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Taking my Body Back.

Hello out there!

My name is Lindsey and I have been a Type 1 Diabetic since October 2012. Well, that's what they tell me at least. Now that I have come into a lot more knowledge about diabetes and what the symptoms are of high blood sugars, I can assume that I was struggling with this for a couple years before I was ever diagnosed.

I am very lucky that it never got to the point that I needed to be hospitalized for it, however, when it was caught, my first A1C was…


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Our son Carter was diagnosed with T1D on July 21,2012 just three days shy of his fourth birthday! Although challenging at times, we have refused to let this disease define him, his life or our lives! He has faced it with more courage and grace than anyone I know! His understanding of the disease is…


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What is it like to be diabetic?

What is it like to be diabetic?

My friend Stoner’s question about what diabetes is

really rang with me and I agree it is a very difficult one to answer. I did…


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Allison Caggia

Ten months later, my A1c is 6.5 and I’m still striving to get it lower. I always exercised but I’m even more proud of myself for my hard work because it’s more challenging as a diabetic. I have to know my numbers pre and post workout, bolus different, etc. While being diagnosed has been a game changer, I…


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Joe Levdansky

I’ve never been involved in the diabetic community before because I was focused more on my own wellness with this disease. I want to change that. I feel we all have the responsibility to share our story and the challenges we face, so that we can make it that much easier for people recently diagnosed. We all…


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I have learned to accept you and have tried to be one with you. And I am learning to be thankful for all that you have given me…Strength, courage & an understanding that I could not have realized existed without you. Faith & belief in my family and their unconditional & uncompromising love and support.…


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This is Blake our Type 1 superhero!! Blake was diagnosed at 5 years old. I remember the day he was diagnosed like the day he was born with every small little detail. It was 12/26/13 (our late Christmas present) Blake has been our families rock. He assures us that we will find a cure for this disease. As a mother…


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My name is Ashlynn and I was diagnosed with type one diabetes 14 years ago. I was only four years old when I was diagnosed and its never been easy! Diabetes has always been challenging to me since day 1! Everything got harder for me when I hit my teenage years. I stopped taking care of myself, was rebellious…


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Diabetes UnConference Scholarships Available NOW!

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and The Diabetes Collective, Inc., a Florida not for profit corporation, we are able to offer a number of scholarships to The Diabetes UnConference.

The deadline to apply for…


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Diabetes: What If?

We bleed through this disease in more ways than one, but what if? And I’m not proposing some miracle cure, some hogwash alternative remedy beyond the honest diet and exercise. What I am proposing is purely theoretical – a fantasy or nightmare – what would you give up to stop the bleeding? Could you lose time to make time? And this is where it gets rather outlandish; her is the proposal; one year only (12 months, 365 non leap days) in a medically induced coma; where you lay there, sugar…


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Diabetes and The Body Politic…What does it mean?....

Okay. The hard ones, the immediate ones first:

What does it mean here in the USA that a day arrived where I could honestly sigh in relief that—"whew, whatever else that has occurred that is horrible, at least none of our law enforcement officers beheaded anyone today." ?....

As a child of the 60s with emotional wounds from losses on both sides of those barricades (med-evac pilot lover lost in 'Nam/brain damaged protestor from a police billy club at the Dem…


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Diabetes Awareness?

On a good day, diabetes isn't a bad disease to have - I say this all the time. On a bad day, when I'm so crazy, infuriated and angry about the slightest, next-to-nothing, when I'm 'exploitative' hating myself for finding a normal day so difficult and I just can't get my sugar to come down; when I'm so scared my eye bleeds again and a world of opportunity threatening to be taken away from me; well then I'll seriously consider swapping you my diabetes for something else, you take your…


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Doufus update

I introduced our newly diagnosed diabetic kitty, Doufus, in the Pets and People Group---one of the first I joined many years ago:

But Update Today: What a day. And "miles to go" yet. Dear kitty Doufus…


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Diabetic in Hot Yoga Class

From my Wordpress Blog:

As a hot yoga teacher, getting back into my own yoga practice has been a challenge. Just as food and insulin react with my body differently from day to day, exercise can also have extremely different impacts on my body and sugar levels. The heat in hot yoga class adds another element,…


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Get Jerry the Bear to Every Child with T1D!

Hey everyone!

It’s Hannah and Aaron here, better known as papa bear and mama bear. We’re the creators of Jerry the Bear and you may have even seen us in bear suits in TuDiabetes…


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Diabetes: diabetics make this disease what it is

I spend an awful lot of time reading the posts of fellow diabetics here on Facebook. To share how we feel intimately, then stand back and view from a global level; well things have been frantic this week as always; parents with their T1 children in hospital (the parents in my mind always suffer the worst); the divorces, there is only so much stress the diabetic mind can take; the loss of medical insurance, the DKA, the throwing a can of Coke on your husband (#brilliant), the group meeting…


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I chose diabetes...well, sort of.

Thursday, 6 June, 2014

On Sunday I'll be sixteen months post total pancreatectomy and autologus islet cell transplant. Hard to believe it's been that long but it has. It's been a long road physically & emotionally but one I'm glad I chose! I've had my share of bumps along the road which I'll detail in another post, but I'm most effected by the new onset of my diabetes. It has taken me a long time to call it my diabetes because I was in denial I even had it for a long time. It…


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Type 1 Diabetes and "CURES"

I keep getting messages on reversing my diabetes.


I am a type 1 diabetic. This means my pancreas make zero, none, zilch, nada insulin. There is NO PILL that can fix MY diabetes.

Diabetes is ONE disease with TWO CAUSES.

It is beyond the scope of this blog to discuss medical advice or cures for diabetes! Please start your own blog somewhere else!




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Two Little Stories From a Diabetes Conference

There happened to be a one day diabetes conference near where I work, so I went there. Here are two interesting stories relevant to stuff we talk about here. Contact me if you want more specific info.

We talk a lot here about how type 2 is not a simple consequence of obesity. I heard a talk from a guy who used metabolomics to measure insulin resistance and thousands of metabolites in a bunch or normal and type 2…


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A Day in the Life...


Mrs. Otter is such a trooper. Dental work done on Friday (tooth extraction and crown work), a rest day for Saturday and a 6 mile hike with a weighted pack (20# for mine 10# for hers) and then she felt crappy the rest of the day. We’ve got to learn pacing I guess.


Went to endocrinologist and gained 5 pounds in the last 4 months. Wonderful….(that is sarcasm…)


Now Friday was a very crappy day. I packed my lunch and left my insulin at…


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DHF receives $200,000 grant from Novo Nordisk

Grant given to support programs aimed at bringing together people touched by diabetes for positive change BERKELEY, CA: December 4, 2014 – Diabetes Hands Foundation (DHF) has received a grant of US$200,000 from Novo Nordisk to support programs aimed at Read on! →

Guest Post: World Diabetes Day 2014 on Twitter… sifting through the data

At Symplur we track hashtags, keywords, user accounts, and pretty much anything else on Twitter that has to do with healthcare. We collect the data and then build countless ways to slice it up so that we’re able to better Read on! →

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