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As tall tails go I have heard some in my time,like the big really big fish my brother caught one day but he dropped it and it scampered back into the river,never to be seen again being my brother I gave him a pat on the back and said there is always next time,always nice to say something nice to your brother even if there is a nagging doubt swimming about in your mind,or the time he said he had put a fiver on a horse and won a bundle now if it were me I would have said here bro have some of it… Continue

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Not all things go bump in the night

Slippers good or bad I love slippers not a fetish but just like them to walk about in in the home, the only draw back is when I bump into somethings or accidentally kick an object and you can ask how can you accidentally kick an object just follow me around the house, my limbs have minds of there own in the past 6 months I have nearly lost two toe nails on my big piggies the treatment for one lasted 6 weeks and it was touch and go as to whether I would have to have the nail removed,when you… Continue

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More of the same or change the lot

What a great idea being able to walk in someones shoes for the day experience what there life is all about being free from heart failure diabetes prostrate and gout sounds like a dream come true,but would you wish any of these conditions/illnesses on anyone else, there are times I have thought of what it would be like to be someone else who do not not,not to have to scrimp and save to get through the day never mind the week/month year,but we are who we are we did not ask to be born the choice… Continue

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Wake me up I must be DAY DREAMING

Here I am 11 years old trudging to school in the rain miles away in my mind climbing some mountain crossing some river swollen by the floods hacking my way into the Amazon Jungle being the first person on the moon yes I had a vivid imagination a lot of kids do all part of growing up,the plans you make in your mind some stay with you all your life some float away like a feather in the wind,yet somewhere inside me is that 11 year old lad ready to take on the World and ready to save that damsel in… Continue

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Scratch my back for me

Is it me or do some folks think diabetes is like catching a cold a few miserable days then you get back to your cheerful bubbly self and are the hit at the party,I was never that to begin with I had such a long face on me it kinda stuck that way I cannot remember I laughed at a joke or broke out in belly laughter in my case thinking the worse does not really help your cause,if i am really honest and there are times you need to be with yourself never mind others I have always taken things too… Continue

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Not even birds or fish are safe

No idea what is causing it if you are religious you might attribute it to the End of Days,if you are cynical you probably think the Government has something to do with it or even extraterrestrial,one thing is for sure it seems to be World wide,and listening to the experts on TV they have lots and lots of explanations none of which really convince me about you, is there a cure for diabetes if there was would the drug companies come forward and loose billions of pounds just to cure us all let me… Continue

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One lump or two of sugar in your tea Sir

Tummy rumbling felt a hypo coming on earlier caught it in time,sounds like a pet has escaped from its cage but as you well know diabetes is a pet no one wants,our family has been ill over Christmas with flu type bug lot of coughing chest pain and weakness all over,but I know fingers crossed they will all get over it and get back to there healthy states I cannot say the same for me the bug passed me by but I felt as awful as family members at times you see this thing that we have is not… Continue

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Any old Iron or how do they get all those grapes in that bottle

10.15am on a January morning damp wet soggy and fit only for ducks,the snow came and went leaving chaos in it's wake nice to have a white Christmas but the havoc it caused in our house is a period we need to forget,we still have no carpet in our living room the ceiling in the hallway is still missing the wife who's laptop I dropped into the water is in a few pieces it is being collected tomorrow for examination good luck to them tried to dry it out best I could but water and chips do not mix… Continue

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The trouble with being diabetic is you never know how you are going to feel form one hour to the next,a cold or flu eventually goes away you feel awful for a few days week but you know one morning you will wake up and it will be gone that is something to look forward to food tastes better and you feel good all round but with this disease one wrong foot one forbidden fruit meaning sweet things not the squashy sort and your blood sugars go sky high or you miss a meal or do more exercise than you… Continue

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And a thought landed a lightly as a feather on my head

Well friends it is 19.31 here or 7.31 in proper old English time just tested my blood sugars 15.6 no wonder I  feel queeeezy stomach churning and eyesight foggy tried to cut down on insulin today but over did it slightly so taken 50 units with my tomato soup for tea, Angel  is sick again cough back and not feeling very well at all living in the cold no heat hot water or carpets on the floors for 4 days will do that to you,drying up the floor,scrubbing the tiles to remove old excess paint…


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Nothing at all to do with Diabetes

Apart for my ailments/conditions or what you want to call them my life has been filled with tiny feet so small you can hardly see them first step the first word hopeing it would be daddy but usually ga ga but that is close enough for me,the running around the house worrying where they have vanished too,finding them half way up the stairs not able to walk yet, the sleepless nights the teething ,measles ,mumps and all those things that get into or onto your skin face neck ears toes well…


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It takes one to know one or or can I sleep until Summeri

Tummy rumbling going to test my blood sugars, here goes............9.6 better than I thought seeing I had a late supper with an Angel,not feeling on top of the World right now head thick as pea soup well bacon and green pea soup eyes a bit blurry it use to worry me sick at one time thinking a hypo was on it's way,but after 14 years feeling this way is just another thing to live with,the cold legs fet and toes are another thing,and the dumbness in my feet makes me not realise I  have banged…


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Water on a ducks back or is that a mallard duck paddling through our living room,no silly it's a swan

Suddenly there I was 11 again walking in the rain to school running as quick as I could,shoes letting in water no overcoat and trousers that had seen better days, but at that age everything you do is a big adventure and rain falls to the ground of your face like a duck in water,never heard of diabetes,hart failure,gout or prostrate and one day in my mind I would zooooom about the Universe like Dan Dare that was back in 1961 times were different then I played till 10pm often going on long…


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Why do some of my socks vanish in the wash

There is a lot of serious talk on TU and rightly so,but in every cloud does have a silver lining,and reading some of the not to serious blogs does make life a little better a chuckle a smile or even a big laugh can do wonders for the mind body and soul,like the joke I heard it goes like this how do you make GOD laugh,tell him your plans,this made me laugh then think mst of at one time plan for our future some achieve there goals while others and I am one of them use to plan and get so…


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Turn the Page make a note

Now 2010 is but a memory passed and most of it will be forgotten in the mists of time a few things stick out in my mind the rescue of the miners in Chile,the miners in New Zealand who were not so lucky the Whole World prayed for help and assistance with both disasters,our World cup fiasco which embarrassed the whole nation,the despair and joy I felt during the year the snow that fell and caused chaos the burst pipes the birth of our 4th grandchild the agony of gout… Continue

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