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From toe to the top of my head

Cold feet not the saying for having cold feet and not committing to something I mean cold feet the hypo's are bad enough but cold feet well they are another kettle of fish,two pairs of socks thick slippers mind you with not much feeling in my feet toes I usually knock my toes up and do not even know I have hurt myself so cold feet and pinkies as well as little or no feeling to go with it,if that is the case why are my feet feeling so cold,try walking about the house as much as I can but then I… Continue

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Pull the other leg it has bell's on it

It only takes a second for you to get hooked on a hobby it was the same for me,one day after trekking through the Amazon jungle well the woods near our hone I unearthed a cigarette tin the kind that holds loose tobacco not sure if they still do it in tins these days,on opening the tin which was rusty and took a big rock to prize it open out fell loads of postage stamp from all over the World,I was so excited I fell over the stone used to open the tin and cut my leg on a tree stump,I was 12 at… Continue

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No grandpa it is bad for you,if you eat it you will have to sit on the naughty chair

Great item the well meaning ignorance I will go even further we have grandchildren 6 and 4 every time they visit us and my Angel brings in cakes or biscuits they always and without fail come to me when the goodies are being handed out and say grandpa you cannot have any of these you are diabetic,mom and dad have instilled in them all sweet good things are banned for diabetics and if I take one they soon take it out of my hand and tell me it is not good for me,I try to explain to them difficult… Continue

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Bluebells up to my knees

I can remember walking through a field of blue belles with the Sun warming every part of my body not a care in the World I had found paradise I would be around 10 what a great time of life skipping along singing,lying down and looking towards Heaven should have been back at home but sneaked out of the house mom in another mood always best to keep out of her way but I will probably be in for it when I get home,where have you been you little so and so a whack on the head to greet me cannot ever… Continue

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It is hot down here

How true the feelings some of you express the loneliness the uncertainty and on the positive side the hopes for the future,diabetes is like a Chinese meal great at the time but you soon feel hungry again,since being diagnosed diabetic I have gone through periods of sheer hell despair the bouts of uncontrolled depression the ups and downs bigger than a mountain range,my state of mind got even worse after a massive heart attack the guilt of thinking why am I still here the pain and agony of that… Continue

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Blue Moon Blue cheese Bluebottles Blueberries and Pink Flamingos

The clouds roll by obscuring the Moon and all it's glory the wind is howling and the trees on the square are swaying to and fro as the saying goes if you do not bend to the wind you will surely break,no one about all snuggled up in blankets soon to be woken by the alarm it is time to go to work or the shouts from mom you will be late for school,waking up from a warm bed to getting dressed leaving the house and meeting the bitterness of the wind is enough to wake anyone up,for me it was my cat… Continue

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The Day Breaks

On cold winter mornings like this your mind wonders to the warmer more pleasant times of summer having the windows open fully on nights were you could be forgiven for thinking you were in the tropics bedclothes throw back fans going and you still perspire from the heat,you drink lots of cold things well in my case water but it could be pink champagne it just takes a bit of imagination a cool dip in the sea the breeze blowing through your hair not mine of course as it is cut so you can see the… Continue

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Tussle wussel and the Pear tree

Some times in the corner of your eye you might imagine you see something looking back at you ,no matter how quick you are when you turn to look it has gone disappeared gone up in a puff of smoke,of course it could be your mind or eye sight playing tricks on you,same as when you get the feeling someone has stood on your grave by the hairs on your back standing up and that cold chill running down your spine,or the feeling hat you have been in this place before even if you have never visited it in… Continue

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Loneliness of the long distance diabetic

You can be part of a big family surrounded by loved one's and still have the feeling of loneliness,speaking for myself I use to feel like that every day surrounded by our children then grand children but still feeling like that first day you are born obviously I cannot remember but being inside mum for 9 months then being born into a strange environment and being surrounded by strange faces is how I felt some days,well most days if I am completely honest,I can hear some of you cynics out there… Continue

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More WISE MEN passed this way

When you are little sitting on grandmas knee listening to her talking to you telling how it was when she was my age the World is a wonderful place,grandad looked after his pigeons and chickens well until it was time for tea sadly the chickens were not pets not as I looked upon them and when grandad cooked me pigeon eggs my World was complete wish I was there now sitting on grandma's knee or sitting at the table while grandad cooked me breakfast,I soon realised the chickens were not pets when I… Continue

