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A milestone

Today is the sixth anniversary of Eric's diagnosis. And you know what? I didn't remember that until I had to run to the nurse's office to give her a new meter (the 5-year-old OneTouch Ultralink meter we'd gotten with Eric's pump gave up the ghost, not unexpectedly). When I signed into the school, I put the date down, and realized... oh.

What's funny is that October 6 and 7 represent a 2-day anniversary of what remains, and hopefully will always remain, the worst 48-hour period I've…


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I started my blog, Cinnamon, on October 26, 2012. "Getting Off My Ass" was my first blog post, ever. The post was to set up my blog and let people know what I intended the blog to be about. Originally it was supposed to be simply a tool to help me practice and improve my writing skills. I had no idea what…


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A Note To Doctors

Being a person who lives with an incurable disease, I have spent my life, save for the several years spent without insurance, sitting in the doctor's office. I have been the patient of many a doctor and have experienced the many different personalities of doctors. They are all human, and therefore they act human, faults and all.

What advice can I offer doctors? What advice can a patient with an incurable, life-galling, and often heartbreaking disease offer to doctors? A lot:



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Giving a Talk in Palo Alto: Roadmap To A Cure "We're not there yet, but how far away are we?"

If you are interested in hearing me talk about possible cures for type-1 diabetes, here is your chance.
In a sense, this talk is going to be the exact opposite of my usual blog posts, because I'm covering the entire landscape of research aimed a curing type-1 diabetes.  My blogs usually focus on one specific treatment or one small area of research.  But in this talk, I'm hoping to put all of them into context.  I'm…

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Health Dwellers

Why do I post the posts I post?

Most diabetics dwell a lot on their health. Why wouldn't we? We have to monitor our health so closely...ALL the time! And those of us who have diabetes related complications and/or multiple health issues have all the more reason to be health dwellers.

So it is no surprise that many of us are obsessed with diabetes/ healthy eating/ exercise/ wellness topics, etc. and we post a lot of these things on our Facebooks, Tumblrs, twitters, blogs,…


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Our Decision Shots over Pump

I wanted to do this blog to share why we decided to take my son off the pump. A lot of people's reactions were "Why would you ever do that?"I want people to understand that you don't have to be on an insulin pump to have great diabetes management. First of all we loved the Animas Ping insulin pump. It does all the math for you and I could bolus him from another room. It also kept a history log of what his blood sugar was and how many units of insulin he got. It made it so easy for Preschool…


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Diabetic Dreams

When I fall asleep at night I know I am bound to wake up the next morning with the memory of an extremely vivid dream. This is who I am, I have always had the most vivid dreams, and I love it. My dreams feed my imagination, and my imagination feeds my dreams.

The last thing I want to follow me into my dreams, though, is my diabetes. I spend all day with this disease breathing down my neck like an overbearing boss, I don't want to dream about it. The good thing is that I've only had a…


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How much time do u wait before increasing insulin units with lantus?

I have been getting high BG levels since I added carbs. I started with 10 units very little carbs.Seemed to be coming near normal. Added 10 carbs a meal then 30. It's climbing in the 300s. I'm really very confused and feeling a little disgusted. Also on 10x2 d glucotrol. I'm D for 30 years. I'm wondering if the glucotrol stopped working. Should I see better numbers right away or do I just wait. It's one day on new dose. Help

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Gone but for a good reason

Gone but for a good reason

I have decided to stop blogging, greeting new member and celebrating birthdays here on TUDiabetes for a bit. To understand why I hope you will indulge a longer explanation. To understand the whole thing you have to go back to 2005. In that year, I was having chest pain and it turned out that the angina was caused by a…


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Camp Chinnock

Not long after I was diagnosed with type I diabetes, my parents sent me and my brother, also a type I, to a diabetic camp called Camp Chinnock. I was both excited and worried to go away for two weeks. This camp, I was told, was just for type I diabetics and I could make friends that understood how I was feeling and what I went through every day.

