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Bloodwork Came Back

So my blood work came back. My c-peptide is a .84

Now we wait through the weekend until my stuff is submitted on Monday to the insurance company, and then we'll find out about approval. Oy vei!

If it does not get approved, then my doctor will do a peer-to-peer with the insurance company.

Being I am a Cancer patient, they say it may be a bit more of jumping through hoops, but I should get approved.

Waiting is the worst!

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24 Hours

What have you done for the past 24 hours? Some people I know have woken up and realized summer was over and their kids had their first day of school today, some other people I know are trying to keep the remainder last few days of summer before college starts back up. However you've spent your last 24 hours I have a question... was it in an ongoing never ending battle with yourself to save your life?

Welcome to a rough 24 hours in the life of a Blessed Diabetic who fights 24/7/365 to…


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News Release: Research Evidence Affirms that Good Nutrition Can Help Prevent and Control Type 2 Diabetes

Read the entire article, its too important to miss!

One major finding was that certain foods and dietary…

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Yelling Fire in a crowded Theater

Yelling Fire in a crowded Theater

What is free speech and how does it apply in this community? Free speech is of course a protected right by the First Amendment of the Constitution of United States of America. The First Amendment reads as follows:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or…


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An apology...

I owe the community a clarification and an apology, in particular to those that participated in our Live Interview about the Medicare Coverage for CGM that took place yesterday.

As I wrote on this blog entry, Diabetes Hands Foundation (the nonprofit…


Added by Manny Hernandez on August 27, 2014 at 4:40pm — 9 Comments

What's up with advocacy at Diabetes Hands Foundation?

At Diabetes Hands Foundation (the nonprofit I was fortunate to co-found back in 2008, which drives TuDiabetes among other programs) diabetes advocacy has become an increasingly important part of our work over time. Since 2013, these efforts took us down a path that resulted in a roadmap with three core components:

1) Building up a database of Active Diabetes Advocates:

A robust database with…


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Just Another Day

First, this is my first time ever writing a post on my phone. Slow going with the tiny keypad, etc. LOL, so excuse the extra mistakes.

*As usual, the following is written from my memory of the events. Some things may be inaccurate due to faulty memories. In any case, this is how I remember it:

So, here is how today is going so far:

6:30ish: Hubby wakes me up to tell me that I am sleeping on my back. I'm under doctor's orders to not lay on my back because, eye stuff. I…


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Rules? What Rules ... ?

Following the “rules” of Type 1 Diabetes management sometimes means absolutely NOTHING..

We can do everything right and do the same thing day after day after day and get different results.


image found on Pinterest
image found on Pinterest



Yesterday I blogged about Eden needing to stop, think and act in…


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After two trips to the e.r., one trip to the doctor's office where I flat out told my doctor to admit me, they finally discovered what has been making me throw up so much this year. I thought I had 3 bouts of the stomach flu but after this last admission and the nausea meds not working they decided to do some tests. After an upper GI that showed food in my stomach after fasting for 12 hours they did a gastric emptying study and discovered I don't digest my food. So now I deal with neuropathy…


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I Felt That

I think I found a new primary doctor that I will enjoy working with. My old primary just up and left without letting her patients know. I made an appointment with her replacement and went in to see her today. Once I checked in I was informed that this new doctor was not coming in today and I would be seeing someone else. This office is not earning my respect at this moment, but all I need is a referral to an endocrinologist, so I don't care who I see today.

I finally get called back…


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Things only a diabetic knows

Things only a diabetic knows

There is a great little graphic floating around from titled the 29 things only a diabetic knows. I laughed so hard as I read it I nearly cried. I hope you go check it out at:…


Added by rick the "Blogabetic" on August 26, 2014 at 6:00am — 8 Comments

Diet plan join me for good health..

Boiled cauliflower and whole wheat roti
Tomato syrup. Fresh tomatoes paste cooked on low flame

Boiled cabbage.

Limited oil to only 1or 2 tea spoons for full day.

Next day add boiled egg white to breakfast

Be generous with beans like green beans and kidney beans.

Added by Shoki on August 26, 2014 at 5:22am — 10 Comments

My Eyes, Your Hands

Everything has been going very well with me lately. My heart is healthy, I think I won't be having anymore eye surgeries for a long while, my depression has evaporated, I will be under the care of an endocrinologist again soon. Things are looking up. So why did I have this disturbing dream last night?

The dream was very amusing after the fact, as you will read, but the feelings I had during it were feelings of anxiety and even a bit of fear.

Let me give you some context here…


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i'm siobhan. a few weeks ago following a 12 hour spurt of amnesia i woke up in a hospital, covered in my own vomit, and babbling about how much i wanted my mother; who lives on the other side of the world. it was a bad, bad hypo, but i'm sure this is a familiar story. and the next day i felt fine. resentful, perhaps; because this little hypo-attack had presented itself in the midst of a week where i was directing a short film, not to mention the fact that the nurses had taken…


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The first day of school

So today started off like the first day of school has for the past 12 years (NOT). Actually my 13th year of teaching started off at 4am with my cgm telling me I was low. I felt a bit shaky but really had to pee so I went to the bathroom first. On my way from the bathroom to my bg meter (about 8 steps) I managed to pass out. I don't remember falling but when I came to I was staring at the ceiling with my head and butt hurting. I tested my bg thinking I was wicked low or something, nope I was…


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Still Waiting, Jumping Through Hoops

I am still waiting to hear of approval, but it's probably not going to happen without my doctor talking to the insurance company.

Considering I have Cancer, and my Diabetes is less controlled especially during treatments, the Animas rep and my doctor said that should get me approved. Gee, I feel like I'm jumping through all kinds of hoops, I feel disheartened.

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Another post-op appointment for my eye today. It's been about a week and a half since my fourth eye surgery. I had an issue to discuss with my doctor and was eager to see him for this reason.

When I first arrived at the Eye-Q center in Selma I noticed the lobby was packed. August tends to be a busy month for eye exams. I suppose it is because August is national eye exam month, and also because of kids going back to school and needing to be able to see well. Good job at waiting until…


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First steps...

I e-mailed an EMS instructor from a local college with my question (about whether a type 1 diabetic could be a paramedic) and he actually got back to me very quickly. I'm going to post his response here, just in case anyone else might be wondering.

"To my knowledge there are no state regulatory rules against or limiting a person to become an EMT or paramedic if they have any type of illness. As long as you have a driver's license and can pass the courses and exams, you can work in…


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A Moment Frozen

You know those moments in life that freeze, and it seems like everyone in the room is frozen but you. Time just shuts down, and you are stuck in slow motion. I have had that experience a couple of times. Most of them involve a traumatic injury. But this did not, and frankly shocked me.

My husband really does not say much about me being diabetic. In fact, I thought he really didn't even seem to understand much about it all. Which was fine by me.  But this has all started to change when…


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Protect Yourself at the Hospital!

Next time you're in the hospital, make sure you do your own insulin injections and that you keep your pen in your room, and label the body of the pen, NOT the cap.

Thousands of hospital patients were exposed to HIV, Hep and other blood bourne diseases by nursing staff switching the CAPS of the pens, and using the pen on more than one patient.…


Added by Emmy on August 21, 2014 at 3:03pm — 1 Comment

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Diabetes entre los hispanos: no somos todos iguales

Traducido por Mila Ferrer.    A menudo los Hispanos en Estados Unidos son retratados en la prensa como un solo grupo, monolítico. Pero cualquiera que haya pasado algún tiempo en el  Mission District de San Francisco o el Bronx se Read on! →

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