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"Palate Fatigue" -- Food for Thought?

Let's take "hunger" and "blood glucose" out of the food equation for a moment. Everything else being equal, we have a lot of opportunity to make unhealthy food choices -- whether they be budgetary pressure or financial opportunity; the availability of a wide variety of foods or the unavailability of healthy foods; a wealth of social occasions where food is presented or the depression of loneliness; the lack of time in which to prepare or eat healthy food or the leisure in which to experiment…


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It has been a long time since I have written a bit. I have been super busy working as head paper pusher… LOL. The pump is still awesome and the CGMS is pretty good too. The only bad thing I've found is you never get a warning when the sensor is about to run out. Most of the time, I can wear my sensor for 3 days before it needs to be charged up, but every now and then it has to be charged after two days. I don't know why this happens. I charge my sensor at least 20 minutes as recommended. On my… Continue

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My Blog

Hi there folks!

I have a blog about my struggles as a "BORN AGAIN DIABETIC" so please check it out if you are interested. I am struggling but I am making it, one step at a time! You can find it here: Facing New LIfe as a "Born Again Diabetic"

I am also the Blog Manager for an amazing site for women with diabetes:

It is such an empowering place to… Continue

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Story about my type2

I didn't know exactly when I have diabetes mellitus (DM), at the beginning of 2007, I feel my weight started to drop month by month. My height is 175cm, I used to have an ideal everage weight 75kg before I have DM.

On May 2007, my weight droped to 65kg, I were looked very skinny. I decided to have general checkup, and I consult to my doctor, the final result is "I was diagnosed as diabetic type2" with 260 blood glucose 2 hours after meal.

My parent have 12 children, eight… Continue

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going down...

so last night i dropped down my 12am - 8am basal from 1.9 to 1.85. i was 143 when i did my bedtime check but ended up staying up a bit longer watching tv. so i did another check before i shut off my lights and was in the 120s. i ate a couple of glucose tabs and went to sleep. this morning when i checked i was at 56. what the heck is all this noise? i'm starting to think that i'm on WAY too much insulin right now. Seriously, i bought glucose tabs on friday (a big 50 count jar) and now i have… Continue

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Hockey Night in Canada!

It may not seem like much, but I played an hour of pickup hockey last night. It was my first since March two years ago.

So why has it been so long?

Aug 2006 Eye Hemmhorrage

Oct 2006 Vitrectomy

Fall 2007 Minor bleeder/laser

Winter 2007-08 Two bleeders

May 2008 Bleeder that left me 20/60 in left eye

June 2008 Laser for bleeder.

The thing about eye problems is you can't do much physical activity at all while you are bleeding. I don't want… Continue

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Convo w/ a perfect stranger....

I was talking on the phone to this young lady at BC (verifying benefits). For some strange reason I blurted it out I have to eat lunch. The young lady on the other end said you need to eat before your blood sugar is I said I know I am a diabetic and I have to watch out for low BG's. She said she was sorry she didn't mean to offend me. I let her know she didn't and I wasn't ashamed of my diabetes. She said she thinks she may have diabetes but her Dr won't test her for it. She also said… Continue

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Saw Dr today, new hba1c

After my weekend of 2 highs my doctor wanted me to come into his office so we could discuss things. He decided that I needed to test all my basal rates before we make any major changes. He decided to go ahead and do my 3 month labs since they were due in 2 weeks anyway. A1C is 6.0, it is up from what it was 3 months ago at 5.4. Not happy it went up but hey still in non diabetic ranges so control is still excellent. Everything else came back normal. So now I just get to do the long nights of… Continue

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Health, Human Performance, Pharmacological Medicine, and Competitive Sports

In 2000, Roumanian gymnast Andreea Raducan was stripped of an Olympic gold medal because she took a cold medication which was prescribed by her physician. The medication contained pseudoephedrine, a very common over-the-counter decongestant -- which was (and is) prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency, which sets antidoping standards for international sports competitions.

This year, several… Continue

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things you took for granted

it's amazing how much people take for granted until it's gone. health, people, possesions. we complain in the moment and only later do we realize that what we had was such a wonderful thing.

i think over these 24 years i've lived, i've been taught those lessons well. i cannot take my health for granted because i work so hard to maintain it. i don't take love for granted because i nearly lost it once before. i don't take family for granted because i've finally connected to all of… Continue

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Dear Diabetes- A letter to my diabetes on our 5th anniversary!

Just wanted to share today's post with you...

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Some history

I'm struggling with how to tell my story. First off it's nothing special. I don't even remember much of it. What I do remember, I'll probably get wrong. So take it with a grain of salt. My current situation is much more exciting. Well it is to me anyway. I think this is because I've finally taken the bull by the horns and am fighting him with all I've got. I think I'll start off with the mundane history in one or two posts. Then I'll try and communicate some of my recent experiences. Exactly… Continue

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Changing a Life Long Habit, One Hour, Day At a Time

I have been taking Chantix for a while now to help me quit smoking. The drug makes you physically sick you smoke while taking it.That can be a good thing as it literally makes you put the cigeratte out. So I have finally put them out and have stopped buying them altogether. Not saying the urge isn't still there, omg, it is still there sometimes. It is funny how you never think of how much you smoke until they aren 't there. All the times you unconsciously smoke becomes very much a real thing… Continue

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Day 2 with the Omnipod....Almost

Today was an active day. A good day to test the durability of the pod and how well it would stick on my body. Today on the family schedule was two pool parties and surprise b-day party in between. After an hour and half at the first pool party I began to feel the tape weakening. Five minutes later I was taking off. Best case scenario I was hoping the pod would make it to the evening pool party. I am not surprised but a bit disappointed. I would be interested to see what others do in the case of… Continue

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thanks so much for the stress...

so once again it bagan as a day of lovely numbers. then i got a thousand texts for my fiance who procedded to tick me off so badly with all of his not funny and badly timed jokes that i had to take a xanax just to hold the phone steady. my blood sugar has shot up to 211 (from 129 before i ate). it was actually quite amazing to me to see just how much stress affected my blood sugar. i hadn't noticed it before because this is the first time i've been so stressed since i started keeping a close… Continue

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Drawing Diabetes Video, May 2008

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Blood test day

Went for my blood test today fasting sugar was 46 this morning around 6 AM set basal at 10% and was 62 an hour later and stayed their until the blood draw at 8:30 ate Glucose tablets and was 142 an hour later what a swing.

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do your stretches!

my fiance has been gone for a week and it will be one more before he gets home. this put me in a bit of a fix because he's my pump assistant. i prefer to keep my sites around the back of my hips (it actually started after i got an infection at a site in my stomach and needed alternative sites and now i'm hooked) and have him place it there, which is good for both of us because it's less work for me, he absolutely LOVES using the quickset stickum (masochist...), and i think it helps us bond and… Continue

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Trying the Omnipod

I now have piece of robotics sticking to my skin.

After five years of multiple daily injections, I have finally gave into all the suggestions. "Have you thought about the pump?" If I had a nickel for every time I heard that question I could now pay for the deductible that I will be required to pay for the marvel of technology.

After hearing about the CGMs I decided it was finally time to at least investigate. It was a bit overwhelming leaving the diabetes educator on the… Continue

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Affording Your Supplies

In this economy with prices rising faster than they have in 25 years, gas prices at record highs, food prices going up daily and not all of us having the greatest insurance, it can be difficult to keep up with the cost of our supplies. This isn't a piece about free suplies, but rather, a class I recently attended aimed at achieving financial peace. It's about prioritizing your expenditures, getting out of debt, dealing with creditors, getting good deals, getting the most out of your insurance,… Continue

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