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Lakeland Monster Miles 2014 pictures

Well, here's the pic's as promised from this years Lakeland Monster Miles...before I ended up in hospital with DKA which I didn't get pics of :P

Must admit I did enjoy going through that ford. Bike even looked clean at that point. Didn't last long though!…


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Cats whiskers

You do not have to be rich to be happy we went to the seaside in 1966 that was me and Sheila we were courting we took sheils mom along to chaperone us have to bear with me my spelling is not good nearly said something else while we were there we visited an astrologer not sure if that is right she had a glass globe and it skinned us out paying but here is what she said, you will have 5 children never be rich but you will have an everlasting love for each other I guess 2 out of three will…


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I'm amazing. But don't take my word for it.

At swimming lessons last week, I had an interesting encounter with another mom.

When we arrived at the pool, I did what we usually do: I sent the boys in to change into their bathing suits, then Eric came out to give me his pump and get a blood sugar drawn. He was lower than I wanted him before an hour-long swimming lesson (84), so I gave him some juice and a couple of lifesaver candies to bring his blood glucose up enough to get through the class without a low. I barely noticed the…


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Burned Out, Distressed, Depressed or Crazy?

Warning - Rambling post to follow

I am in the depths of a burnout right now. I was initially diagnosed T2 5 years ago but after about 6 months could never gain control. I lost 70 pounds and thought I should be able to reduce my meds or even reverse T2, but my numbers stayed high. In May I saw a different doctor who did more blood work and changed my diagnosis to T1 (really LADA T1.5). I got on a CGM and was initially successful, but now there are days where I just don't care. I have…


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Three Unsuccessful Trials

This blog posting summarizes several clinical trials aimed at curing type-1 diabetes which have failed.  These are never fun, happy blog postings, but they are important.  One of the big problems with trying to understand research based on mass media reporting is that failures are rarely covered at all.  The soundtrack for this posting is "Down" by Melissa Lambert:…


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Idk what to do

So I'm T1 and on insulin I'm taking 35 units 2x a day and my readings are still mid 200 to high 500 my doctor tells me that the pump is not an option cause I need to be leveled for about 6 months before we can even think about that but as of right now I'm trying to eat right I take my meds I run a bicycle 20miles on the days I work and yet my levels are still out of controle Idk what to do or where to start I'm a lol worried cause old what's gonna happen my body shuts down on me there's days… Continue

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Type 1 Diabetes and First Grade

Now that it's been about almost 2 months into the school year. I thought I would share Cooper's routine at school. This year is Cooper's first year of all day school since kindergarten in our state is half a day. School starts every morning at 8:50 a.m. While the morning announcements are on and they are doing the pledge of allegiance the nurse comes down and take his diabetes bag out of his book bag and takes it to her office. At about 10:05 a.m he goes to the nurse to be tested. His cousin…


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Thin Skinned Diabetics…Literally…Diabetes and Eczema

It's funny, really. Growing up, I was the "sensitive" one with tender feelings, "thin-skinned." I had a perfectly average amount of adolescent acne. I was subject to outbreaks of hives before big tests—though interestingly, never, ever before a performance, even the ones in a 5000-seat opera house. Then, about 2 years before my daughter was born, I had a nasty outbreak of eczema. It was my first year at an important new job, so I thought nerves. As it went on for awhile, I thought hormones.…


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First time I've had DKA - don't want it again!

Well, first time for everything and all that. But DKA finally paid me a visit in all 34 years of dealing with this. And frankly still annoyed over it.

The day started pretty well. Early rise, all kitted up and prepped for the event today (62 mile cyclocross with 8824ft of climbs). Bloods were pretty perfect for it, 6.2 (111 in US money) had breakfast on a 60% bolus as usually and off rode to the start of the event. Was a little slow getting away so by about 8 miles into the event…


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Joe Levdansky

I’ve never been involved in the diabetic community before because I was focused more on my own wellness with this disease. I want to change that. I feel we all have the responsibility to share our story and the challenges we face, so that we can make it that much easier for people recently diagnosed. We all…


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Having seen the advert of New York and that Orange Drink and someone eating eggs benedict I promised myself if we went to America again I would make my first order of food eggs benedict had them over here but come on nothing like the real thing Ben and Jerries tried Weather spoons tried but both failed miserably for me, so when our daughter and son in law took us to a place called Family Affair in Freeport I asked for that from an amazing looking woman serving our table and when she said…


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Adding to those Scars …

SO much has been going on the past few days – I just honestly haven’t had the energy to sit and write..


