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trenia replied to jeanettephx's discussion 'Okra for reducing blood sugars.'
"could you please let me know if it works when you try?"
Aug 2
trenia commented on Phishery's group 'Dr. Bernstein Diabetes Solution Group'
"I don't drink milk at all because of intolerance of lactose. I put a little goat milk to cofee, no sugar. I resigned of sugar and it is easy to get used to, just a few days. hot bevarage - berries compotes, no sugar, coffee decaf no sugar,warm…"
Jun 2
trenia replied to cdredbaron10's discussion 'Reversing neuropathy in type 2 diabetics'
"thank you very much , that's a great help . I will follow your advice ."
May 14
trenia replied to cdredbaron10's discussion 'Reversing neuropathy in type 2 diabetics'
"yes, excactly. thanks for your support. I almost resign because two specialists told me I had good BS (110). I keep very tight regime on food and BS is 105 fasting. I couldn't lower it, I was starving on small portions, no flour no starch and…"
May 14
trenia replied to cdredbaron10's discussion 'Reversing neuropathy in type 2 diabetics'
"OK , all is clear to me, that's great you observe improvement. I can't eat starch eiter, BS is very high, nor flour. Since I keep better control on BS, I feel less pain in my feeet too."
May 14
trenia replied to sdkate's discussion 'How do you handle long term diabetic depression?'
"i undeerstand you. For many years I was fighting against the diagnose and could not accept I was diabetic, that resulted in eating bad food and not consulting doctors, and of course illness was progessing. I didn't win, my BS is higher and…"
May 14
trenia replied to cdredbaron10's discussion 'Reversing neuropathy in type 2 diabetics'
"after carefuly reading you it seems to me that your neuropathy may have another cause than diabetes. I would search another causes and consult neurologist. you food regime is great and BS is normal so you've dome all you could I guess"
May 14
trenia replied to cdredbaron10's discussion 'Reversing neuropathy in type 2 diabetics'
""here are also a few myths about about the dangers of low carb especially for diabetics." my BS is under 110,I am on a low carb diet= zero flour , no barley nor rice, zero starch, so doctor said my BS was a dream for diabetics and I…"
May 14
trenia replied to cdredbaron10's discussion 'Reversing neuropathy in type 2 diabetics'
""it is still possible that neuropathy can be caused by something other than blood glucose" yes it is true. A doctor told me neuropathy may have many sources; some meds may cause acid muscles pains and burning of skin and toes, cramps in…"
May 14
trenia replied to cdredbaron10's discussion 'Reversing neuropathy in type 2 diabetics'
"thank you for your support, I am happy for you could get so good control on BS. I have to ask my doctor for meds because they all say my BS is a dream for diabetics.but it is progressing. I appreciate you made me stronger and I feel to fight for…"
May 10
trenia replied to cdredbaron10's discussion 'Reversing neuropathy in type 2 diabetics'
"yes that would be wonderful to achieve 80 in the morning , but is is beyond my possibilites. I have very strict diet,here is my day for exemple: breakfast-one egg snack- glass of milk lunch - pattee (meat) and small piece of vegie- califlower,…"
May 10
trenia replied to cdredbaron10's discussion 'Reversing neuropathy in type 2 diabetics'
"thank you for your reply and wonderful help, knowledge is so essencial for us. thank you again for all your suggestion. I will read carefully all your advice and keep in my diary. I have checked my eyes , there is no neuropathy in my eyes no…"
May 10
trenia replied to cdredbaron10's discussion 'Reversing neuropathy in type 2 diabetics'
"I appreciate your sharing . that knowledge is so important thank you very much for all your help and information.wish you good health"
May 10
trenia replied to cdredbaron10's discussion 'Reversing neuropathy in type 2 diabetics'
"thank you Dave for your help. Sorry for a trouble, I am foreigner and that might be a problem to understand. now I have 100-110 in the morning and after 2 h after meals 100-120. I have no meds, but illness is progressing . I am seeing a doctor in a…"
May 8
trenia replied to cdredbaron10's discussion 'Reversing neuropathy in type 2 diabetics'
"thank you for the link and valuable help. Most appreciated. I had no idea where to find R-Ala. I come from Poland but we import Thiogamma(lipoic) from Germany and have no R-ala .wish you the best."
May 4
trenia replied to cdredbaron10's discussion 'Reversing neuropathy in type 2 diabetics'
"thank you very much for your post.Most appreciate it. I exercise a lot , BS is under 120 always except 1 hour after the meal.( maybe it is individual and it is too high for me?) I suspected that it must be another reason for neuropathy than high BS…"
May 4

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At 7:32am on October 19, 2012, BadMoonT2 said…

Hi Trenia, hope you are doing well. My Mom and I were talking the other day and my Grandma's stuffed cabbage, what she called "holubets", came up. Since it included rice, it is off limits to me now. I Goggled "low carb cabbage rolls" and found some made with cauliflower substituting for the rice. I haven't tried it yet, but I thought I'd share them with you. Here's one version and another in video format. There are all kinds of variations, if you have a favorite you could just just substitute cauliflower for rice. 

At 6:58am on August 4, 2012, Linda G said…

At 5:01pm on August 1, 2012, BadMoonT2 said…

My daughter is pre diabetic and eats low carb. She has a cooking blog. Here are some cauliflower recipes. Check out some of the others too.

