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Treating rebound highs

Started this discussion. Last reply by meee on Thursday. 10 Replies

So as I sit here and ponder how high I am going to end up after (over?)correcting a low, I wonder, how long do others wait after a low before correcting a rebound high to avoid setting off the roller…Continue

Tags: rebound, correction, hypo, low

Vision Loss - Vitrectomy - Questions

Started this discussion. Last reply by ryryguy392 Dec 8, 2014. 13 Replies

Hi all,(This got long, so I'll ask the question here, feel free to read the story below if you wish.)*I've lost a ton of vision, am struggling to function, and would like suggestions for adapting and…Continue

Tags: vitrectomy, retinopathy, impaired, visually, vision

Vitrectomy, an update, and not so impressed by new doctor

Started this discussion. Last reply by Zoe May 18, 2014. 10 Replies

It has been a while since I have been on here. Most of you that have read my past postings know that I have struggled with anxiety and sugar control for a long time now. In August of 2012 I had laser…Continue

Tags: retina, eye, vitrectomy

Somethings gotta change

Started this discussion. Last reply by ryryguy392 Nov 8, 2012. 6 Replies

I had another not so great eye appointment today with the retina specialist. Where I had the focal laser treatments done the leakage has calmed down, but other areas have gotten quite a bit worse,…Continue

Tags: uncontrolled, T1D, anxiety, eye


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ryryguy392 replied to hodginsa's discussion 'Open Source Medical Devices - I want to change things.'
"I was looking into the Dex system myself last week, and thought about cracking open a transmitter to see what the battery requirements were. I'd be interested in helping out if I can. I'm an electronics geek myself. I do a lot of work in…"
ryryguy392 replied to Cayla's discussion 'How much do you think mindset contributes towards diabetes management?'
"I agree that one's mindset plays an incredibly huge role in managing this disease. I know for me, when I am feeling positive and on top of things, I kick butt managing my sugars. I take all my medications as I should, and if I see a number out…"
ryryguy392 commented on Tamra's blog post 'Shooting Lasers'
"I had a vitrectomy in September. I still have the oil in, and have developed a cataract. Dependent on my appointment next week, I should be having surgery to remove the oil and cataract in February or March. Hope all goes well for you. Ryan"
ryryguy392 replied to HPNpilot's discussion 'New video on T1D in the New York Times'
"Everyone's diabetes is different. Personally, if I go to bed at a decent reading, I'm stable through the night. I rearely if ever wake up to test at night, and when I do, its because i snapped out of a sleep feeling low. I don't set…"
meee replied to ryryguy392's discussion 'Treating rebound highs'
"Do you mean it comes down on it's own? Mine often don't so if I'm that high I will definitely do something. I guess it depends on the situation, how much insulin is on board etc. but I don't want to create another low if that…"
ryryguy392 replied to Elena's discussion 'Another new person joining the club'
"It does sound like the sensors are easier than the time I had with the pump sets. I don't think I would use my thighs though. When I was a kid, my parents used my thighs for shots, and they hurt so bad. A lot of them burned compared to other…"
Mike Ratrie replied to ryryguy392's discussion 'Treating rebound highs'
"I'm with you, swiss! Although I don't regularly over-treat, I sometimes do get the lows that won't respond to my initial attempts to treat. I also get those lows where I am just ravenous, too. For those times, I cautiously bolus for…"
ryryguy392 replied to ryryguy392's discussion 'Treating rebound highs'
"What I'm stuck on with correcting them is that I tend to spike to 200 or so, and hang there for a while, but without treating it, it usually sings on its own. I just don't like sitting so long with it high."
meee replied to ryryguy392's discussion 'Treating rebound highs'
"It depends on the low, whether it was a resistant, bad low and so on. For mild lows when I'm not too active I can often treat with 1-2 glucose tabs or the equivalent, juice/glucose drinks for worse lows and often eat some protein/fat after I…"
ryryguy392 replied to HPNpilot's discussion 'New video on T1D in the New York Times'
"I am going to go with those who think it was a bit too doom and gloom. Sure, diabetes could be dangerous, but as mentioned here, statistically, how many young adults' deaths are really directly related to diabetes a year? I can't imagine…"
ryryguy392 replied to ryryguy392's discussion 'Treating rebound highs'
"I'm still working on nailing down exactly what a gram of carb will raise me, as well as recalculating my I:C. Its been a long time since I really had all of that down to a pseudoscience."
ryryguy392 replied to ryryguy392's discussion 'Treating rebound highs'
"I get panicky so that is part of my problem, but I also feel like I could eat anything that isn't nailed down when I am low. I'll have to try correcting for the extra when I'm on the way up. As simple as it sounds, I've never…"
ryryguy392 replied to Elena's discussion 'Another new person joining the club'
"I know exactly what you mean about seeing people post like that. I woke up Monday just after midnight at 59. It was one of those all at once wide awake, something is wrong kind of deals. Stumbled down the stairs, to test and treat. 20 minutes later,…"
ryryguy392 replied to Elena's discussion 'Another new person joining the club'
"I worked one on one with Gary when I learned carb counting, started MDI, and then moved to the pump 15 years ago. If you can, I highly recommend him. He was great to work with, and very detailed when going over your logs and tweaking doses. I have…"
HPNpilot replied to ryryguy392's discussion 'Treating rebound highs'
"One thing that I learned from tudiabetes, is to learn exactly how much 1 gram of carb raises your bg, and use that to calculate how much carb you need to correct your bg back to your target level. You can do this experimentally, by eating , for…"
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At 11:26pm on January 18, 2013, Megasaurus_Rex said…

