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ok..... i would like to thank... thas, gabriella,rick,m,silver and stasia. u guys were all soo sweet. i hope i can write good blogs 4 u wonderfull people. well thats it.
~amira colene rose

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OK.... So I got to admit,this is really cool! Thank u rick for inviting me to start blogging on tudiabetes!me and Anna kate r the diabetes dynasty! I am amira Colene rose. But...that is not my real name.. I will not tell u who I am! I am anonymous. Thank u rick again and I will do some more post later!!! See ya!
-amira Colene rose.

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Hello fellow bloggers! My friend Amira Rose and I have been working on a blog for a little while, but we were under a single name. Recently, someone discovered our blog and asked us to put our blog here, on tuD. So here it is, THE DIABETES DYNASTY! :) I will copy over the already written parts of our blog and paste them here very shortly!

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;) :)

Hello, I am currently 14 years old and I want to become a walrus. I know there’s a million people out there just like me, but I promise you I’m different. On December 14th, I’m moving to Antartica; home of the greatest walruses. I’ve already cut off my arms, and now slide on my stomach everywhere I go as training. I may not be a walrus yet, but I promise you if you give me a chance and the support I need, I will become the greatest walrus.

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Ten (10) things I have learned about being diabetic in the past 40 years!!

Ten (10) things I have learned about being diabetic in the past 40 years!!

I was reflecting in chat the other day about the little things I have learned over the past 40 years. This is not an exhaustive list or even a great list, just little things I have learned along the way that might be helpful to others, well or not,

10. Being diabetic can be fun, especially if you take pleasure in freaking people…


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Shhhh, im busy enjoying life!

Well I'm finally finished school for the summer,so now it's time to relax and enjoy life!!

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Byetta Journey

Woo hoo!!!! Still feeling great on the Byetta. Not much hunger. I couldn't wait, got on the scale today and weighed in at 203.4. 6 lbs lost in 4 days.

6/25/2014 Today for breakfast I had 2 poached eggs on 1 piece of whole wheat toast. Lunch at 12:30 pm was 1/3 cup of broiled chicken and rice. Couldn't eat anymore than this and felt very full. Took my evening injection at 5:30pm and waiting to eat something at 6:30. I am actually a little hungry and stomach is growling. No bathroom runs…


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DASH and Ubud's Yoga Barn

DASH screened 70 employees of Ubud’s Yoga Barn! In addition, the Yoga Barn staff was able to experience their version of Lucas’ Brown…


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Youth Advisory Board puts on Transition Day at UCSF

The Youth Advisory Board, or YAB as we like to call ourselves, organized UCSF’s first ever Transition Day! This day was intended for youth with T1D and their families to get some information on transitioning from high school to college (or, in some cases, any kind of life change)! We had awesome members from the diabetes community come out and participate in several lectures and panel sessions for attendants to get some hard questions answered (i.e. drinking and college, health insurance,…


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In shock...

I was just on another diabetes support site (I won't mention names). The members were advising people to not go to the ER unless they were in a coma or having seizures. That is the most idiotic, dangerous advice I have EVER heard. Sorry. Just had to vent. I'm glad I found this site!

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I'm Good, I'm Good

I originally posted this to my blogger account ( on November 15, 2013.

It is time for another update on my heart surgery recovery. I'm thinking this one will be short because there really isn't much to report. All is pretty quiet right now. This is a good thing, I think.

I have not been in contact with my doctor in a couple of weeks. He had asked me to call in and report my blood pressures and how the swelling in my feet had been doing. When I called…


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Jrtpup's Memorial Service

Last January, our dear friend jrtpup passed away and it really shocked our community. It is always hard to lose someone close to you and when it happens suddenly it can be really hard to find personal closure. At the time our community poured out our feelings and memories in a…


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Camp One with Chris Dudley

At Camp One, we had the amazing opportunity to watch an amazing and inspirational speech by no other than Chris Dudley, NBA center from San Diego, CA. At this event, a bunch of kids including Lucas (just bigger kid), had the opportunity to teach several Oakland Raider players about the interesting and sometimes confusing line between carbohydrates for young people with diabetes. We are all looking forward to this event…


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DASH in Bali

This is an exciting clip from Lucas’ most recent visit to Bali. In partnership with Novo Nordisk Indonesia, Ashram Gandhi Puri and several other Balinese leaders in the health industry, DASH is planning on designing four different programs for the Balinese public. These programs will be integrated into schools, collaborating with villages and community health clinics, partnering with small businesses, as well as establishing a partnership with the established national Balinese health… Continue

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DASH in a Middle School near YOU soon!

We are proud to introduce our DASH pilot programs in middle schools! What?! DASH is in schools? Sweet. At the West Oakland Middle School (WOMS)we had our first program and it was awesome! DASH had the opportunity to teach and of course play with some of the coolest kids at WOMS during Mr. Gully’s P.E. class. We were…


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DASH Camp at DeFermery Park

DASH camp at DeFermery Park was a huge success! There was reggae music, flag football, 5 on 5 basketball, home run derby, diabetes disco, and ratatouille! Yes, we had ratatouille! Parents, campers, and all our awesome volunteers had loads of fun. Not to mention, we had special guests Chimdi Chekwa, the defensive back for the Oakland Raiders, and Xia Coleman out for an intense game of kickball. Thanks to everybody for making this event special and for coming out to join us! We look forward to…


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Friends For Life COnference 2014

I’m excited to say I’m going to my first Friends For Life conference in Orlando put on by Children With Diabetes organization and supported by many of the diabetes tech and insulin makers. I’m a little nervous because I’m going totally alone but I’m sure I’ll make some great new friends along the way.

I recently became a Glu Ambassador so I will be volunteering some of my time at the Glu booth greeting people in the exhibition hall, so I will be spending some time with my friends from…


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My biggest supporter not only through T1d but life!

I've been thinking lately that will the people who support me now in the beginning stages of my T1D journey be there for the long haul. Having had chronic pancreatitis I saw supposed friends come and go over the years but one person has remained strong in his support of me over the husband.

Last week we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. (I can't believe I'm old enough to say that!!) The card I got him says,

"We've been through a lot together. You've seen me at…


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I am Superhuman!

I just posted this to my blogger account ( today.

I had my third post-op eye appointment today. It was a normal thing, go in, register, wait, see nurse and have medications, vision, eye pressure tested, wait, get a room, wait, see doc...

My eye pressure is good, 14. I had one question to ask the doctor; I have had a gas bubble in my eye before and at that time I could see shadows and movements through it. This time around, with the second gas bubble, I…


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"Brittle me this...."

I'm not starting a discussion of whether or not "brittle" or labile diabetes exists. Some have argued that with all the technology available to monitor BG, variability in BG among diabetics can be virtually controlled, and I have argued that it's a little like saying if you live in a high crime area, but wear body armour and carry a loaded weapon, your chances of becoming a crime victim are low.

True, but aren't the dangers still there? Aren't the CGMs just continuously doing what…


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