At 5:08am on August 1, 2012, BadMoonT2 said…

Hi Trenia,To me the 140 number is the most important because above it is when damage starts. Dr. B does indeed advocate normal blood sugars which would be an 83 fasting. If my fasting is say 105 I am not worried because i am not causing further damage. If you are prescribed metformin I would continue taking it, it does not cause lows and will help your fasting numbers. Some other drugs cause an increase in insulin production and could cause lows so be careful. Here is Dr. B's website. You can read the book there. There is also a monthly question and answer where you can submit questions to Dr. B. It takes 3 weeks for your metabolism to adapt to low carb. I also felt unwell at the beginning. Another part of the problem is that if you were always running high you will not feel well at more normal sugars at first. For me it was a slow process. I hope as you become better adapted you will feel better. I saw you posted a cauliflower recipe, it's one of my favorite diabetic friendly foods. Take care, hope you feel better soon.

At 5:38pm on July 29, 2012, BadMoonT2 said…

Hi Trenia, for me I just have a list of things I don't eat. No sugar, no grain, no potatoes, no legumes. I pretty much stick to eggs, meat, and non starchy vegetables. A few strawberries or blueberries are OK. I do have a scale and have weighed my food for a week and that's where the 30 to 50 number comes from. T1's need to know their carbs so they can calculate insulin dosed. For us, we can adjust our diet to avoid spikes. My goal is to never go over 140 (7.8)because it is my understanding that this is when the damage is done. If a meal achieves a good post meal number it's unimportant how many carbs are in it. I pay the most attention to this and don't pay much attention to how fast it goes back down. Of course if I'm higher than normal before a meal I tend to be extra careful. Are you taking any medication? For me it's just as important as diet.

At 5:21pm on July 29, 2012, Linda G said…

Hi there Trenia....
I have never been to Scotland or Poland...would like to though :)
France, sister, awesome journey, went to Normandy...near Juno...where most came from. She brought sand in a little container and gave it to me...made me very emotional ♥
I do much reading...including historical accounts and novels...many relating to these countries dear to my heart.
Finding a physician is quite a task...they're hard to come by, and difficult to replace....many people settle for clinics, as there is often no other option. We had fired our first G.P. for his ineptitude. A friend who is a doctor herself (but didn't have her own practice at the time), said that a colleague (the dr who was to eventually be ours) "owed her one"!! So, though his was a closed practice, he took our whole family...4 of us at the time. Grant you, we didn't get to choose, but fared off "relatively" well (if you're a man). He seems to side with my husband's concerns though, and generally poo poos mine. When I first began seeing him that 15 years ago, HE diagnosed pre-diabetes... it took everything for him to suggest that it is NOW actual diabetes. His words..."It wont be diabetes till it's 11 at fasting!!!! ( that's 198 by U.S. standards) fasting having been about 9. The doc was reluctant to attribute it to diabetes. He thought it might be more related to hypoglycemia, as I was prone to lows (still am). He had even said at one point don't have diabetes, you don't even have impaired glucose. Then he caught himself and said "Well, I guess it is impaired". Since then has referred to it as diabetes only once (I should have taped it!!), but also says "they're a little high (at 12)...or a little low (3.3). HOWEVER...he has prescribed medication for what dies THAT suggest lol!! I don't dare challenge him or question him, as I may not be able to find another doctor. I have more than diabetes, there's asthma, Raynaud, hypertension, gallbladder issues, migraines and other "stuff", and I guess he thinks that either I'm exaggerating, or fabricating, I don't know...but I don't see him often, because,'s almost pointless. So, I'm pretty much on my own, even though I do have him as a primary care doc!!! I've decided to see a naturopath as well.
Confused/frustrated....I could write a book on that!!.....linda

At 5:52am on July 29, 2012, BadMoonT2 said…

Hi Trenia, I think you'll find you will feel much better as you gain control of your blood sugar. Some complications can reverse as my neuropathy has. I believe that with tight control you can stop further deterioration and complications. The key is testing and eliminating the foods that cause unacceptable spikes. If you are limited in the number of strips you have, save them up and test one meal. It is most useful to have a before and after reading. I test much less now because my response to various foods is always the same and I don't cheat on my diet. I was diagnosed 3 years ago although I probably had it for 8 to 10 years before diagnosis. Incidentally walking is very good for diabetics, walk all you can.

At 11:54am on July 28, 2012, BadMoonT2 said…

Thanks for the friend add Trenia. I admire your determination to get your sugars under control and hope you start feeling better soon. It's fun to talk to a person on the other side of the world, even if what we talk about is our living with our common scourge and our inability to eat Pierogi's:)

At 6:53am on July 28, 2012, Linda G said…

How nice Trenia...I'm honoured; for many reasons!
Thank you for having me as a friend ♥ far away, and yet right here! That's one of the appealing factors of tu.diabetes. I live in the southwestern part of the province of Ontario...a city named Kitchener-Waterloo (2 cities joined together). I'm a wife of 33 years, mom to two grown children (who will be 28 and 26, on July 31st and Aug 1st), a grandma to 3 lovable little boys, a teacher, and before that an illustrator and graphic designer....I speak French and English, I read, history fascinates me, I paint, sing, walk, garden, ski, ride my bike....did I mention "read"? I love having friends over, I bake/cook, am an eclectic music lover, an animal lover...the ocean...ah the speaks to me! Oh...and I have diabetes (and a few other things).
Keep in touch, ok?

At 6:39am on July 28, 2012, Linda G said…

Thank you for your profound was great to see something so uplifting this morning when I opened to tu.diabetes.
Have a SUPERB day...regardless of weather. It is overcast here...and though we were promised sunshine, it looks like yet more rain....but in reality, we ARE the's mostly up to us if we want a good day!




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