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Its that time of year again..

If you think this is going to be a post about Christmas and diabetes then you came to the wrong blog. This is all about self promotion! haha.

Around this time last year I posted this blog http://www.tudiabetes.org/profiles/blogs/merry-early-christmas

Well, I was feeling musical again so I decided to clone myself and play Carol of the Bells!…


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Why must it be difficult?

I've been trying now for 2 WEEKS to get my Novolog prescription filled. I think my adventure is finally coming to an end, but I'm going to put it online for everyone to see.

This all started when I switched insurance companies. The plan is better, but I couldn't use my current endo anymore. I didn't think too much of it at the time, until 2 weeks ago when I realized my Novolog supply was almost out.

I went to a cvs near my school, but they told me I prescription was COMPLETELY…


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Fear of Needles

I wrote this essay for my Sociology 200 class for School. I liked it so much I'm putting it here. If for whatever reason a plagiarism program finds this,My name is Tim McDonald and I'm giving myself permission to reuse my own work...

...apparently this happens and I'm not taking chances. Anyway, onto the paper.

I have type 1 diabetes, and I have suffered with it for over sixteen years. This illness requires me to take upwards of six injections every single day. I take one in…


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Merry Early Christmas!

Alrighty.. I know what you are thinking "NO!" but give me a chance here. I KNOW its not even December yet, but I have to play a song for my school's talent show new week.And I feel like sharing it with everyone! Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Jingle Bells... blues style

sooo... merry super early Christmas everyone!

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Bit of a stretch here. But...

I'm blaming diabetes for my broken collarbone

Alrighty, I broke it at my friend's house while playing airsoft.

Because of diabetes, my parent's never let me do sports when I was younger.

The only thing they would let me do is boyscouts.

While at scouts, I met my friend. Since he went to a different school system, there is no chance I would have met him elsewhere.

Also because I couldn't do sports, I got into airsoft to help with the boredom.

Since I…


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Look what I can do!

I know I've said before that diabetes limits me. But yesterday I found something that I CAN DO.

I moved this giant rock about 300 yards UP HILL!

My sister was in the woods yesterday and found this. When I got home from work, she asked me to help her move it. I said yes, not knowing…


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I want to punch Wally World in the face...

.. If the Walmarts around here had faces, and if I wouldn't severely injure my hand... I would punch them. Hard.

Story time!

OK, so recently I had to change my pharmacy from Walgreens to Walmart because of insurance issues. A few days ago, I was finally getting low on humalog, so I filled out my prescription.

The conversation was pretty usual:

"Hello, I would like to fill out my prescription for humalog"

"ok, do you want to get lantus today…


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The Irony Continues

I'm finally convinced the world wants to kill me lol.

Not only did I win 2000 pieces of candy over the summer... http://www.tudiabetes.org/profiles/blogs/gotta-love-irony
I just won a contest for A YEAR'S SUPPLY OF FROZEN YOGURT!!!!!

A new yogurt store opened up and they had a drawing. and I WON!!!!

If I randomly stop posting... y'all will know what happened...

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I don't hate this... really

I just want to say thank you to everyone who replied to my comment in the "'it changes us but in a good way" thread. I decided that I will reply here to stop myself from hijacking, because, knowing the way I ramble on about things, I'll go off topic a few times.

I know that with some of my posts I come across as a fairly negative person. Sure, I complain a lot, but I honestly enjoy my life for the most part. There are just way too many situations that, well, frustrate the hell out of…


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Because I was bored last weekend

My dad has owned recording studio equipment for about 4 years now, and I only JUST decided to test it out for myself. After about an hour in his "studio" (aka, the basement) I finally got something that sounds pretty good.

So here's me singing "Run" by snow patrol. I hope yall like it :)


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At least I'm in good hands


To start off, if anyone has been reading my other blogs. I finally got out of that other job and found a new one in fast food! It's less pay, but there will be no more injuries that will scar me for life! (I hope...) However, these people seem to know even LESS about diabetes than the people at my old job.

Today, I went into the restaurant for my first day of computer training. Gone are the days of a manager actually giving someone a tour of the place you will… Continue

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Why I (sometimes) hate my parents

Now, before I start, I don't hate them all the time. I mean, the past 19 years wouldn't have happened without them (AND i got a wii for my birthday! :)

but there are times when I feel they really don't care about my medical needs. My last A1c was in February (6.2, to my surprise) the one before that was 3 years ago they always talk about how they are going to save up all the money they can to get me a pump, but in the end spend it on other stuff. I guess i'm getting… Continue

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Bought my first car yesterday!

Thats right! after a month of working, I finally saved up enough money to get this

a dark purple 1999 Saturn SL1! :D

after going through highschool without a car I'm finally free!

...too bad i spent all my money on it and won't have enough to get it registered until next week, so all i can do right now is just look at it :(

I cant wait until next… Continue

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Gotta Love Irony

First up I would just like to say I FINALLY GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And since graduation was a few days ago, a lot of my friends have been hosting graduation parties. Of course there was the usual bloodsugar swings that accompanies the combination of sugary and fatty foods, but I don't want to bore yall with a long story about that. I'll just go straight to the point (to avoid this post being as long as my last one) I am awesome at estimating.

A few… Continue

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Prom... AGH!

Warning: may involve long reading and excessive ranting... I mean really, I could turn this into a book.

Ahh yes prom. It should be the best night of a highschooler's year. However, its already stressful enough without diabetes rearing its ugly head

This all started back in December, around the time when people start finding dates for prom. Being a single guy in a class with more guys than…

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Happy Single Depreciation Day!

That's right. It's that time of the year again. You can go to any store and see all the wonderful pink and red hearts on display everywhere you look. There are cupids shooting bows, and people kissing everywhere. Its a wonderful time of the year. Unless of course, you are single.

You look at all the displays in disgust. It's almost as if they are mocking you. Its not MY fault the 2 times I almost had a girlfriend, they moved over 300 miles away. Long distance relationships… Continue

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Give None Take None

I can't get myself to ask or to give diabetes advice. Even after 13 years with this disease, I am no better at giving people diabetes advice than your average nurse (no offense to nurses, but I have seen the rants lol) No matter the question, I don't have an answer. People can write these long, highly detailed responses to someone's life threatening problems, and I'm just sitting there thinking "I have no idea."

Maybe it's because I have it easy. I take 4-5 shots a day, with a ratio… Continue

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So much for help...

Before I start, I'll say this happened a while ago, but I just feel like complaining :)

This happened on another site. I went there just to ask a simple question, and it became a game of 20 questions.

I asked a simple question about a teacher (kind of a what would you do? scenario) , and I had about 5 people tell me that the situation would never happen to them because they had 504 plans... Ok that's nice, I would get one if I could, but I can't.

The reason why: I… Continue

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I Think my Body is Playing Jokes

I'm not usually one to blog... but I found this pretty funny

I think my body likes messing with the poor interns that come to our school (Liberty University and Lynchburg College is near by... both have very good nursing


The only times I seem to go low anymore is when an intern is in the nurse's office... ALONE.

I'm not just talking about somewhere in the 60s... I don't even bother

to go to the nurse for them. I'm talking about those severe… Continue

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