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Waking Up High

Hey Guys, here is a post on being high in the mornings...I have found difficulty in managing the sugars in the morning, but I realize that I have not done all that I can do to investigate any possible solutions to this point because, as we know, it can be really bothersome to wake up with high blood sugars…


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Toronto July 30th, 1921! Thank you Dr. Banting!

On July 30th 1921, 91 years ago, researchers at the University of Toronto, led by Surgeon Frederick Grant Banting, made the grand discovery of insulin.
This miracle hormone (and/or synthetic drug) became the lifeline of so many children and adults who would not be alive today without it.
Dr Banting...war hero...and hero to all people with diabetes.

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Recording Glucose Readings

Here is Self-forgiveness on Recording the sugar readings and some realizations and insights within the Self Forgiveness

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Todays and The Past 2 Days Posts

Hey Guys

I ended up spilling coffee on the computer, so I wasn't able to post the past few days, yet still wrote. Here are today's and the past 2 days of writing…


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Benefits of Early Morning Exercise

I shared this on my blog Collegeveganista and thought I'd share here too. Please visit the original post to see the version with pictures. Thanks!

To some, waking up at 7:30 on a Saturday morning for the sake of working out sounds like torture. It even sounds terrible to me. But the recent St. Louis heat–and we’re talking 100-110 degrees–has forced me to take some drastic steps to ensure I get in some…


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Day 77 Going Low

This is initial points on hypoglycemia, tomorrow I am going to walk a specific memory in relation to this point of not taking care of myself immediately when I am low due to believing and defining it as an inconvenience to others when I go low

Added by PaulQuessy on June 29, 2012 at 6:58pm — 1 Comment

Day 76 - Fear of Being High

I went through a year of not testing my sugar levels because of this fear and the judgment I had towards myself because of it. So here is me forgiving me in the pattern of fearing seeing the blood sugar at high levels

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Day 75 - Making and Staying On Routine in Regards to Diabetes

It is pertinent that we stay on routine with our daily schedules with meds, insulin injections, and blood testing. Here is forgiveness on the point

BTW if you guys here don't enjoy clicking the link - I am able to simply post the text here as well - Leave a comment on what you prefer or are indifferent to…


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Day 74 - Carbohydrates

I am walking a 7 year process of daily Self-Forgiveness. Self-Forgiveness is a key to realizing who we are as life and to take responsibility for ourselves in creating this world as we have - as forgiveness is what is necessary to realize what we have done to this world and done to ourselves, and in forgiving ourselves we are able to change ourselves and live self-corrective statements

Anyways this is a post I wrote on carbohydrates and what I use carbohydrates for, my relationship…


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The Ambulance Ride

Continuing my blogging about the start of my experiences of being diagnosed with diabetes. Starting this blog off where I left off the previous one. I will continue to blog about points that I have gone through with diabetes, how glucose meters differ in blood glucose readings, the variables that we have to consider when taking insulin etc.

Comments are welcomed…


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When I Fainted In Class

The start of writing my diabetic experiences, starting out with the moments before I had fainted in my elementary school class, how I was drinking a lot, How my lack of consideration of my body caused me to become a diabetic, and other experiences. Check it out and share your experiences as well as your realizations.

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Insulin for glucose that is clear but potassium?

With diabetes and insulin therapy we all develop better senses for your body. Just for the benefit of detecting lows earlier for example. For months these senses are now telling me that something is not right. I could feel my heartbeat more than usual and I got the impression that sometimes there were beats in between. This is not unusual even for healthy people but for me it felt odd.

Now some blood tests have revealed that I have a deficit of potassium (called…


Added by Holger Schmeken on December 9, 2011 at 5:00am — 8 Comments

A1c and CGM

My current control (for the past 3 months) over diabetes is the best I've seen since diagnosis. As a comparison, my A1c 7 months ago was 8% (recommended for type I is < 7.5%) and 3 weeks ago it was 6.6%.
Obviously everything is connected to everything, but there are still some major parameters affected in this equation. For…

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Relentless Lows

I know I shouldn't, but I want to congratulate myself. This is a big step for me.

Over the years, struggling with the balance between proper compliance, and absolute poverty (and thus, the inability to afford my insulin, my test strips, my needle tips, my food), I have seen ugly numbers so many times. I have seen numbers that terrified me. I've seen numbers where I literally feared for my life. I've seen numbers that made me call someone I love, just to hear their voice and tell…


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I need an insulin pump...PLEASE!

Hello Everyone! I had a pump around 4 years ago but after a bad break-up I sort of had it taken (stolen) away from me. LOL. I am wondering if there is an organization or group that will assist me in purchasing one. I have insurance through Kaiser but they will only pay half and so I cannot afford the other half along with the monthly fee for the pump materials. If anyone knows how I can go about getting a pump inexpensively that would be so great.

Thank you,

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Type-2 Diabetes May Be An Autoimmune Disease

Despite the fact that millions of people have type-2 diabetes, the root cause of insulin resistance is not known

Now Stanford researchers say that type-2 diabetes is looking more and more like an autoimmune disease, rather than a strictly metabolic disorder.

The crux of their findings is that instead of creating antibodies against a foreign substance, immune system… Continue

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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: Caffeine Harms Your Health

MORE than 220 million people worldwide have diabetes and the links that have been revealed between diabetes and the consumption of caffeine beverages (especially coffee) are of monumental importance when it is acknowledged that more than 80% of the world's population consumes caffeine daily.

Therefore premature attributions of cause and effect should not be used to justify recommendations in favor of coffee drinking as beneficial to health, especially given the broad range of adverse… Continue

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Vegetarians Better Off Than Non-Vegetarians On All Counts

People who follow a vegetarian or meat-free diet may be at a lower risk of developing diabetes and heart disease, a new study suggests. The study of lifestyle habits of more than 700 adults showed researchers that 23 out of every 100 vegetarians have at least three metabolic syndrome factors, compared with 39 out of every 100 non-vegetarians and 37 out of every 100 semi-vegetarians.

The researchers measured a suite of factors ‒ blood sugar, blood fats, blood pressure, waist size, and… Continue

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Implantable Gastric Stimulator May Make Bariatric Surgery Redundant

Currently undergoing extensive trials, a pacemaker-style device that delivers mild electric pulses to the stomach could be a new way to tackle type-2 diabetes, the most common form of the disease. The matchbox-sized gadget called DIAMOND (Diabetes Improvement and Metabolic Normalization Device) ‒ a.k.a. TANTALUS™ ‒ is implanted under the skin on the abdomen, stimulates the stomach muscles when the patient is eating.

Basically, DIAMOND is an advanced minimally invasive implantable…


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