert to mg/dl (and back) in my head. Here's something - I discovered the DOC in 2005. What was your year? :)

At 5:56pm on February 11, 2013, Linda G said…

We're so happy that you're finally here!
Welcome home Skye!!
This is a great place to share, to learn, and to grow...all the while meeting new people world wide, and making friends.
Take a peek at some the groups when you get a chance. Just go to the top of your page, and click on "Groups". Once in,
click on "all groups". You can either peruse the wide array of available groups....or simply type a specific interest in the
space provided.
Take in some of the blogs/discussions as well.
The resource boxes at the top of the home "Home" page, and
"About us" at the very bottom of your page and every page (the footer), offer you more information still.
Hope you find the support and information you came looking for.
Here is a useful link to get you on your way:
Hey, why don't you come join us in the TuD chat room?
You'll see us at the bottom of the home page.
We have a great time getting to know each other, sharing info and lots of laughs :)
It's on right now!
Take care....and keep in touch!

At 5:38pm on February 11, 2013, Stemwinder (Gary) said…

Welcome Skye, This is a place where we come together to support each other. To share our problems and experiences and to help each other. There are groups for people with like circumstances or interest. Blog posts where members convey their thoughts and experiences. And there are the forums where we come together for discussions.

This is a place to come for understanding from other people with diabetes.

Please feel at home, you are with friends.

At 4:46pm on February 11, 2013, SEAGATOR said…

WELCOME to our wonderful family. We are a very caring and supportive group. Questions? Please feel free to ask us. Please read the BLOGS the FORUMS and check out the many GROUPS for much valuable advice and information. WELCOME!!!

At 2:47pm on February 11, 2013, brokenpole said…

Welcome to the family! On this forum you will learn so much. Most of all you will learn that you are not alone. Everyone here is supportive and will provide answers to your questions. Search the site for answers. Read the discussions and blogs for information. There are videos to help you understand diabetes and its treatment. Most of all there is family to talk to and even to vent to, if needed. Welcome home.

At 2:06pm on February 11, 2013, Marie B said…

Hello Skye, welcome to the community! here's a page with lots of info about us, let me know if you have any questions.




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