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Basal or Bolus?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Sam 1 hour ago. 5 Replies

I've been Type 1 for 21+ years and am on MDI. My insulin to carb ratio is a very simple l:10 (Apidra); correction factor an easy 100; and my Levemir basal 3 units in the morning and 5 at bedtime. So…Continue

Tags: bolus, basal

Also Sobering...

Started this discussion. Last reply by acidrock23 Oct 12. 28 Replies

This is a companion piece to Maurie's discussion on his Low, called "Sobering...". Last night I was well and truly Sobered by Highs. When I was about to get ready for bed, I monitored and was 508!…Continue

Tags: DKA, Highs

Bees Detect Diabetes!

Started this discussion. Last reply by meee Aug 18. 3 Replies

Here is one of the oddest stories I have ever read:…Continue

Tags: Bees

Medicare Changes in Mail Order Testing Supplies

Started this discussion. Last reply by jims Jul 29, 2013. 3 Replies

If you are a senior on Medicare, be sure to check out this article:…Continue

Tags: Medicare, Testing, Supplies


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Sam replied to Trudy's discussion 'Basal or Bolus?'
"I'm a math guy... so just for the heck of it lets take a look at your example through a mathematical lens. Your correction factor is 100. Most of us consider bolus to be active for 3 hours, so lets say 100/3 = 33 points per hour over the course…"
1 hour ago
meee replied to Trudy's discussion 'Basal or Bolus?'
"Hi Trudy, I guess it depends on how you were doing before. If you were ok before I would go back to that. My basal has never kept me stable ever. I did what you did once took basal for a bolus and it seemed to make no difference that day so I guess…"
2 hours ago
acidrock23 replied to Trudy's discussion 'Basal or Bolus?'
"I think there's some overlap with bolus and basal. I snack a lot because, well, I like snacks but, if I bolus for 10G of carbs and eat 7G of carbs worth of pistachios, it will still end up pretty smooth, maybe trend down a bit and I have a beer…"
4 hours ago
Sam replied to Trudy's discussion 'Basal or Bolus?'
"IMHO you're better off taking more basal and less bolus if possible-- less volatility. Basal doses if they're anywhere near where they should be aren't likely to cause your BG levels to plummet dangerously whereas bolus doses if off…"
5 hours ago
still_young_at_heart replied to Trudy's discussion 'Basal or Bolus?'
"This is an interesting question and I'm going to start with the "stock answer". Your basal should hold your fasting blood glucose steady with no more than a 30 point rise or fall. If your basal is too high and you offset the extra…"
5 hours ago
Trudy liked Trudy's discussion Basal or Bolus?
5 hours ago
Trudy posted a discussion

Basal or Bolus?

I've been Type 1 for 21+ years and am on MDI. My insulin to carb ratio is a very simple l:10 (Apidra); correction factor an easy 100; and my Levemir basal 3 units in the morning and 5 at bedtime. So what could possibly go wrong? Today I accidentally took 5 units of Levemir in the morning instead of 3. I reduced my bolus by one third for the rest of the day and never went low with a Levemir peak, so there really wasn't a problem. I was surprised at how easy the adjustment was, although I think…See More
5 hours ago
Trudy liked Brian (bsc)'s discussion AACE Letter to Congress and Press Kit - Glucose Monitor Advocacy
Trudy liked rick the "Blogabetic"'s blog post Important advocacy for diabetes care
Trudy replied to Zoe's discussion 'Lows....Running the Train!'
"Hi Zoe, this is one scary thread! (Appropriate right around Halloween time, I guess.) I go low when I go to our local Fitness Center. I put my Kindle in my purse, and if I have to take too many carbs to get normal (40 carbs last time I went), I sit…"
Trudy commented on Ila's blog post 'Dealing with our dog Rocky who also has diabetes is stressful.'
"If you want to continue giving B12 shots, you could ask your vet for a prescription for a vial and syringes. A whole lot cheaper. I have Pernicious Anemia and need a weekly shot of B12, so I really know! Best of luck with the little guy."
Trudy commented on Ila's blog post 'Dealing with our dog Rocky who also has diabetes is stressful.'
"Hi Ila, I'm happy to get news of Rocky. Last February our Golden Retriever, Aggie (then 13 y.o.), went on Phenobarbital for seizures. One side effect was a loss of appetite. A couple of shots of vitamin B12 helped--I really recommend this. She…"
Trudy commented on rick the "Blogabetic"'s blog post 'Telling who and when?'
"Hi Rick. Thanks for writing blogs for us again! I very much hope this means that you are feeling better."
Oct 21
Trudy commented on Nyadach's blog post 'First time I've had DKA - don't want it again!'
"Hi Nyadach. I ought to get a drink with electrolytes for a low. I was stumped when it came to knowing what to do with the high (which reached 537), with respect to electrolytes, so I just drank water. I guess one could take a glass of the sport…"
Oct 18
Trudy commented on brboyer's blog post 'The 'Art' of Blood Glucose Management.'
"I just reread your blog, thanks for writing it. Your experiences were appalling, especially the part where you wound up driving after a low, without really meaning to be driving after that low. Diabetes calls for art and science both, with a little…"
Oct 18
Trudy replied to Jennifer's discussion 'High Blood Sugar After Flu Shot'
"I had my flu shot on the 15th. For two hours afterward, I had a headache and felt dizzy. The next day I had a big case of the blahs. Today (the 17th) I feel normal again. My husband (non-D) had no reaction whatsoever. AT any rate, it was worth it to…"
Oct 17
Trudy commented on Nyadach's blog post 'First time I've had DKA - don't want it again!'
"Brian, I was recently over 500 BG; managed to bring it down by myself with a new Apidra pen and drinking 1 1/2 quarts of water. It was scary. My question: granted that one needs electrolytes, how does one get electrolytes in that kind of situation?"
Oct 17
Trudy commented on Hector Mariano Bacajol's blog post 'Idk what to do'
"Two books often recommended for basic information are "Think Like a Pancreas" by Gary Scheiner and "Using Insulin" by John Walsh. As Gary said, your current routine is out of date. A new doctor could be a big help."
Oct 15
Trudy replied to Emily Coles's discussion 'Humana project: fourth question!'
"I have Type 1, but all D types have to manage their Diabetes; maybe my experiences would be helpful. 1. We all need knowledge about this disease and it's management. I've read my share of D books, but my daily go-to is TuDiabetes. When I…"
Oct 13
Trudy commented on rick the "Blogabetic"'s blog post 'Gone but for a good reason'
"Hi Rick, you weren't gone for long, so I'm hoping that you're feeling much better. I look forward to the time that you resume blogging. Cheers!"
Oct 13

