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WDF joined the Global Diabetes Walk in Indonesia

Even this posting is not a fresh article, but I feel this article should be recorded here to let my friends know more about what we have done in Indonesia to aware the diabetes.

The walk is all about bringing focus on diabetes, this year it exceeded all expectations. Dr Anil Kapur, Managing Director of the World Diabetes Foundation, joined the Global Diabetes Walk in Jakarta as part of a visit to Indonesia, where he also had the opportunity to meet with the First Lady of… Continue

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Back from Vacation

This is just a quick post by way of explaining my longish silence.

On Friday we arrived back from a 2 week vacation in Ireland. Big family reunion and lots of fun times hanging out together, sharing stories, taking walks and (gasp) even swimming.

So I'm catching up on correspondence and trying to get back to US time. More in a few days (including a picture or two).

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D-related/medical-information-geek treasure trove

It's amazing what fifteen years in technical abstracting and indexing, and searching for free technical information on-line, can do for you. (A critical and skeptical eye for details doesn't hurt any, either.)

This morning, my "Diabetes Central" RSS feed led me to a Reuters Health article suggesting that diabetes was related to loss of ankle function, regardless of whether or not diabetic neuropathy was involved. As someone who has had chronic ankle issues all her life, this merited a…


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My First Accident.... sigh... next?

I went outside to roll the car windows up and decided to move it to a different spot .

I looked to my left down the driveway... saw nothing. Focused on the tree that I wanted to back around and got hit by the mail lady.... or as the officer says.... I hit the mail lady . So it's my fault. I really didn't need this. The kids were at the window and saw her driving down the drive way really fast and they say she hit me.... Anyway, I guess our insurance will go up:(

My neck hurts; but no… Continue

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Ever just get P***ED OFF? Not for new diabetics..

I mean I of all people know how important it is to be 'up', to keep popsitive and to never stop fighting for (for lack of a better word to cover it all) Tomorrow. And we all know that by tomorrow, I mean feeling human, hurting less, minimal pain, less daunting future's and simply to be here tomorrow to watch our kids grow up or our lives go forward.

I know Type 1's as a whole are more of an independent group, we have to be. And I know in my own history and personality I take that sometimes… Continue

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New Blog Beginning

So I'm a Type 1 Diabetic since 2 years ago when at the age of 32, I was diagnosed with this diease. Just when you think you have enough to handle in your life (work, kids, husband, friends, family), you get one more thing. My thing...breast cancer.

So since there is like zero information on the web concerning diabetes and breast cancer, I will try and post as much information as I can here to help.

I have had one MRI so far and please know that you do have to take off your… Continue

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T.G.I.F. :)

Well thank god its Friday. In more ways than one.I had another chiropracter appointment yesterday all went well.And then today I went to work. And I choice not to use the Biofreeze today. To see if that was raising my numbers 2 hours after breakfast. Which i was correct. But then after my break i got really bad pains going up my back and a upset stomach. So i went home early.Came home and iced my back so now its a little better.My question for you guys is this? Has anyone had surgery on pump?… Continue

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FREE!!! Test Strips

[ Draft ]My pharmacy gave me 100ct Freestyle test strips by mistake. I have a Freestyle lite and the strips will not work for me. Is there anyone who could use them????????

SSmile ;)

Added by SSmile on August 1, 2008 at 9:30am — 10 Comments

Freestyle responds in spades; Chicken and Egg?

Just a couple of quick items here:
  1. At 11:40 this morning, Federal Express delivered a third Freestyle Lite meter from the Freestyle Promise program. Which suggests that I have backup in case my Freestyle Lite for side-by-side testing purposes goes bad.
  2. Health Central posted a news item suggesting that diabetes leads to lack of ankle flexibility, and to…

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Friday 54

gotta blog this one. im 54 and ready to go to work. a little over bolus on the hyper this morning. my bad. so when do you guys think im ready to jump in this car and get on the freeway. maybe at 55. i killed a juicebox out of the fridge, just waiting my fifteen. know what, prolly just gonna down another and hop in the car. ok maybe i wont. but i will down another. its early. and i feel the low coming back...gotta treat. maybe I should just call in...

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My first non-food blog!

I've been dealing with a herniated disc (and a bulging disc beneath it) for months now. I was entirely sidelined and quite often bedridden, so my photography took a serious hit. I went back to work (tech support, the day job that's now overnight) a month ago, and today marked my first photo shoot since the injury.