  • We have had ridiculous, frustrating HIGH blood sugars
  • We have had a XCountry finals meet
  • We have had a Fall Dance and Carnival
  • A housewarming party
  • A basketball tournament
  • A sleepover
  • Scary LOW blood sugar
  • A birthday party
  • A fundraising pizza party


All of this stuff going on…


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Medicare and the CGM system


Roy Taylor

For twenty years the Medtronic / MiniMed Insulin Pumps have been a great help to me in achieving the best glucose control possible. My 20 years of insulin pump history began in 1994 with the MM 504 then the 508 and 715, 722, and now the 723 Revel. Twenty years and five pumps all in upgrades and now we have the Medtronic 530 G wth Enlite,the CGM system technology.

All of this is fantastic for those of us who are dibetic and experience sudden hypo and or hyper…


Added by Roy on October 13, 2014 at 2:12pm — 2 Comments

Rough night, hypoglycemia and over treating a low.

Had a somewhat scary night last night.

Tested (98bg) took my bolus for dinner and waited 15 minutes to eat. Ate dinner and in the space of an hour my sugar was down to 43. 15 minutes later it was 42 after a 12oz glass of orange juice. 15 minutes after that it was 40 so I had a few cookies. (20g carb)

Problem was that I still had 8.53 units active insulin in my system still.

I had some more carbs and a hard candy to try and level things out. barely topped 92 and then 128 after…


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I'm a T2. On August 25, 2014, I started insulin (Lantus and Novolog). My A1c at that time was 10.3. Today, it is 7.3. I'm so happy and grateful that I'm writing this blog as a way of shouting out my glee.  On top of that, my doctor wrote "controlled diabetes" in my medical record.  I do not remember the last time that was applicable.

One step at a time, but right now my steps are happy steps.

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An englishman in the USA part 1

Like coming home felt right at home staying with our daughter in Freeport USA middle America bible country and more, not a mountain in sight surrounded by corn fields more space than a space hopper clean fresh air shop assistants that really want to serve you with a your welcome on every persons lips we met bought down to earth when we arrived back went into Sainsburys resturant for breakfast and found they had no bread hot chocolate and 20 minute wait for anything else with only two…


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CGM? I don't think so....


The last weekend in October will be my first overnight camping trip with diabetes.

I’ve been working with my endocrinologist who wants me to get on a insulin pump and CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) System. I tried out the Dexcom 4 Platinum and found out that I can’t base my dosing of insulin off the CGM. The Medtronic CGM (which is integrated into their pump) bases dosage off the CGM readings.

On Monday I put the sensor and CGM system to work in the…


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Three Years In

Hello all,

I was diagnosed three years ago this month. The original dx was T2 but fortunately my GP ordered anti-body tests resulting in a dx of T1, GAD >250.

The lab results were, A1c 5.9%, fasting BG 130, triglycerides 160, HDL 35, LDL 180, weight 220 height 5'7 age 52 male.

Within a couple weeks I had done extensive research and discovered the Dr. Bernstein book. Following his dietary advise I lost 40 lbs in 6 months and my BG levels normalized without insulin. My…


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How to Survive Without

Living with type I diabetes is hard enough; finding yourself with no health insurance and living on minimum wage can be downright deadly. I've been asked before how I ended up that way and how I survived. Here's a rundown of the seven years I spent in diabetic perdition.

How did I end up with no health care and no money? As for the money, my husband changed jobs and the one he ended up in didn't offer insurance. The original idea was that he would only stay in that job until a better…


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What does it feel like to be a diabetic?

What does it feel like to be a diabetic?

I've been asked this question, and many questions like it, many times in my life and it is not an easy question to answer. For every diabetic, it is different. For me, the question is multileveled. What does it physically feel like? What does it emotionally feel like? What does it feel like when I'm high? Or low? What do the many complications I suffer with feel like?...etc...

Imagine being a traveler and no matter what, you always have…


Added by Tamra on October 9, 2014 at 12:18pm — 8 Comments

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