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Affter 18 months I would like to leave my opinion for those considering the One Touch Ping and the Dexcom G4 ! Don't Do it if any of the scenarios below are…


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The Case for CGMS and Medicare Covered Patients

The Case for CGMS and Medicare Covered Patients

There is a heck of a blog out on March 12, 2014 by Bennet Dunlap in the blog space “your diabetes may vary” ( concerning overall emergency room visits by diabetics with hyperglycaemia and hospital admissions. It is frightening and it draws off of a paper published by JAMA…


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Olympic Overload Rant

Olympic Overload Rant


I just turned on the TV to find my 5th curling match in two days blaring on my favorite station. I know nothing about curling and I do not want to learn. But I have found that I have learned one thing I did not know at the start of the last week. Curling is boring. I mean I suppose if you get the inside scoop on how to get stones to turn left or right,…


Added by rick phillips on February 11, 2014 at 5:00am — 6 Comments

The Hardest Thing

One of the hardest diabetes related things I've ever had to do is break up with my insulin pump company. In case you've missed it, I've been rocking the brand new Medtronic 530g system for exactly 30 days. Unfortunately, the new Enlite sensors aren't working for me especially since I've already experienced the amazing accuracy of the Dexcom G4 sensors.

The brief recap:

Pros :-)

Ease of sensor…


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Received my Medtronic CGM transmitter yesterday!

Yeah! Santa Clauss is two month early this year! I just received my medtronic CGM transmitter with 2 boxes of Enlite sensors. I'm trying this for the first time today. It seems to be awesome! Maybe I'll post some questions later to experienced users of this system. I hope this will help me to find and fix some basal issues!

Added by Mario on October 30, 2013 at 8:41am — 2 Comments

Diabetes Won't Stop My Run

 Here's my post from Saturday morning, I thought I would share it with y'all..


I know I don’t normally post on a Saturday, but this is a special occasion.

I had my 1st “long run” scheduled for this morning.

My diabetes tried…


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Help Us Bring Dexcom to Canada!


So I'm sick of Canada only approving the Medtronic sensor and leaving all us other non-Medtronic folk out in the cold! Where is the love Health Canada?!

I started a petition to let Health Canada know that as Canadians we want more choices when it comes to CGM. As it stands now we only have one (that's right ONE) approved CGM for sale. That means that those of us using any other pump company DO NOT have access to CGM. CGM has been proven to reduce morbidity and mortality…


Added by Natalia S. on March 27, 2013 at 4:49pm — 2 Comments

CGM studios presents....New Robot Parts!

Didn't feel like adding all the pictures back in, so check it out over at blogspot with all the photos included:

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CGM and insulin pump malfunctions: results from the TuAnalyze Device surveys

On our recent blog post sharing data from the hypoglycemia survey, we noticed a number of comments about problems with continuous glucose monitors and…


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Doing the Missing Meter Mambo

I get crazed sometimes. Hard to believe, I know. But every so often I get into a tizzy and run around herding children this way and that, and... things go missing. Important things. Like, Eric's diabetes bag. Lemme tell y'all about the most recent dance: the Missing Meter Mambo.

Last night was jukado night, which usually goes like this:

1. Children are brought home by Dad.

2. Nate runs into the bathroom to change into his uniform while

3. I gather up Eric's bag &…


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Dear Government...Please get involved in your area

Those of us in the Diabetes Community are quite well aware that November is Diabetes Awareness Month. For years, I have found something new and unique to do each year. I have sent out general information letters to everyone I could think of, I created a book of the faces of diabetes with real people and their real stories, I have gotten a tattoo, and much more. This year I decided that November was the perfect time to get back to a focus that is very dear to my heart--advocating for…


Added by Barb Wagstaff on November 15, 2011 at 2:57pm — 6 Comments

Early TuAnalyze Survey Results Show Members Having Serious Problems with Devices

Last week we launched two new surveys in TuAnalyze, on insulin delivery systems and blood glucose monitors. A big thank you to everyone who has taken these surveys—so far each has been completed over 200 times!

