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You Want Me to Do WHAT?!

It's no secret that I've been a registered Libertarian, and a member of the Libertarian Party, for a number of years. Our political philosophy is pretty straightforward: reduce the size and scope of the government to allow people the greatest opportunity to pursue health, wealth, property, and happiness. We want the government out of our bedrooms, out of our boardrooms, and out of our pockets.

While about 16% of the American population identify themselves with libertarian beliefs,…


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First Yizkor

My grandpa was a water glass —

The kind you find in Jewish homes

Between the prayer books and Shabbat candles,

With eight…


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The Strength of Judith

While not part of the Tanakh (Jewish version of the Old Testament), the tale of Judith and Holofernes is associated with Chanukah. The short version of the tale is that Judith, a Jewish widow, meets the (unwanted) sexual advances of Holofernes, a Greek general (and in the context of the Chanukah story, one of the enemy leaders) by inviting him to dinner and feeding him very salty foods -- such as cheese --… Continue

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Rolling My Own... cycling clothes?

While I don't consider myself a "serious enough" cyclist for real cycling clothing (aka "spandex striders", "lycra louts", etc.), it's hard to argue with its functionality. Cleats give me a 360-degree stroke; close-fit spandex means the legs don't interfere with that stroke, my pants don't get caught in the chain, and I can (in theory) access tissues, a map, or a cellphone mid-ride. I could argue that with the Dolce, these garments are a… Continue

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Thanksgiving Meme

I've seen this meme popping up around the Internet, figured I'd give it a try...

1. What are the traditional favorites?

Turkey, stuffing, gravy, candied yams, cranberry sauce

2. What new recipes will you try this year?

Used a different recipe for whole wheat bread than I have in the past.

3. What part of the meal do you never compromise?

Turkey and stuffing. Has to be there, or it's not Thanksgiving. And sweet potatoes… Continue

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Hard to say "Goodbye"... to a "Steel Horse"

On July 19, 2009, the minor frame damage that my 1981 19" Lotus Excelle mixte bicycle withstood early in its life progressed to the point of making the vehicle unrideable. On July 25, I purchased a 2008 Specialized Dolce 44cm to replace it. The following week, I upgraded from cage clips to a clipless cleat system. Shortly after, the Excelle was placed in storage, with the thought of stripping it for parts, and/or selling it for parts. (As it turns out, I can't use parts from that bicycle on… Continue

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The Deliberate Returning

"On Rosh Hashanah it is written, and on Yom Kippur it is sealed: who shall live and who shall die...who shall perish by fire and who by water; who by sword, and who by beast; who by hunger and who by thirst; who by earthquake and who by plague..."

Yom Kippur -- known in English as the Day of Rememberance or the Day of Atonement, the culmination of the High Holy Days (or Days of Awe) -- is the day in which Jews believe that G-d seals His Judgements for the coming year. If one were to… Continue

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Meme - Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness

This week is "National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week". Since diabetes is "invisible" to many, we have been asked to participate with a blog post, tweet, or other indication of support and explanation to try to make our issues more "visible" to the general public.

I usually don't do memes, but this one seemed important enough to pick up...

Thanks to Suzanne,… Continue

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Whole Paycheck. Now I know...

I expect that higher quality will often cost more than poor quality. Between the increased labor of production, culling items that do not meet higher levels of specification, and speeding the process from producer to market, there are costs involved that must be passed on to the consumer or end user. My choice of which level of quality to purchase depends on how much money I have, the expediency in which I must acquire the goods, the ease of availability of those goods, and how much…


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Birthdays, Rain Delays, Friends, and Family

US Population: ~280,000,000. Days in a year: 365. Number of other US residents with whom you share a birthday: ~76,700.

If there is one thing as certain as the sun's rising in the East, it is that at some time during the day the USS AVENGER chapter of STARFLEET: The International STAR TREKTMFan Association holds its anniversary picnic, it will rain. Hard. It could be in the late morning… Continue

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Away From Keys, the Diabetes Community Keeps Ticking

Except for Twitter feeds to and from my cellphone, I've been "away from keys" most of this past weekend, meeting for the first time with friends from the Internet and cyclists I'd only seen on TV.

