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I received this email from his mother.

“This is my pride and joy Austin, We live in Northern CA and he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on Dec 4, 2012

at 6 yrs old (8 now). This boy has become my hero! When the doctors first told us he was diabetic

and explaining things that had to be…


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Another Ode to Lily

I am, I think, the luckiest man on the planet. I am married to a woman whom I love and have loved for some 33 years now. I treasure the opportunity to be by her side every day. And almost every day we share the life, the love and the affection of the most wonderful child I have ever known, my beloved little Lily, my granddaughter, my tiny love.

This small, kind, gentle little soul brings light and laughter, confusion and chaos and endless delight into our lives. Last night I sat with…


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Bacon Pot Pie with Cheddar Bay Biscuit Crust

Bacon Pot Pie with Cheddar Bay Biscuit Crust

Bacon Pot Pie Filling:

4 cups of vegetable stock

1 cup of chicken stock

2 cups of mixed vegetables (corn, peas, carrots, green beans)

4 celery stalks diced

2 potatoes, peeled and cubed

As much bacon as you see fit, already cooked and broken or cut into about 1" pieces. Probably about 2 pounds.

1 tablespoon of butter

1 teaspoon of salt

1/8 teaspoon of pepper

1/4 teaspoon of paprika



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Reflections on Low Carb Living Since 2007

The day I was diagnosed with T2 at age 57, I leapt to my feet in my doc's office with a resounding "NO" and scared the beejesus out of my poor PCP. She actually backed up a few steps as if she was being assaulted, which in terms of my tone, she was, poor thing.

Eight months before, during a pre-hysterectomy check-up, I was told I was "pre-diabetic" (I no longer believe there IS such a thing—one is diabetic or not) and instructed to do the damn DASH diet. Which I did with a religious…


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The Known Facts About Diabetes

WARNING: This blog is rated "S" for heavy use of sarcasm and irony. This material may offend some readers. Parental discretion is strongly advised.

Here are the principal established facts about diabetes.

1. Diabetes is not the major public health issue that zealots would have us believe it is. Heart disease, kidney disease, and blindness are far more serious problems.



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What is Rheumatoid Arthritis?

What is Rheumatoid Arthritis?

I have been involved in questions and have given some answers lately about what is Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)? This board of course is dedicated to Diabetes and we do not often reserve space or engage in the discussion of associated auto immune diseases and that is fair. We are after all a diabetes site, not a support…


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My Diabetes Confession

There’s a saying: the barber with the worst looking hair gives the best haircuts. Presumably, since he can’t cut his own hair, he must go to the next best barber in town. I have no idea where that saying came from. And given that I haven’t been to a barber in years (one look at my photo and you’ll understand why), I have no way to verify it. But it does make sense.

Maybe the same can be said for blood sugar control. I think …


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A Drop of Blood

A Drop of Blood


What can be discerned from a drop of blood? Apparently a lot more and a lot quicker than any of us ever thought. While you may never hear of Elizabeth Holmes, you may someday, in the very near future, utilize the technology that she devised and is now distributing.


But before we get to Elizabeth Holmes it…


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Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a 9th grade class where kids were studying Romeo and Juliet. I enjoy Shakespeare a lot and while Romeo and Juliet is not my favorite drama, it is very cool to be in a classroom with a bunch of kids (13 to 15 year olds) who are experiencing Shakespeare maybe for the first time. Just seeing the process of learning going on, while…


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Acute-Onset Type 1 Diabetes in Adults: Overlooked and Ignored

Rapid onset Type 1 diabetes in childhood gets the most visibility; it affects about 15,000 children per year in the United States (Footnote 1). Slowly progressive Type 1 diabetes (aka LADA (latent autoimmune diabetes in adults)) is now garnering much more attention, mostly in medical research journals but now more frequently in mainstream publications. Slowly progressive Type 1 diabetes (LADA) represents the vast majority of all new cases of Type 1 diabetes annually; new-onset LADA…


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The values of TuDiabetes

Our mission is to connect people touched by diabetes (people who live with type 1, type 2 and other types of diabetes, as well as their loved ones).

