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And did the New Year knock upon my door

As I sit here with my Angel and eldest daughter waiting for 2011 to come knocking on our front door it reminds me of many such nights in previous years,seeing the new year in with mom and dad then with my Angel and each of our 5 children as each one arrived by stork express then will all our kids as they grew up and finally grew wings and flew away,our nest has been so empty since they left and is in need of frsh twigs and material to build it new again,mo use to tell me not to look back…


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Excuse me do you have to do that in PUBLIC

 Why do I feel so embarrassed when I lift up my shirt say in a caf'e and inject myself with insulin,I normally say to my Angel is anyone looking and try to hide the process as much as I can yet sitting opposite could be a woman breast feeding a baby,ok i have to look away because this sort of thing as not done in public in my days,it really puts me in the told codgers bracket no offence to man woman or beast,but red in the face I go just goes to show waht a sheltered life I have lived in a…


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Why are BANANAS yellow

Not sure what day it is some days I wake up bright as a spark the other like a light bulb with a burnt out filerment,apoloise at the beginning for my awful spelling spell checker does not want to work on this forum,back to this morning it is 8.08 am so time for my victoza dosage here goes..........done might as well take my morning medication 13 pills for heart failure prostrate and now the prize winner this year of Gout not goat which I feel like like right now,i am sure I can feel 2 horns…


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Misty Wednesday in Sunny Shropshire

It is a misty Wednesday morning here, the snow and we had lots and lots of it has turned to slush and is finally melting away,the birds had a tough time of it and through our two disasters I forgot about them I got so stressed out not even the anti depression pills helped,the toilet hallway and living room or should I call it a lake is drying out and the mopping up has come to an end,not checked my blood sugars for 3 days to be honest it was all a bit too much for me, if I could have crawled…


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Up the creek without a Paddle

You know things are really sent to test us sometimes and like an elastic band stretched too far we can brake just when you give yourself a pat on the back for getting the house ready for Christmas Day well my Angel deserves the pat on the back I have been very ill again and not managed to get out of bed much over the past 2 weeks, the one occassion I felt much better we go and visit our son come home to find ac waterfall like Niagra pouring through our hallway ceiling the hallway toilet and… Continue

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The proof is in the PUDDING

Turkey,Pork and Beef were on the table this Christmas along with starters of Pat'e Prawn Cocktails Salmon and Shropshire Blue cheese sauce,followed by christmas pudding.sponge pudding,trifle and lots of different chesses wine spirits and soft drinks for those you do not participate in the hard stuff,with all this on the table and a big table it was and 15 family members scoffing as much as they could sorry  enjoying the food placed before them,it is more than a little difficult to say no…


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Red Riding Hood and Friends

Nothing like a good story to go to bed with,when our five children were young very young,they all insisted on having a bedtime story from dada tucking all five of them up in bed in two rooms always meant someone had to wait for there story so we took it in turns the girls one night the boys the next such is to say we all ended up on the landing cuddled up in blankets before the story began, no one prepares you to be a parent one wonderful night of love and the next baby is conceived maybe it…


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Who me I didn't do it,it was him over there

Is every good deed repaid is every bad deed punished one thing I have found in my 63 years is that who ever is in charge Mother Nature,Universe,God,Joe Bloggs next door or someone else or something else you believe in has to balance the scales or chaos rules there are some people who believe in the chaos theory and good luck to them nothing is pre destined one atom can go on to join others and make a cat a tree or even me,just have to be in the right place at the right time,that brings in…


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And wise men passed this way

When I was a wee lad my mother once said to me,son nothing in this life is for free,you reap what you sow,and in time bad memories do fad,sadly that source of wisdem passed away some years ago and although my relationship with my mother was not good and I often ended up on the other end of her hand giving me a good thrashing you only get one mother in this life,my body is so full of drugs there days 13 different medications for prostrate,heart failure diabetes and now gout it is a miracle I…


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Sandwiches Angel and Love

My Angel has not been very wellfor 4 wekks nasty cough which keeps her up at night,on top of that she looks after me it is getting to a stage where I can do less and less for myself,waht a state for a man to be in,no offence intended to women or anyone else,but although I do not haver much going for me I was bought up to act like a man not cry when things go wrong and be a sterotypical male, what ever that is supposed to be,now the spell checker has stopped working you will have to forgive…


