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This is definitely going on my wish list!

At least my husband would be able to use it if I needed it, unlike the kit I have right now...

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Large Study proves about 1/3 of all T1's still produce insulin years after diagnosis

This could be VERY good news for T1's...…


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D Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house

Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse

I had just settled down and was so soundly sleeping

When all of the sudden my CGM started beeping

I arose from my slumber and looked at the screen

With down pointing arrows I am low it does seem

As I sat in the kitchen treating my low

I can't help but notice the beauty of the new fallen snow.

With BG recovered I head back to my bed …


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The Gift of Knowledge

The Gift of Knowledge

This is the third of three blogs exploring the gifts we receive as members of our community. In this season when we give and receive gifts, I want to explore the gifts we receive because of membership in this community. The third gift I want to discuss is the gift of knowledge.…


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The Gift of the Crowd

The Gift of the Crowd

This is the second of three blogs exploring the gifts we receive as members of our TUDiabetes community. In this season when we give and receive gifts, I want to explore the gifts we receive because of membership in this community. The second gift I want to discuss is the gift of the crowd.

A crowd is defined in part as:…


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The anticipation is killing me!

As some of you have read in my last post, I am expecting my first baby! Baby D is due May 4th, 2015. Today at my appointment we could have found out what the baby is, but we turned our heads and they wrote it down for us and wrapped it. This way my husband and I can open it Christmas morning and have our special moment. The present is just chillin under the tree and it's killing me waiting. Can't it be Christmas morning already?!

Added by Mekenzie D on December 22, 2014 at 7:11pm — 2 Comments

my diabetes story

well it will be my diabetes annversery on December 25th it will be 15 years that I have had this and I have had lots of ups and dowens and very luckey to even be here right now I will never forget getting pre blood work for sugery my foot to remove a cancerys bone spre and finding out I was going into dka and the docters saying I would not live to see my 14th birthday this was all in 1999 when I was 9 years old now I am 24 trying to stay helthey and happy my sugar at that time was over 1000…


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A glimpse into my crazy, but beautiful life!

Hello all, I am new to this community, but not new to diabetes. I am 22 years old and happily married. I have had type one since I was a few days over a year old. 9 days after my first birthday was my diagnosis. I am currently in my last semester of nursing school, and have never let diabetes get in my way! I fully believe diabetes is a part of your daily life, but you can't let it destroy you. I did competitive cheerleading since I was 5, up until this last season when I hung my shoes up…


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This morning when I dropped Eric off at daycare, I heard a sweet story that made my eyes tear up.

One of the women who oversees Eric's daycare, "Susan", is also a substitute teacher at his school. She was assigned to a kindergarten class last week. One of the students in that class, whom I'll call "Lucy", has diabetes and wears an insulin pump. I've seen Lucy a few times in the nurse's office, and let me tell you, folks, they don't come any more darling than this child: think masses…


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The Gift of Support

The Gift of Support

This is the first of three blogs exploring the gifts we receive as members of our TUdiabetes community. In this season when we give and receive gifts, I want to explore the gifts we receive because of membership in this community. The first gift I want to discuss is the gift of support.…


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New to Omnipod..

Hi! I just started with the Omnipod on Monday. I am 37 and have been Type 1 for 30 years. I was always resistant to a pump because of the tubing but when I discovered the Omnipod system I decided pumping was definitely worth a shot. Its been a bit of a rough week, a lot of ups and downs (mostly ups) with my bg's and the first day my pod fell off in the shower, but I am hopeful that once the kinks are worked out it will make life a little easier. My question tonight is..I've noticed a…


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Phase-II Results from Rebooting The Immune System To Cure Type-1

First, a discussion about naming.  In the past, I've referred to this treatment as the "Burt" treatment, because that was the senior (last listed) author of the first paper I saw on it, and because I didn't have a better name for it.  I haven't seen Dr. Burt's name on clinical trial for this treatment in many years, so it's no longer an appropriate name.  But I don't have a better name.  In any case, you can read my previous blogging about this treatment under the label "Burt" on my…


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I originally posted this to my blog,

In April of this year (2014) I joined a social media site called This site was started with the intention of bringing together diabetics of all types and those people close to diabetics who are impacted by the disease as well.

I joined the site because I have spent my entire life at odds with my disease and the constant struggle, hatred,…


Added by Tamra on December 19, 2014 at 11:49pm — 7 Comments

Do you carry glucose tabs with you at all times? Do you have a glucogon kit for emergencies? Does anyone besides you know how to use it?

I had a really bad day today...

This morning I took my Lantus as usual, but about an hour later I was shaking severely, nauseated, and my heart was pounding like crazy. I could barely speak, and it was hard to think. There's no way I would have been able to walk to another room to get help. 

I checked…


Added by Emmy on December 19, 2014 at 10:08pm — 4 Comments


Well, since my last blog post, I have talked to and connected to some people on here, and I have to say! I am feeling better. And confident.

I went to a nutritionist and diabetic educator this week. We spoke about some of my concerns and the issues I have faced in the past with other doctors. And I am confident that things are going to start changing. Or, at least, I am hoping to make baby steps to change them.

I still hate being diabetic and I hate that it makes everything…


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lixesenatide and lantus

I have just completed a trial program where i took lixisenatide and lantus in one pen. Lixisenatide is a glp 1 agonist just like byetta or victoza or bydureon. My aic went down to 5.1 from over 8.To me the conclusion i have drawn is that combining a long acting insulin with a glp1 agonist is much more effective than just a long acting insulin. I suspect it can help delay the need for humilin or other faster acting insulins that may be needed before meals.

Lixisenatide has been approved…


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Burnout Incognito: Silent but Deadly

A couple months ago (in my blog) I posted an entry about burnout. Well there is something that I didn't realize until today. Burnout can happen without you even knowing. It took a big smack in the face from fellow diabetics to wake me up from my daydream of sorts. You see, I made some choices that didn't set well with some of my diabuddies. I was upset at some things that were said & couldn't see it at the time. They were right. Over the past couple of months I was making poor choices…


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Best A1C Ever

Yesterday was J's quarterly endo appointment and it was the best one we've had so far. Usually J is very nervous when he gets his blood drawn. When he was younger his brother and sister would come with us and they would try to distract him by telling him jokes and reading him books. But since his appointment was during a school day they did not come with us this time. Of course I was a little apprehensive since this was the first time they wouldn't be here to distract him. He did great…


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I Am Not Normal

A bit of a rant...the following is my own personal opinion.

My entire life I have been told by friends, family, and even doctors that I can "live a normal life". That is a very loose term if you look at it from the point of view of a diabetic. What the hell do you mean by a "normal" life?

I don't see "normal" people having to check their blood sugar a minimum of four times a day. I don't see "normal" people having to take six shots a day. I don't see "normal" people having to…


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Proof Low Carb Works (for me)

T2, 35 yrs since diagnosed, never in control, ADA suggestions followed, kidney doctor followed, internal med. doc. followed...NOT.....NOW I found a listening, loving and logical Endo. in A1c was 9.5 and killing me. He set me straight on the carb path, I followed it to the "t" and yesterday had a solid 5.1 A1c test...he nearly danced for me. Went through 2 surgeries and kept BG in control with a lotta testing, nurses were in dismay, dr. supported my efforts. I eat 15-45-30 carbs a…


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