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Recipe migration

I've been writing up my culinary experiments for several years now. I'll be bringing over my favorite recipes and reposting them here, but if you want more ideas you can see the food-related posts in my LiveJournal by following this link.

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Lately I've been ruminating on what makes people look at other people. What draws your attention? Why?

Richard O's insulin pump draws a lot of looks from strangers. It's okay, it doesn't bother me, but it does make for some interesting conversation.

At the post office:

"Is that a cell phone that he's carrying around? Wait, don't tell me, it's a GPS device."

At the grocery store:

"Check out the mp3 player on the baby."

Then there… Continue

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Had to get it out and vent

I know I have been tagged by Donna and I need to do it, but life has been getting in the way. I spent a few days in St. Louis with a few friends and then came back to Alabama only to fly back to MO for my nephews birthday. Talk about a busy week. He turned 5 and when I was there I was Aunt Hero. My mom bought a toy for him that he wanted more than anything and because my Mom knows money is tight for me, she gave me the toy to give to him as a present from me. I only see the little guy twice a… Continue

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Plant a seed and watch it GROW!!!! Pass it on:)

Hello! Well just wanted to say as i watch and learned of my brothers dx in the 70s. As I watched coutless fingersticks and daily injectins and ringing out diapers to do keytonesticks back in those days. Who would have known it was a seed being placed learing even the scary and true facts of helping my brother in school come out of insulin reactions. Being called out of class to the many reactions beacause i knew how to handle it better than school nurses or teachers in those days Scary! to say… Continue

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Tired of diabetes

This past week I have gotten to the point where I want to rip out my infusion sets and throw my insulin pump in the trash. We are at 102 degrees here and our air conditioner is broke at the moment and my sites are itching so bad and my blood sugars are on a roller coaster and on top of that Aunt Flo decided to visit. I know this is just a phase, but normally I can bring myself out of them in a few days but this one doesn't want to go away. I am fighting to keep my sugars in balance, which… Continue

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The New Endo

I went to see my new endo last Friday. I switched because I was seeing the endo where I worked and no matter how much my coworkers should have been aware of hipaa, they were always looking in my records to tell me when I should test, whether or not to eat this or that and what time I should. It was quite annoying! Since, then, I've switched jobs anyway, but decided to go with a new endo, too.

So, the new endo... she's pretty neat. She seems to know her stuff. She knows a lot about… Continue

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I decided to make a Change

Last night when I went to bed my bg's were 134; not bad. My fasting bg's this AM was 126. My Aunt Dottie has come and gone...So, I decided to change my basal rate for 12am-4am to 0.55 from 0.50. I know that's not a huge difference but I like to make small changes, one step at a time. I was a little nervous but I did it. Tomorrow when I change my site I will be using a new basal...I hope this works!!


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Out of the hospital

I was released from the hospital on June 6th 2008 not because of diabetic complications but because I had a nervous breakdown basically and my bipolar disorder was out of control. I self-admitted myself on June 3rd. I had to be transported to another hospital because of the fact that the one I was at had no open beds which seemed to be with a lot of the hospitals in Salt Lake City. I ended up an hour's drive away in Ogden UT. Where I first lived when I arrived in Utah. Some really bad memories… Continue

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So confused

Okay so now I know that someone on here can help me understand the difference between LADA and Type one? And how do I know what I am, I have always thought of myself as Type one? I never new that there was such a thing as LADA till I read it one here?!?

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well, guess i've been told

i sent my grandson, ryan, in to brush his teeth. he's 7 years old tomorrow. he comes back out of the bathroom looking like he had just sucked on a lemon. he looks at me and says in a slight lecturing tone, "nonni, have you ever heard of a toothpaste with bubblegum flavoring in it?" i told him that yes i had heard of it, that i use to buy it for his mother and uncle. he asked me how old his mom and uncle were when i bought it for them. my reply was that they were somewhere around his age. ho… Continue

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A bad day

So today was hectic day, we had storms, lots of things to do today. Made an okay dinner had ham of course I burnt it, got though that, feed the baby, and oh whats this my pump is empty and charming off it nice little alarm. I am in the middle on babies bath so okay hun can you take a minute and bring me my stuff to change my set? Okay so keeping an eye on baby and starting a new site? Not a good thing to do somehow I managed this:…


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Upgrade or Die?

