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A Diabetic Mind

It's funny how every time I give myself a new injection, each time i have to do blood-work, and each time i have to prick my fingers, squeeze until enough blood comes out, it never gets easier. Sometimes I even hesitate to do it... just like the first time i learned to give myself a shot. how is it that I can hate needles so much... but depend on them for my life? how is it i can do so well one day with numbers and so awful the next.. when i try so hard to do everything right?

Eat… Continue

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HealthSeeker Facebook Game Goes Mobile

We are extremely excited to announce the HealthSeeker mobile apps of iPhone and Android smart phones!!

Diabetes Hands Foundation’s mobile HealthSeeker™ apps keep people gaming to improve their health and diabetes management

Diabetes Hands Foundation (DHF) announced today the launch of free iPhone and Android mobile applications for the HealthSeeker™ game. HealthSeeker™… Continue

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Going through a tough time...

Alright... so I just feel like I have been going through a really tough time lately. With my friends and family I always like to keep everything light and happy which has been very tough lately, so I am just going to unload here in hopes it makes me feel better.

So, my boyfriend of 5 years and I just recently broke up, about 2 months ago now. I have been trying to date other guys but it is either I am having a tough time finding guys, I don't know what to do, or (no offense to all… Continue

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I like to keep items in the house to help out with low BG's. I of course keep a pack of Reli On fast acting glucose tablets in my briefcase, car, desk, house, bedside, and anywhere else I can. Oh I almost forgot…


Added by The Diabetic Camper on June 30, 2011 at 12:43pm — 3 Comments

Work and Diabetes

So, it seems like working in pastry arts...not so great for diabetes. My doctor has asked me to consider leaving my job. Given that I just got my lab results back, I think I should. Apparently inhaling powdered sugar 6 days a week hasn't been doing me any favors. But now I'm in a tricky position. I love my co-workers and I'm great at my job but I need to find something that won't screw up my health. So now I wonder if investing my future in the culinary arts was a poor life… Continue

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Boo's Journey through Diabetes (with Susan)

Hi everyone

I found out I had type 2 in April 2010, when I passed out at work. My glucose level was at 30 and apparently that is very dangerous as you're heading for a coma ... I was widowed in 2009 and the medics told me that the shock of losing my husband brought on type 2. The fight or flight reaction that I had was quite natural of course, however, normally we are in that state for a few minutes.  And my body remained that way for approx 4 months.  I remember my heart…


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Wanting to see the world.

For a very long time ive wanted to travel and see the world. Im a keen photographer and would love to document my travels with my photography. im a type one diabetic with which i struggle. im currently on insulin injections, DAFNE (Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating) but doctors are looking at putting me onto a pump. Does anyone have advice or interesting storys to tell about their adventures around the world with diabetes?

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Research Update

Click over to my blog for the full text of two separate posts about research (with a really sweet photomicrograph) and our struggles to figure out what is going on for next year.

I started my clinical… Continue

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a day in the life

i live in the greater Phoenix metro area.this time of year we hit about 110 degrees daily..this week we've been closer to 115. the temps will stay high for a few more weeks then dip down 5 or 10 degrees when the monsoon is in full effect..monsoon season is fun,big thunder storms every afternoon..sometimes it hails and somewhere is gonna get flooded.we dont get much weather in the desert so it's a nice change even though it's 108 and humid...

i do the kind of work where i'm out in… Continue

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Trail Building


So out on our land in East Texas we have this big hill covered in oak trees and brush that has no rhyme or reason to it. My wife had the idea to create a meandering trail up the hill that also could be used as a mountain…


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Click over to my blog for the full text and other unlinked posts.

Sorry if the posts are a bit erratic. My wife is trying to finish up her comp exams this week and needs me home to watch the kids in the afternoons, so my work has moved to the mornings. I'm going in at 0530 and working until...

SuFu, Ph.D.

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A documentary about encapsulated islet cell transplants VIDEO

Hey everyone! Here in New Zealand a documentary screened on telly about the work of Professor Bob Elliot and his company LCT Global.

You can watch the video here for the next couple of days: http://tvnz.co.nz/xeno-a-cure-for-diabetes/video-4261364

It's all about encapsulated pig-islet cell transplants for… Continue

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first of all thanks go out to the community for the warm welcome.thank you to all who are reading and especially for those who are commenting...i came to TuD to write a blog and vent while i'm doing it,everyone else is already sick of hearing about it and i need to do it! i didnt expect to find such a warm community and already an offer to let me vent.i think this is going to be a good experience.

i'm amazed at how un-informed the population is about diabetes in general...i'm… Continue

Added by Tee Juan Dee on June 28, 2011 at 11:30pm — 5 Comments

T Minus 18 Days, and Counting

0900 hours

DSA Coles is off to an awesome super-athlete day! Slept through the night. Blood sugar's fine. Hucos-Pocus Super-Tracker is working... A champion breakfast of all-curing oaties (I swear, my hair is getting so thick and lovely! JK. I don't have any hair right now), a brisk walk for Super-Pup, and DSA Coles is off to the gym for training session #1 of the day: weight-training.

1200 hours

Training session #1 successfully completed, training session #2 (pilates… Continue

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Strange T2 Lows

Today was weird. I actually went low. I even cheated on my diet & went low again by the end of the day.

A little background - last night I was much more active than normal. I practiced distance throwing golf discs with friends for about 3 hours, then hit the pool for another 2 hours. After all that, I went to bed a bit late and didn't eat anything after about 6:30 last night.This morning, I woke up late, still tired and forgot to take my thyroid medicine for the first time ever. I…


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Holy insulin resistance, Batman!

16w4d into pregnancy, and it seems like insulin resistance is hitting my like a brick. My fasting levels have been creeping up for the last 10 days, and I've spent too much of today over 200, even though I'd bolused more than enough for my breakfast and my lunch. Or at least I thought I did, but apparently I'm entering into a twilight zone and things are really changing quickly... Of course, after being high for way longer than I'd like, without my corrections having any effect, my insulin… Continue

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The Diabetic Camper

Hello everyone, I am Dave Hennesey. I have had diabetes since I was 13 and like the 80% of you out there have read all sorts of information on diabetes. After reading all these great ideas I thought to start my own blog because I never read about people that are the walmart types with type 1 diabetes or ones that camped alot. So if you are a diabetic that like myself have felt left in the dark because you enjoy regular food and you have a normal job (I am an accountant), and like camping and…


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Eggs sizzzzzling

Outside it is a mere 26 degrees inside it is 16 having heart and circulation problems makes it difficult to move and breeze normally in the heat I managed to toddle into the back garden that was an adventure in it's self not to steady on my feet the ground seems to want to kiss my head I know I love mother nature but come on I am 64,smudge is taking cover under the chair she has been sun bathing all morning come on girl I shout cool saucer of water here she pricks up her ears meows and goes… Continue

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Family Denial and Food

Click over to my blog for the full textand "like" the blog on facebook while you're there.

One of the things that has really started to erk me a year out from dx is people criticizing the way I eat and constantly trying to get me to eat things that are horrible for… Continue

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