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Marathon training

Hi everyone. I am training for my first marathon. I have always stuck to 5 & 10k's which are fun but my best friend wanted to check off a marathon on her bucket list and talked me into it. We are now doing the Rock & Roll in Denver on Oct 19. So far, it has been going well. I usually take off my pump and give myself a couple units of Lantus to help throughout. I have now been running longer distances such as 18 & 19 miles and my blood sugar is starting to rise along with it. Does…


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DiaPep277 Development Canceled Due To Alleged Misconduct

This is the first paragraph from yesterday's press release from Hyperion:

Hyperion Therapeutics, Inc. (HPTX) today announced it is terminating development of DiaPep277 for newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetes. The company has uncovered evidence that certain employees of Andromeda Biotech, Ltd., which Hyperion acquired in June 2014, engaged in serious misconduct, including collusion with a third-party biostatistics firm in Israel to improperly receive un-blinded…


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I just got my A1c done today and it has gone up to 7.9 (last one was 7.4 three months ago). I see my endo tomorrow and he is not going to be happy (not that he'll be mad...just disappointed).

This summer has been crazy, though, which I think played a big part. When I was travelling and had to bring all my own food I brought stuff like cereal for breakfast because it was portable and didn't need refrigeration, and I was travelling for three weeks this summer ...

But I am also…


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Until it happens...


Eden doesn't often speak openly about her Type 1 Diabetes.


It is hard to be thought of as different - especially as a pre-teen

  • I completely understand why she may want to test her blood sugar under a desk sometimes to not draw attention to herself
  • I understand why she doesn’t want to have to check in with her mother daily
  • I understand why she is always in such a hurry so she isn’t the only one late for…

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Thank you Omnipod, Dexcom, tuD

I went for a visit with my nurse educator at the Joslin today. After teaching her everything I have learned over the last 6 months and giving her some Opsite Flexifix for her patients' sensors I got my A1C done. Drum roll please it was 5.5 ! Nice to see the hard work paying off not only from the number but also from how I feel and having the energy to ride in the Harbor to the Bay (Boston Harbor to Provincetown)charity bike ride in a couple of weeks. Wish me luck

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Endo Appointment

I just got back from my latest endo appointment and am amazed -- I'm already getting the results of the blood work, thanks to the group's new online health management tool. I'm liking this -- sort of!

The good news: I've lost 3 lbs since the last appointment. Definitely not complaining, since at my last appointment, my weight was 10 lbs higher than before! If I could lose another 6-8 lbs over the next 6 months, I'll be happy. Also, my bp was great, at 98/68. :D Certainly makes me…


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Too Good for a CGM

It's been a while since I've been here but I plan to post more regularly. One issue I'm particularly focused on is having been rejected for a CGM. My endo recommended it but my A1c's are "too good" and I can still recognize lows. So (says the insurance co) lets wait til they're not and then we'll give you the Dexcom. As someone who's had T1 for over 22 years w/no complications to date, this is tremendously frustrating. It's A LOT of work to keep good control as we all know. I'm tired. Why…


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RA Diagnosis story

RA Diagnosis story

This week, there is a three part blog running on the site Test-Guess-And-Go . I am thrilled that the site administrators Laddie and Sue have agreed to host this long blog. I am so grateful to them for allowing me to provide this particular content to them, and I hope that as site administrators…


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NEED Help understanding results

I had an Gad65/serum done. My results was >250.0 normal range being 0.0-5.0 I have absolutely no idea what this I type 1 or 2? All my other tests C peptide/a1c pointed to type 1 but I just feel completely lost bc I don't understand this result. Just want to know :( please help me to understand. I'm newly diagnosed and still learning

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Hope for Type 1s

This is good news for type 1's, there may be some hope in the future of saving or restoring beta cell function after all, if caught early in the game...

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My name is Ashlynn and I was diagnosed with type one diabetes 14 years ago. I was only four years old when I was diagnosed and its never been easy! Diabetes has always been challenging to me since day 1! Everything got harder for me when I hit my teenage years. I stopped taking care of myself, was rebellious…


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I saw the retina specialist. I have macular pucker, not diabetic retinopathy. He said they don't know what causes it but I should have good results with surgery. Instead of the massive edema my ophthalmologist said I had it is scar tissue. The scar tissue pulls on the macula distorting focus and causing blurring. Side effect can be a cataract in 1 or 2 years which would mean more surgery.But my life is always full of "just one more surgery"

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Why I Am An Open Book

I am writing this in response to questions and comments I have received from several different people both online and in person. Questions like, "You don't mind people knowing about your health issues?" "You don't mind telling strangers about private things?", etc.

There is much tolerance and understanding from me for the many different views and personality types in this world. How boring would life be if we all felt, acted, and thought the same about everything? I enjoy friendly…


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Cloudy With A Chance Of Healing

Had another post-op follow-up with my eye doctor. I recently had a fourth surgery on my right eye related to diabetic retinopathy. The surgery had consisted of a lens replacement for a cataract, they also cleaned up a hyphema (collection of blood), and put in oil to help keep my retina flat.

Not long after the surgery I had developed epithelial failure which resulted in a cloudy cornea. The doctor decided to wait and see before doing any treatment because this is something that…


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ADA 2014: Other Topics, Pediatric Approval and Big Data

This blog posting covers two topics which I found interesting at ADA's Scientific Sessions 2014.  It contains much more of my personal opinions than a regular post.

Barriers to Pediatric Treatment Approval

This was an ADA session on getting drugs/treatments/devices approved for pediatric use.  It focused on one topic: why is it so hard to get pediatric approval for diabetes treatments (both in type-2 and type-1)?  The entire…


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So one of the inside things about twitter that I admit have never learned is the ins and outs of hashtags. According to the official twitter help site this is the definition of hashtags:

Using hashtags to categorize Tweets by keyword:



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T1D's got me thinking .. and analyzing.. again


As I have mentioned numerous times - exercise - ANY form of exercise - plays a role in Eden’s Type 1 Diabetes blood sugar management..


The thing is - although exercise is excellent for Eden - it causes additional challenges in management as all exercise is not equal and does NOT cause the same reaction to her blood sugar numbers


one day her blood sugar can skyrocket -

one day it can…


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Could this be the cure

What you think about this article

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...AND Finally!

So I finally qualified, and they are shipping out my Animas ping. It will be here by Monday or Tuesday. Then I have an education class and voila.
Phewww, that was an ordeal, but I am quite happy that it's finally happening!

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My Story

Hi, I’m Jodi. Thanks for welcoming me to the community, I'm so happy to be here. I'm an RN, CDE who has been working in the field of diabetes for the past 11 years. You'll soon find out, I have a little bit of a different approach to diabetes education than most clinicians. I try to work with my members as individuals to help them figure out the root cause of their problem rather than focusing on the symptoms of the problem.

The truth is we are all very different people with…


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