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Toronto July 30th, 1921! Thank you Dr. Banting!

On July 30th 1921, 91 years ago, researchers at the University of Toronto, led by Surgeon Frederick Grant Banting, made the grand discovery of insulin.
This miracle hormone (and/or synthetic drug) became the lifeline of so many children and adults who would not be alive today without it.
Dr Banting...war hero...and hero to all people with diabetes.

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Day 77 Going Low

This is initial points on hypoglycemia, tomorrow I am going to walk a specific memory in relation to this point of not taking care of myself immediately when I am low due to believing and defining it as an inconvenience to others when I go low

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Day 76 - Fear of Being High

I went through a year of not testing my sugar levels because of this fear and the judgment I had towards myself because of it. So here is me forgiving me in the pattern of fearing seeing the blood sugar at high levels

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Day 75 - Making and Staying On Routine in Regards to Diabetes

It is pertinent that we stay on routine with our daily schedules with meds, insulin injections, and blood testing. Here is forgiveness on the point

BTW if you guys here don't enjoy clicking the link - I am able to simply post the text here as well - Leave a comment on what you prefer or are indifferent to…


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A Mother’s Day Tribute: Joanne Cunha’s Proud Mommy Moment

Death of a Pancreas author and D-Mom Joanne Cunha continues our Mother’s Day tributes this week by sharing her proudest moment as a mother. Hint: it has to do with how her daughter has handled her diabetes.

Read the full post at Discuss Diabetes here.

Best, Laura K.

Added by Laura K, Sanofi US Diabetes on May 10, 2012 at 6:29am — No Comments

A Mother’s Day Tribute: Wendy Rose Shares Lessons Learned Through Motherhood & Nursing

To help us celebrate National Nurse’s Week and Mother’s Day, Candy Hearts blog author Wendy Rose wrote a guest post about how her roles as an RN and a mom influence one another. It’s an incredibly honest and heartfelt post! Read the full article at Discuss Diabetes here.

Laura K.

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Prevention and Wellness: Sanofi US Focuses on Diabetes and Minority Populations

In Part 2 of our discussion with Angela Moskow, our VP of Chronic Disease Prevention, Wellness & Innovation, she talks about prevention efforts for seniors, minorities & women and the lessons she is applying in her personal life. Read the full post at Discuss Diabetes here.


Laura K.

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Saved by my Timesulin smart cap!

At 11:30 this morning I walked into the kitchen to see my Lantus Solostar insulin pen still resting on the counter. I take my shot in the morning, and in the morning I take my pen out of a mug I keep it in on my kitchen counter. After I take my shot I put it back in the mug. This has been my method to track whether or not I take my morning shot for the past year.

It seemed odd that my pen would still be on the counter three hours after I usually take my shot. It's not like me to…


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Prevention and Wellness: Sanofi US Partners with National Organizations

As part of our effort to introduce you to some of the people that make up Sanofi US, we’re featuring Part 1 of an interview with Angela Moskow, VP of Chronic Disease Prevention, Wellness & Innovation. She worked in the diabetes division for 17 years and that experience led directly to her current role which is focused on helping to prevent chronic diseases. Read the full post at …


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A day of 4s!

Today is a day of 4s, AND it's my birthday!

Help me celebrate by doing 1 of these 4 things (bonus points if you do all 4!).

1 - Call someone you care about, but haven't talked to in a while - tell them why they are special to you.

2 - Perform a random act of kindness.

3 - Take a 15 minute break for yourself today with a walk.

4 - Laugh continuously for 1 minute (extra, extra bonus if you do this one 4 times) Check out…


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7 yr old diabetic becoming germaphobic?