As our community continues to grow, I thought it would be useful to share our values as a community, so that we can all refer to them whenever we participate. In the past, as a part of other groups and organizations, when in doubt, I've found it useful to know what the values were that I was supposed to abide by,…


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Learning From Each Other, Finding Common Ground

Transcription of the audio from the video

In recent times, emotions in our community have been stirred up. Very strong expressions from "across the aisle" that appears to divide type 1 and type 2 diabetes have come up.

It is a fact: type 1 and type 2 are different conditions and there are even more types of diabetes. All have their things that make them unique and more challenging for some people and perhaps not as challenging for others. There… Continue

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Impatient Voices

I want to tell you about what happened during the insurance payers' panel at the DiabetesMine Innovation Summit back in November. I've been meaning to write this up for some time now.

TL;DR version: some patients stood up and yelled at some insurance executives and then I had to share a plane ride home with one of them.


We were asked to politely write any questions on a post-it. A post-it.

We listened as each of the five panelists…


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Normal Dogs Reacting to Blood Sugars

I know Diabetes Alert Dogs are all the rage right now however I am curious to know if anyone else out there has experienced their normal pet dog reacting to their diabetes. My boyfriend's parents have a dog who many years ago when I has experiencing a rather high blood sugar reacted and starting whining and wouldn't leave me alone. Now I have my own dog, an American Bulldog/Collie mix, who is 2 years old and has started showing signs of being anxious when my sugars aren't quite right. It…


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The heART of the matter

I’m Elizabeth Rowley and I am the founder of the site T1International. I've created a space where Art, education, and giving come together to (hopefully) make change and help others.

I was diagnosed with type 1 at the age of 4 (almost 22 years ago). Early on, I found my passions of humanitarian work and diabetes around the world – particularly related to access to insulin and diabetes education. It is hard for me to accept the…


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I like a good joke. I can even take a good joke about myself. And I know that I've laughed at inappropriate jokes. I know most of us have. But we need to talk about what's at the root of some types of our humor.

Even comedians have started to admit that there are realms of humor that should be handled differently. Not off limits, per se, but with the subject of the punchline in mind. Patton Oswalt wrote last summer about his complete 180° in understanding why he was…


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A full year under 7.0 A1c

Just got my latest A1c = 6.4%. That makes 4 quarters under 7 (6.4, 6.6, 6.0, 6.5). In 43 years as a T1 these are the only time I had a value in the "sixes." TuD was a big part of this, pointed me in the direction of ultra low carb diet. I hope nobody reads this because I am not really bragging just happy, happy, happy! Maybe I'll shoot for a 5?

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It still seems surreal. She was here and then she wasn’t. It seems I was in one universe and have suddenly moved to a different one -- a poorer one, and permanently, with no way back. I never had sisters, but now I know how it would feel to lose one. Because I have.

I know this is real because it hurts too much not to be. And yet, it’s still surreal and jarring in many ways. I log on to the chat room, fully expecting her to be there; but she isn’t. I come across a pithy comment in a…


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Relax, we got this!!

Relax, we got this!!


Those were the last four words I said to Barbara, that I think she understood. On the Tuesday evening January 21, 2014 before that awful Thursday, Barbara messaged me and started listing all the things that needed done last week and this. She was pretty sure she would be in the hospital and wanted someone to know her opinion of all the things that would…


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The Worth of People


The Worth of People


Yesterday January 27, 2014 was International Holocaust Remembrance Day as designated by the United Nations. The day was marked by celebrations around the world in places ranging from London, Istanbul, Moscow, and Washington DC among others. The day of Remembrance was established by the United Nations on November 1, 2005. It is designed to remember the awful events of the Nazi regime from 1938 to 1945…


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From the Diabetes Hands Foundation blog...

#OpposeAB1893: California Bill that Burdens People with Diabetes on Insulin

A couple of days ago I learned that the California State Assembly is considering AB-1893 Sharps waste, which in (if approved) will mandate that: “Sharps sold to the general public in California shall be sold with a sharps waste container Read on! →

FDA Docket Extended! We Need You.

If you are new to diabetes advocacy in the traditional sense of the word, you may be thinking, “What the heck is a docket!?” I certainly was the first twenty times I heard it (yes it took that long). For Read on! →

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