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So, I just got back from camp last saturday...I had SO MUCH fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its awesome hangin out with other teens who are going through the same things as me every day. But I'm home now, so I have to wait a year to go again.

Anyway...I actually didnt make my high school volleyball team. That was a major bummer, but I got over it pretty fast. I mean, come on, I have 3 more years to try! So why complain about missing out on the first?? I still love the game, and I still want to play… Continue

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I'm in shock!

My flatmate always opens a lot of windows, and we're living on the 2nd floor. I close the kitchen window at least if my cat is not locked in in my room. But today he must have been too fast. When my flatmate had gone out to meet some friends, I heard a cat outside, and imediately thought of Nisse. I called for him everywhere in the apartment but he didn't come, and when I look out through the window, I could recognize him even in the dark! He must have falled down, or jumped from the 2nd floor,… Continue

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Finally friday! Random rambles...

And I survived doing the laundry! Finished about 1h ago. The stairs up and down was a killer though... But now everything is nice and clean, myself included because I've just gotten out of a relaxing bubble bath :D The weather is finally better here now, so today I can go outside and do everything I should have done yesterday! Trying to gain some energy to do everything by drinking a double Cappuchino! Hope the caffeine will keep me going for a while at least. I'm not just going to my nearest… Continue

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Me, i'm 13 years old and had diabetes for 4 years. I live In Ely which is near Cambridge. i'm in yr 9 and hav got 2 take my options next yr. Dont no wot 2 take. My hobbies are drummin, which i've done for just over a yr and realy enjoy. And i do a martial art called Tang Soo Doo. I've done it for 5 yrs and am a blue belt(1 away from black) i get 2 use a knife which is cool. Soon i'll be using a sword!!! I also play for Ely Tigers, my local rugby team.I play left wing cause im fast and not 2 big… Continue

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Signing off Until 8-23-08

Wow! These past few weeks have been busy, busy, busy for me. I am moving this weekend and I am getting prepared for that! calling to have services switched over, address changed, yadda, yadda, yadda. I decided to sign up with Verizon Fios for internet, phone and TV, due to the popular demand for there service I have to wait until Aug 23, 2008 to get on the internet. I am sad because I am going to miss all of my Diabetic Buddies. I am happy because I will be starting classes this… Continue

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Doctors Appointment was today :)

Today was my 3 month doctors appointment, and it went very well!

I havent grown much in height wise, still at 5"6 1/2 :)

Although, when they weighed me, i guess i lost 5 pounds since my last visit. I was pretty suprised, because i thought i would have gained weight since ive been snacking alot, and having less of balanced meals. So, my dietition recomended that i start to use some instant breakfast stuff, like that has calcium and stuff?

Oh well, its not like im trying to lose… Continue

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How Many?

Last night was a bad one. It started when I took my shot before dinner and my stomach is worn out so it didn't take the insulin. Dad ended up giving me the dinner shot. I kept checking and it kept going up, 274, then 312, then up to 476. I got so frustrated, and spent a good hour in my dad's room crying like I was 5. He kept asking what was wrong, and it wasn't that I felt bad. It was that I'm incredibly sick and tired of every little aspect of diabetes. The shots, the predicting, guessing,… Continue

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Hmmm I wonder...

A friend mentioned earlier today, that maybe I'm MODY. So I did some reading on Wikipedia about it. And it really made me think, maybe I should ask for having that test done too. My parents are not diabetic, but my grandmother on dad's side was, and one of my aunts is type 2, so diabetes does run in my family. My highs are really quite mild (but bad enough to make me feel knackered because my body isn't used to it), so that's what made me think maybe I should request that test too...

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So tired of being tired!

So tired all the time these days! I can't even remember what it feels like to feel energized and refreshed for a whole day, or even for just half a day, or an hour! Just went down to the basement just now to book the laundry room for tomorrow morning, and just walking those stairs down to the basement from the 2nd floor made me quite exhausted. And yay, my laundry time tomorrow begins at 6.30am :P Will I feel like getting up then? NOPE! But it was the only free time on the board when I have… Continue

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About me...

