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Pump: Week One

I'm leaning toward the silhouette infusion sets. Friday, I used a quick set and I ran in the 160 range all day, plus no delivery alarm if I moved a certain way. Things had settled down by Saturday, but Friday was still kinda crappy. I used Silhouettes Sunday and yesterday and did not have any bad numbers. I'm starting to get more comfortable with that scary needle. I have an appointment with my pump trainer tomorrow so I'll discuss this with her, for sure.

I found a cute bag from the… Continue

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Sorry have not left any comments or responded to any comments, have not been well today, the pain is very bad today. I hurt from my head to my feet, someone touched me today and I thought I would go thru the roof. It hurt so bad, I didn't say anything, she did not know that I have Fibro. My blood sugar was a bit high earlier today, I decided that I wanted pizza for lunch, I have taken my Metformin so that should take care of that. Well am going to go and lay down now, everyone have a good rest… Continue

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Another mid week.

Only two days to go until the weekend! Just hope my stiff neck and back will be better by tomorrow! I could barely work today even. But I worked anyways, stubborn as I am hehe

It's another day with heavy rains. I got totally soaked on my way to work this morning while waiting for the bus for about 5 minutes! My trousers wasn't even completely dry when I went for my lunchbreak. Now it's raining again, but luckily I don't HAVE to go outside again today :P

My plans for this evening is to… Continue

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Dr. Bernie's Diet

OMG. I am reading Dr. Bernstein's book now (see blog post yesterday LOL). I cannot fathom his diet plan. I know that it must work, and it makes sense, but wow. I am REALLY REALLY hoping I don't have to do his diet. I get the impression that since I am mild type 2, maybe I won't.

I have Gretchen's book on the way and can't wait to read it, since it is geared toward new Type 2's.

How important is it REALLY to keep blood glucose to 85 like Dr. Bernstein recommends? What about… Continue

Added by Misty on August 27, 2008 at 6:21am — 12 Comments

More Exposure of Trouble at the FDA

No doubt, you have read about the brew ha ha over the type 2 diabetes medicine Byetta being linked to pancreatitis which lead to the death of a few (I believe around 6 cases at the last count, out of over a million prescriptions worldwide). In fact, last night at 5:00 PM, Amylin Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly and Company (who jointly market Byetta, known… Continue

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thank you frio and you're welcome world.

My frio wallets finally arrived! This was very exciting for me, because I'm nerdy like that. Last week my mom was in the hospital for a few days and my sister and I had appts like crazy. So we spent all day going back and forth from the hospital and dental clinics. It was such a relief not to worry about what to do with my insulin. Plus it was one of the hottest days of the year so far and it was no trouble at all. fantastic!

In honor that wonderful experience, An open letter to… Continue

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To the endo every 6 weeks!!!

Well, I went to my first (regular) endo appointment in Hungary-- with a pump specialist.

It was short sweet and to the point. He glanced at my numbers and was amazed at how great they are!! BUT he only looked at the last 3 days (when I indeed had really good numbers)!! I brought in 3 months of numbers. Oh well. Made me look better than I am.

He checked my feet and they seem to be fine. Took blood for the A1c and thyroid. I asked a few questions. Then he said, "OK, see you… Continue

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Back to School

I dread this day every year.

Added by Beth Studt on August 26, 2008 at 6:14pm — 2 Comments

My life!

Hi, my name is Shannon Julie Prosser and i'm 25 years old. I was born in a town called Broken Hill in New South Wales, Australia. At the age of 3 i was in an accident in my parents bakery and myleft hand was crushed, i was flown to adelaide and had plastic surgery. I still have my left hand but it is extremely scared and deformed. At the age of 5 i moved to adelaide and grew up in numerous suburbs.When i was 15 i went to the doctors with my mum because i was doing weird things like sleeping… Continue

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Airsoft for Diabetics

Here's the deal with airsoft. When you were a kid you would go outside and play war with your friends and you loved it. Then you got older and other things started taking priority; i.e. girls. If you were anything like me, you loved to be active. I was a skater kid that was pretty good and well known in my community for being good at skating. I just loved doing extreme sports. I was never really into school sports like football although I would play with the neighborhood kids. I was in a sense… Continue

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The Saga Continues....

Well, the soap opera I like to call "Dealing with my insurance company" continues with the latest post on my blog.

The Saga Continues

You've got to love the insurance companies how they draw things out.

Thanks for reading


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Emotional Eating

I just pigged out at McDonald's. Total emotional eating. The reason why is because I have been floating on air the last three days thinking that I ovulated and that I might actually be pregnant. I track my cycles through basal body temperature, and a sustained temperature shift upward is a good indication of ovulation. But this morning my temp plummeted. It could have been from anything, and I guess I'll see tomorrow. But I just felt so crushed and depressed.

The funniest thing?… Continue

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Here we go again.

ok, I didn't get to go see my son for visitation. (the van...need I say more? it needs real help.)

I cannot get it started. I tried moving the battery cables. I tried tapping the starter..(that worked twice!) Now, nothing. We're sitting ducks.

I tried calling and talking to him and had to hang up.. I just kept crying. I miss him.

I didn't trust myself not to cry so I didn't call on Sunday. Yesterday, Stephen called and was told he was in his room for the night. He wasn't told… Continue

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You know you've done too much reading when...

You know more about something than a fully educated nurse :D

I called the clinic today to get my test results. I didn't get all of them, but the ones I got was all within range. And then there was this one test the nurse was unfamiliar with, so I asked her what it was called since I might know it hehe It was the GAD-antibody test! She even asked me if I'm working with medical care because I knew about it LOL The GAD-antibody test and C-peptide tests hasn't come back yet though. So still… Continue

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Up Up and... No Way!

Its been quite some time since I've updated here but figured no time like the present. I've got a new post about me, my weekend, Hyperglycemia and insulin Pump issues. Come check it out:

Up Up and ....No Way!


Chris Bishop

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Off for a check up tomorrow

Well off for a checkup tomorrow *fingers crossed* should go well

Added by christina on August 26, 2008 at 3:14am — 4 Comments

New and improved

Me in 2004

Me in 11/2007

Me, 8/2008…


Added by Travis Grubbs on August 25, 2008 at 5:28pm — 3 Comments

Monday Evening

Well it is 7pm and things are a bit better, the pain has faded, is now only in my neck and head. I think the headache is from lack of sleep, I did sleep some, in fact my daughter came home for lunch at 1:15 and I was asleep, she had to call my cell to get me to open the door (she forgot her key). I did not do much today, went to mail some things to my best friend and got my daughter her Mt Dew, that she cannot live without. I make BBQ pork for dinner, not much but better than nothing I guess. I… Continue

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Time to update again!!

Ok I've had alot on my plate here latley with my hubby and his bleeding ulcers! Me and my oldest had him diagnosed with colon cancer! Long story there but any way I have a 4 month old granddaughter and a 22 month old one now! I'm waiting on my slowpoke daughter to get me some pictures to put up of them! Grandma pride here!!!! Their so cute!!! I get to babyset them again tonight b/c it's mom and dad's anniversery today. I love doing that the only problem here is Savanna just got her shots for 4… Continue

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Just even more blah...

Woke up this morning as always. Didn't have the energy to get up really, and my body was really telling me to call in sick. Never the less, I decided to get up and give work a try. When I sat up in bed to get up, the world really started spinning twice as fast! I was soooooo dizzy! And that dizzyness have lasted all day. Even had to take an extra break at work today, just to sit outside for a while and get some air. Even lost balance once at work this morning. And my fairly newly tried out… Continue

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