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The end of a pretty good day

Considering my mostly inactive day my sugars have been mostly good. I ate well today which always helps too. I need to stick to a good diet and not give in to the wrong foods that can oh so tempt me. I managed to start using my ankle some today. I am so glad to be able to move more without crutches. I got a ride to Whole Foods and hobbled to the salad bar and made a great salad with spinach, mixed baby greens, chicken, carrots, cucumbers and garbanzo beans I added a small bit of their Greek… Continue

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Alright, so for a few months there at the end of 2008 i was going through an "i hate diabetes, this sucks" stage and i was testing my blood sugar once a day at most...no joke. I was being yelled at by my parents and i had several stern lectures from my endo about having better control and testing a lot more. It made me even more mad and really didn't make me test anymore then i had been. So this went on and on and on and on.

And then 2008 was finally OVER! I was so thrilled! 2008 was the… Continue

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Have you the used the glycemic load/index? What are the pros and cons

As a diabetes educator, I teach about the glycemic index/load. Would love to share real life stories from Type1s or Type2s . Thank you to all of you for your contributions

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Dealing with my Diabetes - Day by Day

I am very new to all this community so everyone bear with me if I make mistakes. It is amazing how many of my non diabetic friends which is what most my friends are...until now. :-) think that I have it SO together regarding diabetes. Hmmm if only. Some days I do some days I do not. I am not to sure what kind of day today is. I have had an unexplained high, but I bolused for that and it is coming down. I have been housebound this week due to a sprained ankle, but am starting to put some weight… Continue

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Sugar and Walking

lol so Wednesday I started walking during lunch at work around the mall, doing about 2 miles. I've been doing a really good fast pace with just listening to music and day dreaming about the cute clothes in the windows and how i will look in them :) I also did a little bit longer pilate excersise.

Thursday i was OMG sore all over. I was thinking wow that musta been a better pilate work out than i thought! Lunch came around and put on my tennes and went to walk... every sore muscle… Continue

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Back in my day...

We didn't have all of these sugar-free choices in sodas, or nutritional labels with carbohydrates and fats listed. All we had was Tab or Fresca, and that was it! To this day if I see a Fresca I will buy it, just for the fond childhood memories. (Tab was for the girls.)

And we tried to guess at "starch exchanges" rather than carb-counting, which was just fine because we took two daily shots of pork Ultralente and Regular (mixed in one syringe) so even if we somehow knew the carbohydrates it… Continue

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Students from public schools are far behind


Click on the above link which was printed in the E-zine, nationally.

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Why do parents pull their children from public school and put them in private schools?


The above link goes to the E-zine on line, of which I submit my posts on various subjects.

Added by Janie Ferrell on January 30, 2009 at 7:01pm — 3 Comments

How it was in 1960 to get type-1 diabetes. by JOHNBEN.


I have to smile when I hear people complaining that they now have diabetes. At this time with the bloodglucose monitors life for the diabetic is so immensely improved over the time when I became a type-1 diabetic in 1960.

Let me tell you why!

Just before Christmas 1960 when Johanna my wife had just baked all the good stuff I liked to eat so very much, life suddenly changed so completely for me that I really felt very, very… Continue

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Things are getting better

I have more energy, and I haven't had one of those fatigue attacks where my eyes roll up in my head since I have been on the Metformin XR. I didn't expect to be successful with it, bought it with trepidation, but the 4 bucks paid off. I have lost about 8 pounds now, am walking and exercising daily.

I want my old self back. I know others know what I mean when I say this.

I hope my cholesterol goes down. I am eating like a cave man. Fish, blueberries, nuts, tons of… Continue

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Email From Counselor

I just received this email from Maddy's counselor:

I was hoping to get together with you to discuss your concerns with regard to Madison’s health .I would like a better understanding of her condition and your concerns. If a that time we believe the 504 is the best way to go. Then if we think a 504 is required we will have to meet with all of Madison’s teachers ,the nurse, the school psychologist and myself. This will have to be a 3:15 meeting because all of the teachers have… Continue

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Diabetes and Life Insurance

I sell Life insurance and I specialize in diabetics. I was trying to do some research on a client of mine and more specifically trying to understand how her doctor is managing her condition and I stumbled across this community. I did a quick search about life insurance to see how you were fairing and realized that insurance is like diabetes, what you don't know is what is killing you.

