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Ok so It's been a while....

I don't think I can fit everything in all at once, so it'll probably seep out over the coming months... there's been happiness, woe, elation and sadness, combined with the day to day grind and the little D monster on my back (all the frickin time) I deserve a holiday honest I do, I've moved, buried a loved one and almost made another baby.

Ostensibly this posts gonna be mostly about infertility stuff.

you've been forewarned (I don't think there's gonna be gore or anything too… Continue

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For every great doctor... there will be one who takes the biscuit

I have been thinking...

Being stuck in this negative void that is the limbo between the next appointment at the fertility clinic it gives you alot of time to think, and with Missy's news I wanted to write down my musings.

For every great or even good Medical professional (I count myself lucky I have three among the myriad in my life) there will be many more just passable ones, you know... the ones who can't be bothered, who just treat what… Continue

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....oh and try to relax

That was the parting shot from my fertility nurse, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?

I thought that would be the last thing a fertility nurse would say LoL.

I'm getting ahead of myself here, soooo I did my shot of HCG on the Thursday, (and I believe the euphemism is we covered all bases *nudge nudge wink wink... ) Back to the jab, I felt very odd and emotional, I had the most bizarre metallic taste in mouth too and my insulin requirements went up almost immediately. Was it stress, was it… Continue

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More on the ttc saga

I have been ttc for a number of years now and battling with the D to make this possible, in my last blog entry I kind of did a synopsis of what was going on during my absence.

I have now embarked on that larger dosage of clomid (which surprisingly hasn't affected my BGs too much) but has turned me into a weepy mess of hot flashes and swollen/sore tum.

On Friday I had a scan to 'check' progress and absolutely naff all was happening, No Dominant follicles (that's those… Continue

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Long time no type....Infertility

I am currently in the maelstrom of trying to keep my sugars down whilst experimenting with fertility drugs (prescribed of course, but it's never an exact science at the best of times)....

I shall try to start at the beginning, There may be some 'lady' euphemisms just to warn the guys and people who don't discuss this 'type' of thing.

From my experience it is quite difficult to find alot of firsthand… Continue

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It's not a wall its a very steep incline...but I'm getting there

Having felt quite down recently, today appointment has proved less traumatic than I worried it might be. With past experience in mind i dread sitting in the corridor outside his office as though I've been sent to the head master, waiting for a looming giant displeased dickensian nightmare with a ruler smacking his palm, to summon me for chastisement, humiliation and punition. It is infact nothing like that, the waiting room is airy, cheerful and comfortable, and Dr B is a gentle mannered, kind… Continue

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Today I got a pat on the back, a prod in the foot, a jab in the arm and a shoulder to cry on

Today I had an appointment go my Gp.

My morning started with the mother and father of all headaches. I was on target for getting to the drs though, and then the phone rang, it was my mum, and is terribly ill having had the Swine flu jab (it is probably a horrid coincidence as she also has an autoimmune disease) then while i was speaking to her my mobile kept ringing, persistently, so i answered and my other half was frantic as an electrician was about to turn up 10 minutes before i… Continue

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Sarge, the cannula's out and we got a bleeder!!

Well last week I was pottering about while the maintenance man was replacing the sink in my flat (appartment for my cousins over the pond), which for a long time had a crack in it but was exacerbated by the shelf falling off the wall during one of next doors marathon door slamming sessions!! They are now ex-tennants and its so beautifully peaceful that I cannot express it in words!!

I digress, I was pottering about making myself useful, making tea and supplying biscuits, setting the… Continue

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So I now know what it's probably not....

My hospital appointment today was lengthy but a relief, this is mainly for me to look back at, but feel free to read on

My Dr R said she thinks my symptoms (raised ANA levels, swollen joints, pain in joints, extreme tiredness) aren't lupus and probably not RA, as I have no calcification or erosions. I had a raft of tests, mobility, bloods, xrays the lot :oS

I have a cracking great bruise, it was a bleeder oh boy!

I'm not a very good patient though, I don't… Continue

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Eye lady she say......

Well done :o)!!

