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Seagator Update May 19

Started this discussion. Last reply by catlover May 20. 7 Replies

Just Talked to Seagator!!!

Started this discussion. Last reply by lotsofshots May 11. 5 Replies


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At 10:12pm on July 27, 2014, SEAGATOR said…

HI KATHY. As you cab see I am up as I could not sleep. I have 2 or 3 good nights than a bad one. The heat here is terrible. High 90's. Thanks for the lovely card. I apptrviate. I went to church. Used my wheelchair. Tom pushed. How are things with you? Any thing exciting. Take good care. HUGS,Reed

At 8:12pm on July 26, 2014, Mark said…
At 12:22pm on July 26, 2014, lotsofshots said…

Hi Kathy, What are you up to this weekend? Anything fun. It is beautiful out today and I just got back from the pool so I feel all cool and invigorated and ready for a . . . nap. It doesn't take much.
I am going to water all my houseplants and feed them and then I am going to do some weeding and watering of the outside plants which are doing great. I am all mixed up. I thought that it was Sunday. I am one day ahead of myself wondering what I will wear to appointments on Monday and when I am going to have time to get the laundry done and now I have an extra day. I am all mixed up.
Have you started the WW diet yet. I think you will do well on it. My mom had trouble losing weight and she got really into working with them and finally did lose quite a bit.
Hope you are having a good weekend. Ellen

At 3:25pm on July 22, 2014, lotsofshots said…

Why is everything always sideways? It is not that way on my phone. I take a shot with my cell, send it to my email and then it comes out sideways. Oh, well. I am drawing cats today.

At 6:09am on July 22, 2014, Trudy said…

Hi Kathy. Thanks so much for the music--we enjoyed it, and it's there to listen to another day.

For me, Pete Seeger is the symbol of those turbulent days; we were involved in his causes, too. We lived in New Rochelle, took a cruise on the "Clearwater" once. I have a strange kind of nostalgia for those days--we made so many good friends, just got arrested once! And listened to so much folk and protest music.

At 5:31am on July 22, 2014, lotsofshots said…

Your dinner looks delicious. Good for you, eating that healthy. I am sweating the same way. I can feel for you. We just have the fans on this summer do to limited funds. I usually go to the pool when I can't stand the heat any longer. Even when it rains it just gets humid and we sweat like crazy. It is kind of like being in the sauna. This has been such a hot and sunny summer.
I just woke up and I am getting ready to go see a therapist. Wish me luck. I don't have much faith. I am taking Neurontin 900mg and Hydroxyzine, which is Vistaril. It makes me totally sleepy and I have to take a nap even in the day. I wonder if you should mention these to the psychiatrist. I am very tired with these. I took the Restoril but I was afraid of the whole benzo situation. Plus it is very hard to get an ongoing prescription.
I wish we could go out walking together or have lunch. Too bad I don't live by you. We could sweat the summer out together.
Have you started with the weight watchers plan yet. Is that meal you made a part of it? I tried on my skinny pants and they still fit. I am going to wear them to the appointment today. It is in a couple of hours and right now I am relaxing with a morning cup of coffee. O calories, yum. I don't know what I would do without coffee in the morning. Cheers. Ellen

At 7:26pm on July 21, 2014, Mark said…
At 9:38am on July 21, 2014, lotsofshots said…

Hi Kathy, Happy Monday. Sister, I like that!
Where I walk is a fancy neighborhood and a lot of the houses are so beautiful. There is one that has a fountain and a whole yard full of boarders with flowers. They have a back deck with a pond of koi and all kinds of hanging potted flowers. I have never seen them home so I know somebody does the yard. I need to throw some seeds down my back deck stairs and hope that flowers grow. I did put some ivy and mint in the front yard and it has grown all up over the tree.
Did you get your 90 degrees today. Here it is just about to rain and hot and humid. I am going down to the pool later to see if it is open. I just got back from a therapy appointment with someone new. I think she was very nice and you can tell when an appointment is helpful when you feel better leaving than before you came. I have an appointment with her again next Monday. I am taking a medication now called Vistaril and will see a psychiatrist for that Monday too. It is for anxiety and it really helps. Have you ever taken it before? Did you get your right Restoril dose yet?
I stay away from Michal's, oh yes, that place can suck you in because they have so many things. The last thing I bought was a Mandala coloring book for adults and a book I didn't plan on getting on how to draw fairies and angels. I am meeting my friend for lunch this week. I met another lady at the pool who is a social worker. She is really nice. I hope she is at the pool today. Your tiles are beautiful. I hope you have a good week. Any fun plans?

