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28-Year-Old Erin Little Is Changing Diabetes Care in India

This past January I spent 18 days in Bangalore, India, along with my husband who joined me, helping at a diabetes clinic for the poor. It all came about because I met an amazing young woman in our community, Erin Little. Erin is living in a small, patient room in the clinic and working tirelessly to get access to affordable health care to India's poor. India has the second highest growth of diabetes in the world and 70% of their population live in villages far from any doctor or…


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Do You know that guy?

Do You know that guy?

Last week I had encounters with two people (both offline don’t get paranoid) that were so frustrating. They approach you with a question or an issue about diabetes and when they ask you give your best answer. But that answer is not what they want to hear or they have already made up their mind. It drives me nuts. Really if you…


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Diabetic Unity

I think of us as diabetic brothers and sisters, we share a bond that many married couples of ten years have yet to reach. Of course we don’t deserve each other, but I’m proud to be of your acquaintance.

Sharing a coffee in any café I see the lady before me play the ritual of prick-bleed-strip-test: we nod in accordance and smile a tip of the hat to the other man’s cake.

Testing for a hypo and I know this sleepy head pales in comparison to the parent of the child still too young…


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I received this email from his mother.

“This is my pride and joy Austin, We live in Northern CA and he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on Dec 4, 2012

at 6 yrs old (8 now). This boy has become my hero! When the doctors first told us he was diabetic

and explaining things that had to be…


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No pattern here

No pattern here


Two weeks ago I met with my CDE, and we were of course discussing my blood sugar log. Yes for other reasons I have been keeping a detailed log of blood sugars and insulin dosed. She had two weeks of data, though she could have had 6 weeks if she wanted it. She did not.


She wanted to look at Basal and Bolus…


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Talking about Control

Talking about Control


Two discussions that I looked at yesterday really caught my eye and they are noteworthy if not for substance at least for the human condition and its relation to diabetes.

The first is titled ‘Starting Again’…


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The Evolution of Loss

The Evolution of Loss


One of the advantages of being a greeter for TUDiabetes is the number of people one comes in contact with. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t get introduced to some interesting people and ideas, as I go from profile to profile greeting and saying happy birthday. It is amazing to see the wonderful diversity of thought, talent and creativity in…


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Type-2: The Genetic Reliance

Disclaimer: This contains science related subject matter from various sources, however (despite studying bachelors in biology) I am not a doctor or an expert in this area. The evidence for this has been obtained from reliable sources.

When someone finds out that I'm diabetic, often the first question they ask is: 'Type1 or Type 2?' with my response being type 1. Following this they often attempt to console me with comments like 'oh right so it wasn't your fault' or 'so you inherited…


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Jessica Lyerly

Hi! My name is Jessica Lyerly and I am from Montgomery, Alabama. I am 23 years old, and I have had diabetes for 14 years now. When I was first diagnosed I had the “why me” attitude, but as weird as this is to say…I would not change having diabetes. Now let me explain!

Having diabetes has allowed me so…


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Corey Smith

Well, my name is Corey Smith and I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in June of 1999 when I was 7 years old. I vividly remember thinking “I wonder if I will have to go to school..” shortly after the doctor told my family and I the news. Fast forward to 2014 and I’m now 22, but still a type 1 diabetic. I…


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Inpatient Diabetes Education Reduces Readmissions

Inpatient Diabetes Education Reduces Readmissions


There is an interesting study about inpatient diabetic education and the potential for reducing inpatient readmission. The problem is stated as follows:


Approximately 20% of sampled diabetic patients with an A1C equal to or greater than 9.0, are readmitted within 30 days of…


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So apparently “diabetes burnout” is an actual thing, I just found out myself that I’ve had it, and I have been a diabetic for the past 12 years. For a while, I thought I might be burning out myself but this disease, like any other, will wear you down. I know there are plenty of awful conditions in this world, and this one can be manageable, but goddamn diabetes is so unpredictable and fickle. Managing an organ that has failed you all day every day can get real tiring, especially when you do…


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I was talking to a member the other day and he said he could not understand what his doctor wanted him to do. Apparently he was to readjust his carb ratios with a band of new service in the middle of the day with a higher ratio of sensitivity to reported blood sugar reports from 10AM to 2 PM, backing down his new level to the preexisting amounts thereafter. For some reason…


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Impatient Voices

I want to tell you about what happened during the insurance payers' panel at the DiabetesMine Innovation Summit back in November. I've been meaning to write this up for some time now.

TL;DR version: some patients stood up and yelled at some insurance executives and then I had to share a plane ride home with one of them.


We were asked to politely write any questions on a post-it. A post-it.

We listened as each of the five panelists…


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Letter To My Younger Self

If you could write a letter to yourself at age 10 or 18 or 27, what would you say?

I was recently asked that question by Ellyn Spragins, the author of “If I’d Known Then” and other books that use that idea to share valuable information and advice. Ellyn came to Charlotte to speak at at the Jewish Federation of Charlotte and they asked me to sit on a panel of local women. All of us would write a letter to our younger selves.

No too surprisingly, we decided to write about…


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dolphin love

Just got back from two lovely weeks in Florida. Two weeks away from the frigid Michigan weather, work pressures, bill paying, and the general responsibilities and stresses of daily life. It was a much needed breather for me and my husband. The highlight of the trip was a ride on The Sanibel Thriller, a boat that tours the islands and attracts dolphins who love to play in it's huge wake. Watching dolphins leap over the waves and…


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The worst kind of Diabetes?


The worst kind of Diabetes?


Yesterday at the doctor’s office while I was waiting, a couple was engaged in what I thought to be a very odd discussion. The gentleman a man in his 70’s had recently been diagnosed with diabetes. The couple was discussing his diet, and debating one thing or another, including what to purchase at the…


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She is Non-compliant

She is Non-compliant

She is non-compliant those were the words the nurse spoke of my mom’s new roommate to be. How is she non-compliant I asked? No answer of course, but this was 1979 and the nurses who knew mom well spoke in hushed tones about it and the young lady was candid when she talked (which was not often).

She was the…


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Casey Card

“My name is Casey Card. I am 26 years old. April 8, 2014 will be the 13th anniversary of my diagnosis with type 1 diabetes.

When the words “You have diabetes” fell from my doctor’s lips, I had no idea what that meant. There is no way to prepare for the injections, the testing, eating when I don’t…


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Furthering the Monkey

Just a quickie...

For those who remember my Monkey Adjusting post about Nate and his jealousy of the "attention" Eric gets due to diabetes, I *am* working on a kids' book based on the concept. But in the interim, I figured I had better reinforce the message.

I'm in process of transitioning Eric out of his pump shirts — which are shirt that I…


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#OpposeAB1893: California Bill that Burdens People with Diabetes on Insulin

A couple of days ago I learned that the California State Assembly is considering AB-1893 Sharps waste, which in (if approved) will mandate that: “Sharps sold to the general public in California shall be sold with a sharps waste container Read on! →

FDA Docket Extended! We Need You.

If you are new to diabetes advocacy in the traditional sense of the word, you may be thinking, “What the heck is a docket!?” I certainly was the first twenty times I heard it (yes it took that long). For Read on! →

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