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David Allen Russu

David Allen Russu was my father. He was also a type 1 diabetic, pastor, teacher, lifeguard, realtor, and so much more. He was a downright superhero. He managed to have a successful marriage that never lost it's love but only managed to grow stronger over time. At the same time he raised seven children, taught full time, pastored a church, and was involved in many other activities and family functions. He spent his life giving to others. I don't recall him ever being disliked by…


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Moving my blog posts

Because of the upcoming changes to TuDiabetes, I am in the process of moving all my blog posts to my blog at

See you there!

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Good News!

So I'm kinda bad at keeping up with this! (sigh) life just gets in the way sometimes. Anyways, good news...I FINALLY got a dexcom cgm!!!!! yay! :)

I was talking to my CDE about how I have a lot of trouble with affording a cgm and one of her other patients had a receiver/transmitter and a box of sensors that she was willing to give to me! :) I have had "Dexie" as my daughter calls her..(receiver is pink (bonus!!) :) for about a week now. I really really really love it! I had a little…


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Nexplanon and Type 1 Diabetes

Hi I was just curious if this had happened to anyone!So two weeks ago I got the nexplanon birth control in my arm, ever since then my blood sugars have been out of control. Like 300-400. I will go to bed at 190 and when I wake up it's in the 300. Or I will be high before bed like 250 and I'll correct the dose and wake up higher! I'm really thinkin it's the nexplanon and was wonderig if anyone experienced the as well.

My doctor just had me check more and change my basal, but I am out…


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"Dear Abby" and Diabetes Etiquette

A writer to "Dear Abby" is squeamish and uncomfortable when a co-worker with diabetes tests their blood glucose.

I'm squeamish and uncomfortable going to the bathroom to test and inject insulin so that innocent bystanders in public won't feel squeamish and uncomfortable.

Diabetes etiquette should be a…


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Small Introduction about me [MikFly]: "Mike" Type1 Diabetic diagnosed "summer of being nine"

Hello fellow Diabetics,

and parents, siblings, family of all types

My History

Diabetic Type1 since 9yrs old. When I got sick of the doctors/nurses injecting me Iinsisted on doing it myself. I'm sure my mom/dad appreciated that they wouldn't have that burden to worry about, I'm sure they had enough to worry about me staying in good health & control and getting all the prescriptions filled/refilled.

I Enjoy teaching people about diabetes when they ask about it… Continue

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Secret Identity

As a fan of comic books and spy thriller novels, I must admit at times I feel as if I have a “secret identity,” or I have another life.

My secret identity: I can go from an independent, self-sufficient individual to a solely and thoroughly dependent individual.

Dependent upon my wife, family, co-workers, even strangers depending upon thee time and place of my transformation. In seconds, I can become an unconscious blob, a semi-conscious, but irrational, human, or a…


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What The Kids Think?

We are often told what thoughts and feelings our parents with children who are diabetics think and feel, but I wonder what the children of diabetic parents think, or thought as they grew up?

A complete role reversal where the children often feel like they are responsible for the parents, or a loss of the feelings of safety and security that a parent often provides? As much as we would like to hope it never happens, the frequent news stories of children “saving” diabetic parents is…


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Juicing and calculating carbs

I'm toying with the idea of buying a Nutribullet RX to start juicing but am hesitant to do so due to all the sugar in the fruits. Has anyone had any experience in calculating carbs/insulin for any recipes? Even w/ 'green smoothies' I'm very inexperienced.

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How about a little trip down memory lane from an old-timer at TuD? I know I'm not the only one, so please chime in with your own memories from Ye Olde Days!

I had never belonged to any social networking site, though I had lurked at one (the ubiquitous facebook came much later when I finally admitted it might be the only way to keep track of my busy daughter and nieces!). My D had been diagnosed a few months earlier and the focus it took to try for control had sapped my creative…


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Diabuddies a second take

Diabuddies a second take

This past week I read a blog that touched me. Often the blogs that are so compelling to me are found here on TUDiabetes. There is a reason for that. Aside from two efforts I seldom read other blogs. I write enough blogsI am afraid of copying something I have read (inadvertently of course) without providing proper attribution to the author. I figure if I do…


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There is sure a lot of talk about “change” here on TuD, and I would like to put my two cents on the topic.

“Nobody likes change.” At least that is what I am told. I like change. I find it weird places. Sometimes if you save that change, you end up with a nice little stockpile for something nice. On occasions change in my car, becomes a treat. are not talking about that change...

My daughter likes to change. She puts on a different outfit several times a day…


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3 Months of Diabetes

Wednesday marked 3 months of Brennan having diabetes. These 3 months have been very difficult adjusting to the fact that I now have 2 kids with diabetes. Brennan is doing a lot better handling his diabetes. He has taken an interest in checking his own blood sugar. He throws a fit if I try to check it for him. I have seen a bigger bond between Griffin and Brennan since now they both have diabetes. They were always close but now they seem so much closer. Griffin is always there to help his…


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You Don't Know My Pain

Every now and then I am hit with a world crushing realization. Chronic pain is virtually invisible to everyone who doesn't live with it. They can't see the pain, they can't feel it, therefore they don't realize how very bad and soul draining it is. And they tend to assume the pain sufferer is lazy, unreliable, and a "deadbeat".…


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I am not the only one that does it, does unhealthy things when I am nervous and anxious.? No. I ate lunch yesterday with a friend who is a Type 2. Although he as lost over a hundred pounds, he had a huge hot dog smothered in onions, cheese fries and a diet coke for lunch. This was while he was explaining to me that he feel so bad he went to the ER last night. I can guarentee he will feel worse once this meal hits. He is a culinary artist and knows a lot about diabetes. The last time he was…


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Things are finally looking up

Things are finally looking up! After weeks of not knowing how I would be able to go on, life has returned to semi normal as before. Still hurts but it's apart of life now. I've gotten better control of my diabetes this last week or so. Feeling better def helps. Hope everyone is having a good week.

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Vertigo Treatments?

I posted about this yesterday I think but no one replied. Sorry that this is a repeat. I have vertigo and was given meclazine/dramamine to treat it 3x per day and told not to drive until it resolves. I'm so dopey and out of it from the dramamine that I can't take it except for at night though but I noticed today when it wore off, 24 hours or so, the dizziness seemed to get worse. It gets worse when I move around generally with quick movements, bending down etc. Last night I tried the non…


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So last week my best friend planned a bon fire night at the beach with some girls, complete with hot dogs, s'mores, and campfire tunes. Caught up in the moment, I didn't bolus for my food, two hot dogs and two marshmallows, or 56 carbs. Funny how I remember exactly what I ate...I probably intended to bolus at some point, but I got wrapped up in cooking hot dogs for everyone else and just enjoying myself. There was also sand over the place, so I didn't really want to…


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The Field Of Diabetes Is Overrun . . .

. . . with ultracrepidarians.


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Blog Number 280

Blog Number 280

Wow what an exciting time for our community!! Emily’s post on January 20’th lets us know how the community will go forward using the new discourse backbone. It is also an exciting time for me personally so I thought this morning I would combine the two pieces of good news in one post. It is estimated that a complete change over made in…


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