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I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes when I was nine years old. I come from a family of many Type I's. I am told having so many members of the same family that are Type I diabetics is rare. There are five of us, myself, one of my brothers, my father, an aunt, and a cousin. Myself and my brother are the only two still living. My father passed away from a stroke, my aunt from kidney failure, and my cousin from complications of a staph infection, if I remember correctly. The point of this is to…


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28-Year-Old Erin Little Is Changing Diabetes Care in India

This past January I spent 18 days in Bangalore, India, along with my husband who joined me, helping at a diabetes clinic for the poor. It all came about because I met an amazing young woman in our community, Erin Little. Erin is living in a small, patient room in the clinic and working tirelessly to get access to affordable health care to India's poor. India has the second highest growth of diabetes in the world and 70% of their population live in villages far from any doctor or…


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Maybe my control isn't as good as I though It was

I know I keep saying this but I really plan on getting this diabetes under "Real" control... looking at my recent summary I still have a bunch of work to do!

Next one will be a big improvement, I have a Dr. appt in a few days, and I'm also going to try to start self adjusting. Got a…


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Do You know that guy?

Do You know that guy?

Last week I had encounters with two people (both offline don’t get paranoid) that were so frustrating. They approach you with a question or an issue about diabetes and when they ask you give your best answer. But that answer is not what they want to hear or they have already made up their mind. It drives me nuts. Really if you…


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More good news

The arthritis in my hands is Osteoarthritis (same as my shoulder), rather than RA. I think this is important long term. I plan to get surgery on my trigger finger soon.

I go see the surgeon about my trigger finger next Monday.


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Two weeks in

I look back at how my diet has changed in the past four months and it has been truly incredible. On December 30th I decided that I was going to quit Diet Coke. I'd tried this several times before without success, but this time I succeeded. I craved it for two months, but now I haven't touched a drop of any pop or carbonated beverage (aside from sparkling water) for nearly four months, and I don't crave it anymore.

Then, at my doctor's advice I cut out all caffeine, even tea (although…


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Baby #2

Well I'm pregnant with baby #2. I found out back in February. I'm due September 23rd with a baby girl. We've had some issues with my blood glucose levels dropping too low including once my husband coming home to find me completely unconscious. He also stopped it from happening again. He's very good at checking my blood sugar especially in the morning.

Now the insulin resistance has set in really badly. I'm actually fighting with it right now. I may need to try an entire site change on…


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Insulin increased, site changed, doing great!!!

Last time I saw the doctor, my Levemir was changed to 18 units. After reading a recommendation to inject in the stomach, I changed from my thighs to my stomach. After about 3 days, I started seeing changes in my fasting BG. After waiting several more days to see if I would have a spike in the evening, I found that I was doing a lot better all day.

In order not to go too low, I have been injecting 1/2 in my stomach and 1/2 in my thigh. I am trying to get in the habit of testing before…


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NEED ADVICE!! changing insulin pump from animas to accu-chek

hi all, i was wondering how to change insulin pumps. animas pump seemed right at the time but now, 4 years later, i regret not choosing accu-chek combo. they say i can only change if i have a medical reason but i really want to change!! for practicality reasons, the accu-chek system really would work better for me. i chose animas at the time because i done alot of swimming but no longer do. its getting me down and i really regret not choosing the accu-chek system. its so much more discreet…


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How I keep track. *Useful tools

Of all the things I have to do on a daily basis, now I have to add more things to the list; Checking my BG 8 times a day now, taking oral medications 3 times a day. Remembering to bolus before my meal, not right after. Remembering Dr. appointments etc.

On top of running a business and trying to keep sanity in my family, sometimes things get left out and keeping track is always a challenge. Fortunately I have a few tools that I like to use to keep me sane.