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Gluten Free

Posted on August 6, 2014 at 9:00am 2 Comments

If you have Celiac Disease, you have probably already read that the new FDA rule goes into effect today:

I made this comment on another site:

"The AP article in my newspaper says, "The standard will ensure that companies can't label products 'gluten-free' if they are cross-contaminated from other products made in the same manufacturing facility".



My Favorite Things, Fifth Annual #DBlog Week

Posted on May 18, 2014 at 4:30am 0 Comments

As we wrap up another Diabetes DBlog Week, let’s share a few of our favorite things from the week. This can be anything from a #DBlogWeek post you loved, a fantastic new-to-you blog you found, a picture someone included in a post that spoke to you, or comment left on your blog that made you smile. Anything you liked is worth sharing!

DBlog Week is my favorite week of the year on the DOC. The participation of Tudiabetes on Poetry day this year was an added bonus. I'll be…


Mantras and More (DBlog)

Posted on May 15, 2014 at 4:30am 0 Comments

Bad Days, Brain Fog... (DBlog)

Yesterday we opened up about how diabetes can bring us down. Today let’s share what gets us through a hard day. Or more specifically, a hard diabetes day. Is there something positive you tell yourself? Are there mantras that you fall back on to get you through? Is there something specific you do when your mood needs a boost? Maybe we've done that and we can help others do it too? (Thanks to Meri of Our Diabetic Life for suggesting this…


My Stuff (DBlog)

Posted on May 14, 2014 at 4:00am 5 Comments

My Stuff (DBlog)

Wildcard Day: "Write a short story personifying a diabetes tool you use on a daily basis. A meter, syringe, pump, pill, etc. Give it a personality and a name and let it speak through you. What would it be happy about, upset about, mad about? "

I am a DMB (Diabetes Messenger Bag) and my name is Stuff. I have special powers: I can mind-meld with Mom's computer, and I'm on the same wavelength as HPP (Hot Pink Paperclip), who lives on Word. He winks and…


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At 2:50pm on October 1, 2014, lotsofshots said…

Hi Trudy, Our leaves are not changing yet. It is still hot, so like summer. Once in a while we get a cool day. I like the change in light though. It is very pretty now coming through the window at sunset, just a little different.
I am sorry to hear about your leg. Does it hurt? I hope by the time you read this the swelling is gone. I have had swelling before and it is worrisome. The animals are good. They are very healthy, these two. Zen is constantly checking on me and tickling me with her whiskers. She is so cute. Ammi comes up now and then and when his tail gets near the bed Zen watches it go by, they are so funny together. She goes downstairs in the morning and sits on the back of the chair and hisses if necessary. They are so funny, especially Zen.

At 2:37pm on September 30, 2014, lotsofshots said…

At 10:33am on September 7, 2014, lotsofshots said…

Hi Trudy, It is good to hear from you. I am so thrilled with my blood glucose. I have been taking my readings a lot even at night and after eating and they are really in range for the first time since I had all those hospitalizations when they were constantly in the 300 range. They took so many different blood tests and all of them came out well. I have the celiac one in a few days and I don't think that I have it because I don't have diarrhea at all.
I have been sleeping a lot from the morphine and don't eat that much, mostly Glucerna and soft food. I am holding my weight though. I am much better than I was.
I think it makes sense for you to enjoy your food and work around your conditions. I guess that you are all healed up from your fall. How is the poison ivy? I guess that in the colder months it is not a problem. I have not been walking much. I hope you have a lovely autumn season. It has cooled off hear and we are looking forward to the changing leaves.

At 2:30pm on September 5, 2014, lotsofshots said…

Hi Trudy. I hope that you had a nice Labor Day weekend. I have been sick for a while but am now taking some medication that is helping with my gall bladder and my pain. I went to the endocrinologist today and found out that a ton of blood tests that they took all were normal and that my A1C went down a whole point in one month. Once I got the gall bladder problems under control I have been offered to try the pump. I am looking forward to that. After a rocky start with the insulin mix everything is going fine with the new endocrinologist at the VA. They are taking one more blood test for Celiac disease. Can you tell me what your symptoms before you were diagnosed. I know fatigue and muscle pain was mentioned.
How are the puppies doing. I hope the health problems have calmed down since the last time we talked. Has it cooled off for you yet. Here it is hot and holding. Take care. Thanks for coming to my page. Ellen

At 4:55pm on September 2, 2014, Bambi said…

Looking forward to our friendship. Animal soul mates. Have a great evening.




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