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Some Saturdays are like that

Had tea insulin and dropped needle into a sharpsafe box which is nearly full 3 injections a day it soon mounts up,have a chesty cough if it is not one thing having a go at my fragile body it is another, somedays I wonder how my body copes with it all I know for sure my brain suffers trying to deal with one cold cough after the other,spell checker not working my lappy Aspire 5630 in sympapthy for me is having a minot mental breakdown,smudge is sleeping on the window ledge the wife and…


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And the mountain stood firm but the rain fell and the mountain got smaller

Saturday morning my coughing kept me awake so at 3am I toddled down the sleepy stairs in order not to wake up my Angel and Angels pet smudge both snoring away to their heats content,when you cannot sleep your mind goes into overdrive no one about the house as quite as a church mouse apart from the snooring,I made a cuppa tea sweetner and milk switched hte lappy on and waited whilt it booted up buring and clicking away finally coming out of hybernation and the World at it's…


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The touch of an ANGEL

One fine Tuesday in March 1996,I visited my doctor because I was not able to shift an annoying cold,he examined me and said you look run down, for a minute i thought I was the coyote who tries to catch the road runner,he said give me your hand I thought I am already married doctor and to be honest you are not my type, he said this will not hurt and you know when someone tells you that pain is on it's way,he pricked my finger blood came oozing out and he tested it and said you have won first…


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As it nears Bedtime

Today has been like many days that have gone before it,felt ok then felt awful had a nasty turn,managed to get upstairs before I fell over,smudge lead the way and came and sat by me on the bed, the nasty turn went away after 20 minuted and I felt as right as rain an old Black Country saying I think by do not quote me on that, took all my medication pills victoza insulin and anti depressant perhaps all that medication just caught up with me,had tea and we are locking up and going to spend the…


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Handshake,cuddle,smile,and an old overcoat

Reading some of your blogs makes me feel grateful for what I have, forgetting heart failure diabetes prostrate aside I have a loving caring family to surround me some times they drive me crazy and no one prepares you for five children and 4 grandchildren with a little baby boy on the way,these are Gods gifts to…


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What's the MARROWS with me

Eve as a seed I knew I would grow up to be impressive as far as marrows go,the bloke that planted me is diabetic and this was about as much he could do plant me in the ground water and feed me occasionally i was not the first to grow Eric,Patsy,Melany and Ramundo went before me i watched as the pretty yellow flowers grey then fell off and the tiniest marrow you ever saw was left behind,one by one the diabetic Gardner took them from the plant and…


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What part does the weather play on diabetes

There must be lots of papers written on how weather affects us as we are mostly made up of water please jump in to correct me as and where I get it wrong,after a good thunderstorm the air seems cleaner fresher and I feel refreshed all over,in weather like we have now snow ice cold I feel low and depressed,when the Sun is shinning and you can go outside in tee shirt shorts and pumps,not heard that word since I was at school some forty eight years ago, school one minute you hated it the next…


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Excuse me waiter there is an icicle in my soup

When you get icicles forming inside the gazebo outside it must be cold,got them hanging from the drainpipes shed but never seen ones inside our gazebo,is there a new ice age dawning and no one has bothered to tell us,snow fell on the top of the gazebo then it must has melted a bit and froze in mid air,well on its way downwards not got a very scientific brain since I got diabetes and hart failure not sure if I got a brain at all, I drop a lot of… Continue

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Even spiders webs get iced

Love them or hate them for me spiders are fine in the garden on their webs and doing what they do best keeping out of sight of humans,get one running for its dear life across the carpet or gingerly climbing up the curtains then my daughters and Angel go into panic state,house spiders are big and can run faster than I can well if I had eight legs I could do the four minute mile in 3 minutes or less,I remember putting my jacket on once and out of my…


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Light a candle in the wind

It is 6.39 I have been awake and out of bed for 2 hours smudge woke me up at 2.30 and 4.30 this morning decided she wanted to venture outside in the bitter cold snow and ice,as I knew she was out for less than 5 minutes before scratching the back door to be let in,our back door is glass otherwise she could have her own cat flap and a key,she is now stretched out on the window sill in her favourite place having a whole body warm from the radiator sure wish I was legs feet all 10 little…


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