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Proof Low Carb Works (for me)

T2, 35 yrs since diagnosed, never in control, ADA suggestions followed, kidney doctor followed, internal med. doc. followed...NOT.....NOW I found a listening, loving and logical Endo. in A1c was 9.5 and killing me. He set me straight on the carb path, I followed it to the "t" and yesterday had a solid 5.1 A1c test...he nearly danced for me. Went through 2 surgeries and kept BG in control with a lotta testing, nurses were in dismay, dr. supported my efforts. I eat 15-45-30 carbs a…


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New My First Entry

I have never done this before. I hope I;m in the right place. I have had diabetes for about 12 years. Totally out of control. I take Metformin,Novalog and Lantus. My sugar are all over the place. I'm just chasing them. In the last week my sugars have been 292, 327, 217, 463,68, 158, 195 ect.. This is better then they used to be. I have been in the low 30's several times and over 600 several times. My problem is I want to eat what I want when I want. I act like I don't have diabetes. I am…


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New Animas pumper!

I'm on my Animas Vibe pump for 5 days now. I really love the Animas color screen and the integrated Dexcom CGM ! After 10 years with a Medtronic pump (712-715-722) I was ready for a change!

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Yesterday morning I published a long version of my diagnosis story on the web site administered by my friend Scott Johnson. If you are so inclined you can view the site at the following address:

A bit about Scott, he is a long time blogger and he operates one of the premiere independent blog…


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A Room for Wonder and Awe

"I did not ask for success; I asked for wonder.

And You gave it to me"

"Khob gebetn vunder anshtot glik, un du host zey mir gegebn.

--Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Rabbi Heschel, some years ago made a significant difference in my life through his book The Sabbath I am not Jewish, and this blog is not intended to proselytize for any religion or belief system. However, as we all struggle, wrestle, and then…


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Lately I've gone a bit crazy adjusting pump settings trying to get my blood sugars to stay at SOME semblance of stable. I got my A1c the other day fully expecting it to be no better than my last one (which was 7.9) because I've been having so many crazy highs and lows. My blood sugar over the past month has ranged from 2.2 (40) to 26.3 (473).

What a happy surprise when my A1c came back at 7.2!!!

To put that in perspective: Over the past 3-4 years I have had ONE other A1c of…


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It Gets Kind of Depressing

I was officially diagnosed with Type II Diabetes on October 3rd. This revelation came on the heels of my husband losing his job (and therefore our health insurance). A week later we left on a two and a half week road trip/book tour (I'm a published author).

Needless to say, the past two months have been stressful. I've been having to learn all I can about living with diabetes through magazine articles, books, and websites. I had been given the offer of diabetes education but it's…


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Words of Wisdom from Spongebob

I am sorry that I disappeared without warning, but I developed more health issues than I could handle so I stopped the computer and tried to get better. Nothing is worse than complaining, and especially about a bunch of other chronic illnesses when this site…


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Your Type 2 May Vary.

"Your diabetes may vary" is a phrase often repeated on this site. For my title I chose to substitute "Type 2" for the word "Diabetes. I did this because type 2 is extremely variable. It has many forms requiring different levels of treatment.

I write this because someone complained to me that my last blog A type 2 Blog was depressing. He went on to explain that he controlled his D with diet and…


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Comparing ALL the Insulin Pumps!

I've used almost all of the insulin pumps on the market (that's a long and winding story itself) over the last 14 years of pumping, so when people want my opinion on a pump, I ask them to pull up a chair and grab a cup of coffee. I'll drop some knowledge.

As Tech Editor for, I recently published the most massive pump comparison analysis you've ever had the…


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Its that time of year again..

If you think this is going to be a post about Christmas and diabetes then you came to the wrong blog. This is all about self promotion! haha.

Around this time last year I posted this blog

Well, I was feeling musical again so I decided to clone myself and play Carol of the Bells!…


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Have you ever believed you were cured?

Have you ever believed you were cured?

A few days ago I ran across two incidences of people who at some time after diagnosis felt they had been cured. One gentleman simply went off his medication after he had been using insulin. He reported that he was willing to take insulin but when the doctor moved him to metformin, he felt he was cured and stopped using diabetes medication. He…


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Dear All Please guide me as I am really confused My 10 years old son was diagonosed for Type 1 in March 2014 7 his c-pepetide was 0.25 recently i got it teted & it was 1.1 which is normal Now 1 docto…

Dear All

Please guide me as I am really confused

My 10 years old son was diagonosed for Type 1 in March 2014 7 his c-pepetide was 0.25

recently i got it teted & it was 1.1 which is normal

Now 1 doctor says it is type 1 and asks us to take Insulin 7 the other doctor tells us that it is type-2 and has prescribed tablets

Amaryl 1mg half tablet daily

pioz mf 7.5mg 1 tablet daily

Also please guide me whether my son is type 1 or type 2 as he is very…


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Need A litte Help

target range ,waking up, before meals, bedtime.
and i need blood glucose guide for fasting and non-fasting.
My DR will not tell this. this is way i am asking you.
Kathleen Gregory.

Added by Kathy on December 7, 2014 at 5:26pm — 5 Comments

Pump set sites.....

I have been pumping now for about 6 months and always use my tummy for the site. I rotate the areas though. But I'm thinking of trying the top of the thigh...does anyone use this area? Does it hurt? Any suggestions on different areas or using thigh is much appreciated. Thanks! Take care!

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72 Years T1D

Today (12/7) is my anniversary. Exactly one year after Pearl Harbor was the first day I was sick with T1D Type 1 Diabetes. I was 10 years old. Two days later Dr. Wright made a house call and decided I needed to be in the hospital. Since my mother didn’t know how to drive, Dr. Wright drove me and my mother to the hospital in his car. Shortly after arriving at the hospital I lapsed into a coma. Of course, insulin saved my life. I don’t have any records or recollections by my parents, but I…


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What Goes Up...

I've been raving about how good things have been going for me lately. After many years of nothing but bad things happening, I finally had hit a good patch and everything was coming up roses. Well, of course as soon as I let my guard down and give in to the goodness and let myself feel good and happy, it all comes crashing down around me.…


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Teachable Moments

A new blog post after a long hiatus... Read the post Teachable Moments or visit my full blog at Blood Drops & Braille Dots.

"I wonder if there's anything here I can eat," I ponder as I walk through the cafeteria, peering into glass cases with rows of food I can't identify. My colleague launches into a description of all the foods…


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Is diabetes a sensitive subject in your life?

Is diabetes a sensitive subject in your life?

Perhaps this is a strange question, but is Diabetes a sensitive subject in your life? If it is, why? On September 29, 2014 Richard157 started a provocative and important discussion about hiding diabetes. You can find this wonderful discussion thread at this link:…


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Do you ever feel like you just want to disappear?

So i am 31yr old. Type diabetic 1 diabetic since 23yr old. my body is extremely fit and very muscular 10% body fat. height 6.1 and very very handsome (everyone tells me this i know is true) with green eyes. A bachelor and a master in engineering. Some good friends around the world. Here is my problem in my all life:: I train hard, lift weight, box, i check my blood sugar on regular basis. i run once in awhile. i have strict diet with low carbs and more healthy food. i take multivitamin and…


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