Number one;…


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Tragic Tale

Tragic Tale

Last evening April 17, 2014, two officers were killed in a middle class neighborhood of Indianapolis. The two officers shared a particular life event that is common in the world. They were at one time married. I suppose the facts are really not necessary in a case like this. The police officers both veterans of the Indianapolis Police Department (IMPD) met on the…


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Excitement, Excitement, Diacrap, Sadness and Dr. Lips

Excitement #1: tomorrow I have an appointment to start up my CGM. Fingers crossed that it will help to give me some insight with when my afternoon lows start so I can figure out the correct basal. I live alone so night time lows can be really nerve racking and I hope it will help me to wake up before I get to looooooooooooooow.

Excitement #2: right after my cgm appointment I am driving down to Maryland with my mom and oldest niece to…


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Good news for me

This is off topic, but good news I would like to share with friends. First, the background. In 1970 I injured my right shoulder. In 1980 I had Bristow surgery on it, where they shorten all the ligaments and do other things that restrict your motion, all with the purpose of keeping your shoulder from frequent dislocation.

That has been completely successful, but I now have osteoarthritis in that shoulder. I have been taking celebrex for years, and before that vioxx (now withdrawn from…


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New here! Thanks for all the welcomes!

Newly diagnosed diabetic. Scared, confused, but determined to beat this. My mother died from this horrible disease, but I am determined not to.
A bit about me, divorced mom of one grown daughter. I have three furbabies at home, my cats, Chaos, Jack and Sparta. They are fun and can be brats too. I live in AZ. I work in the medical insurance billing industry. Here to find friendsand learn together.

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My Dawn Phenomenon

Its not everyday that I wake up high, but its most days. I was at 101 today, which is about as perfect as anyone could get. But my meter is right there telling me that my 2 week before breakfast average is 242. I felt pretty good today though! It usually takes me until noon to get out of a funk.

I've tried cutting out carbs before bed, which is pretty hard at dinner time. With my hectic schedule sometimes I don't eat dinner until close to 8pm. I also have Celiac disease, and what that…


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The Ultimate Passover Seder

My husband and I were invited to my friend Sid’s home for the first Passover seder this year. I know Sid from standup comedy. Actually we are the only two jews that I know of doing standup in our area. Sid always wears a keepah (yarmulkah), so it’s not a secret that he’s Orthodox.

The seder began around 8:30 p.m.– after Sid attended services. There were 22 people sitting at a very long table. There were 7 children under 18 and the rest older. Sid has five children. They were all very…


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What is Next? (Blog 200 of 200)

What is Next?

(Blog Number 200 of 200)

I told Sheryl last week I was a little tired of writing my blog and was looking forward to a break. That is true. It is not that I am tired of writing it as much as I am fresh out of ideas for my next one. I recall when I started I had maybe 10 good ideas…


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Diabetic Unity

I think of us as diabetic brothers and sisters, we share a bond that many married couples of ten years have yet to reach. Of course we don’t deserve each other, but I’m proud to be of your acquaintance.

Sharing a coffee in any café I see the lady before me play the ritual of prick-bleed-strip-test: we nod in accordance and smile a tip of the hat to the other man’s cake.

Testing for a hypo and I know this sleepy head pales in comparison to the parent of the child still too young…


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FDA approves once a week diabetes injection: Could you take the drug?

This story is originally published at EmaxHealth and written by Kathleen Blanchard.

The FDA has announced approval of the type 2 diabetes drug Tanzeum that can helps millions of people with the disease. The injection is a once a week treatment manufactured by the drug company GlaxoSmithKline,…


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What I have learned (Blog number 199 of 200)

What I have learned (Blog number 199 of 200)

Last year about this time, I was contemplating what could I do that was big, might be meaningful and could be useful? I decided to write 200 Blogs in one calendar year and place them on the TUDiabetes site. So on April 29, 2013 I posted a blog titled “Introducing Rick”. Its first line went like this

“I doubt anyone will want to read this or any other post I put here. I mean…


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A couple of days ago I learned that the California State Assembly is considering AB-1893 Sharps waste, which in (if approved) will mandate that: “Sharps sold to the general public in California shall be sold with a sharps waste container Read on! →

FDA Docket Extended! We Need You.

If you are new to diabetes advocacy in the traditional sense of the word, you may be thinking, “What the heck is a docket!?” I certainly was the first twenty times I heard it (yes it took that long). For Read on! →

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