Hey Ryan. While I'm sorry to hear that you've been experiencing a similar problem as me, I'm glad you got into contact. It is helpful to know that I'm not the only person experiencing this sometimes irrational and overwhelming anxiety. I'm definitely interested in talking!

At 4:44pm on July 29, 2012, Jill Marie said…
Hope you have a good day at work and you didn't stress to much about your blood sugars...is that even possible?! ;) anytime you want to chat or talk let me know! Did you have anything happen to you that set off your fear of being low?
At 9:27pm on July 28, 2012, Jill Marie said…
I was browsing some of the forums and came across yours an I wanted to just comment on your situation. I am new to tudiabetes, just been on a few days, and mainly looking for advice and support from others.
I know there are many diabetics and ends and nurses and others that can tell you "of course it is only natural the be fearful of lows" yes of course I also agree but to a point, that fear can become almost irrational once you add anxiety...which I have been battling now for 5 years.
I never used to be afraid of lows through middle and high school. In fact, diabetes never really stopped me and I just took shots, or counting carbs as well and ended up doing just fine. Once I hit college, I followed the same routine and it was working for me, just guessing and over or underestimating.
I was living in an apartment with two other girls, of which didn't work the best, we ended up to having any kind of close relationship at all. One night, I went to take insulin for my meal and my BS was around 400. Since I didn't really carb count and was feeling very frustrated with myself, I gave myself 14 units of insulin. Keep in mind I probably had about 40 grams of carbs, I have a 1:13 carb ratio and sensitive of 1:70. Needless to say, 3 hours later I dropped. I treated like I always do but then I realized I was still dropping...and dropping...and dropping. Alone, with my friends and future husband gone for the weekend, parents 2 hours away I was terrified about passing out and having no one to help me. It was a very long night, with 911 on my phone ready to press go but eventually I did come back up to 70 an hour later. Of course I felt horrible and was then just terrified. Since then, although I know what I did wrong, I STILL cannot get my irrational fear of going low out of my mind. I have purposefully not taken enough insulin and have put myself into DKA many times. It has been a constant struggle between my rational mind and my anxiety. I wish I could forget that night! My husband and family have née supportive and will say take the certain amount of insulin...or..you will be fine...or if you get low you can treat and come right back up. Of course they are always right and I usually end up going higher but I completely understand your fear as I live with it everyday and it is in my thoughts all the time I need to shoot up...so to speak.
I used to get physically I'll from my anxiety before taking insulin, shaking, crying, just everything. I am now doing better with support and talking about it, however this is no easy fix. It has been 5 years since then and I still continue to struggle. Anxiety does run in my family and can impact people really starting in their mid 20s (looking at your profile, you are 25)?
I guess I just wanted to share my story to let you know you are not alone and many things are 'easier said then done'. Diabetes is not just about eating carbs and insulin. It is completely a mindset thing and if you are struggling with anxiety, as I have, it can so very frustrating. I would love to talk more about it if you want as I completely understand what you are going through...plus...I just got a pump so imagine knowing you always have short acting insulin being pump into you allll the time and being fearful of lows, yep, just awesome for anxiety! Haha, but am doing okay, just keep telling myself you will be fine. I guess it is better then the alternatives...complications and feeling like crap all the time since you're high in the sky! Hope this helped.
At 8:21pm on April 18, 2010, Jim Roach said…
Welcome to Tudiabetes Ryryguy392!
At 12:33pm on April 16, 2010, Marie B said…
At 11:02am on April 16, 2010, Doris D said…
WELCOME TO OUR REALLY BIG FAMILY RYRYGUY392!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At 5:01am on April 16, 2010, Robyn said…
Hello and Welcome to TuD.
At 3:05am on April 16, 2010, Osob said…

At 3:02am on April 16, 2010, Martina H Milligan said…
Welcome aboard if you need anything please let me know



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