So, the summer of 1988 came and my brother and I went away to camp. The camp was a fun experience. The point was to show young diabetics that…


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I have learned to accept you and have tried to be one with you. And I am learning to be thankful for all that you have given me…Strength, courage & an understanding that I could not have realized existed without you. Faith & belief in my family and their unconditional & uncompromising love and support.…


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The 'Art' of Blood Glucose Management.

Reading the blog by edenseffort "Nerves AND Exercise - not a good mix" blog. Sort of inspired me to document this.

As I commented there, I love it when we can nail the ART of blood glucose management.

I had a small victory myself yesterday and an alarming failure this afternoon.

Yesterday before breakfast was time to change my infusion set and sensor. I decided to try an experiment. I tried my thigh last week with the CGM, and that…


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Nerves AND exercise – not a good mix…

Eden has been back playing her beloved basketball for one week now after her broken thumb..

Last night she attended a girls only clinic (she plays on a boys team) and was one of the older more experienced girls there.

Coach knows her well and put her through her paces – sometimes making her do many more reps than the other girls. Fine by me – sometimes she needs to be pushed and I am always happy when the coaches recognize that and don’t let her coast.

Something else…


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I'm Crying Right Now

It is interesting how you can live for so long believing something because a professional told you it was so. Since 2007, I have believed that I had poor circulation in my legs because a doctor diagnosed it as such. Today I found out that the circulation in both legs is "normal". But that is just the good news before the devastating...

I have lived since 2007 with excruciating pain in both legs whenever I do any physical activity. After I was diagnosed with poor circulation that year,…


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McGregor Park

McGregor Park

A few weeks ago on a sunny Sunday afternoon Sheryl and I went to a new park near our house. It is a rather large park which is not well developed. It is comprised of trails that wind around a woods and meadow. Many of these trails go around or near a rather large tree nursery. These trees are a new Indiana woods in the making, but the park managers also share the trees with other park…


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Ah but that was sooooo Gooood

'Honey-do' done. Helped wife clean house. Yeah, I 'll admit it. I've been house broken and house trained. And I'll be the first to say so.

But afterwards she decided she wanted some Churches chicken, mouth watered on that one. So off we go for a take-out. Got five thighs, mashed potatoes & gravy, honey biscuits for her. I had a ton of jalapeno nacho slices. Going to pay for that later but was worth it at the time. I only had two of the thighs and 1/2 cp of the mashed potatos &…


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Oh No! My A1C

I recently went to my doctor to get the blood work results and for my regular check up and come to find out my A1C has managed to climb back up. I went from a 5.5 to a 9.9! There's been a lot happening at work and in life that helped the number get that high including me eating too much rich food. Now I have two months before I see my doctor again and I want to get my A1C back on my normal track.

I've got a game plan started but think I should be adding more to it. I'm currently…


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Before and After

This is a copy of this post from my blog Blood Drops & Braille Dots. If you like this post, please check out the others on my blog.

Before and After

Thinking back, I see my life divided into segments, each punctuated by events which shift the course of my life forever. Segments where life changes, where I'm never… Continue

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Sometimes I'm not even sure why I bother. Lately I've been excited (and trust me, that's not a word that I can use very often to describe myself) to attempt to pursue a new adventure to become a paramedic/firemedic. I knew it would be a wicked challenge, but it would be a worthwhile one as well. It'd give me a new purpose in life, which I desperately need...

Flash forward to reality, where I wrestle with issues that aren't fair and that few people know about and that fewer could even…


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Date Day

Well, today was date day. Wife and I have been doing that since for 41 years now. We'll go out shopping or window shopping. Just something to do together. Then we'll head out for one our favorite Buffets. Chinese or Golden Corral. Today was Chinese Buffet.

We really enjoy the place. Nice people that we've known since the middle nineties. Usually when having a read on two hour mark I'll be between 130-160. Mostly on the lowend of that. But today on two hour mark I hit 193. Had the…


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