The purpose of these surveys, which were developed in…


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Take our new survey on device use!

Today the TuAnalyze team launched two new surveys to learn about your device use experiences, problems and malfunctions. These surveys respond to a compelling need to create direct channels of communication between consumers—who individually and collectively have insight into…


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C8 MediSensors Noninvasive CGM is Welcome News

I recently learned of a new noninvasive Continuous Glucose Monitor that is supposedly pain-free. It is made by C8 MediSensors and it should be approved by the FDA for sale in the US sometime in 2012. See pics and watch the video I found. It works with your smartphone. Continue Reading

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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to the Polls we go!

Fall is in the air, and here in Canada this means a large number of provinces are heading to the polls to elect new leaders. My province is no different. In October we will look towards a new government to steer us forward over the next four years.

I am not that psyched up about this election. I am quite sure that the governing party will again win a majority. Nothing much will change. Nonetheless, I was thinking about the issue that many people living with diabetes will bring to… Continue

Added by Barb Wagstaff on September 19, 2011 at 12:07pm — 1 Comment

BG in free-fall, what's up with that?

So there was some SERIOUS weirdness going on with the BG readings tonight.

5:15 PM, I did a quick check of the CGM and was surprised to see it showing readings in the mid-200s. Eric hadn't eaten since lunch and I was anticipating a low, not a high. Took his BG and found it at 288. On a hunch, took a blood ketone reading and found it at 0.3 -- not worrisome, but I was expecting a flat-out 0.0, and in tandem with the high BG it made me suspect a failed site. Looked at the site and,… Continue

Added by Elizabeth on September 10, 2011 at 8:00pm — 3 Comments

We're done, we've split, don't call me - at least not 'til you're older!

My Dexcom 7 CGM and I have had nine days and nights together and we've parted ways. And, as if it knew I was not happy with it, it gave me one last kick in the teeth coughing up its last numbers.

I met a friend today for brunch in Manhattan. I walked from my apartment in Brooklyn over the Brooklyn bridge and then took a subway to the cute little Italian bistro where we were meeting. The walk took about 90 minutes.

After being seated and looking at the restaurant menu I… Continue

Added by Riva Greenberg on July 31, 2011 at 4:30pm — 13 Comments

HELP!!! I want to love my CGM but I'm learning to hate it!

I put on a Dexcom 7 CGM almost a week ago. It's the first time I've worn a CGM. I've toyed with the idea for a year. I don't wear an insulin pump - never have - but I thought a CGM could be a real help. I don't wear a pump because I'm very disciplined, and with frequent testing and injections my A1c stays in the high 5s. Of course that also means I have my fair share of lows: that's where the CGM comes in. All I want it to do (am still wearing it, till the sensor stops) was catch the lows… Continue

Added by Riva Greenberg on July 28, 2011 at 4:49am — 4 Comments

A1c and CGM

My current control (for the past 3 months) over diabetes is the best I've seen since diagnosis. As a comparison, my A1c 7 months ago was 8% (recommended for type I is < 7.5%) and 3 weeks ago it was 6.6%.
Obviously everything is connected to everything, but there are still some major parameters affected in this equation. For…

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Is it tinnitus, or is the CGM alarm going off?

I occasionally suffer from tinnitus -- not uncommon in a woman of my age. But lately, the ringing in my ears is a different kind. I've apparently become attuned to the sound of Eric's CGM, such that I can hear the dang thing even when I'm several rooms away, or when he's on the other side of our farm (a distance of almost 2 acres!) And I kid you not, when I get an episode of tinnitus that is in the same frequency as the CGM alarm... I'm sure it's pretty comical, because even when Eric is not in… Continue

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FDA Docket Extended! We Need You.

If you are new to diabetes advocacy in the traditional sense of the word, you may be thinking, “What the heck is a docket!?” I certainly was the first twenty times I heard it (yes it took that long). For Read on! →

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