My 7 year old son has had Type 1 diabetes for 3 1/2 years now. Ever since his last "major" illness (stomach flu) last November, he has been totally freaking out at even the thought of germs. If someone sneezes, he runs to another room. I am even hearing now that when he goes to the nurse's station at school for his bg checks and dosing, he refuses to sit in a particular chair because "sick kids sit there, and there's germs there". It's almost to the point where…


Added by TeamLenny on March 12, 2012 at 5:17am — 5 Comments

white, privileged, and diabetic

privileges/racial superiority I receive from being perceived as white with diabetes:

  • I receive and/or am more likely to receive better quality health care and treatment than a person of color even if we have the same insurance status, income, age, and similar medical condition
  • The majority of my medical providers at the clinic are people who look like me, especially doctors (white males)
  • I do not…

Added by greenclouds on March 2, 2012 at 2:31pm — 24 Comments

Just when you think you've got it down

I realized, while walking my dog today, that training a dog and managing diabetes have some things in common. Up until about a week ago, I thought my dog really got the whole process. He went out in the morning, did his thing, then went out again around mid-day and once more at night. He was eating two meals a day with a few treats scattered in there.

Then about a week ago, for no apparent reason, he stopped eating breakfast and started going out at random times with or without…


Added by Jane K on November 30, 2011 at 9:25am — 1 Comment

Help...downward spiral...

Never blogged before...but this seems like a good place to start...

I have been battling with my diabetes since I was diagnosed a little over 5 years ago. I suspect that I was a diabetic long before I was diagnosed. I was very active before we moved to Minnesota worked out at least 3 times a week. My weight was around 230 or so. I looked pretty good. Then I started to feel bad...really bad...seemed like I could never get enough sleep...I was obsesive with keeping a diet coke near at… Continue

Added by Daniel Prenevost on September 14, 2011 at 7:05pm — 3 Comments

Type 1 Emergency Planning

I'm on the East Coast and was one of many who felt the earth shaking yesterday, wasn't anything to serious for us, but can't get the thought outta my head "What if it was?" Are you prepared for any of Mother Natures wrath? Or any of human stupidity? Do you have a plan set in place with your child? Well if not, I came up with some ways to maybe help with the planning. Please visit my blog & tell me what you think, or even if you have anything to add.…


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The Letters After My Name

Each year I look at the Friends for Life Canada program and I am amazed by the wealth of knowledge and experience found in its presenters. I see names that I have read about. I see people whose work I have followed. I see an entire alphabet behind their names and I think, "Wow! How lucky am I to be heading off to see them?"

When the time comes, I pack my suitcase and I begin to panic. What the heck am I doing?

I am going to catch up with old friends and meet new…


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Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy and Coping

Ok, that phrase alone - proliferative diabetic retinopathy - has got to be sending a chill up anyone's spine who is a PWD like me. I've been racking my brain over this for about 48 hours since my diagnosis (Friday 7/29/11). It wasn't a surprising diagnosis. After all I have diabetes since 1989 (22 years this December) and it is a complication that as we get older (44 right now) comes with the…


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I am "The Worrier"

Shooting at the walls of sanity

Bang, bang!

I am the worrier!"

I know, I have completely ruined a good song but the melody kept playing in my head after I wrote the first draft of this post so now you can have it play through your head as well!

I worry. I case you have missed that from other posts, its a fact. I can worry about anything and anyone. I am "the worrier"! It takes nothing to set me off. My mind is incredibly creative and I really wish I could harness its… Continue

Added by Barb Wagstaff on June 8, 2011 at 8:50am — 3 Comments

Its Monday of D-blog Week, D-mom (A dedication to my mom)

D-mom (A dedication to my mom)

“Admiring our differences”

I had given this a lot of thought and I would say parents of diabetic children inspire me to work harder because I have watched many parents of diabetic children in my private practice struggle but never give up. The struggle to raise a child is demanding. Raising a diabetic child is filled with a lot more work that is both physically, emotionally and mentally demanding.

In addition to dealing with their own… Continue

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Pushing the envelope

I had my quarter meeting with my diabetologist (specialized endo) yesterday. My A1c came back with 5.5% and this is the lowest A1c I ever had. There are several reasons for this A1c but the most important one is the use of analog insulins. I have used Actrapid and Protaphane (NPH) from 1987 to 2005 with success for my A1c (around 6%) but many negative side effects. In the year 2004 to 2005 it was nearly unbearable because I had far too many lows at night (have I slept in these two years?).…


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