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A little ride around Yorkshire! (Tour de France Stage 1)

Been a little quiet, but thought I would bring everyone up to date with the infamous Tour ride.

Well, the night before I have no idea what was going on with me, sky high levels all night. I had acquired a CGM for the ride off my DSN (CDE) and the alarm was driving me up the wall every hour waking me up. Ran corrections all night long and even changed my infusion set. Took till 5am to get them down to 162 (in US money)...but for most the night was over 280, very annoyed but all I could…


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Face Saver

It's been a while since I've even glanced at this tab in my browser but in all fairness its been a chaotic few months. With the bound of my degree on the unusually close horizon I decided to focus all my attention on my impending exams and project write-up, rather than proscrastinative activities like youtube, with the exception of a few Game of Thrones episodes thrown in sporadically within that period. Unsurprisingly, to some, concentrating on my studies came off and after what seemed like…


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type 1? misdiagnosed? in denial? someone help!

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes I'm 24 years old. I've never had kids, never married and I'm currently in college. I've always been active and took care of myself, although I currently 154lbs and I'm only 5"5 medium build,in the process of tryin to get the weight off and taking phentermine every day to help. No one in my family is diabetic,I had sores that wouldn't heal up.Every time I would accidentally cut myself shaving it wouldn't heal then these scores would come up on my face (my… Continue

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D is for... demigod?

I've always done everything in my power to make sure Eric and Nate have the same opportunities, D or no D. But this week... Nate went to summer camp.

And suddenly, unexpectedly, Eric was jealous.

I have two very different boys here. Nate is outdoorsy, athletic, rough-and-tumble, enjoys (ENJOYS!) doing farm chores, can take or leave the electronics (unless, of course, he's competing with Eric for control of the iPad), likes to read books. Eric is much less physical, much more…


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The price of vaccines!!

The price of vaccines!!

You might remember our friend (I use the term loosely) Elisabeth Rosenthal the medical reporter for the New York Times who wrote a rather biased piece about medical technology, (aimed really at diabetes medical technology) a few months ago (Rosenthal, 2014a). The article set off a bit of a fire storm in this community and I for…


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ADA 2014: Type-1 Diabetes Cure Research, Immunology

This posting discusses two treatments which have the potential to cure type-1 diabetes, which have been tested on people, and which were reported on at the ADA's 2014 Scientific Sessions.  They were both tested in honeymoon diabetics (as I define "honeymoon").

The soundtrack for this posting (in honor of the Ramones,  RIP):!/s/What+A+Wonderful+World/1XjvmQ?src=5



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You Mean It's Not Over Yet?!

I originally posted this to my Blogger account ( on January 19, 2014.

It has now been three months since I had triple bypass surgery. I had this point set so firmly in my mind as the moment all would magically be well again. In many respects it is, and in some it is not.

I am pretty well healed up although after a long normal day I can have some strong fatigue and a weak feeling in my chest muscles. This just reminds me that I have not done anything for…


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I Keep Going

All this summer has been full of pain. I try to do my best to keep up with everything, but it is hard when I am always hurting. I have so many chronic illnesses that I hesitate to even make a list of them because it might scare me! I spend a lot of time in the hospital, in the ER and at the doctors but nothing seems to help.

I do try as hard as I can to keep moving. I have a garden, pets and I go swimming every day. It seems like the heat never lets up, so it is nice to feel the cool…


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Packing list: Shoes? check. Jacket? check. Extra pods? uh oh....

This is the story of the time I forgot extra pods when I went camping.

My family and I were about half way to Mammoth Lakes, California, cruising around the Mohave desert in our suburban. I was probably only about 10 years old at the time, when suddenly, it hit us. My dad started whispering quickly to my mom, and they both went, "Ooh no!" All this was getting me pretty nervous. "What is it?!" I asked, started to get a little freaked out, "What's wrong?!" My parents then told me we had…


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Somtimes it Wears You Down

Type I Diabetes, diabetic retinopathy, coronary artery disease, acid reflux, frozen shoulder syndrome, staph infection, poor leg circulation. these are the health issues I deal with daily. Usually I take it all in stride and find some release by talking it out via this blog and Facebook. But sometimes the constant pain and the constant "time for more medicine", the constant vigilance, and constant doctors visits to only be told I need yet more treatment and/or surgery, and the constant…


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Friends For Life 2014 in Orlando was a blast!!!

