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Wrong Assumptions Lead to False Conclusions: "Diabetes Rising" by Dan Hurley

Dan Hurley, author of the 2011 book Diabetes Rising and diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 18, makes several substantive errors in his book that lessen the credibility of his “investigative journalism.” Mr. Hurley (1) incorrectly assumes that only children are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, (2) promotes Dr. Terence Wilkin’s assertion that Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes are on a continuum of diabetes, and (3) says that a once rare disease has become a pandemic. All three are…


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Get Jerry the Bear to Every Child with T1D!

Hey everyone!

It’s Hannah and Aaron here, better known as papa bear and mama bear. We’re the creators of Jerry the Bear and you may have even seen us in bear suits in TuDiabetes…


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wrong insulin!!!

so..this is the story were i took the WRONG INSULIN!...

so one night i was at my dads house. it was a few weeks after my diagnosis and it was time for my 9:00 shot. u know the long lasting one... either lantus or levimere. well i was sorta drowsy, so i was not as focused as i was supposed to be. i grabbed my pen and attached the needle. i then dialed 20 units. i gave it to my dad and he checked that my units were correct. it was, so he said go ahead and do it. i did. immediately after…


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Ten (10) things I have learned about being diabetic in the past 40 years!!

Ten (10) things I have learned about being diabetic in the past 40 years!!

I was reflecting in chat the other day about the little things I have learned over the past 40 years. This is not an exhaustive list or even a great list, just little things I have learned along the way that might be helpful to others, well or not,

10. Being diabetic can be fun, especially if you take pleasure in freaking people…


Added by rick the "Blogabetic" on June 26, 2014 at 5:30am — 18 Comments

Jrtpup's Memorial Service

Last January, our dear friend jrtpup passed away and it really shocked our community. It is always hard to lose someone close to you and when it happens suddenly it can be really hard to find personal closure. At the time our community poured out our feelings and memories in a…


Added by Brian (bsc) on June 24, 2014 at 8:29am — 12 Comments

Friends For Life COnference 2014

I’m excited to say I’m going to my first Friends For Life conference in Orlando put on by Children With Diabetes organization and supported by many of the diabetes tech and insulin makers. I’m a little nervous because I’m going totally alone but I’m sure I’ll make some great new friends along the way.

I recently became a Glu Ambassador so I will be volunteering some of my time at the Glu booth greeting people in the exhibition hall, so I will be spending some time with my friends from…


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40 Year Ago Today (Tuesday)

40 Year Ago Today (Tuesday)

I was in the hospital watching TV, staring at my orange so hungry I thought I might just expire. 40 years ago today the nurse gave me the injection and I thought how ridiculous, I had given mom shots plenty of times but for some reason I was not yet trained so I was forbidden from doing it myself. After the not trained thing it was about 2 hours and the…


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Omni Pod Users

I have been using the OmniPod insulin delivery system for almost four years. It has greatly improved my management of my Type 1 diabetes. I turned 65 in January and received a rejection from Medicare for coverage of the OmniPod delivery system. I filed my first appeal for reconsideration and received notification that it was declined because the OmniPod insulin delivery system is considered a "convenience"!!!!

I will continue the appeal process and won't give up until all avenues… Continue

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the dad who is a type1 diabetic dad

The dad part comes first. Has since my son was born and always will. Even when I'm checking my BG before holding and comforting my crying son, I'm doing it in the best interests of my son, and I think most diabetic parents are like me. When it seems like we may be looking out for ourselves, we're more than likely looking out for our children and loved ones.

Sometimes it's not easy to look out for ourselves first, diabetic-wise. We have obligations, responsibilities that can compel us…


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Broke diabetic in desperate need of help

To make an extremely long story short.

I use a Medtronic minimed pump and this year has been a nightmare! In February I ordered my supplies and got a huge 680 dollar bill. I paid the bill thinking it was the deductible. Well 3 months later I just ordered my supplies and now I have another 600 dollar bill! My insurance didn't pay for anything! I called my insurance and they told me they had dropped Medtronic as a supplier. I talked to people at the hospital and they're telling me…


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It's been a while!

