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Prescription Data Used To Assess Consumers' Health "Scores"

Yesterday, The Washington Post featured an article describing what the authors called "a powerful new tool for evaluating whether to cover individual consumers: a health 'credit report' which is drawn from databases containing prescription drug records on more than 200 million Americans." Pharmaceutical industry blog Pharmalot broke the… Continue

Added by Scott Strumello on August 5, 2008 at 5:30am — 3 Comments

Waiting Time

Well the PODs got here yesterday. Got home from work & found a big ol box of Stuff. Started to read the users guide....lots of info. Now I need to wait for someone to give me the training I need to use all this stuff....

Added by Mike Adelman on August 5, 2008 at 4:14am — No Comments

An introduction...

I was diagnosed with this lovely disease at the age of seven (just for the record, I am a very sarcastic person). Upon being diagnosed, I was actually excited about having a disease. My feelings toward diabetes changed a bit after I became more knowledgeable about it. I was the perfect diabetic the first 3-4 years. Then I started to lie about my numbers to my parents and started to spiral out of control. I've endured hospitalizations and serious illness and saw the inside of three intensive… Continue

Added by Amy on August 4, 2008 at 8:47pm — No Comments

Guess What?!?!!?

It's official... I am now a pumper! I was trained this evening and have been loving it ever since! I'm still getting used to the infusion set... I'm afraid to move too much. I'll get used to it eventually. We'll see how tomorrow goes!

Added by Ryan Liston on August 4, 2008 at 8:03pm — 4 Comments

It's Quite Embarrassing...

Today was my first day of "pre" band camp, and I was shocked at how much just very light marching affected my bs level. I tested before we started and I was at 153, and by the time I got home I was at 86.

That makes it a lot clearer to me how important it is to be testing during all of this activity, especially once we get to the real camp. At camp we march for up to two hours at a time (with lots of water breaks, of course, and a nurse) twice a day, and it's much… Continue

Added by Brittany on August 4, 2008 at 1:19pm — 2 Comments

Straight from the Bog?

Last night, I tuned into dLife (well, I didn't exactly do it myself, but TiVO changed the channel and began recording it for me and I turned the TV on and tuned in then). I realize that dLife is an advertiser-sponsored program, and like other diabetes-related media, dLife needs sponsors to pay its bills.

But… Continue

Added by Scott Strumello on August 4, 2008 at 10:12am — No Comments're diabetic...

im so tired. i dont want to get up from here. i don't want to check my sugar. i don't want to give myself a shot. i don't want to take my pills in the morning. i don't want to think about my hands going numb. or about my vision. or my kidneys. or my insurance, the test strips, short needle or long needle? i don't want to check my blood. I'm tired of the bruises. i don't want to use my thigh. or arm. or butt.. or the intense gut wrenching pain from my triglycerides being too… Continue

Added by John on August 4, 2008 at 7:22am — No Comments

Well 'Ello.

the name'd be brittany.

and now that all those introductions are over.

let's talk about my week.

it sucked sucked SUCKED balls.


go to the outpatient lab to get blood tests. fasting bg=371.


visit with pediatrician. doctor is an irritable russian lady who makes a federal case about getting me to children's hospital IMMEDIATELY.

we show up at children's. bg=440.

of course, they freaking admit me,… Continue

Added by Brittany on August 3, 2008 at 9:47pm — 4 Comments


The hardest part about learning to live my new life as a diabetic so far has been dealing with my friends and co-workers trying to "understand." The needles stopped freaking me out after the end of the first day. I hate having to prick my finger to check my BS, but oh well. I don't mind exercising everyday, even if it is a simple walk around the block. And I am actually grateful for the excuse to now develop my self-discipline concerning food. But I get so damn sick and tired of people who… Continue

Added by Sam i Am on August 3, 2008 at 6:24pm — No Comments

Are Diet Sodas OK???

I had recently heard that diet drinks inhibit you from losing weight, and was skeptical. So, I googled it and found several articles to support this... here's just one. It does make sense. I don't drink that many myself, but seem to have been lately because it's been so hot in the south. I just might have to give it a try to go without and see if I lose weight!

(CBS) For many people there's only one real reason to drink diet soda.

"Because it's got no…

Added by CINDY on August 3, 2008 at 6:24am — 8 Comments

Vacation and pump vacation

As I write to you, our bags are packed for a week on the beach! This will be a much needed time of re-cooperation and relaxation as our lives have been chaotic and in transition! So it is time to get away for a bit....

So I won't be around TuDiabetes for about a week-- which for some of you might not seem like much-- but when you spend at least an hour here everyday, it's a long time to be away!

