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It is a long way up

When I was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetis I really thought it was the end but it did explain why I had been low and often ill after eating meals cakes sugar fags were on my daily diet to be honest I never gave it a secong thought, depression bout after another ups and downs were a daily routine crabby and ill tempered with life even before I was diagnosed.


I had been taking lactulose for years no wonder my sugar levels went throug hthe roof, every time I visted…


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Diabetis the stigma of being old

Our eldest daughter was diagnosed last year with diabetis and the regime she was put on was far beter than I have ever had, she attended a six week course couple of hours a week with other newly diagnosed folks and was shown and given ther ins and outs of being a diabetic.

Doing this course prepared her much beter than I ever was and she explained things to me far better than anyone had done before, it got me thinking was it because she was in full time employment and not like…


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I know it is not diabetis related but I thought I would let you know I have been contacted by an attorney in law in malaysia Mr Philip Nainan who tells me he has some good news for me, he tells me a client of his died in the Tsunami disaster and left me 17.5 million dollars how lucky can I be.

I checked this attorney out and in fact he does work for a law firm in malaysia if he is the same person who knows but all he wants me to do is contact him asap, better than that here is…


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Up in the air

Tossing pancakes is an art cooking them is even harder but with 5 screaming happy kids waiting for there pancakes you just have to get stuck in, hungry little blighters our kids were we had to toss a coin to see who would have pancakes first I suggested we cut them into 5 so each of them could at least start eating but a riot broke out no way where they going to share there pancake with anyone else even if they did love there brothers and sisters.

I had been bragging to the…


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Window sill farm

Here I am just poxing my head over the top of the container I started life in just a few weeks ago before that I was just a seed one amongst many in this pot sitting in poundland waiting for someone to pick me up pay for me anf give me a start in life.

According to the container I am a thyme seed no idea what that is but I get watered and fed and have really started to grow, lots of my brothers and sisters are growing just a tall as…


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They say all good things come to an end

Heard it many times in my life all good things come to an end do they or do they just change addmitedly not always for the better, take the general election in 1997 the tories were in disaray much like labour today the whole country wanted a change the miners strikes the poll tax had torn the country in pieces so change was on the cards.

Yes I put my hands up I voted labour and rejoiced at the win not a win but a landslide, things had to get better and for a while it seemed…


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Nearly a week gone on Victoza

Coming up to a week on the new drug victoza not felt as hungry as I usually did although this morning I had 2 bags of ready salted crisps after my breakfast, 21.19 last night 9.15pm my blood sugar reading was 6.3 that was after a later tea of 2 potato scollops from the fish and chip shop also had a slice of bread and butter.

the very high readings of 14 plus have not happened since I started the new drug and all in all I feel a lot better in myself although I feel very cold…


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Day 7 Victoza Hypo

Spoke far too soon about the change in my regime, we had tea last night 5pm salmon steak mashed potatoes and a serving of frozen green beans and nice is was, au usual we reired to bed at 6.30 simply because it is far warmer in our bedroom than the rest of the house, we watched tv for a while and I must have dozed off for I suddenly woke up during a hypo shaking disorientated and not sure where I was, with my tea I took 50 units of unsulin and my blood sugar was 8.5 so I thought nothing of…


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Day 5 on Victoza

To early to say but the new drug seems to be working I have cut my daily intake of insulin 160 units down to 100 and added 0.6 the lowest dose of victoza the daily bloating I use to get has gone my appetite which was like a hungry grizily bear has gone and I seem to be visually aware of what is going on around me.

The insulin was not clearly working and I had put on a fare bit of weight in fact trying to fasten my trousers was a…


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The instructions say the active substance liragutide helps the body reduce sugar level only when blood sugar is too high. it also slows the food passage through your stomach.

As to the first bit over the two days I have been using it my highest blood sugar reading has been 10.2 and my lowest 2.9 at the moment I seem to be stuck around 8.5, I know it is early days and the drug has barely began to work and I am on the lowest dosage but i am looking for ward to making…


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Day 6 on Victoza the SAGA continues

Woke up this morning as cheerful as a squirrel who has found his horde of hidden nuts, got out of bed no craving for food even the cat seemed happy to see me up and about, when I went to bed last night my blood sugar reading was 6.3 and I was nervy incase it dropped too low during the night.

As soonas I got up I took a reading and it was 5.6 and I didnt feel hypo I usually do a bit weak legged a little confussed not really myself but this morning non of that, perhaps it's just…


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Is that me looking back in the mirror

Just managed a wash and shave face has been very sore for a while like razor burn tried lots of moisturiser and even stuff they use for babys nappy rash well you do in an emergency,I happened to stop for a minute whilst I was shaving and saw a bloke looking back at me he looked old and hagered was that really me have i let myself get to this stage without even noticing it.

I suppose when you are virtually housebound your perception of yourself takes a back seat when I was…


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Tick Tock Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr

It is true you know cat's do have magical healing powers otherwise why would mother nature give them the ability to help folks who are ill, take for instance myself a strong strapping lad of 60 who was busy painting a ceiling one morning singing as I went on my way until I had a pain in my arm then my chest then a massive heart attack.

The cat smudge had been purring and meowing for a while making circles around the step ladders I was using at the time, she could not…


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Victoza never mind the side effects

Yesterday I visited the diabetic doctor for mt 6 month review the news was not good, in the past 12 months I had put over a kilo in weight and my blood sugars had gone from 7.9 to 8.2 to say thiswasdisapointing is putting it mildly but if I am honest with myself there have been man times when I have over done it that cream cake here that bottle of full cream milk those late night snacks so I guess you reap what you chew.

The outcome of the meeting was to put me on a second injection… Continue

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Reflections in the canal Part 1

Imagine a cold januarys night the sky is clear you can see the stars and you are with the one you have fallen in love with, not everyones idea of paradise I know but it is mine, the crisp cold air not even the howling wind through the bridge where you are standing underneath means a thing you are in a world of your own, as you gaze into each others eyes and kiss to be honest they could have dropped the h bomb and it would not have heard it.

I am 18 years old never had a proper… Continue

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