Wow, I've just realised it's been about three years since I last logged into this site. I've just come back from a volunteering weekend with Diabetes UK and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I met so many wonderful people and I have never felt so "normal" in my life. As part of one of the activities over the weekend, we had to say our "Diabetic Story" and part of it reminded me of when I probably hit some real bad stages of Diabetes back in my late teens and early 20s and I…


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JDRF Event 1

JDRF Event 1

On Saturday May 31, I attended a daylong conference offered by JDRF and paid for in part by Eli Lilly. The event was held at the Indianapolis Marriot North. I was very impressed by the quality of the information and the event itself. It was a wonderful day. Here is one highlight of the day with material supplied by the JDRF. But first a note it is important to…


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A New Way?

Is there a New Way of representing diabetics as a group who are living and achieving, yet challenged?

For a long time the word "cancer" was associated primarily with "victim" or "patient." Now thanks to medicine and new treatments, we often hear "cancer" associated with "survivor." Granted, we are still losing too many to the scourge of cancer; and one is too many. I have lost too many great friends to that dreaded disease. Yet, we are often celebrating the "cancer survivor," while…


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A Healthy Dose of Hedonism

First of all, I'm not talking about self-destruction: Short-term pleasure paid for by a lifetime of pain. This is hedonism as an antidote for nihilist Nietzscheism. Instead of "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger ( I always envision the speaker stepping over bodies)," this brand of hedonism preaches that pleasure makes life better while pain makes it worse. Makes sense. The following are my rules for a more hedonistic lifestyle:

Eat only tasty food. Don't eat the yucky…


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This Too Shall Pass

This post is copied from my blog, Blood Drops & Braille Dots. If you enjoy this post, please check it out. :)

Catch-up from Day 4 of Diabetes Blog Week, the topic being Mantras and More:

I used to be very worried about forever.

When I first took the reins on diabetes and tried for the first time to wrestle it into control on my own (without my parents, who had managed diabetes throughout childhood), I was…


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Our Diabetes Snapshot


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What Brings Me Down #DBlogWeek

May is Mental Health Month so now seems like a great time to explore the emotional side of living with, or caring for someone with, diabetes. What things can make dealing with diabetes an emotional issue for you and / or your loved one, and how do you cope?

Benny was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just before he turned two. I remember a tough conversation in his hospital room at 3am with a well-meaning doctor. We were talking about daycare and work and I promptly burst into…


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Acting the Part: Emotions and Diabetes

Emotions and Diabetes. Not my favorite topic. Even before being diagnosed with diabetes, I was accused of being overly sensitive, overly emotional, chewing the scenery, being over the top.

Actors are a strange breed. We train ourselves to be hypersensitive to every nuance. What did you mean by that? What is really going on? We observe others, noticing slight variations in vocal inflection, stance, gesture. We observe ourselves. Where is my wrist, my foot, my shoulder? On this word,…


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For Diabetes Blog Week: Entry 2: Poetry: The Loudest Thing in the House.


The Loudest Thing in the House

Clock ticks.

I am alone. Too low to sleep comfortable. Will recheck in a few.

Clock ticks.

Seems louder than when I first sat down, seems slower too. No matter what I do or when, I seem to find myself in this chair…


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Blog week Monday: What gets me fired up about diabetes its care, and issues about misconceptions?

Blog week Monday: What gets me fired up about diabetes its care, and issues about misconceptions?

I suppose we all have a list of what get us fired up about diabetes.  Mine is oh let’s say about, I don’t know maybe 10 miles long? I know there is really no point in anger, anger is counterproductive, anger is self-defeating or anger is pity turned inward. I get it. But oh…


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DHF Partners with HelpAround in an Effort to Connect People Touched by Diabetes

  Leer en español Technology has the amazing ability to ease the stress associated with diabetes; It simply makes our lives a little more bearable. That’s why we are excited to announce DHFs partnership with HelpAround. This new application will help Read on! →

La Diabetes Hands Foundation y HelpAround uniendo las personas tocadas por la diabetes

  Para nuestra comunidad de diabetes la tecnología ha venido a llenar muchos vacíos y a hacer de nuestras vidas un poco mas llevaderas. Eso mismo nos proporciona una nueva aplicación de geo-localización llamada HelpAround (Ayuda a tu alrededor). HA Read on! →

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