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Don't forget to visit my diabetes information web site at Blood Sugar 101.

If you need a reply to a question, please email via the Contact info on the Web Site as I don't check this page all that often and have been missing people's questions. Thanks!

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Jenny replied to mikep's discussion 'I started on Afrezza last night . . .'
"It looks like the first link I posted earlier got screwed up when I posted it in the message somehow. Try it again: How Blood Sugar Control Works and How It Stops Working. I don't think dawn effect has a specific feeling. There are probably…"
Jenny replied to mikep's discussion 'I started on Afrezza last night . . .'
"Jim, If your dad does need insulin one daily shot of lantus using a pen should be all it takes. The dosing is very simple compared to meal time insulin. He can do it at a set time each day. And really, truly, it doesn't hurt. The needles they…"
Jenny replied to mikep's discussion 'I started on Afrezza last night . . .'
"The issue of insulin for the very elderly is a complex one, because they are more likely to experience hypos because their bodies have lost the ability to respond to hypos. So when they do have hypos they can be much more severe than would be the…"
Jenny replied to mikep's discussion 'I started on Afrezza last night . . .'
"Spiro, The research you cite is irrelevant to humans for many reasons, not the least being that it is rodent research. Rodents turn out to have very different pancreases than humans and beyond that, the strains of rodents used for diabetes research…"
Jenny replied to Tabacblond's discussion 'Does anyone else in the middle of their diabetic burnout?'
"I don't think you have a binging disorder, I think you are experiencing what a lot of people with and without diabetes diagnoses experience when their blood sugar is going up and down, even if it is going up and down within so-called normal…"
Jenny replied to mikep's discussion 'I started on Afrezza last night . . .'
"Prcgorman, Diabetes rarely gets "reversed" as in cured because it is mostly due to underlying genetic factors. But it can be completely controlled, where people have normal blood sugars as long as they stick to some kind of…"
Jenny replied to Denise's discussion 'Coffee and Blood Sugars'
"For some people, caffeine causes the secretion of stress hormones. I can't drink it anymore as much a I love it because it bumps my blood pressure up dramatically. If those stress hormones raise your blood sugar (which they may well do) that…"
Jenny replied to mikep's discussion 'I started on Afrezza last night . . .'
"Will, Everyone who is part of what you so oddly dubbed the "diabetic 'establishment or royalty'" has earned that questionable designation by spending literally thousands of hours voluntarily reading, studying, and posting answers…"
Jenny replied to mikep's discussion 'I started on Afrezza last night . . .'
"Pax, My financial interest in MannKind and Sanofi is zero. I owned some stock in both companies which I have since sold. I lost money on the Sanofi and made a very small overall profit on the MannKind stock. However, I never participated in any…"
Jenny replied to mikep's discussion 'I started on Afrezza last night . . .'
"Will, I had the exactly the same response when the company spokesperson was unable to respond to the question about large molecules. This is diverging into a very investment-y discussion, so anyone not interested in that side of things should skip…"
Jenny replied to Dave's discussion 'Injury cause BG volatility?'
"Stress hormones are also real "sticky." I've noticed that when very stressful events occur that get resolved within an hour or two so that everything is completely okay, my pulse and blood pressure will still stay elevated for the…"
Jenny replied to mikep's discussion 'I started on Afrezza last night . . .'
"I don't know anything more than anyone else who reads the publicly available reports of all the trials, which are all posted at Just type in Afrezza. You'll see every study that has been started about Afrezza, including…"
Jenny replied to Terry's discussion 'Afrezza meets low-carb high-fat, a T1D report'
"Terry, My mom left me a bunch of stocks and funds when she died some years ago, and they had been very poorly invested by a financial advisor she had trusted too much who had invested them very badly, so I had to do some serious self-education to…"
Jenny replied to Terry's discussion 'Afrezza meets low-carb high-fat, a T1D report'
"Those are pretty amazing numbers for anyone, to say nothing about for someone with diabetes. I have tested quite a few normal people over the years and most people over 30 seem to be routinely going up to 120 and even 130 mg/dl 1 hour after meals.…"
Jenny replied to mikep's discussion 'I started on Afrezza last night . . .'
"It was officially "non-inferior" but the reduction in A1c was less in the Afrezza group than in the Humalog (Lispro) group. This study is summarized on Table 4 on Page 5 of the Prescribing Information (a.k.a. Label) which you can download…"
Jenny replied to mikep's discussion 'I started on Afrezza last night . . .'
"Will, This sounds like the usual hope-filled, fact-light B-S being posted by the investors posting about this drug 24/7 on investor boards who are desperate to convince themselves that the company that makes Afrezza is a sound investment. While the…"

