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Insulin in my Ping, finally!

I spent most of the day at my endo's office yesterday starting insulin in my Ping. They like to monitor. Basal testing last night/this am and I'm down from 1.5-1.4 per hr. So far, so good. The tubing no longer bothers me, the sites are a non-issue. I did learn last week on saline to be sure the tubing is not where a Jack Russell foot can kick it when I pick on up. Hurts to have it pulled out! LOL

Last night I threw away my open levemir and novalog pens... with a flourish. So nice to… Continue

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Umpiring Collegiate Baseball

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So yesterday I umpired my first college doubleheader. A week or so ago I was supposed to do my first set of games, but winter decided it wanted to make us her dirty B one more time. So yesterday was my first day back...

One of my major stressors right now is trying to control my BG along with umpire a game. When you always have your…

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Day 8 on Victoza

Nurse talked with Doctor and called me back today. He said it was fine to stay at the .06 dose as long as it's keeping my numbers down, but if I want to also get the weight loss benefits of Victoza he recommended dialing it up to 1.2. I'm in a quandry....taking into account the possible side effects of Victoza, known (and because of the relative newness of the drug) unknown, along with the cost and the fact that the .06 dose is keeping my BG in the perfect range is on the side of staying right… Continue

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pre-diabetes?? really??

My daughter is type 1 and this week i was told i have pre-diabetes.....really? in the world of diabetics, is there really such a thing, and what makes if different than being told your type 2?? i already eat right, exercise and at a good weight..i'm not sure what else i can do....since my daughter is type 1 and i have the testers already, i've been checking my self in the am, i run from 107 -130....

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Okay so I am having a bad week. I am stressed out and not eating well. I am also not taking my insulin like I should. So of course my Bg are 300 or higher(i Know I will take my insulin tomorrow I promise) and I am at my wit;s end. Normally I would not blog this and keep it to myself, but today I have to write this down. I am not a whiner or a self pity party person. I am stressed due to my child's CRCt test that her school has done a horrible job preparing her for and there is a good chance she… Continue

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Hello tudiabetes community!

I'm new here, and just wanted to introduce myself. I've had type 1 diabetes for 35 years. I have two kids - one boy and one girl - and a husband. I am a nurse and certified diabetes educator. I recently took a new job as the Program Coordinator and Faculty for the brand new, online Masters program in Diabetes Education and Management at Teachers College Columbia University ( I also… Continue

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Today, I was accepted as an undergraduate researcher into a biology lab. I'm so excited to begin my work at the lab for a variety of reasons--obviously, my career goals are research-oriented so this is a great first step for me to take in solidifying my graduate school resume. The work I will be primarily doing related to Drosophila, a species of fruit fly that serves as a model organism for a lot of studies that can be applied to other similar organisms. It involves looking at the different… Continue

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I've been sticking to this lower-carb thing for about two weeks now. Minus 2-3 days when spring break ended and I started back to work and school. It's much easier to do this type of thing when I'm a…

I've been sticking to this lower-carb thing for about two weeks now. Minus 2-3 days when spring break ended and I started back to work and school. It's much easier to do this type of thing when I'm at home all day and have lots of time to think about what I might eat at the next meal then when I'm having to grab breakfast fast to get to work on time and knowing that around noon I'll be rushing from one job to the next and need something I can eat "on the go" since I won't have anywhere to sit,… Continue

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Migraine and T1 - anyone?

Two days ago I had my first migraine. So debilitating my spouse took me to the ER and I was worked up for possible aneurysm. I can not find any link between T1 and migraines other than headaches related to high glucose levels (which I've had and they have never been like this episode). A Swedish study even sugguests there is a lower rate of migraines among T1's. So has anyone else had this experience, or can some info my way? Thanks.

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Eat the Refrigerator Lows

One day last week, Danny, founder of the Flatliners Group on TuDiabetes, mentioned he had an eat the refrigerator low. I had one of those yesterday.


I slept until my alarm went off at 7, which is not a good thing to do with DP. My BS was 163 per my meter and 162 per the… Continue

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Strange BING Search Results Referring to My Blog

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"Anonymity in blogging is such a thin veil and the more popular your blog, the thinner the veil."



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Implantable Gastric Stimulator May Make Bariatric Surgery Redundant

Currently undergoing extensive trials, a pacemaker-style device that delivers mild electric pulses to the stomach could be a new way to tackle type-2 diabetes, the most common form of the disease. The matchbox-sized gadget called DIAMOND (Diabetes Improvement and Metabolic Normalization Device) ‒ a.k.a. TANTALUS™ ‒ is implanted under the skin on the abdomen, stimulates the stomach muscles when the patient is eating.

Basically, DIAMOND is an advanced minimally invasive implantable…


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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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All I have been doing for the past week is counting cells. Positive or negative cells. At 5-10 pictures/run with 3 runs/group and 4 groups . Each picture has 250-400 cells on it. The number of cells adds up quick. Right now I'm at over 12,500 cells...


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Gaining Weight. :( :(

My BG's are a lot better- yesterday I was down to 100- but I am gaining weight rapidly and it terrifies me. I'm already up to 116. that's 8 pounds up from a couple of weeks ago. I know a lot of it is water weight, but I'm scared. After I weighed myself this morning, I couldn't stop crying. The number staring back at me was...almost unbearable for me to see. That sounds like a rather self-indulgent thing to say, I admit, and I would never think that 116 is a high number for anyone else...but for… Continue

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Me and D: Honest About Burnout

if we're being totally honest...

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Medical Expenses and Supplies

Buckroth's Blog

Just another weblog


Medical Expenses and SuppliesBy buckroth

This is a tough subject for me to share. It is magnanimous in detail and overwhelming to realize. Wait, you’ll see what I’m talking about!

Yes, as a lifetime diabetic – 50+ years and counting – the collection of medical supplies continues. Compared with the cost of living,… Continue

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Bariatric surgery

NEW YORK, March 29 (UPI) -- Bariatric surgery -- weight loss through surgery -- is cost effective for managing type 2 diabetes in the moderately and severely obese, U.S. researchers say.

Dr. Francesco Rubino, director of gastrointestinal metabolic surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City, says an estimated 285 million people worldwide suffer from type 2 diabetes, and that number is expected to double by 2030.

An analysis… Continue

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Day 6 & 7 On Victoza

March 28/29, 2011

All is as it's been. Low numbers, no illness, a bit tired still...better today though. Shots are so easy to pain at all. Talked to the nurse today to see if it's OK with the Dr. if I stay on the .06 dose rather then dial up since it's working well. Today, two hours after lunch of two small pieces of Pizza and a salad my sugar was 80! 80? Come on...I've only seen numbers like that once, right after I'd taken a 2 mile walk! I also asked the Nurse if these… Continue

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After 30 years of living with this disease, I want to ask WHY? Not, "why me?". Just Why.

I've never felt sorry for myself or wondered why my brother's didn't have it instead, but you would think after all these years, someone would be able to tell us why we develop diabetes!!! I know older folks who have battled 40-50+ years have more experience than me, but in my opinion even 20 years and still no clear cut answer, is unacceptable. I have often wondered where the donated $ has gone.… Continue

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God bless rock-n-roll

I did NOT want to get suited up to go out and walk today, so I did the next best thing:

I got out my iPhone, set my timer for thirty minutes, shuffled through my "aerobic" playlist and danced from one end of my apartment to the other.

My feet are a bit sore -- note to self: put on shoes with orthotics in them before going hog wild to 80's punk!

It's OK, there were no witnesses -- no children were terrified by this brazen display of middle-aged insanity, and yes,… Continue

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