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Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone at tudiabetes an amazing 2014!

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Skipping Breakfast

Quick Survey: Do you skip breakfast? If so, why?

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Please share your one word!

I am gathering information on how people felt/feel at diagnosis (of diabetes). You can read the whole post on my blog, or share your word here (one word that describes how you felt when you were diagnosed). I'd love to hear from you!

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Diabetes Dads

Happy Father's Day to all the "diabetes dads": dads with diabetes, dads who have kids with diabetes, and those who take care of their dad with diabetes.

My dad and I had a special diabetes relationship. Every three months Dad took me to the hospital for my "fasting" blood draw. Then we went out for breakfast and he took me to school (late). He would pick me up again a few hours later and take me back to the hospital for my "non-fasting" blood draw and appointment with my…


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iPhone apps

A friend is looking for an iPhone app for BGs and insulin. Preferably something she could print out for endo visits. Suggestions? Thank you!

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Diabetes Money

I made a list of the diabetes-related organizations I would support financially if I won the Mega Millions. I realize the list is missing many; who would you support?

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Friday Feedback

What little tricks have you developed to help you remember all the diabetes tasks you need to do each day?

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Friday Feedback

How often do you get your A1C checked?

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Friday Feedback

Where do you poke when you check your blood glucose? Fingers or forearms or other? Tips, pads, or sides? Do you rotate fingers or use the same one?

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Friday Feedback

What diabetes sites/resources have the most useful information?

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Where do you get your vegetables?

Especially those who live in areas where fresh produce is not readily available, where do you buy good veggies (and fruit)? I live in a place where the growing season is 45 days. I'm considering a CSA - does anyone have experience with these? Please visit my blog for more http://www.janekdickinson.com/?p=550

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Fail Better

Failure is a routine part of managing diabetes. How's that for a downer intro? But it's true, at least if we are striving for perfection. Even if we are only striving for mediocrity, we fail to achieve that at times, because our bodies fail us. For some, the pancreas just doesn't make enough (if any) insulin; for others, the cells don't respond to insulin the way they are supposed to; for most, their genetic make-up set them up for failure.



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Do you speak up?

Are you good at speaking up for yourself? Advocating for yourself? Tooting your own horn? Many people aren't. There's evidence that women are worse at it than men.

This skill is particularly important in the workplace. In order to get a raise or a promotion, you are probably going to have to let your boss know…


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Artificial pancreas updates

I guess it just dawned on me that the race is really on for the artificial pancreas. I listened to a webinar the other day about one group's work on it. Yesterday I was looking at a conference agenda, where another group's artificial pancreas will be discussed. And I just read an article about a artificial pancreas (scroll down to the third section) that is working on one as well. There are…


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Pigs are Precious

We used to say this at diabetes camp years ago: "pigs are precious." That was because our "purified pork" insulin came from pigs. A long time ago, beef (cow) insulin was the best we had, but many people had physical reactions to it. When pork insulin came out, it was hailed as being so close to human insulin that we would no longer have reactions to it. Some still did. The human body can't always be tricked! As I've mentioned before,…


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Just when you think you've got it down

I realized, while walking my dog today, that training a dog and managing diabetes have some things in common. Up until about a week ago, I thought my dog really got the whole process. He went out in the morning, did his thing, then went out again around mid-day and once more at night. He was eating two meals a day with a few treats scattered in there.

Then about a week ago, for no apparent reason, he stopped eating breakfast and started going out at random times with or without…


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Finally, good news

I’ve waited for this for a long time. Several years ago (I believe it was 2004), I was a facilitator at an education program for families of kids with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes. I will never forget listening to a physician give a talk on kidney disease. She presented horrifying statistics about how many kids with diabetes would grow up to be adults with kidney disease. Someone asked if those stats weren’t decreasing since intensive diabetes management had become the norm and she said NO.… Continue

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Diabetes Story: Predicting the future

Question #9 (the last one): If you could predict the future, how do you think you will do with diabetes? If the response is positive, add: How can you make this happen? If the response is negative, add: How can you avoid this?

I am very confident that I am going to do very well. I plan to live to be at least 85 years old and I have no idea what will take me, but I don’t think it will be diabetes-related. I do have worries about being in a nursing home, because I…


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Diabetes Story: How it all started

Originally posted on my website at www.janekdickinson.com

One way that people with diabetes can discuss the emotional impact of their disease is to tell their "diabetes story." I found nine questions in an article recently, that can help people tell their "diabetes story."

Question #1: What do you remember about your diagnosis? Before, during, and after.

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on a sunny day in June. I… Continue

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We are not sick!

“There are lots of people who think they are sick and who are not sick.” – Dr. Charlie Mayo

People with diabetes are not sick. We are healthy people who happen to have a chronic condition. I get so frustrated when I see research studies advertising for “healthy subjects” and I am not considered “healthy.” I am discouraged when I get the impression that schools or employers or other agencies consider people with diabetes “sick.”

When I teach the family of a child with newly… Continue

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HELMSLEY CHARITABLE TRUST GRANTS SUPPORT TO DIABETES HANDS FOUNDATION FOR FOURTH YEAR  Funding in 2015 to support major transitions in programs and leadership at Diabetes Hands Foundation BERKELEY, CA: February 18, 2015 – The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Read on! →

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