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At 10:15pm on January 26, 2011, Manny Hernandez said…
VERY long time, no see! Hope all is well with you, Jenny.
At 12:15pm on January 26, 2011, Emma said…
Hi Jenny,
I just wanted to say hi and thank you for your wonderful website! It has some great resources and has been very helpful to me : ) I am still quite newly diagnosed (around 6 months now), and the information you have provided has been so helpful in getting to grips with this new way of life. All the best, Emma Jayne : )
At 1:09pm on March 20, 2010, good guy said…
Hi Jenny! Your book is the bible as far as I'm concerned! Thanks for being my friend! I'm looking for the best computer program available to track carb intake, exercise and blood glucose levels. I like for calories and carbs and then I like the accu check mini for tracking my glucose levels. Do you know of any programs that puts them together in one program? Thanks, Bob
At 9:59pm on September 13, 2009, Ruel B. Garces said…
hi jenny, i read your comment for khurt dated aug. 4, 2009. Honestly, when i was diagnosed for a type 2 diabetes last june, 2009 i am in my normal weight, 127 lbs to be exact but my fasting blood sugar reached to 390 that time and for two weeks time i lost 26 lbs. I thought of dying that time. the only think i can recall prior my diagnosed was that i got fever for two weeks then i used to drink cola it becomes actually my water substitutes.... whew! then two weeks after that's my result.
At 5:15am on August 4, 2009, Khürt Williams said…
Another TuDiabetes member pointed me to this article. I am not informed enough to critique it but something seems wrong about it.
At 9:44pm on August 3, 2009, Susi (Ladalife) said…
Hi Jenny - Haven't talked to you in ages. Just thought I'd drop in and say hello. Insulin pump is going really great (9 weeks) and we've ironed out most of the problems, except for the strange days when nothing seems to help. Even during the ironing out and the off-days, my A1c was 7% (test last week) - down from 9% and down from 11% last year. Maybe next time in the 6s? Hope so! Hope you're doing well!
At 12:29pm on July 18, 2009, Cheri said…
Hi Jenny - I sent you an email, but not clear that it went through - so here it is as a comment:

Just wanted to let you know that in communication with Jimmy Moore (Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show), he mentioned that he had tried to contact you because he wants to interview you on his show, but received no response.
I don't know where he tried to contact you, but I let him know you might be a bit busy on the new book! (Congratulations, by the way).
If you are interested and have a chance, you might contact him to make arrangements. He's done some outstanding podcasts this year, including Bernstein, Dr. Davis, Taubes, Carlson, etc. Anyway, I told him I would mention it to you. His email is:
At 11:15am on May 31, 2009, Dawn said…
Thanks for your advice! I value your experience and studies tremendously. I will continue to believe my meter and wait for the next A1c, the doc also recommended a furctosomine test to check more current BG values. I am glad to hear how well you are doing with this condition. It is so encouraging to see so many on this site doing well.

Maybe I should try to go to a known diabetes center for a second opinion. Maybe they would put me on insulin instead of waiting to get worse and go on Januvia. Currently I am not on any meds...just diet and exercise, with normal BMI etc... Always been active and somewhat healthy dieter. (occasional sweet binges before diagnosis).

Thanks Jenny!! Your awesome.
At 1:43pm on May 28, 2009, Dawn said…
Hi Jenny! I am baffled and wondered if you had input! I have T 1.5 we think, and I've read your awesome book, and Dr. Bernstein's two books. I believe in these philosophies and they have been working on my daily glucose #'s. I have a few more carbs maybe 20 at meals and 15 at snacks I am also nursing a baby. QUESTION. Three months ago I had 5.9 HbA1c and now it is 6.1!!! My numbers have been significantly better with most of the time under 100 and fastings 85-99 ??? I have dawn phenomenon and every 4 or 5 days it goes up 2 hr PP breakfast to 130's and once to 170. This is after eating 3/4 cup eggbeaters and a pinch of cheese, decaf coffee 2 splenda packets every single day no diet change???? I work out 5-7 days a week 30-60 min. moderate. Do you have any thoughts or advice??? I am baffled and Endo. said maybe Janivia if I get to 6.3. ??? I am really really diligent so this really knocked the wind out of my sails.
At 7:11am on May 23, 2009, Gerriann Tobkin said…
Thank you for Blood Sugar 101. I am so grateful to have my eyes opened now (early in my diabetic journey). I thought I was making great choices with steady results until I saw the logic in your information.


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Professionally, I have been a software developer and a writer of nonfiction for much of my life. My biggest successes were books about computer consulting. But I'm proudest of having had three novels published with a major publisher. I hope to add a couple more books to the shelf before I go. But right now I'm working on finding a good place to retire which takes up much of my energy.

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Received a Really Nice Prize from TuDiabetes. Thanks!

Posted on January 22, 2009 at 12:00pm 5 Comments

The folks here voted me an award for "good eating" and sent me a lovely art print as a prize, along with a certificate and a TuDiabetes pedometer.

Here's the print. It is sealed in plastic until I can get it a frame.

Thanks to Manny, Andreina and everyone at… Continue

BEWARE: Acai Berry Scamsters Latest Marketing Tricks

Posted on January 14, 2009 at 7:05am 2 Comments

I got an illuminating email today from someone posing as a reader of my blog offering me, for free, an article about the benefits of acai berry and asking that I put it on my blog within the next week. The article which was nothing but a sales pitch for this questionable miracle cure product was included in the post and is now in my email spam bucket.

These are the same people who have put a lot of fake blogs all over the web where people recount their miraculous weight loss with… Continue



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