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DIABETES DYNASTY- - - the "beep"

I'm sure this strange phenomenon has happened to us all at one point or another..... you're in class, and everyone is taking a test, so it's eerily quiet. Then, all the sudden your meter/pump/cgm starts beeping louder than you ever thought possible, and everyone's head turns and stares at you. This is a collection of some of my most memorable "beepy" moments.

1.)THE METER- I'm in language arts class, towards the beginning of the school year, and I'm doing a BG check under my desk, and…


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I have a thought that I try to communicate but my words can't or don't do it justice, my emotional state is in turmoil as I don't know how to voice my fears or my joys as they are short lived.

I battle with the highs as well as the lows of diabetes and life.

Carry on with a smile,laugh the loudest even though my fears can't be voiced hiding the hurricane deep down so no one can see my weakness.

Am I strong? Someone has it worse out there but why can't I express… Continue

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Learning New Ways of Living

For the past two years, I've been considered Pre-Diabetic. My doctor has recommended changes (specifically, wanting me to begin eating a vegan diet).

I confess to not really trying.

The past few months, however, have been an eye-opener as I've been diagnosed with high blood pressure and my fasting glucose has risen to over 128. Two years ago, I had an A1C of 5.6. Last month, my A1C was 6.3. And though not enough to have my diagnosis changed to Type II Diabetes, it is… Continue

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Not long now!

Getting ready for the Tour de France eep...not long now! And got me thinking, where do we all put our pumps? Me, well some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, I wear my pancreas :P…


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Sex, Menses, and Nudity

I originally posted this to my Blogger account ( on 11/25/13.

What's been going on since my last recovery post? Not much, everything is going well. I'm feeling close to normal. I will point out a few things about my recovery that I didn't mention in previous posts, though. The following can be considered private or touchy material which is why I originally didn't mention some of them.

1. Although my libido is healthy and rarin' to go, my husband is…


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Suggestions/advice for Running

I am fairly new to this site and its amazing! I am looking for some input/suggestions from people with type 1 diabetes on insulin pumps that run and do half marathons. I have the Omnipod system that I use, but no CGM. I am training for a half marathon right now that's in August and would like any comments/suggestions to how you keep your blood sugars up and what you take with you when/while you run! Any stories/advice anyone wants to give are greatly appreciated. I have been active now since…


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I woke up in range this morning, but ever since I ate breakfast I have been high. My lowest reading since this morning has been 11.5 (207) but most have been between 13-15 all day. Constant corrections, site change, cartridge change, no ketones.

I was supposed to spend all day working on my thesis edits but instead spent most of it konked out napping because I am exhausted! I think I'm becoming more sensitive to high blood sugar than I used to be. Never used to get so tired when I was…


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Diabetes and Relationships/Friendships from a Teenagers Perspective.

hey all, so ill start by giving anyone who hasnt followed my blogs and posts for a while a bit of info about me. My name is Sara-Louise. I am 15 years old and have haD diabete for 13 years 11 months and 7 days (to be exact!). i have experienced all the ups and downs throughout a diabetic life from hypo seizures to DKA comas. I'm currently on a pump but have done what feels like 100's of different insulins oVer the years. I've dealt with diabulimia and weight/appearance issues. I've dealt…


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i did it! (almost) i went to the jump 4 diabetes. or as the real name.....dare me 4 charity. it was so fun. we got to go on this crane thing and then jump off it into this big bounce house without a top. when me and my brother looked at the people jumping...we saw one person do the 32ft drop. we wanted to do that drop. it looked small from on the ground and we told ourselves we could. it took along time to wait to jump. people were getting scared and chickening out. so it took a long time....…


Added by amira colene rose on June 28, 2014 at 3:17pm — 1 Comment

jump 4 diabetes

Does anyone know what jump 4 diabetes is? Its were u pay to jump off a crane thing and u land in a big foam pit. I am going! If anyone else is foinv et me know. If u r there look 4 me. Of course u do not know who I am. But one hint.....I have a Ryan reed bracelet. So hope u guys go and have a fun time!!!

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A Glimpse of Low Vision

This post is from my blog, Blood Drops & Braille Dots. If you enjoy it, please check out this same post as well as the rest of the content.

"Oh, wow!" my brother exclaimed, "look at the castle! Do you see it?" My two brothers stood beside me outside the gift shop of the science centre, the older of the two peering over his…


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wrong insulin!!!

so..this is the story were i took the WRONG INSULIN!...

so one night i was at my dads house. it was a few weeks after my diagnosis and it was time for my 9:00 shot. u know the long lasting one... either lantus or levimere. well i was sorta drowsy, so i was not as focused as i was supposed to be. i grabbed my pen and attached the needle. i then dialed 20 units. i gave it to my dad and he checked that my units were correct. it was, so he said go ahead and do it. i did. immediately after…


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ok..... i would like to thank... thas, gabriella,rick,m,silver and stasia. u guys were all soo sweet. i hope i can write good blogs 4 u wonderfull people. well thats it.
~amira colene rose

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OK.... So I got to admit,this is really cool! Thank u rick for inviting me to start blogging on tudiabetes!me and Anna kate r the diabetes dynasty! I am amira Colene rose. But...that is not my real name.. I will not tell u who I am! I am anonymous. Thank u rick again and I will do some more post later!!! See ya!
-amira Colene rose.

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Hello fellow bloggers! My friend Amira Rose and I have been working on a blog for a little while, but we were under a single name. Recently, someone discovered our blog and asked us to put our blog here, on tuD. So here it is, THE DIABETES DYNASTY! :) I will copy over the already written parts of our blog and paste them here very shortly!

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;) :)

Hello, I am currently 14 years old and I want to become a walrus. I know there’s a million people out there just like me, but I promise you I’m different. On December 14th, I’m moving to Antartica; home of the greatest walruses. I’ve already cut off my arms, and now slide on my stomach everywhere I go as training. I may not be a walrus yet, but I promise you if you give me a chance and the support I need, I will become the greatest walrus.

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Ten (10) things I have learned about being diabetic in the past 40 years!!

Ten (10) things I have learned about being diabetic in the past 40 years!!

I was reflecting in chat the other day about the little things I have learned over the past 40 years. This is not an exhaustive list or even a great list, just little things I have learned along the way that might be helpful to others, well or not,

10. Being diabetic can be fun, especially if you take pleasure in freaking people…


Added by rick the "Blogabetic" on June 26, 2014 at 5:30am — 18 Comments

Shhhh, im busy enjoying life!

Well I'm finally finished school for the summer,so now it's time to relax and enjoy life!!

Added by hollipop133 on June 26, 2014 at 1:21am — 2 Comments

Byetta Journey

Woo hoo!!!! Still feeling great on the Byetta. Not much hunger. I couldn't wait, got on the scale today and weighed in at 203.4. 6 lbs lost in 4 days.

6/25/2014 Today for breakfast I had 2 poached eggs on 1 piece of whole wheat toast. Lunch at 12:30 pm was 1/3 cup of broiled chicken and rice. Couldn't eat anymore than this and felt very full. Took my evening injection at 5:30pm and waiting to eat something at 6:30. I am actually a little hungry and stomach is growling. No bathroom runs…


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DASH and Ubud's Yoga Barn

DASH screened 70 employees of Ubud’s Yoga Barn! In addition, the Yoga Barn staff was able to experience their version of Lucas’ Brown…


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