I see a lot of people trying some much fruitless ways of trying to get life insurance. So I decided… Continue

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Call from Counselor

Well our 504 process has begun. I emailed the school principal a couple of weeks ago and asked what the process was and if he could help me. He passed my email on to the appropriate people. This morning I get a call from Dh asking if something was the matter and if DD was in trouble. I said "no" I didn't think she was, just a couple of F's on assignments, but she was making 1 of them up. why. Said that the counselor called and left a msg. on phone at home and said if we already knew about this… Continue

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Thanks, and news!

First off, i just want to thank everyone for all their kind advice on my last post! Funny thing happened, one night last week i was on my friends laptop, talking to him on AIM, and he wanted to webcam (completely legit, nothing funky people haha), so we were talking and la dee da, i got up to get something and sat back down, and i noticed my pump showed when i stood up, so i basically gathered my courage and said "see this?" and pointed to my lil pumpy...."what your pager?" he said. haha i… Continue

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Find what brings you joy and go there…

Some of my favorite memories consist of some short getaways. The funny incidents, the little mishaps, the closeness shared, all these weaved a good story for my heart.And whenever I want to revisit those memories, I’ll just shut my eyes and I’m there once again…Travelling is not just seeing the new; it is also leaving behind. Not just opening doors; also closing them behind you, never to return. But the place… Continue

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Diabetes medicine makes it harder to manage diabetes sometimes

On DiabetesConnect, someone posted a question about why insulin causes you to gain weight. I read it's because it signals for fat retention and carb cravings.

However, it reminded me I had a similar problem with metformin - my oral diabetes medicine. When I did the green juice and was eating 100% raw, my carb cravings went completely away. I mean, I looked at a hamburger bun, a roll, a donut, and actually was turned off.

I restarted this oral medicine because I wanted to… Continue

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Diabetes is like Jim Carrey

That's right, diabetes is like actor Jim Carrey. He was revolting and shocking at first (Fireman Bill in In Living Color) and maybe you thought you could just ignore him. But the horrible experience of 'Dumb & Dumber' and 'Ace Venture' and even 'The Mask' may have jolted you back to reality - there was no getting rid of him, and you would have to take him seriously. Sure, he was annoying most of the time, but like having a good A1C score or a good bg reading in the morning, Carrey had a few… Continue

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Hello All,

Well I have had diabetes for about 20 years now and let me tell you it was no walk in the park since I was diagnosed.

I suffered from "denial" for years. I knew I had to take my insulin and test my blood sugar. But I hid it from others all the time. Many to this day would never know I have diabetes. I came across a few diabetic's and well everyone is different. But I want to meet people and learn from them and just listen to those like me looking for ideas and just… Continue

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Wicked Sugar Craving!

Well, I'm definitely craving something sweet! I usually just bake something with Splenda and Sugar. But I'm feeling extremely lazy. I think I'm gonna run out and get a piece of Publix no sugar added apple pie. And I have to say that I never liked cooked fruit of any kind before the big "D". But as my aunt told me (a diabetic herself) many, many years ago when I was young enough to scoff at diabetes--"I have to take my sweets anyway I can get them." I mean she would say this about… Continue

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Oh The Stress of High School...

Ok, so high school is gettin really stressful. I usually have homework from 4 out of 7 classes everyday, I'm hardly passing biology, and I'm failing math. Any ideas?

On the bright side, I still have guitar class 2nd period. Its my only time of peace and quiet all day. First semester, I had Haleigh, Shay, and Katelynn as friends. Since the semester changed, so did alot of schedules. Now my friends are Haleigh (still) and Kelsie. The only other girl in the class is Lauren. She usually hangs… Continue

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