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Black holes giving us stardust in our bodies

Up with the dawn chorus this morning woken up by one of our cat's smudge look smudge I said as if cat's can understand English it is the middle of the night or is it early morning at this time in a morning my mind is kinda confused deep in sleep and a nice dream where I am as fit as the fiddle in cat and the fiddle where even the cow jumps over the Moon my brain needs plugging into the World where sleep gives way to not another day but thank you Lord for it anyway, I wondered down the stairs…


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Fishy Tale

Here I am in my younger days taking the photograph of my family Sheila my wife, Samantha Sandra our daughters Jason and Stuart our sons not sure if Patricia was born at this time I cannot remember we were all taking a boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads must be in the seventies not sure but Sheila would…


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A bouncy castle makes it all OK

There seems to be a scare about bydurean and victoza but are any of the drugs prescribed for us safe do drug companies exploit those with diabetes who knows when my specialist tells me there is a new drug do you stop and ask as it been fully tested but most of us know long term problems with medication…


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Lazy hazy days of Summer

I might be 66 years young but I can remember my childhood in places so vividly all I have to do is close my eyes clear my mind and wonder here summers when I was young seemed to be hot and long these days if we have more than one day of sunshine many do not how to cope with it, out come shirts blouses shorts and what I can only describe as the bare minimum of decency nothing like that when I was a child growing up you were lucky to have a pair of shoes and trousers that fitted but that was…


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Deep breath in and again

Heat wave coming our way here in the Shire, sticky hot humid love to take full advantage of it but with heart disease diabetes and other ailments days like this do pose a problem for me getting breath at the best of times is an effort but like now it is difficult to say the least, there must be a slight breeze as I can see the pear tree in the middle of the garden slowly swaying well branches are swaying the lilac has died and the lovely smell gone until next year ask my green fingered Angel…


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A bit about nothing

Saturday here in the Shire started with rain I know it was rain because it tipper tapered on our bedroom window for most of the night, I even got out of bed at 3am to let smudge out due to her waking up song she has to get me out of my dream state quite meowing then loud meowing followed by scratching the bedroom carpet if all fails, after a while your mind although asleep well part of it waits for the morning wake up call which is usually to be let out do her business then come back into…


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Under the board walk

This is smudge the smallest of our 3 cat's but do not let size bother you even with no teeth and being over 13 years old she can still chase the occasion bird or see of the odd stray cat that wonders in her garden, here she is resting after a long morning letting her breakfast digest having found a warm place in…


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Look into my EYES

This is Jimbob short of jimima puddleduck she came to live with me smudge our own cat and Angel my wife 4 months ago she is still in the transition period of moving from one family and family house to our house, she does noe meow like our other 2 cats but squeaks she is very nervous and has to stay by me most of the day most mornings I wake up to find her nuzzling my nose and squeaking sorry about spelling she has taken 3 months to get confidence to wonder out into the back garden where the…


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Knowing which side your bread is buttered helps

Rainy sunny sort of day here in the Shire, 2 of the 3 cats outside sleeping soaking up the sun when it appears and avoiding the shower of rain when it falls, when the sun does shine it is very OK we all know the sun is hot but you know what I mean, water dripping from the hanging baskets onto the rockery so two watering jobs done at once, finally able to get my blood sugar level right for bedtime but still had to take 15 units of insulatard just about to test it so here goes using a One…


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Three cat's went a wondering

Suddenly going from having one cat to having 3 cats takes some adjusting not only for me but for the cat's, smudge who thought she had found cat's heaven was suddenly confronted by 2 other female cat's both bigger than she is and also finding that going to get breakfast dinner or tea can be a scramble upset her for a while but cat's adapt they may be territorial but when shove comes to push perhaps we can get on even if there is a growl or the occasional paw in your face, when brieni and…


