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Time to update again!!

Ok I've had alot on my plate here latley with my hubby and his bleeding ulcers! Me and my oldest had him diagnosed with colon cancer! Long story there but any way I have a 4 month old granddaughter and a 22 month old one now! I'm waiting on my slowpoke daughter to get me some pictures to put up of them! Grandma pride here!!!! Their so cute!!! I get to babyset them again tonight b/c it's mom and dad's anniversery today. I love doing that the only problem here is Savanna just got her shots for 4… Continue

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Just even more blah...

Woke up this morning as always. Didn't have the energy to get up really, and my body was really telling me to call in sick. Never the less, I decided to get up and give work a try. When I sat up in bed to get up, the world really started spinning twice as fast! I was soooooo dizzy! And that dizzyness have lasted all day. Even had to take an extra break at work today, just to sit outside for a while and get some air. Even lost balance once at work this morning. And my fairly newly tried out… Continue

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i am just writing to say thankyou for the comments. i really appreciate them..i helps to know that how ever low yoy may grt there is a world of support out there, hopefully i can help others aswell. as for alana she is doing very well right now and i couldn't be more proud. thankyou again.

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Meter Review -- Add one to the mix; short intermission

Because my local CVS had such a great deal on it going ($29.99 through the end of August), I acquired a One Touch Ultra Smart to add into the review set. While the meter and case are much larger than every other meter under review except the Advocate Duo, the meter has a built-in electronic logbook with a number of nice features, including:

  • user-settable meal-period times
  • place to enter doctor visits
  • place to enter basic food…

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Doing Things Right, "Period" style

I've been a bit quiet on the site the past week, and will probably be again this week, as I've been working on an Elizabethan-era outfit appropriate for two of my usual Renaissance Faires. I've been able to complete my stays, farthingale ("hoop skirt"), and gown in time for last Saturday's visit to the New York Renaissance Fair (NYRF), in Tuxedo, New York. (I'm on the left in this photo; it's the only one The Other Half took that has me in it,… Continue

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It's absolutely amazing to me of what has happened since I found a lump. It has been a very long 10 weeks of discovery, doctor appointments, MRIs, and Biopsies. All in all, the initial news of having Breast Cancer makes you feel like someone just hit you with a Mack truck, but I consider myself lucky that I did catch my cancer early and from the last round of MRIs, it has not spread to my lymph nodes or any other part of my body. This is good news.

So I am on to my Pre-opt… Continue

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it's been such a long time...

why yes, i did just referance a boston song.

i realize i've been pretty inactive on the site lately, but i do have a good excuse. i've been playing lotro like they're about to take it offline. as far as i know they're not so i really have no excuse at all. it's just so fun, especailly if you really enjoy mmo games and lotr...and if you turn off gen chat. but i'm not going to spend the time that i'm not playing to go on and on about the game. i could, but i won't. there's a fair few… Continue

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Early Monday Morning

Well it is 1:45 am and sleep does not come easy, have been in pain most of the day and have been laying around. I did get online and answer a few emails and left some comments. This is the worst day so far this week (Sunday). I just hope that this next week gets better. I have taken my meds, but nothing seems to be working for me. I may have to call the Dr., and see what she thinks. I hate to do that, she will want to see me and I know what she is going to say, with Fibro, you just have take it… Continue

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Well today turned out to be rather good day for me, I don't hurt too bad. The humidity was bad and tried to stay in the house for most of the day. I did take my daughter over to her boyfriends house, would have let her take the car but she stays till Sunday late and would rather not be without a car. I find it hard to take my meds today, as I don't hurt and I feel ok, but I know I have to take them and now that Brittany (my daughter) is gone I have to give myself my own shots, I don't mind… Continue

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Doing everything I can

Six years ago, I told my endocrinologist, "yeah ok"... to all his directives regarding my new T2 diagnosis. After all, I was seeing him for Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and was more concerned with THAT condition. I kind of "poo-pooed" the T2 dx. I took the glucophage, but really wasn't consistent with exercise, low carb diet, or monitoring my BG levels.