I decided to go back to injections for the week and take my pump off. So I'm… Continue

Added by Kristin on August 2, 2008 at 2:14pm — 3 Comments

First Entry!

First blog entry, this should be interesting...or boring. It's taken me a while to really poke around this fantastic site, but I'm working on it, life is interfering with my internet time.

Mostly I've been running myself ragged, and my bs is not pleased about it. Had a few hypos, one that scared me a little but I'm working hard to keep it all under control and so far it's going well.

People constantly ask me "how's the diabetes", I don't mind it... I know they ask because they care,… Continue

Added by ish on August 2, 2008 at 12:00pm — 6 Comments

Back From Camp!

I got back from My Diabetes Connection Camp yesterday! It wasnt as fun as it was last year, but it was nice. I think it was mostly because my two bestfriends from last year couldnt come, but I made new friends this year.

We went mountain biking, it was amazing! The scenery was beautiful, but we couldnt really enjoy as much as we wanted to, because we had to make sure we didnt fall off the mountain side! As soon as we started biking, it started to pour rain for atleast 15 minutes straight.… Continue

Added by Carly! on August 2, 2008 at 11:22am — 2 Comments

but it's MY blood

i've been waiting for my a1c results to come back. they always mail me a copy of the paperwork and only call to tell me about it if something needs to be done quickly. but i'm been getting anxious to find out what my number is so i called the office yesterday. i talked to the recptionist and asked her if she could check with the doctor about what my bloodwork said. she said unless there was something wrong i would just receive the papers in the mail. it's great to have the numbers in front of… Continue

Added by Bek on August 2, 2008 at 11:16am — 2 Comments

WDF joined the Global Diabetes Walk in Indonesia

Even this posting is not a fresh article, but I feel this article should be recorded here to let my friends know more about what we have done in Indonesia to aware the diabetes.

The walk is all about bringing focus on diabetes, this year it exceeded all expectations. Dr Anil Kapur, Managing Director of the World Diabetes Foundation, joined the Global Diabetes Walk in Jakarta as part of a visit to Indonesia, where he also had the opportunity to meet with the First Lady of… Continue

Added by Ruslan Djafar on August 2, 2008 at 9:00am — No Comments

Back from Vacation

This is just a quick post by way of explaining my longish silence.

On Friday we arrived back from a 2 week vacation in Ireland. Big family reunion and lots of fun times hanging out together, sharing stories, taking walks and (gasp) even swimming.

So I'm catching up on correspondence and trying to get back to US time. More in a few days (including a picture or two).

Added by Bernard on August 2, 2008 at 4:13am — 1 Comment

D-related/medical-information-geek treasure trove

It's amazing what fifteen years in technical abstracting and indexing, and searching for free technical information on-line, can do for you. (A critical and skeptical eye for details doesn't hurt any, either.)

This morning, my "Diabetes Central" RSS feed led me to a Reuters Health article suggesting that diabetes was related to loss of ankle function, regardless of whether or not diabetic neuropathy was involved. As someone who has had chronic ankle issues all her life, this merited a…


Added by tmana on August 1, 2008 at 3:44pm — No Comments

My First Accident.... sigh... next?

I went outside to roll the car windows up and decided to move it to a different spot .

I looked to my left down the driveway... saw nothing. Focused on the tree that I wanted to back around and got hit by the mail lady.... or as the officer says.... I hit the mail lady . So it's my fault. I really didn't need this. The kids were at the window and saw her driving down the drive way really fast and they say she hit me.... Anyway, I guess our insurance will go up:(

My neck hurts; but no… Continue

Added by MeadowLark on August 1, 2008 at 1:00pm — 7 Comments

Ever just get P***ED OFF? Not for new diabetics..

I mean I of all people know how important it is to be 'up', to keep popsitive and to never stop fighting for (for lack of a better word to cover it all) Tomorrow. And we all know that by tomorrow, I mean feeling human, hurting less, minimal pain, less daunting future's and simply to be here tomorrow to watch our kids grow up or our lives go forward.

I know Type 1's as a whole are more of an independent group, we have to be. And I know in my own history and personality I take that sometimes… Continue

Added by Kelly on August 1, 2008 at 12:30pm — 11 Comments

New Blog Beginning

So I'm a Type 1 Diabetic since 2 years ago when at the age of 32, I was diagnosed with this diease. Just when you think you have enough to handle in your life (work, kids, husband, friends, family), you get one more thing. My thing...breast cancer.

So since there is like zero information on the web concerning diabetes and breast cancer, I will try and post as much information as I can here to help.

I have had one MRI so far and please know that you do have to take off your… Continue

Added by Melanie on August 1, 2008 at 12:09pm — 4 Comments

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