I have a 14 yo DD dxd 9-8-03. We are nearing the 5 year anniversary. I thought things would get easier, but they only get harder. Teenagers are hard to raise, teenagers with D are even harder. Everyday is a challenge. Right now we are trying to get her a cgms. We were DENIED. After Monday's incident, see pic in photo contest, I think they will overturn the decision. I am crossing my fingers that the EMS report and ER report will speed them up. I also have a son (12) and another daughter (9). D… Continue

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To Pump...or to Omnipod??

That is the question!!!!!!

Hey guys,

I just posted a blog entry today over at

talking about the pros and cons of pumping or going wireless!

It was inspired by an email I received from Anna, who is a newly diagnosed juvenile diabetic.

Please go check it out at - we'd all love your comments so she could read them and have other opinions on pumping and the CGM as well. :)

:) Have a great… Continue

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Diabetes Education 101

This is what my non-diabetic friend has learn through an intense diabetes bootcamp (there is no such thing, I made that part up)...

So Tena, what did you learn to do if Leah was to pass out?

Grab Leah's syringe and shoot her up repeatedly! No?......

okay in that case, call 911 and DO NOT give her anything. Await rescue personnel. Yell at them repeatedly to NOT remove your pump. Smack the EMT upside the head until he calls your doctor.

DRINK the…

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Generic Insulin in 2008? Don't Bet On It.

Remember Insmed? Well, back in February, I posted a story I called "Meet Mike Coleman", which was coined from a Pharmlot story featuring a YouTube video entitled "Meet Mike, Your Generic Biologics Lobbyist".

Well, this morning's… Continue

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Getting to be "normal" again

So, it's been two days since I was in the ER. I thank you all for your prayers and support through this scary time. I am doing levels were crazy yesterday, but seem to have "leveled" (no pun intended!) out today. I was waking up on the higher side for about a week. So I upped my night time basal a small amount, and it seemed to work! As far as my body recouperating from tuesday, I am still throwing a small amount of keytones. But I have been flushing them out like crazy. I think I… Continue

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Meter Review -- Contents and Set-Up

With all of the monitors in-hand and unpacked, it was time to inventory the included accessories and start setting up the meters for their initial tests. Most name-brand meters come packaged with cases, lancet devices, and starter-sets of strips, lancets, and control solution. There are occasional surprises -- Therasense's packaging of the original Freestyle and Freestyle Flash did not include any starter strips -- but for the most part, these are a "given". When we start to examine…


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Reaching Out

So I found this site from the JDRF site, and I have been overwhelmed with support from people. It is so amazing how kind and understanding people are when they know what you're going through and how you feel. So thank you to everyone! Sometimes I really feel like no one gets it, like I'm totally alone. Now I know I'm not.

I've also started volunteering for JDRF here in Florida. Honestly, Nick Jonas inspired me to help out. His new song A little Bit Longer is so amazing and really describes… Continue

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Quite interesting...

It seems like I'm doing better or at least less bad on days when I'm just at home and can eat a little every now and then instead of having to just eat on breaks. And it's also easier to keep carbohydrates to a lower level at home than at work. Today I haven't felt too bad. Just very sleepy in the late morning after breakfast so I slept for a couple of hours. And the usual with going to the loo more often and drinking more than what's normal for me. But at least I haven't been to the bathroom 8… Continue

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Leadville 100 Mountain Bike race!

Well I raced a 100 miles last Saturday aug, 9 at Leadville CO. I did pretty well, 32nd place and 8hr 6 min..

Check out the story at:


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Are Amylin's Days Really Numbered?

This isn't exactly new news, but back in June, the Indianapolis Star reported that corporate raider Carl Icahn had acquired a $200 million stake in Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the San Diego-based biotechnology company perhaps best known for its stake in the blockbuster type 2 diabetes drug Byetta. Amylin is also responsible for the company's namesake drug sold under the brand-name Symlin, which is less a drug and more a biosynthtic analogue of the… Continue

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Still no answers really...

Just got back from having the tests done. They took 4 of those glass vials. As I already knew it would, the fasting test was pretty inconclusive at 5.0mmol/l (90) even though that's the highest I've had as far as I can remember. I'm usually below 4.5mmol/l (81) in the morning both when tested at a clinic and when I have tested at home. But in the mornings I do feel quite fine. It's after meals I feel like s***, and it's then they should test! I even told the nurse who took the tests that they… Continue

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