Seriously, todays events from the beginning, I hate all D related appointments, I am always waiting for them to drop a bombshell and tell me 'well it's started...' or 'you know how tight control is sooo important well.....'

So dutifully I psyched up for today.

Travelled to my appointment, on perhaps the brightest day in the UK of 2009 (there is a subtle irony here, in that I wish for an overcast day to make it easier on my battered eyes when I go back… Continue

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Hormone Pixies strike again, problem solving!!

It is indisputable.

For members who are of a don't ask/don't tell disposition about lady stuff you might not want to read on...

Theres nothing in depth but there's no denying what this post is about.....

Due to fertility issues I am an avid POAS'er (peeing on a stick) Dang I love ebay!, I woulda bankrupted myself by now if it weren't for them.

I know my body pretty well. I know the 'signs' that somethings off whack, particularly with regard to the lady hormone… Continue

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That darned cake....

I succumbed to my birthday cake last evening.

After some ummming and arrring, trying to decide whether moving day for next door (which was a non-event as they appear to still be next door) would mean some trouble for us or not, we decided to throw caution to the wind and go out. We decided on visiting a National Trust property, we had a lovely day at Castle Drogo, walking in the gardens in the wonderful sunshine, pottering around had some lunch and indulged in a small piece of choc… Continue

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Happy birthday to meeeeee

Wow another year then, and as if to celebrate my Bg's threw me a dooozy of a hypo on sunday night/monday morning, like a can't move, might've had a fit before the waking bit, appendages not in control, eating anything in sight kinda, sweating profusely and conversely being freezing cold type of hypo.

Weirdness ahoy.... I don't know if I am the only one who gets this symptom, but I used to when I was on lantus and had night hypos, I can hear/see but can't move or speak like I am… Continue

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There's a little green person on my sofa....

As I sit here pondering the last 28 years and 357 days of my life as another birthday looms, I have just caught sight of myself… I am going to take you on a visual journey here and it currently isn't the most pleasant but as always it's amusing…

My hair is a gravity defying, product repelling, touselled mane at the best of times (like just having been washed, conditioned and blow dryed by a stylist after a trip to the hairdressers) so having seen this in the mirror, I realised that… Continue

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Mental BGs, mental neigbours, mental clients…The worlds gone mental!!

I warn you this is a frustrated (but probably amusing) rant… I need to put it down so I can try to walk away from it if you see what I mean, my head might explode if i don't (image of me with top of head flipping up and green smoke bubbling out like the cartoons)?!

Where to start... at the beginning I suppose.

My BG's are crackers, no rhyme or reason, almost doubling bolus' for food and intermittant bolusing as my BG's are consistently above 12mmol. WHICH IS FRUSTRATING to say… Continue

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The devil is in the detail… or lack of it!!

Right here goes, another long one but it's quite funny honest…

I love design and art and crafts! Anyone who knows me knows this…

Clothes (though my style is ultimately quite scruffy it is unique), furniture, soft furnishings, art, Shoooooes even wallpaper!! As a design diva, if I can imagine it I'll sketch it and try to make it.

Can you imagine how I feel about my own particular medical appliances?

It’s a love hate thing.

I love my pump, in spite… Continue

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Experiences from a newly liberated pump virgin,

Hey the last entry was a relatively concise (considering my frequent attacks of verbal diahorrea) potted history of me and D.

I was thinking of all the things I wanted to say, and what life is for me at the minute and I wanted to get it all out, so this entry may be a long one, it was sparked by yesterday's 14K event and a couple of blogs that had touched me and set me thinking.

At that moment at 9pm BST (4pm EST) when I was inscrutably sure that I wasn't alone. I knew… Continue

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A Little Background Colour on this Newbie…

Well where to start…

I was Dx at the end of October 1983.

I never realised I was different until school, using the 2 injections a day 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening before tea.

I also clearly remember having the first injection in my arm, not sure why, maybe site rotation dunno but it was traumatic because it hurt, and my mum cried because I did and my dad looked terribly sad.

There were moments throughout my childhood like that, like at a pantomime when I was… Continue

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