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ADA 2014: Scientific Study Shows Support Groups Are Good For You!

As Dave Berry used to say "I'm not making this up!".  There was a study presented at ADA 2014 where the researchers offered college aged (18-25) people with type-1 diabetes a weekly "diabetes club" where they could interact with others who had type-1, ask questions, and hear 15 minute talks on topics of interest.   The people who attended these meetings lowered their A1c numbers by about 1.2, which was statistically significant compared to the people who did not attend.  As a general rule,…


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It was that time again today… Time to change Eden's pump site and refill the insulin stored in her pump. (you can read more about it here)


2 days goes by SO QUICKLY….


Eden doesn't like it - she casually said, I don't like my pump then followed by I don't like shots either..


Sorry kid - it's one…


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My First Colonoscopy

Well, today, I finally had my first colonoscopy and my first endoscopy type test after a horrific experience the last time I had one several years ago.

I'm so happy to say that it went very well and everything is ok with my colon etc. Everyone was so nice at the hospital and they addressed my concerns really well. I had several nurses attending to me and interviews with the attending anesthesiologist and nurse anesthesiologist. Some were interested in my IBG star meter. As the nurse…


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gallbladder update

Had a second ercp after being transferred to another hospital, as the first failed. I got pancreatitis...i hate this organ. I might get the gallbladder out tomorrow or the next day. I'm in love with morphine because my pain is awful. My iv is still beeping i hate it. I'm only 23 i don't need all this

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No Carb Challenge

Hello! My husband and I were talking last night about a way we would help raise money and awareness for diabetes as my 3 year old son was diagnosed a week ago. The topic came up as we were discussing the Ice Bucket Challenge which raises money and awareness for ALS. As we thought about different ideas we could challenge people to, the idea of challenge people to go without carbs for 3 days came up. Diabetics have to watch the carbs they eat and account for all of them so why not challenge…


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School Starts

School Starts

Well around my town school is underway in a big way. By and large parents rejected the idea of year round school, but do not mind earlier starts with more vacations. In other words they like year round school just not the name, year round school. Starting before Labor Day and getting out in mid-June with a 4-5 week summer vacation is fine and is precisely what…


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Peripheral Neuropathy

I've recently been diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy..I have a buzzing like sensation in my knee's, and the sides of my thighs are very tender to the touch..I'm up late tonight due to the sensation in my knees it's a really weird feeling, I have to prop my legs up in order to not feel the sensation so much...I'm very disgusted at the moment...Very tired of this Dam Diabetes! Anyone else out there feeling the same?

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Dexcom financial assistance

I got my Dexcom in Jan 2014, however when I went to re order my next set of supplies they told me it would be $400.00 (after insurance) to refill, which is not even possible. I really want to start wearing my Dexcom again because my blood sugars were much more controlled, just wondering if anyone knows of any financial assistance that will make this possible...

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HbA1C back under control

It's been a long time since I've posted here. The last time was after a period of diabetes neglect, and my HbA1c was over 13.

Well, I'm back on the wagon and the good news is that the number is now 6.2! It's been back under control for over 6 months now.

When I last posted I had had a consultation for Lasik. The doctor approved that I could have it, but the machine was broken (and my numbers were up the spout). The machine has since been repaired, and I'm planning to contact…


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my gallbladder. failed me too

I'm currently hospitalized waiting for surgery to remove my gallbladder. It sucks. They don't understand my insulin to carb ratio. I'm also npo, can't eat anything and drinking is questionable. I hate this.

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Treadmills and Poopshivers

August 15, 2014 started out just fine. But then some portal from hell burst forth and grabbed me by the female balls and proceeded to torture me with the force and anger of a baby who's favorite binky has been stolen.

I rolled out of bed at 5:45 A.M. and walked out the door at 6:45ish. The ride to Fresno with my man and his brother was as it always is. Manly discussions of Magic the Gathering, Titanfall, and other geeky, nerdy, dorky things. We were accompanied by Bob and Tom on the…


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An interesting take on Robin Williams's death

An interesting article that reflects on culture and society.

Hollywood's illness stigma

John Wayne, a man's man, had one lung after 1964, and carried an oxygen tank with him on sets. President Kennedy struggled with and covered up his Addison's disease.

Now in 2014, although we've changed in many ways, in many we haven't…


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Jericho's Diagnosis

My sweet 3.5 year old son, Jericho, has been increasing more and more thirsty the last few weeks and was going to the bathroom constantly. He also had some accidents and considering he has been potty trained for a year, my husband and I considered limiting his fluid intake. The night before I took Jericho into his doctor, the word diabetes popped in my head and I quickly looked up the symptoms. Although he had quite a few of the symptoms and I wanted to get him checked, I think there's…


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Fingers Crossed .. We both need this..

Eden honestly doesn't ask for much - she is extremely easy going and rarely complains.

There seems to be a pattern surfacing - if she says "It's fine" - it is NOT and it is something that she actually really cares about, just doesn't want to make a big deal and will sacrifice what she wants.


Today is a prime example of that..


The other day she came home and announced that hot lunches at her new school look AWESOME… Middle School has lots of…


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Moving Along... Slowly but surely!

Finally heard something regarding getting a pump. This has been a challenge in getting a pump, they don't make it easy! So, They are just waiting on my bloodwork, but my insurance plan covers pump at 80%, the first 12 months is $100 including supplies, and it goes down to $30 thereafter. I asked about change in insurance once I start working in a few months (currently have Humana supplement plan) and she said it would just be transferred over and at that point my payments would most likely…


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Why why WHY!

I am usually varying between different levels of wanting to die and desperately wanting to find my way and live. Lately I've been wanting to find my way and live, but I've found that the universe is cruel. I've always been interested in the medical field. I've wanted to go to school to be a physician assistant or a doctor, but it's just too expensive and out of my reach. Well lately I've had a dream of mine that I thought I killed a long time ago come back - that of being a paramedic or EMT.…


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I'm done my defence!!!! And I "passed"! All the preparation and anxiety and stress are gone and replaced with happiness and relief and satisfaction!!!!

My presentation went really well. In addition to my committee, my dad came and then Skyped in my mom (my first even virtual audience!) and four members of the public showed up! I didn't expect anyone and I'm so glad they didn't make me nervous.

I have some minor revisions to make and need to write an acknowledgements section and…


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Managing weight changes and insulin doses

Hi everybody! I'm Type 1 for about 20 years, and always was a tad over-weight, but have lost about 50 lbs in the past year (about half of that in the last 5 months) by quitting drinking, eating sensibly (no junk-food snacking) and getting psuedo-regular exercise. We have very limited support for diabetes in the 'City' where I live, and so usually have to travel to the larger southern centres to see a specialist. As a result, I pretty much manage my own medical condition including insulin…


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Five things Diabetics really need to know

Five things Diabetics really need to know

This week I appeared as a guest blogger on Karen Graffeo’s site Bitter~Sweet…


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The Fourth Go 'Round

You would think that the fourth time having eye surgery on the same eye in a little under six month span would be quite painful. Believe it or not the surgery itself was the second to least painful one. The after portion so far has been the most painful, but even that isn't bad.

As my regular readers already know, but newcomers need to know, I have diabetic retinopathy and have been undergoing several surgeries and treatments to try to save what is left of the sight in my right…


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