Early this morning I shot with Kristina in Altamonte. The sun came out with a vengeance, so it was incredibly bright and hot. 17 hours later, my eyes are still… Continue

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My vacation to Florida and my first friends for life conference

my vacation to Orlando florida was my first time for alot of things. It was my first time on an airplain.I was scared at first but then i got use to it and was able to look out the window.It looks cool from up so high ans seeing the clouds. It was my first time in the USA the USA is different for Canada hear is some thinngs are different in the USA. The grass looks thick,long fake grass and feels. The fast food restaurants are different A&W the names of the burgers are different and Mc… Continue

Added by Chelsea on July 31, 2008 at 6:00pm — 1 Comment

My Sugar loving husband. ....

I'm totally ticked. I just have to repeat this here,separately.

He walks in the door tonight with 3 pounds of Salt Water Taffy and I tell the kids to take it back to the car. He says "No" "I'm not letting it melt in my car." Then, he tells my daughter to show me a 5 pound tub of Strawberry Twisters! "You keep those at your desk." duh.... NO I do not!!! I used to keep a small package of sugar free until I realized that the sugar alcohol was just as bad as eating a slice of bread! I haven't… Continue

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vball and camp...part 2

ok so if u read my "volleyball VS diabetes camp" heres what happened:

i emailed the coach about me being gone during tryouts and he just said "talk to me at practice" so after practice the next day i did. he said that since ive been comming to practice all this time he knew what my skill level was. so if i was gone during the actual tryouts it wouldnt make any difference. he also said that he was just gonna pick the top 15 ppl out of how ever many ppl show up and that if i was one of those… Continue

Added by brandi on July 31, 2008 at 3:44pm — 1 Comment

some people honestly just do not realize.

maybe this is just me, maybe I'm a little disgruntled diabetic....but i really really loathe when people rant and rave about the delicious super sized ice cream sundae they just ate, or how they just consumed 3 slices of pizza and are still hungry. I'm always left sitting there, thinking to myself...BAH! you lucky fool. (its only been 4 years, but i cant even remember what life was like, how easy it was, to eat anything i wanted whenever i felt like it.)

but what has been… Continue

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I just received an islet cell transplant at the U. of Minnesota and would like to share my experience with others who might be contemplating this process or are just curious. I have never attempted a blog before and would appreciate any input, or advise on how to do this most efficiently.

I am at day 10 post transplant now and am on about half of my dose of insulin already. At this point, the strategy is to still get insulin from my pump to give the islet cells time to… Continue

Added by Kathy on July 31, 2008 at 1:00pm — 6 Comments

was doing well...but

I was doing grand a short while ago - lost nearly a stone and walked regularly with my greyhound Bess....but then, life kicked in as it does sometimes and made all the difference. I had steroids injected wrongly into my eye, causing double vision, so this is really difficult in all sorts of ways, though it is surprising what you get used to in time!! Also had a very bad fall which has injured my hip and lower back rather badly - hope this will mend. At least I didnt break it, due to the weight… Continue

Added by Cathrynn on July 31, 2008 at 10:09am — 5 Comments

Educador o no educador...esa es la cuestión..

Después de leer esta entrada estoy prácticamente segura de que recibiré algunos comentarios y consejos de personas en la misma situación.

Quienes vivimos en México tenemos la oportunidad de estudiar un Diplomado de Educación en Diabetes. Gracias a este diplomado adquirimos herramientas necesarias no sólo para nuestro cuidado sino para el cuidado de otras personas que también viven con diabetes. Desde hace muchos años la industria, los médicos y los mismos educadores se han preguntado… Continue

Added by Mariana on July 31, 2008 at 7:52am — 2 Comments

One of those days....

I have had Diabetes for around 2 years. Caused they think (yeah we know they don't really know) by a very bad digestive track infection that almost killed me. Now I have had bad kidneys since I was eight---that almost killed me I have lived with a deamon most of my life.

My husband has been in constant painn for the last 19 years---almost 20, from an on-the-job-injury. I REALLY don not know how he manages...and then I think..I know how bad I feel that he is in pain...and I… Continue

Added by Denise Bevard on July 31, 2008 at 7:49am — 2 Comments

A question to my friends.

I know this is kinda dumb..... but I've been "thinking" lastnight. I've been not using my insulin

because /well.... The dr said my diabetes was my fault. If I would lose weight and exercise I wouldnt

be diabetic at all. I was on Byetta and we switched to Humalog because we knew

that when the insurance ended; I wouldn't be able to afford it. So, I got put on a sliding scale.

The actual problem of being high every morning and able to basically get tight control

all day… Continue

Added by MeadowLark on July 31, 2008 at 6:15am — 5 Comments

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