Anyone who's been in computers or information technology for any length of time has heard the mantra, "upgrade or die". It refers in part to the speed with which the computing industry developed from the late 1980's through the beginning of this millenium, an axiom referred to as "Moore's Law".

While Moore's Law refers specifically to the ability to cram increasingly more electrical circuits into the same amount of space, and the ability to use them to perform computational analyses, what… Continue

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A1C Results can show your trend.

I am so encouraged today!

I just got a call from my doctor's office. They told me that they had my A1C result...and it was at 6.2! A lot better from the 7.4 I had before. I have been really doing well lately, eating well, exercising and trying to test my sugar levels no less than 3 times a day. I use because I can print out my results and take it to my doctor. He was impressed by the results, and is going to start recommending it to his patients. He said that it helped… Continue

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10 year's this Month

Well I guess for my first post I should give some history about myself. I try not to think of my diabetes as setting myself apart from any one else in this world, we all have our own little quirks! I started my family at a young age, met my husband in the 10th grade he was a senior and by the time I was a senior, some how (hmmm not really sure) I became pregnant. When I was 6 months pregnant they diagnosed gestational diabetes and told me not to worry that once I gave birth it would go away I… Continue

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Fasting 89 and Loving it!!!

Wow! I am so happy to see my fasting Bg's back to normal! let me be the first to tell you, I was going to change my basal setting's w/o thinking about Aunt Dottie disturbing my life as I am glad I received alot of feed back from Kristin, Karen, Deb, Cathy and Dino (lol). They caused me to stop and think before I react to something that is totally normal. I know now that during Aunt Dottie's vist I don't need to stress, everything will be ok and it's normal to see crazy BG's. My… Continue

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New Endo visit

We live in one of the most rural parts of New Jersey. Currently, there is no endo in the county. Yesterday, I drove an hour to get to an endo whom it took me a month to get an appointment. Of course I have to keep a food diary for a week, and test at midnight and 3AM, which is incredibly disrupting, but there it is. She changed my basals from 5 different rates during the 24 hour day to two: 6AM - 7PM, .7 u/hr and 7PM-6AM, .5 u/hr. We'll see how that goes! and boluses are 1 unit/20 gm and 1 unit… Continue

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Gee... Thanks!

Colleges and Universities.... why must they move so slowly?

First- you have to do A, then B, then C... definitely not out of order either!

I recently moved and, while I am finished with college, I wanted to take a couple classes to improve my skills anyway. So, I REapplied to the university I attended a few years ago. Then, I had to meet with an advisor since I'd been away from the school for more than a year. He was no help. I had to get transcripts sent from my previous… Continue

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TuDiabetes Passed 3,000 Members

Dear Friends:

We just passed 3,000 members. 3,000 folks touched by diabetes. 3,000 people that are sharing with others about they go through, about what their loved ones go through every single day... it's quick to say but we all know it's not quick to go through.

This family keeps growing and the warm and cozy feel is still here. Each of you make it possible, when you welcome a new member, when you answer someone else's question, when you share a story, a photo or a video.… Continue

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A disaster..:(

I am a real disaster to myself with the pre-diabetes....I have let things go, and dont know barely anything about it at all. Was diagnosed about 18 months ago and problems with handing over my business and looking after my mother, mainly recovering from the death of my husband has made me put this on the back burner. though - I have learned how I feel when I dont eat regularly and also when I get an infection due to indulging...:( sort of knowing what to do but how to track it etc… Continue

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Hi everyone,

A friend and I have created our own ning network if you would please check it out. We don't want to steal anyone away from tudiabetes of course!!!

Our focus is on global diabetes....from the financial side of it to lack of treatment to just lack of networks and support. And remember it's still VERY new so bare with me until the final changes are made!


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