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Type-2: The Genetic Reliance

Disclaimer: This contains science related subject matter from various sources, however (despite studying bachelors in biology) I am not a doctor or an expert in this area. The evidence for this has been obtained from reliable sources.

When someone finds out that I'm diabetic, often the first question they ask is: 'Type1 or Type 2?' with my response being type 1. Following this they often attempt to console me with comments like 'oh right so it wasn't your fault' or 'so you inherited…


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Dancing in the Street: A Journey into Wellness

I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in February 2011 during my 23rd year of teaching in NYC's public school system. I intended to quit immediately, however, at the request of my principal, I decided to stay until the end of that school year. During those four months, I secured a Health Coach and Personal Trainer. As a result, I lost 25 pounds and looked and felt so much better. The following month after my retirement from teaching, I began an online course in nutrition. By the end of that…


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Diabetes Challenge: Day 5

This weekend I am up at the lake, so we will have to see what happens to my my blood sugars. Luckily, I got one more normal day in to look at before this week is over.

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Diabetes Challenge: Day 2

Day 2 looked much nicer than day 1 for my diabetes challenge. Check out how the day went and let's hope to see some trends beginning on day 3.

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Summer Camp and Diabetes

I have been at summer camp with my high school students this week and it was amazing! I roomed with a girl who was also diabetic and cannot wait to share with you more of her story and stories from the week! Check out my week on instagram to get a preview of what we did!

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Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater

I am officially going to be cheating on Medtronic with Dexcom.

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Talking about Diabetes

One of my best friends who was there when I was diagnosed, left me a sweet message on facebook about her finding my blog inspirational! It made my day to see that talking about diabetes does make a difference!

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JDRF Diabetes Walk

Today was a big day, it as the diabetes walk, my blogaversary, and my 100th post. I have to say though the best part of my day was the diabetes walk check out the event!

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Story of My Daughter's Type 1 Diagnosis at 18 months of age

Sorry Im so late with this but I finally got our story done.


My daughter Melanie was diagnosed in 2006 at the age of 18 months. I would say over a month or two starting in either November or December 2006 she was getting symptoms such as drinking (it never seemed to be enough no matter how much she drank but it was maybe a little more than usual). If you have kids you know they love to drink and constantly ask for drinks so it was hard to go by this.…


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When People Know the Difference Between T1 and T2

I had a great week, and felt completely encouraged based off of one conversation with this lady!

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Regarding the proposed name changes for T1 and T2 diabetes...

My thoughts are this...

It seems to me that it would serve all of us better, if our diabetes was referred to as either

"Insulin Dependent", or "Non-insulin Dependent" 


Insulin dependent diabetics would have a medical ID that states their need for insulin, instead of saying T1 or T2. Therefore, those who need…


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HAWMC Day 2 - Introductions

Wego Health is doing a Health Activist Writer Monthly Challenge, where you get prompts every day for 30 days. This is for all health activists, so they may not know anything about diabetes. Here's my Day 2...

In the second day of HAWMC, my true love gave to me... I'm supposed to: tell you a little about my "condition" and five things I would want someone to know about it, as well as some links that would help…


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Do you worry about the type 2 diabetes risk level of a loved one?

Tomorrow is American Diabetes Association Alert Day. In our latest Discuss Diabetes post, learn about our interactive “Check It Blue” Facebook event that we hope you will share with others.…


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No one should feel alone...especially children!

I came across this video, in support of camps for children with diabetes. Be they under the umbrella of The Canadian Diabetes Association, the American Diabetes Associates or from any other country...they are in GREAT need of your support. These are Summer/warm weather camps....that time of the year is just around the corner. Please be generous!…


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Super Diabetics

Today's the day...Super Bowl Sunday. Where people in America eat tons of junk food and watch commercials. Oh and there's a football game too. But today, in Colorado Springs, also marks an annual event where 100's of athletes flock to downtown in hopes of winning their own game...The game of running.

This year, I participated in a Super Bowl 5K with a few friends. I was also introduced to another Type 1 diabetic. Standing around waiting for the start gun, we were talking about pumps. I…


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Diabetes and Exercise Self Forgiveness

On this past weekend I was not active in the normal sense that I would be active during work within the week. At work I work 8 hours and lift boxes all day working with the body for 8 hours in physical exercise which can be quite strenuous at times. At this time I do not need much insulin at all to counterbalance the sugar produced from the digestion of the food that I consume during break, but this changes quite dramatically as I am on my days off.

This weekend I needed quite a lot…


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Announcing the birth of a new baby...ummm...I mean...a new group! Type 2 Teens!!!

Hey there!!! A new group was born today here at TuDiabetes....

I am inviting you to join...Type 2 Teens!!!

I was looking about for a group specifically geared to Type 2 Teenagers, and to my surprise....nothing!!

So....if that's who you are, Type 2 and a teen or young…


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Day 220 - McDonaldsization and Responsibility Part 7

I suggest to read the first part in this series for context - I have only shared part 7 because of the realizations of this memory and how I've created my own diabetes

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to learn, develop, and create myself in a way where I suppress my emotions that I…


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Alignment to Effective Care

This is a continuation from the Previous 2 blogs that I wrote - if you have not read them I suggest to read them to get context for this one …


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