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Vertigo Treatments?

I posted about this yesterday I think but no one replied. Sorry that this is a repeat. I have vertigo and was given meclazine/dramamine to treat it 3x per day and told not to drive until it resolves. I'm so dopey and out of it from the dramamine that I can't take it except for at night though but I noticed today when it wore off, 24 hours or so, the dizziness seemed to get worse. It gets worse when I move around generally with quick movements, bending down etc. Last night I tried the non…


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So last week my best friend planned a bon fire night at the beach with some girls, complete with hot dogs, s'mores, and campfire tunes. Caught up in the moment, I didn't bolus for my food, two hot dogs and two marshmallows, or 56 carbs. Funny how I remember exactly what I ate...I probably intended to bolus at some point, but I got wrapped up in cooking hot dogs for everyone else and just enjoying myself. There was also sand over the place, so I didn't really want to…


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The Field Of Diabetes Is Overrun . . .

. . . with ultracrepidarians.


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Blog Number 280

Blog Number 280

Wow what an exciting time for our community!! Emily’s post on January 20’th lets us know how the community will go forward using the new discourse backbone. It is also an exciting time for me personally so I thought this morning I would combine the two pieces of good news in one post. It is estimated that a complete change over made in…


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Overwhelmed by being OVERWHELMED

Since I can remember, ive always felt different than everyone else, as a child i had these extreme intense feelings of being lost and not belonging in my body. Ive always had the feeling of emptyness and seeking something far greater then what I knew, I come from a family with very limited emotional support, they always supperted the relisation of diabetes but never the emosional side of it. I am now at a place inmy life where i am very much overwhelmed, with all the left right slaps that…


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Where I am Now

I have made a lot of lifestyle changes over the last several months. I eat a very strict diet, exercise regularly, check my blood sugar several times every day, adjust my insulin accordingly. Through taking notes and paying close attention to my body and actions I have learned a few things both good and bad.

1. The dawn phenomenon can go die in a fire. I can do so well and have the most perfect blood sugars, and then I go to bed and when I wake in the morning my blood sugar is around…


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The Joslin Clinic DO IT program in Boston, MA

Hello Everyone,

I just joined this diabetes community website this morning and can't believe all the information I have at my fingertips! Thank you for sharing!

Little about me... I am a recently diagnosed type 1 as of October 31st (Halloween, I know, right?)

Did the Joslin Clinic…


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New year, new day, new start.

Excited but nervous..tomorrow will consist of dr appointments all day. Seeing a couple different ones to try to figure out things. Hopefully this new change will mean new starts for this year. Change is scary, but you've got to take that first step sat some point.

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Hi All !!

Whoa ! its been a long time since I have blogged.

Since I stumbled across this new path of diet which is "THE PALEO APPROACH" by Sarah Ballntyne, I, like every beginner, do have a lot of queries with this new found diet.

First things first ...

1)What is Paleo ?

2) Is AIP ( Auto immune protocol) diet the same as Paleo?

3) Low carb High fat Diet the same as paleo ?

4) Overall Paleo is L.C.H.F (Low carb High fat) or H.P.H.F (High Protein High…


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metformin problems, terrible suffering- but not G.I.

My blood sugar has been in the normal range on metformin. (75-105). I have tried several different doses with good results. But after about 6 months on the drug I started to have sweating, hot flashes and severe chills. I get these temperature changes in quick succession - and have to bundle up and strip off my sweater and more many times a day, hot flashes then minutes later I am freezing and have to cover up.

My doctor recommended berberine but I just read it damages the liver. I am…


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Artificial Pancreas Update (Jan 2015)

Sound track for this blog is "Living After Midnight" by Judas Priest, but performed by The Donnas:!/s/Living+After+Midnight+Judas+Priest/3ASqUY

Research into the Artificial Pancreas (AP) continues to move forward.  The term "artificial pancreas" refers to using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to feed data to a computer, which controls an insulin pump, and in…


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Receiver in toilet

Thanks it's in a bowl of rice now.

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Dropped receiver in toilet!!

Any suggestions after dropping receiver in toilet?
It is not working so I'm willing to try anything. I had it in the sun today for about 4 hrs. I live in Florida. The screen where you would see graph looks steamy- condensation I'm sure. Oh well not too bad considering I've had it for almost 5 years now.

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Needle disposal?

Heyya, im really new to diabetes and really bad at computers too but i was just wondering what other peoples do with used needles when not at home. So when im at home or at work (nurse) theres always a sharps bin around the place but when im off or away i have a magnet in the lunchbox which i keep all my diabetic craic in to keep all the used needles together. Does anyone have a better way of storing used needles??

And going to concerts or football matches , will security let you in…


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Change Your Thing

Change Your Thing

I have been listening to older music over the last few days. I have been trying to listening to music I rarely put on my ITunes list. I have to admit some good music is not in my regular listening pattern. Looking back on my last six months of music listening, I have found how predictable my listening pattern is. I have songs in my ITunes list I have never listened…


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"Logan has really been responsible with his diagnoses. He was checking his own BS on the first day of diagnoses and giving his own insulin injections on the second day. He refuses to let his mother or I check his BS or give him insulin anymore. We are very proud that he accepted it and living with it the best… Continue

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My New Year, 2015

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year! Yes, I know I am late. I haven't been on for a while and am hoping to become more of a regular.

My goal this year is to get back on track and become a better diabetic?

I have a few issues? questions?

First being, diabetes burnout. I am definately there. Don't want to eat because food is the enemy. Don't want to test because I'm afraid of what the meter is going to tell me. When my numbers are bad I always blame myself.

I am still…


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Scholarships put the fun in funding for education

Scholarships put the fun in funding for education

We are in the time of year when students thinking about college are thinking about scholarships. To be more accurate, their parents are thinking…


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36 Years and Counting

This was originally posted to my blog,

Today I celebrate my 36th birthday. I have always thought of birthdays as a day to celebrate the fact that a person was born and show them that they are loved and valued and remind them that the world would not be as bright without them in it. That belief has not changed, but now I view my birthday a little differently. To me my birthday is a celebration that I am still alive, I am a survivor, a fighter .... and very,…


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Not blogging; living

I’ve not been blogging, because of life. So, I know it’s a lame excuse, but with a two-year old son, nearly two-year old, an undiagnosed nerve condition, and a diagnosed chronic disease, I do what I have to do.

My nerve condition has been described as Ataxia, but whether it’s MSA, Parkinson’s, or a one-time occurrence, it’s a problem. It involves loss of balance, poor handwriting, and slurred speech. I will fight it, as I have fought Type 1 Diabetes for over twenty years, but I would…


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