At 5:50pm on July 20, 2014, SEAGATOR said…

Hello Kathy. I get so mad at myself and discouraged that I cannot jump up and do the things I want to do. I cooked a roast loin of pork from my WC. I miss if I think of something not getting up to get it. I told Tom to take my arm and let me walk with him. He said NO. You are not ready yet. This has been one long four months. Russ is not too swift. Finally getting him to see the best heart doctor in town August 11, We have had monsoon rains every afternoon for a week.Nice photo. I am so sick of being stuck in the house.Have you done anything interesting? Tom stays over DSunday night now to take trash down to the street. I tried to get the papers, They throw them against garafe door. I got to the door but could not bend to get them. Reed...PATIIENCE. Hugs,Reed

At 7:39am on July 20, 2014, lotsofshots said…

Hi Kathy! Yes, mom did really well with the WW and I remember her saying that it was the only thing that helped in her battle. I think she was very challenged with stress and weight. Your tiles are spectacular. I love the colors. I didn't know that you did them. It is a hot one today. I am waiting to see if the sky turns blue. It usually does and then I head toward the pool. Nobody is there but me sometimes and I find it so helpful. I see you are on the chat now. I can't type that fast so I can't keep up anymore. I did try to write chat to your page. I had carpal tunnel too but it seems to have gone away because I don't type as much. I hope you are having a good weekend. I don't feel that great, but the day is young. Yesterday I felt pretty good.

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"HI KATHY. As you cab see I am up as I could not sleep. I have 2 or 3 good nights than a bad one. The heat here is terrible. High 90's. Thanks for the lovely card. I apptrviate. I went to church. Used my wheelchair. Tom pushed. How are things…"
11 hours ago
Kathy replied to Diabetes News and Interest's discussion 'Ensuring a Successful Hospital Stay'
"Oh don't get me started. I have been in three of the major hospitals in Minneapolis and the db care was horrible across the board. So, I'e concluded that you just have to "suck it up" and hope the stay is a short one."
13 hours ago
Kathy replied to sdkate's discussion 'Obtaining help for medications-- orals and insulin'
"So glad it worked out for you."
21 hours ago
Kathy left a comment for lotsofshots
"Hey sister. There is a nice cool breeze coming in my bedroom window. Love it! Yeah I gotta do loads of laundry today too. I got a script on Friday for tramodol for the restless legs and it worked and I am so pleased to have gotten a little sleep.…"
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lotsofshots left a comment for Kathy
"Hi Kathy, What are you up to this weekend? Anything fun. It is beautiful out today and I just got back from the pool so I feel all cool and invigorated and ready for a . . . nap. It doesn't take much. I am going to water all my houseplants and…"
Kathy replied to Gary Z's discussion 'Has anyone used Lasix to bring down swelling in the legs, feet etc.? If so, how was your experience?'
"Yes, lymph drainage massage is quick and simple. There are several instructional videos on YouTube so you can do it yourself. I had it done in the hospital several years ago and continued it twice a day when I got home."
Kathy replied to Gary Z's discussion 'Has anyone used Lasix to bring down swelling in the legs, feet etc.? If so, how was your experience?'
"I agree that the cause of the swelling needs to be evaluated. Lasix is a very strong diuretic and I have taken it many time with no side effects.I agree that you will need to have your potassium level closely monitored and may need to take a…"