Instead of weight coming off, The weight would come on, and not BUDGE when I attempted to step things up a few notches. After reaching my… Continue

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very new to this!

hi, my little girl was diagnosed with type 1 almost 2 years ago when she had just turned 2 herself. we were initially turned away from the doctor who explained her symptoms as 'post viral syndrome', she was going through typical symptoms...we took her back a few days later, she got worse could barely stay awake, she fell asleep walking from one room to another! she was rushed straight in with keytones and blood reading of over 20. no one has told me just how much my little girl could have been… Continue

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Guess who's back.....hehehe

I am so glad to have the internet back again!!! I missed all of my Diabetic Buddies! You know what...It was worth the wait! If you are in a area that offers Verizon Fios you should get it! it is super fast.

The move was great! I was thinking about starting my own moving company (lol) because my bg's were great! 80-100 fasting and 90-130 2 hrs after eating...I love it!!! hehehehe.

It's good to be back home!

I will be seeing you all around!!


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something strange going

Somehow i have managed to get 2 different profiles in this group and I have no clue how to make them into one, (any suggestions Manny?) So anyway since this one seems to be the one I can use now and none of my blogs from before have shown up I thought i would start a new one.

First a little about me, I am 48 as of last march, was diagnosed with type 1 this past January. It was a total blind-sided deal as I had no idea before hand. I figured if I got diabetes it would be the type2 that runs… Continue

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Great... Just friggin great...

As if feeling "off" for over a month wasn't enough, along with not knowing yet if I'm diabetic or not... Now it seems like I'm having hayfever too! My nose is totally runny and clogged up and I'm sneezing a lot. Doesn't feel like a cold! I was so tired yesterday after work that I didn't even had the energy to have dinner until about 9.30pm, then I was simply too hungry to ignore it anymore. About 1h after dinner, I fell asleep in the sofa while watching TV, just couldn't stay awake... Slept… Continue

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more results

The result of the STAT bloodwork is in...

Magnesium, 1.2.

I have a couple of choices here.

Double my magnesium doses to 1600 mg/day (orally).See if that causes dierrea. If it doesn't, I might maintain the level over the weekend.

Do nothing, take what I have been taking + let it reach critical sometime late tomorrow night.

If it causes dierrea, that will invoke greater magnesium loss + I'll be up the creek again. There has to be a better system… Continue

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Keeping Up With The Jones'

I'm actually an "Anderson", but the well known pharase surely fits me right now :P Between work life, home life, & diabetes management which we all know entails exercise & good food choices - life is feeling a bit Go-Go-Go :)

The hubby has the mentality that he'll slow down when he is dead *LOL* We keep busy with festivals, road trip, kids a visiting, yada - yada. This weekend is the MN State Fair, next weekend is Labor Day activities, & the months continue on. I enjoy… Continue

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Sinking In

I think things are sinking in, both for me and my husband. For me, being proactive and doing research on the internet has been a very empowering experience. I have been sending my husband some of the links I've been finding so that he can look through them on his own time.

I'm also using my doctor's modified schedule for now. That saves me some money on test strips, and I have in fact had high readings while doing it. So I am guessing my doctor will want me to test more often, when I… Continue

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About Me Beth

Just thought I would tell all you a little about myself. I am 49 years old, live with my 23 year old daughter, she is great for me. She gives me my shots, not that I can't do it myself, she just likes to do it. I live one day at a time. I love Betty Boop, I am Wiccan and am very proud of who I am and where I have been. I am a solitary Witch, no covens here. I read, write poetry and do TRY to take care of myself, that in and of itself is a feat beyond words. I am bipolar, have fibromyalgia, some… Continue

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Even though I have had some health problems I have been trucking along with school. Granted last week ALL my work was 5 days late. Thank god I have disability accomodations set up through the ADA for classes. I get an extra 5 days on everything including tests. I have a 4.0 right now. I have been able to use my diabetes experiences a lot as examples in medical law for various things. A lot of people in both my classes are just floored on how I manage to do college and be a diabetic at the same… Continue

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Culture in Poetry

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Dylan Thomas

(I love this is so relevant to diabetes)

Do not go gentle into that good night,

Old age (or young) should burn and rage at close of day;

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,

Because their words had forked no lightning they

Do not go gentle into that good night

Good men, the last wave by, crying how… Continue

Added by Heidi98 on August 21, 2008 at 2:31pm — 2 Comments

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