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Eaves Droppin'

Bus passengers' conversations are engaging, humorous, sad. I don't know how you'd rate this one. However, either the doctor wasn't clear in relaying his or her message, or he or she just didn't care. Ooor, some doctors believe if you don't ask questions why waste their breath.

Man 1: My sugar's high.

Man 2: So is mine.

Man 1: Doc said I eat too much sugar.

Man 2 : It's my mother's fault. She gives me cookies, puddin' and cake.

Man 1: I'm goin' back to…


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Baby Gadgets & Diabetes

I'm writing this blog because I witnessed a friend w/ diabetes become stressed w/ operating a baby gadget that is suppose to be simple. By the time she got situated, her blood sugar elevated. Before buying baby gadgets ask the following

1. Do I need it?

2. Is it easy to operate?

If you're unsure, take inventory. Test equipment before buying. Is it difficult to handle or fasten? If you find it hard to carry or fasten don't get it. Most manufacturers don't care. They're just out…


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Wheat Free Miracle Noodles

I found wheat-free(2 carbs per serving) noodles at Whole Foods Market for $1.99. Noodles come in a pouch, enough for 3 servings. No cooking needed. Stir fry or sauté veggies and serve over Miracle Noodles. It's simple, fast, nutritious. If you're allergic to soy there's No Noodles made from yam flour.



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workout gear/how to buy sneakers/when to toss sneakers

Keeping it Real with Karen McGovern-Owner of Rittenhouse Sports 1717 Chestnut St in Philadelphia

By Daily News staff writer Regina Medina

Q: Welcome to Keeping it Real, Karen. We know that you own and operate Rittenhouse Sports Specialties in Center City. Tell us a little about your background.

A: I graduated from Penn in 1983 with degrees in education and math. I competed in track - javelin, pentathlon [and] cross-country. I am the Irish National recordholder in the…


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Which flowers are the safest To eat? from www.cakecentral.com

This morning I picked nasturtium flowers at the neighborhood community garden. My sister said it could be use in salads, as cake decorations, enhance vegetables dishes, etc. Below is info on edible flowers. To decorate a cake you must make a sugar solution to dip flowers. I'll post the salad I made later. Enjoy…


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Eat raw and cure all that ails?

Sitting in the vestibule was an Eat Raw flyer stating benefits, price, fund-raiser, and classes. Eat all you can eat for $35! Why would one want to eat hours on end? To think this chick was promoting healthy eating. So I continued reading ad's spill, "Learn about diabetes, cancer, arthritis..." Is she a nutritious? Is she knowledgeable on all types of diabetes, cancer, arthritis, side effects?

I eat healthy, along with being mindful about ingredients, preparation, portion control. I… Continue

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Plain old disgusting

While shopping in Whole Foods Market

1. a woman eats from salad bar

2. a man stirs food at hot bar as if he's serving

3. a child sticks fingers in couscous

4. a man samples chicken wings, returns with same container to sample macaroni, then veggies.

If it doesn't come from behind the case handled by a server server, I'm not eating it. One day someone's going to spread some incurable contagious virus.

Yeah, I know we can fight bad bacteria, but I refuse to eat…


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Last page for Glycemic Index

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buttermilk cornbread recipe from about.com w/o the sugar and high fat content

Scroll down for more cornbread recipes.

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes


1 cup cornmeal

1/3 cup all-purpose flour

1/4 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

1 egg, beaten

1 cup buttermilk


Combine dry ingredients; add beaten egg and buttermilk, mixing well. Pour into greased, heated 8-inch or 9-inch iron skillet. Bake at 400° for 20 minutes, or until… Continue

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page 4 carb factor

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page 3 of carb factors

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page 2 of Carb factor

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Carb factor page 1

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How to Dispose of Unused Scripts

-Don't flush or throw unused meds in trash
-Return all unused meds to pharmacy so they can dispose of them properly
-Disposing of meds improperly causes damage to our water system and harms wildlife/humans

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Best Place for Insulin to Stay Cool and Not Freeze

Place insulin in egg compartment of frig.
Where should you place eggs? Keep eggs in carton and place on first or second shelf on the side (best place for eggs).
Egg compartment doesn't keep eggs cold enough.
Milk should also go on first shelf in rear (coldest area of frig).

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Dear User

If you receive an e-mail, USPS mail, etc. notice that calls you Dear User for a product that you use or own, don't respond. Better yet, even if they call your first or last name by name call them directly using the number you have on file and verify information. E-mail provider contacted me saying, "Incomplete details and wrong passwords forwarded may result in account closure for security reasons.

Kindly confirm by filling the information's below urgently for the exercise upon… Continue

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Telephone and social media posting alert

Today, I received a call from my telephone provider (supposedly) crediting my bill for 15% of the total for a mistake made last month. Providing I give the solicitor my account number, the credit will appear next month. I told rep if I'm due a credit , he should know my account and name. He said,"I do know your name. It's M. Gordon." My mother didn't name me M. Gordon. I review my bill thoroughly every month and there's no mistake. Goodbye."

1. Your utility company will never call to… Continue

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Which foods are high in Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is found in foods of animal origin, like meat, fish, eggs, and milk, and in some fortified ready-to-eat cereals. Brewer's Yeast may be fortified with Vitamin B12. Some animal products are high in cholesterol, eat in moderation. Brewer's Yeast can be bought by the pound @ Wholefoods ($7.99/pound) in the bulk section. It's called Brewer's Food and you can buy less than a pound. Store in jar after purchase. You can add it to meat oaf, cereal, smoothies, etc. Google recipes with… Continue

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The dangers of vitamin deficiencies

Vitamin D-bone loss, muscle weakness, low mental sharpness, possible risk of cancer

Symptoms-fatigue, depression, muscle/bone pain

Vitamin B12 - blood cell form incorrectly, anemia, memory loss…


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Your Call Might Save Cuts

The New York Times reported on a debt ceiling deal that would make deep cuts to Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security benefits without asking for an ounce of sacrifice from corporations and millionaires.

The bill would add millions to the unemployment rolls and deny medical care to the most vulnerable among us - including many of the people SEIU members care for on a daily basis.

It's up to us to stop this bill. You…

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From the Diabetes Hands Foundation blog...

#OpposeAB1893: California Bill that Burdens People with Diabetes on Insulin

A couple of days ago I learned that the California State Assembly is considering AB-1893 Sharps waste, which in (if approved) will mandate that: “Sharps sold to the general public in California shall be sold with a sharps waste container Read on! →

FDA Docket Extended! We Need You.

If you are new to diabetes advocacy in the traditional sense of the word, you may be thinking, “What the heck is a docket!?” I certainly was the first twenty times I heard it (yes it took that long). For Read on! →

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