The first word that comes to mind is, Wow!!!! This past week in Orlando at Friends For Life (FFL) was more amazing than I ever could have imagined!!!! I knew I would meet some amazing people but I wasn't sure I'd get to meet the first D bloggers I found after diagnosis and my D idols, Kerri Sparling and Scott Johnson!!!! They are just as down to earth and amazing as their blogs suggest!!! I found their blogs when I first came home from the hospital after my pancreatectomy and was told my…


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to be a sibling....

ok... so.

i see that all siblings fight. its true, me and my brother fight all the time...but what i realize is that sometimes with another sibling in the house (especially younger ones) it can be a little overwhelming to the sibling to see the diabetic sibling getting ALL the attention. when a kid is first diagnosed, the parents tend to worry a lot and want everything to be in order and under perfect control. and the parents start to focus on that most of the time and they…


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My body is struggling...

Well the past few days my asthma and eosinophilic esophagitis have just gone crazy. I've been using my rescue inhaler 2-3x per day and hardly able to sleep at night because I can't breathe properly, which I hardly ever do. And my EOE has gone right back to square one even though I've been strict with my diet. It's like I never started a diet ... food getting stuck, trouble swallowing, throat feeling weird constantly, constant heartburn, constatn stomach pain and nausea ...

I went to…


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Hello !!

Hi Everyone !

I was recently diagnosed as Type 1.5.

My fbg ranges between 80 and 95. After meals it ranges between 130 to 140 at 90 min.

I have been trying low carb diet to keep my numbers in check. The most recent a1c was 4.9 in June.

My endo didn't want to start me on insulin yet as my numbers looked okay. However I insisted that I was eating very less and I want to eat little better as I was feeling weal all the time.

My question is why do I feel tired and…


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Worst store hypo experience ever.

Im wondering how many out there have had bad experiences with store owners during hypos. In 27 years of IDDM I have been given free drinks, I have been allowed to consume beverages and pay later.

Prior to last Saturday, the worst experience I had was a store employee teens my early telling me i had to pay for a beverage prior to consuming it (something I do all the time when low, and wander the store while waiting. I've even once seized and paid for the items after paramedics revived…


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The Devil Really Is In The Details, And With Diabetes, There Are Alot Of Details

I confessed earlier to being a thought hoarder. And with T1D, or any diabetes for that matter, thought hoarding makes less room for details, and details are what can make our diabetic lives stable or unstable.

We know that one extra gram of carbs, one extra unit, or even half unit, of insulin, timing, scheduling, can make all the difference between how we feel, how we work, how we function, even if we function.

Although some of us rely heavily on medical technology for some…


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Hot Weather Prep for a Hot Weather Hater!.......

So. Dearhearts. I'm not insulin dependent yet and I don't need to worry about keeping my insulin chilled---though as of July 4th, beloved goofball kitty Doufus is on insulin and you better believe, thanks to all we have learned at TuD, we have back-ups for him in mind if the power dies!

However---every organ and joint and nerve in my old body hates HOT: puffy, achy, gasping for air as humidity rises—I know many of you get it.

So my prep for the next 8-12 days of temps from…


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2014 MasterLab in the DOC news

Not everyone could attend MasterLab, but there are a number of good round ups and blog posts about this day to inspire advocacy and action.

Here are links to some of my favorites.

Twitter feed for #masterlab:…


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Abscess Upset

Being type I diabetic, it is ritual to check my entire body every evening for any concerning things such as sores, cuts, discoloration, rashes, etc. really, anything that can grow into infection and turn my world upside down. You see, diabetics, especially unhealthy ones like myself, are at much higher risk for illness and infection, so it is a very good habit for us to thoroughly check our bodies every day.

One day, July 3, 2014, I found a red mark on the back of my left thigh, just…


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Brian Visits the Word in Your Hand Quilt

Back in 2011, our member and admin Marie B, who just happens to be a master quilter was asked by Manny to make a quilt for DHF which celebrated the "Word in Hand Project." For the quilt Marie asked members to contribute their hands and a word and then she built the quilt…


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