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Come on lazy bones get up

House is very very quite you could hear a mouse nibbling away if we had one my cats jimbob brieni and smudge had had breakfast in bed cleaned themselves and are not all sleeping in the same room one is snoring no idea which one, it was 5am before smudge woke me up this morning the Sun was cascading through the…


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Never mind the quality feel the width

Suffering from heart disease diabetes and other stuff doing what I use to these days is more or less out of the question without dosing myself up on medication which in it's self lowers your standard of life let's be honest being medicated up living in a dazed fuzzy 0ut of breath World when everything around you is going 100 miles an hour can make you dizzzzzzzzy but as things stand that's the choice I have grandchildren cannot understand why gramps cannot play ball with them or chase them…


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Never mind the quality feel the width Part 2

So if you cannot rely on drug companies or the advice and prescription of medication from your doctor/s who can you turn to, I have no idea all I know is that a lot of things I am told do not work well not for me, guess I am part of the problem because food since I found it in my teens really excites me being able to have food you never had could afford or craved for is more or less no problem these days, being 17 stone 10 lbs is no fun when I was 17 my weight was 10 stone 9 pounds so in 49…


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Never mind the quality feel the width PART 1

Title is from a comedy show long long ago but aptly fits many situations today when it comes to quality be it quality of life quality time to yourself or quality in a product or service you buy or use nothing seems to of merchantable quality or what it states on the box or product it seems nothing is made to last any length of time these days, visiting the doctor your 10 minute or 15 minute consultation often leaves you thinking why did I bother what have I gained do I feel any better did he…


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The smell of long ago

The house is filled with the smell of lamb casserole slowly cooking in the kitchen onions peppers tommy's, herbs and spices lamb cutlets and other tasty vegetables all of which I cannot remember Angel put it all together before she left this morning my taste buds are in overdrive, she tells me everything in the pot is good for me and I believe her but having to wait 6 to 8 hours is going to be a challenge forgot to mention the garlic, when I was abut a tiddler grandma would do the most…


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That time of day

Usually around this time my blood sugars are high seem to have got my appetite back since the doctor took me of victoza and bydurean all I have to do now is keep telling myself you have had breakfast and dinner stop chomping away if I can only get to tea time with my blood still below 7 I will be over the mood, what is it with appetite why does my brain not tell my stomach leave off for a while who controls who, brieni has wondered into the dining room where I am sitting typing away, she is…


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Early diagnosis

I am all for everyone being tested for diabetes wish I had been diagnosed earlier it explains why felt so ill at times guess even in my 30s I suspect I was diabetic had sessions of not sleeping very tired lack of energy all the symptoms you now associate with the beast and let's face it is a beast a tooth you can get extracted a broken bone can mend but diabetes lies hidden in your system until someone spots it I was in my early 50s before my doctor looked at me one day and said mind if I…


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Make a hot drind before you read this

My heart goes out to some of the stories I read here having suffered from depression for as long as I can remember but not being diagnosed until my late 50s leaves a path of unhappy memories times lost and guilt about how I treated some people especially my own kith and kin, the phase grow up get out of it or it is all in your head springs to mind, until you have been where I have been on some occasions close to ending it all keep your mouth shut if you cannot say something positive and…


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66 Glorious years

If you had told me when I was 15 you will see your 66th birthday I guess I would not have believed you, for at 15 leaving school ill prepared for the life ahead of me confused unable to read or write correctly my future seemed bleak to say the least, I had never been the scholarly type or athletic type and my school years were not as good as they might have been, my sons began teaching there children while they were still in the cradle not for me mom and dad were not that type, they were…


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Who needs an Alarm clock

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder no there is a question that needs a long answer but not for today.

Woke up this morning by my alarm clock smudge my cat 4am the alarm went off I ignored it but a few minutes later still rescuing some damsel in distress sorry from the old school finding smudge sitting next to my pillar rubbing her nose on mine, OK smudge I get the message stumbling around the bedroom trying to put my dressing gown on trying hopelessly not to tread on smudge…


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