This past Sunday, several notable dBloggers and other members of the Diabetes Online Community met in New York City for lunch at Marseille, a Mediterranean French/Moroccan bistro on the western edge of Restaurant Row. Present and accounted for…


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Outreach is when you are "out"...

...and you stretch forth your hand in friendship and fellowship.

...and you are not afraid to say, "I've been there," "I know someone who...", or "I understand".

...when you are willing to consider the words of that poet somewhere near Regula, who suggested that the three most important words in any language are, "Let me help."

...when you allow a single moment of note against your soul to spring forth the sympathetic chords and symphonies that put one human being in touch…

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Offline Outreach -- Trenton Computer Festival Wrap-Up

This wrap-up is coming several days after the festival, as it's taken me some time to do my formal thank-yous and post-mortem analyses to the people and communities who've provided me information and materials to give out this past weekend.

As I noted last week, I spent the past weekend down in Ewing, New Jersey for the 34th Annual Trenton Computer Festival. This is a grass-roots hobbyist event put together by… Continue

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T Minus 28 hours and counting...

In about that time I will be presenting on The Role of Online Communities in Diabetes Management at the annual Trenton Computer Festival in Ewing, New Jersey. I'm still fighting with Corel Draw to print out the title page for Sunday's poster session, plus I need to do CDs, business cards, and post links. Stay tuned for updates.

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Establishing a Lingua Franca Diabetica (II)

Following the thoughts discussed here.

As each person with diabetes struggles to come to grips with the daily routine of blood glucose management, he or she develops a quasi-technical vocabulary specific to his or her diabetes. This vocabulary may be as basic as "take this pill with breakfast" or as intricate as determining a schedule of pre- and post-prandial blood glucose checks, insulin… Continue

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Establishing a Lingua Franca Diabetica (I)

Lingua franca: a common language by which communication can be conducted between parties who speak different native tongues.

A recent video clip on Manny's blog which sounded (to my non-hispanophone ears) like a fugue on American (mis)pronunciation of Spanish place names reminded me of similar issues I've had with French place names in the United States (sorry, but I read "Bwahz" -- not… Continue

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To Tweet, or not to Tweet?

As geeky as I purport to be, up until now, I've been mostly able to ignore Twitter. I think about it and I see teens-and-tweens whose cellphones and text messages are as integral a part of their lives and senses of living as... well, as insulin pumps are to many of the T1s in this community. I see twentysomethings texting while driving.

Why do I want to ignore Twitter, you may ask? I sense the expectation of responding to a tweet in seconds,… Continue

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I received notice yesterday that my proposed talk, The Role of Online Communities in Diabetes Management, has been accepted for the 34th Annual Trenton Computer Festival. I will have a regular talk session on Saturday, April 25, 2009, and also be part of Sunday's poster session on Sunday, April 26, 2009.

My intent is to provide a relatively vendor-neutral presentation, giving people an idea of some of the different diabetes-focused… Continue

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Meetings and Memories...

A few months ago I tried, with limited success, to create a one-yard-square quilt with a repeating glucometer motif. Notwithstanding rotary cutting to size and what I thought was accurate seaming, very little lined up correctly, and very little lay flat.

Execution… Continue

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Abbrv Me

Much of my time absent from this blog has been spent moderating chat sessions over on Diabetic Rockstar. The more time I spend with folk new to online chatting, the more I find people who aren't familiar with the abbreviations I learned back when I got my first e-mail address (some time around 1990ish)...

While newer e-mail formats support HTML formatting and enough length to write out one's intents completely, the popularity of SMS text…


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HELMSLEY CHARITABLE TRUST GRANTS SUPPORT TO DIABETES HANDS FOUNDATION FOR FOURTH YEAR  Funding in 2015 to support major transitions in programs and leadership at Diabetes Hands Foundation BERKELEY, CA: February 18, 2015 – The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Read on! →

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