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Type 1 or type 1.5 (LADA) diabetes
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Hi, I'm Kathy. I also go by Minnesota Nice over on the OC.
I have had diabetes for 38 years and not always taken good care of myself. Things have gotten better, though, and in spite of some complications, I consider myself to be in reasonable health. I also feel that it's never too late for improved control.
I deal with disordered eating issues daily.
I began blogging on the OC about 5 years ago and it has been immensely helpful - sharing victories, defeats and plain ordinary living with other pwd's has been a gift.
So far, I've enjoyed Tu Diabetes and love just stopping by for a second to comment on a discussion.
In October of 2010 I had surgery for ovarian cancer. During the recovery period I suffered two cardiac arrests and went into life-threatening respiratory failure. My family was called to my bedside 3 different times, to say goodbye. Shortly after that I went into acute renal failure, and started dialysis October 2010. At that point no one knew whether I'd ever get out of a wheelchair or off of supplemental oxygen. I was determined to make the most of the time I had left and began a structured exercise program. On January 12, 2012, my nephrologist called me and said my labs had improved to such an extent that I could stop dialysis. I am still basking in the light of this miracle. It was a big compliment to have so many TD members share in the joy of this healing!
Stop over and visit my blog at www.kathy4762.blogspot.com .

Kathy's Blog

Diabetes Blog Post Poem

Posted on May 13, 2014 at 6:46pm 2 Comments

Fear Comes To Visit

he is out there

almost every day

standing at the end of my sidewalk

wearing a ratty old trench coat

and fedora hat

pulled down so I can’t see his face

lurking in the shadows

he wants me to invite him in

so he can tell me

over and over again

that I will die

a long, slow death

from diabetes

i do not need to use my imagination

for he

describes everything

in lucid detail



Our Essential Wholeness

Posted on December 30, 2013 at 2:31pm 5 Comments

I often find myself using the term "essential wholeness" and have been contemplating it all day. I think it's the first thing I think of during the holiday season.

Our essential wholeness is that part of us that always remains - the core of our soul - that which nothing, not even diabetes, can destroy. Nor can it be depleted by difficult emotions such as fear, shame and anger (that often come along with us for the ride.)

It surfaces in the tiniest acts of faith and kindness -…


Violating Protocol

Posted on December 2, 2013 at 7:05pm 5 Comments

Today I went for my 3 month visit with the kidney doctor.

I had not dealt with the particular nurse who checked me in. After we'd reviewed my meds, she said Dr W would be in shortly. I started to take off one of my shoes and she asked what on earth I was doing. I told her that I had stubbed a toe and wanted the doc to take a quick look at it.

SHe said, quite sternly, "Dr. W is a nephrologist. Don't insult him by asking to look at your foot."

Dr W comes in and we chat a bit. He…


Snafu at the State Fair

Posted on August 23, 2013 at 4:38pm 7 Comments

Yesterday I went to the Minnesota State Fair, after seeing on the news that we're in for an "extreme heat advisory" next week.

The plans were to meet my friends, Ross and Valerie at noon. I decided to go out a couple of hours early to see the stuff I was personally interested in.

I overslept so got ready in a hurry, and transferred everything from my purse to my back pack. I was halfway to the bus when I realized that I hadn't packed any glucose tabs, but figured that there'd be…


......hairy legs

Posted on July 5, 2013 at 3:36pm 11 Comments

I don't shave my legs. And now that I'm officially 60 years old, who cares? I'm too fat to wear shorts, but I do wear cropped pants and figure nobody'll notice. Big deal.

I see a cardiologist on a yearly basis because I have an irregular heart beat. My wonderful doc, who I'd been with for 12 years, recently retired.

I'm always anxious about seeing someone new, but concluded that even if he was a jerk, I could tolerate him for 10 minutes per year.

Thankfully, there was a good…




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La Diabetes Hands Foundation y HelpAround uniendo las personas tocadas por la diabetes

  Para nuestra comunidad de diabetes la tecnología ha venido a llenar muchos vacíos y a hacer de nuestras vidas un poco mas llevaderas. Eso mismo nos proporciona una nueva aplicación de geo-localización llamada HelpAround (Ayuda a tu alrededor). HA Read on! →

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