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Tipsy Topsy Toesy

Wake up you sleepy head here I am trying to wake my wife up otherwise the traffic will be hectic when she finally leaves for work,made her a warm cuppa tea to help her wake up carrying it upstairs is a challenge as I am accident prone meaning I tend to drop a lot of things one minute they are in my hands the next on the floor usually in pieces we did have a china tea set, but now there are only 6 pieces left hope it was not a family heirloom,I have noticed since taking my medications a lot of… Continue

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Are PROTEINS to blame and not ME

I hate it when you are half way through your blog and get the message Internet Explorer encountered a problem and had to close then 5 seconds later the tab has been recovered but you have lost all your thoughts story and feel a little miffed, so let us start again if I can remember what I was gabbling about before I lost everything,oh yes I watched a programme on TV all about proteins how they grow interact and what diseases we can get when they go wrong,it really opened my eyes,all my life I… Continue

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Does anyone have the answers to diabetes as there seems to be a lot of confusing advice out there,holistic have to look that one up traditional medicine miracle cures magical fruits you name it I have read about it is gout caused by diabetes as I suddenly seem well know I have it and by great balls of fire is it painful YES very,blood sugars this morning 11.2 how can that be does the gout contribute to the sugar level maybe the pills I am taking for it might be the cause, you need to be a… Continue

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Join the club wear the badge be part of a community share your thoughts experience let others know how are you how you are coping with the what shall we call it, I call mine Raffles after the great jewel thief but you know it as diabetes or diabetis as we call it over the Pond,if it was not for sites like this most of us would be in the dark concerning treatments diets and all the stuff the medical profession fail to tell us about in our short appointments they allocate us too,I have to be… Continue

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Me Victoza an Angel and life

My tummy knows when it has had enough to eat just have to re-educate my mind nearly said brain but I think it is the way I approach things that is letting me down pity to blame all the brain I have if I have one listening to some folks I am a brainless idiot not funny not nice not helping at all,since taking Victoza nearly 12 months ago my eating habits have changed out of recognition,mid night feats were a trademark of mine and I always had to have the last cake or biscuit but slowly no that… Continue

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One footstep at a time

Along time ago in a place like this Vikings wondered the hills and valleys bringing death and destruction they too had weapons of mass destruction so did the Normans who sailed across the English channel and conquered this green and pleasant land of ours as it has been since time began someone from somewhere wanted this green and pleasant land of ours,no idea how far my ancestry goes back living in this place we call ours,no idea where we originally came from so to call this place home is… Continue

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Just a small prick Sir You will not feel a thing

In 2004 if you had told me before i had my heart attack you will need to inject yourself 3 times a day sometimes 4, I would have keeled over needles and me have never been good bed fellows just the sight of one use to make me go faint yet here I am happily jabbing myself daily occasionally stabbing by finger as i try to get the lid on or off the pen just goes to show what you can do when needs must,so what is it with needles, perhaps it is when you go to the doctors or hospital and the nurse… Continue

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You have to bend with the WIND or break

Visited my dad in hospital yesterday it is the first time I had seen him since my heart attack and that was some years ago,he was as I remember him when he was married to mom a fiery couple you could say like chalk and cheese,when they divorced and mom remarried dad moved to Wales met someone else and I hope found happiness once again,I missed him at moms funeral and her second husbands funeral two weeks prior,but life is not always as you would like it and some wounds cut deep and never heal… Continue

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Come on you lot you will be late for school

Friday already how the weeks slip by one after he other the years pile on so does the size of your tummy bugs of all kind invade your body some you get over some remain to make there homes in you you brush with diseases and the immune system seems most of them of and in the end the young fit active person is just a fading shadow looking in the mirror to shave I often ask myself who is that staring back in my mind I am 21 just getting married over the hill in love and the World is waiting to be… Continue

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How do you like it Sir, luke warm hot or steaming

Shower or bath person or both, hope I am not getting too personal,but I prefer a long hot soak in a bath foaming with smelly stuff a good read usually photographic or science fiction magazine will do if I can afford one,getting the water temperature just right is a problem as my toes feet legs are no good gauge since loosing a lot of feelings in my extremities now that is a long word for a non speller,more than once i have stepped into the bath to find it far too hot when I sat down silly I… Continue

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